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Wild. It was the one word most would use to describe Arlen, what with his attitude and inability to follow rules. He was convinced that he wasn't going to get much out of life so might as well enjoy it while you still can. However, the youthful flippancy was smashed to pieces the moment he is recognized as the mate of Johnathan, the warlord of his pride. A warlord who isn't prepared for a mate, much less a human mate who turns out to be nothing like he expected.

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Chapter One: Wild Child

Arlen’s POV

“I’m going out, bye mother” I passed her prone form that was splayed across the couch, cocaine trails coming out of her nose. I paid it no mind though, it really didn’t matter what the fuck she did, because in reality, what I did wasn’t much better.

Oh, sorry where are my manners, I didn’t even introduce myself. My name is Arlen, the child of the resident crack-whore here in Nevada. It’s not like that fact bothered me though, I’m just glad to still be here, my mother claims to have traded my older brother for pills before I was born. Yup, it’s quite a beautiful family I have going on here, but nothing I can do about it.

I pulled my hood up higher as I jogged down the street, ignoring the bums sleeping on the sidewalk as I made it to a nearby gas station. I was only 18 but the guy here didn’t give a shit who bought liquor, he just wanted the money.

“Hurry up kid!” the man at the register yelled, “I ain’t got all god damned day” he added as he stuck a cigarette into his mouth.

“Let me guess, it’s a metaphor” I joked as I walked up, earning myself the middle finger as he rang up the cheap booze.

“Fuck off,” he said as I made my way towards the door, prompting me to turn around and make kissy faces at him.

“Maybe ‘fuck off’ can be our always” I blew one more kiss before running out the store laughing my ass off as he shouted out curses from the door of the store. That was Mr.Erickson, he’s always been a tight-ass when it came to other people, but I’m pretty sure he liked me.

I heard my phone go off in my pocket as I began to make it into the richer parts of town, flipping it open I was met with a familiar number.

“Hey Leno, where the fuck are you?” my good friend Terry asked, the sounds of a party blaring in the background.

“Don’t get your dick in a twist, I’m almost there, I stopped for booze” I added, knowing how much he loved to drink.

“You’re forgiven, but you have to come now, there are some hot fucking girls here, and that dude from school who wants to bang you is here”

“I’m down the block, I’ll be there soon” I promised before closing my phone and busting out into a light jog, making it to the massive house in no time. The music was blaring in my ears as I immediately found Terry near the beer keg, a red cup in his hand.

I placed the alcohol I had brought on the counter before making my way over to him, winking at a group of girls as I passed. The air was practically buzzing with all the voices and music

“Hey Arlen, we were just talking about you,” he said as we grabbed hands and did one of those bro hugs.

“All good things I hope” I answered as I accepted the cup from a cute blond who was fluttering her eyelashes at me as she pushed up her breasts that were spilling out of her shirt.

“Terry here tells me you’re hella fun” the boy, whatever the fuck his name is, said as his eyes raked up and down my body. He wanted me, I could tell and to be honest, I wanted him too. He had dirty blond hair and dark blue eyes, bordering on navy blue. His tight shirt revealed a muscled physique, he looked athletic, and no doubt could be one of the jocks from my school.

“He’s right about that,” I told him as I took a swig of beer, the alcohol already making it easier to relax.

“Well if that’s the case, I’d like to invite you to my lake house down in Colorado, we’re going to have a weekend-long party, and I could use someone like yourself” he offered before stepping closer “Maybe we could have some fun as well” he said seductively as he lifted a hand to my lips.

“Maybe” I answered with a smirk, to which he gave me a full-blown smile, showing off all the neatly lined teeth in his mouth.

“So it’s settled, we leave tonight, Terry, how about you drive your friend back home to pick up some necessities”

“Sure man, be back in a bit” I took one last long swig of beer before following Terry to his car.

“His name is Nathan” Terry informed, a knowing smirk on his face as I sat in the passenger seat of his Bentley.

“Thank god, I never thought I was going to know his name” I admitted, making Terry laugh while we sped down the street.

“You one helluva’ man-whore, you know,” he said jokingly, a snort escaping his mouth.

“Yes, and I am going to enjoy every second of it until my dick doesn’t work”

“Awww, so no family, no mini Arlen’s running around” I huffed at his mocking tone, not even thinking about that type of life is a possibility.

“That is not a possibility, there is no way I would ever settle down. After all, you see what type of fucked up shit can happen when you try something like that” I explained as we turned onto my street, my house swarming with cops.

“Shit, give me a second, park down the block,” I told Terry as I jumped out of the car, jogging to the house a couple houses down from my own and hopping into the backyard. I continued to jump the flimsy wooden fences until I was in my own backyard, where I peaked in the back window.

“One female dead, another male in custody, possible charges include murder, breaking and entering, rape, and drug possession” I heard the cop as he spoke to another person. From my vantage point, I could see the officers in the living room with their backs to me, standing over a lump that was covered by a white sheet. The door was hanging off of its hinges, and they had my mother’s stash of drugs piled on the coffee table.

“Looks like she had a kid, a boy maybe”

“Where do you think he is?”

“With a mom like that, there’s no telling where he could be”

“That’s the sad truth”

My heart and in my chest as I realized what that meant, my mother was dead, and they would most likely be coming to look for me. With that thought in mind, I climbed in the window, making almost no sound as I crawled to the stairs. I got up to my tiny room, throwing all my keepsakes and clothes together, among them, a picture of my older brother.

It was the only thing that my mother kept of him, and it was the only link I would have to him. I gently placed it into the duffle bag before I slung it over my shoulder. I heard voices as footsteps approached my room, causing me to rush to the window where I crawled out, holding onto the window sill as I got ahold of the gutter drain pipe. Not wanting to get caught, I crawled down, running through yards to get to the end of the block where Terry’s range rover was idling. I hopped back in, making him release a sigh of relief.

“Thank God you’re back, I thought I was going to get carjacked if I stayed out here any longer” he admitted as he turned around, getting off the cop infested block.

“Oh come on, it’s not that bad”

“Oh really, while I was waiting, I saw a man start trying to fight a cop, and what were the cops doing there anyway,” he asked, making my heart constrict a little.

“My mother died, she was killed by the sound of it” I practically whispered, strange feelings of sadness clogging my heart.

“Holy shit”

“Holy shit indeed” I agreed

“Are you okay?” he stressed the word you as he turned to me slightly, still keeping an eye on the road.

“I’ll be fine” I rushed before adding “It’s not like I had a loving relationship with her anyway”.

Terry didn’t look convinced but wisely kept his mouth shut and continued back to the house. All the while I tried to let the fact that I was for all intents and purposes, I was alone in the world. Yet I couldn’t help but think of my missing brother, maybe he was having better luck navigating this cruel world than I was.

I could only hope.

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