With fire on the heart

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A gripping tale of obsession, jealous and dark romance. Amelia Aslan got an opportunity that would give her chance to satisfy her desire which was humiliating her Cop dad to no end by running away with her Criminal boyfriend. before running away, she got glimpse of her teenage crush who was now interested in her. Ethan Kroos, 24-year-old drug mafia who became close with Amelia when his little sister Maggie got heart transplant from Amelia’s mom when she died. Years passed, he fell for Amelia really bad. He was slowly losing his sane mind and wanted to control her completely with or without her contest. His love became fatal. He obsessed with her, his Lia. Lucas Carter, a former troubled teen, now a cop was forced to bring Amelia back to her dad safe and sound. Would Lucas control his desire for her after attracted to her like magnet? Or Would his attraction have turned fatal as well? A girl with daddy issues, with criminal boyfriend who was obsessed with her and a hot Cop behind her wheels. Who would she choose? Read to find out.

Romance / Thriller
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Chapter 1


He was well a non-believer of love at first sight until his eyes met her eyes.

The alarm clock buzzed insistently, Lucas reached over to slap the snooze button, squinting at the iridescent light from the window. He pressed his head hard to make the hangover less sufferable. He raised his upper body from the hard-cold floor, the last night events unfolded before his eyes. He heaved a sigh deeply before looking for time.

“Shit, shit, shit” he cursed loudly making another drunk guy to growl which was enough to stop him. But it didn’t stop him kicking his best friend, Mark’s leg which was tangled with his.

Lucas flung open the door and grateful to find that his bike was still intact, considering wild party they had yesterday night. He started his bike, didn’t even stopped at his apartment to change his dress, stopped only in pharmacy to get pain killer and a bottled water.

He entered the locker room to change into his uniform. Lucas completed his six months police training and today, he had ceremony to get his official police batch. He did join the academy not with good heart to serve the people not with ambition. He forced himself to join practically to escape from his demons.

“Hey man” His soon to be partner patted his back, Lucas sighed ranking a hand over his face, he slapped his face lightly to get over the headache. The ceremony started with speech of Officer Aslan.

“This is your day to shine. Do not tarnish what you have accomplished by losing sight of who you are when you wore your uniform. What you have chosen to do is a mission, a calling, no less, as guardians of the public safety. Do not take the tasks inherent in this noble and distinguished undertaking lightly. Every day of your life in uniform, you will be referred to as law enforcement officers, though likely only a small portion of what you will be doing on the job is enforce the law.”

After the speech, all trainee got their official police batch. Officer Aslan called four best training completed police which included Lucas and his partner Kevin. They reached his cabin and waiting for his orders.


Ethan parked his car in the parking lot at the police station where Amelia’s dad working as senior officer, Amelia heaved a sad sigh. Ethan grabbed her hands and gestured her to sat on his lap. Sliding his hands over her hips, he gripped them and she yelped. Her fist was still at the sides of my head, her gaze was still lost in the meanders of her darkness. To distract her from the darkness of her world, Ethan without hesitation kissed her. Rudely, savagely dominantly and waiting for the moment she’d regain control over herself she did only to reciprocate the kiss, deepen it, make it harder. Amelia couldn’t believe that she was kissed by Ethan. Well, he was there for her when she needed someone. But the kiss was unexpected.

Now, there were various ways to react to depression. Some lock the whole world out. Some others, like me, give in to every possible distraction, didn’t matter how wrong it was. Even though Ethan was one of the handsome boys I’ve ever met, I never imagined myself in his lap and it felt god damn good.

Ethan could take her right here, right now in the car. But he wanted o mark her heart, her soul, her body as his, that required some time. First, he needed to separate his angel from his Cop dad.

“Take deep breath cupcake” Amelia took deep breath as he told and went to see her dad in his cabin.

Before officer Aslan spoke, someone pushed the door with such force that it clashed with the wall and heaved loud noise. All four heads turned to see who had guts to open the officer Aslan’s door this way.

In waked a god right off hot girl, with dirty blonde hair that was now a sexy mess, had just a touch of small freckles on her face. Lucas’s hands were itching to trace them. She wore tight skinny jeans which made her curves even more gracious. With her Hazel brown eyes, she started scan them. Her pupils dilated when it landed on Lucas, she bit her lower lips which was natural pink colour.

Amelia opened her dad’s door, heads turned and room got quiet, four pairs of eyes scanned her up and down. But her eyes dead stopped on the grey eyes which was looking at her intensively and made her bit her lower lips hard. He didn’t change a lot but quite changes were there. He’d cut his hair short, she liked it though. His hair was short with just enough bangs to fall slightly in his eyes. he was looking amazing, wearing uniform. His muscles were huge as his uniform wasn’t hiding them.

Oh god, Amelia hated cops, but now she could make an exception. she would do him right now. she didn’t know she have a kinky side.

Lucas’s eyes were still focussed on her not bothered with anything else around them. Amelia shifted under his intense gaze as she felt blood rush on her cheeks.

Officer Aslan cleared his throat to get attention from his daughter and from the other officers who was now looking at his daughter like she was their next meal.

“Officers, we shall discuss later” said Mr. Aslan with his usual stern face. The four of them went outside. He hoped his hands-on Amelia’s shoulder.

“Cut it” Amelia shrugged his hands from her shoulder. Her dad’s expression changed sour.

“Where have you been Lia” he asked her with his arms crossed.

“You don’t have rights to call me by that name.” she clenched her jaws.

“I named you for god’s sake” her dad muttered angrily as he sat on his chair.

“I don’t care, I came her to tell you that my principal wants to see you”

she didn’t know why the hell her school principal wanted to see her dad. Maybe, she wanted to complain about her. last week, along with her friends, she did a prank on her home teacher.

“Good. At least, now my daughter needs me” he smiled. He fucking smiled, she thought. Every time he’d smile, Amelia wanted to do things that would make his smile vanish.

Anyway, she wasn’t going to be here to see his smiles. Leaving for college was going to feel like forever till then she needed to live with him. Six weeks of having to deal with Dad was not what she had planned on doing anyway. She was going to stay at Maggie’s place. If you were wondering who was Maggie. She was Ethan who kissed Amelia in the car sister. She was Ethan’s sister.

Somehow, Amelia manged to convince her dad to come and meet her principal. When she went outside of her dad’s office, her eyes spontaneously started to search for one particular person with grey eyes and brown hair which always came into her dream.

Her breath hitched when she noticed that Lucas was well staring at her. he watched her movements like predator watching his prey. Heat creeped up her cheeks and a blush appeared in them. She pressed her lips in a thin line as she went out of the police station as quick as possible.

Lucas just couldn’t control his eyes which was watching every moment she made. She seemed couple of years younger than him. he hoped that she was eighteen at least. her luscious lips were red by all biting. It did crazy things inside his body. He hoped that she was not his senior officer’s daughter since he didn’t want fuck this job by doing his daughter. His legs were following her on its own.

Ethan was waiting for Amelia in his car to explain why he kissed and how long he wanted to do this. He also wanted to confess her that he made her previous boyfriend well Ex- boyfriend leaved her by his fist.

Amelia cupped her cheeks to soothe the blush. Before she could open the car door. Ethan came behind her and lift her from the ground. Ethan leaned and pressed his lips against her. his tongue nudged as his lips caressed her.

At the same time, Lucas came outside to meet the girl who made quick scene in station.

Amelia felt her heart beat quickened as Lucas held her gaze. Lucas was watching the girl whose name he didn’t knew kissing the man. They both held their gaze.

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