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Stella has been being abused by her family and one day when she gets home her dad grabs her by her hair and draggs her to her room and rapes her and so when everyone is asleep she grabs her phone and backpack and she runs to the closes gas station and when she gets there she sees Mr.Ramos car so she waits for him to come out and when he does she cries into his arms and so he takes her to his house and she tells him everything that happen and so he calls the cops and her parents get arrested and she stays with him and then they have sex with eachother and then they get married and have a boy named Jaxson.

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What happen too me

Hi my name is Stella and I'm a girl who likes to play the flute and I go to practice everyday. So one day while I am leaving the band hall I go back to my first period which is History so when I walk in I see my teacher Mr.Ramos sitting at his desk so I knock. ¨ Hey Mr. Ramos I just wanted to stop by to see if you had any homework or something I could do because of everything that has been happening at home with dad and mom.¨ I started to relize that I havent told anyone what was going on at home so I stand there really scared no at what he is going to say next.
Mr.Ramos P.O.V.
¨Come in and have a sit I want to talk with you please.¨ Waits for you to sit into the desk across from my desk and then I walk to the front of my desk and lean against it. ¨So I just wanted to know what did you mean by what has been happening at home with mom and dad dont you worry I am not going to report it until I see bruises on you that show but I have to make sure that all my students are safe and okay.¨ Sees you start raising up your sleeve on your jacket and then you start to cry. Walks over to you and hugs you and ask you ¨what happen to you please tell me and no one except me will know about it.¨ Sits down next to you and then walks to the back of the classroom and gets you a soda and me one too. ¨here you go drink this it is a sprite¨ ¨so what has been happening at home because you have cuts and bruises all over your arms and I am worried about you.¨ We sit there in silence and I see you are looking at the ground.

Sorry this one is really short i just wanted something to do and ideas quie
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