I hate to love you

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" I will shout " I told him.. " I would love it.. ". He said with a smirk... " Just let me go.. " I demanded.. Shivers running down me.. .. " Do you want to go" He whispers in my eyes pulling me towards him even more through my waist... .. Sparks flying every where he touches.. He leaned towards my lips I closed my eyes... " Tell me..? " He said in his deep voice.. I couldn't speak or even open my eyes he' s standing to close to me...

Romance / Drama
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" Soo do you think that black one looks better don't you? "
Mia asked her.. Mia and Hannah were like
Best friends from 6 st grade...
And like always she have brought na not brought she just dragged her to mall..
Mia is a fashionable 17 girl who loves
Too shop but hannah doesn't like putting much make up and all she messes up with make up usually..
" Yeah it's perfect.. "
Hannah said to Mia as she grinned while holding a black dress... Which was short but pretty hot dress..
" Soo guess what you are wearing this for.. Your date tomorrow.. "
She squelled with excitement..
" No no please it's showing so much of skin and if I will dare to wear it I would for sure feel like roaming around in towel... "
Hannah said to mia..
" Uggh cmon you won't and jack will like it girl ".
Mia teased her and got a small slap on her arm..
" What it's true he would-"
" Stop.. "
Hannah cutted her while blushing...
Even though jack was her friend and she didn't love him she blushed... He was nice to her... And even is hot...
" Ok ok I you say soo.. "
She laughed at her reaction...
Looking red as hell while blushing...
After which felt like hours they both returned to their apartment..
Mia and Hannah shared the apartment..
As there parents agreed it was not a big deal to ask them as their parents were friends. .
Mia was working as a model in fashion shows.. And Hannah was finding her

Hannah ' p. O. V.

.. I was tired by roaming all around the mall with this brat...
" Uhh I'm soo tired.. "
.. Mia cliamed while collapising on couch.. And throwing her shopping bags on floor..
I narrowed my eyes at that view..
" Do highness need some coffee or something.. "
I said pretendingly..
" Yeah one please.. And yeah remember less sugar.. "
She said.. I gived her a death glare..
" You wish ".
I said and she laughed her ass...
I soon joined it...
.. " No like srsly "
I said still laughing..
.. She didn't respond because she was laughing.. And fell down on floor...
Evening went like this... Laughing and chatting...
We ended up in a restaurant...
Apparently Mia is dating josh.. And he called her there...
And I was hungry like hell so I decided to join them..
And she didn't seem sad with that nor her boyfriend...

.. " I love you.. "
Josh said..
" Love you more.. "
Mia blabbered..
" I love you more darling.. "
" I love you more than more sweet heart "
" Love you infinite.. "
Josh won that I guess..
" Love you more than infinite.. Babe "
Wait what what is more than infinite.. Mia sure has lost her mind..
" Love you even more "..
Josh replied with chukle..
" Love-"
" Could you both just can stop... "
I said popping between them..
And cutting Mia...
Sure Josh and Mia are dating and are best couple in our high school.. But this is just too much... Can't they see I'm alive here..
Josh chukled.. And rolled his eyes.. While
Mia blushed a nice shade of pink..
.. " So hows your day..? "
Josh asked Mia..
" Umm nice and you know what Hannah got a date... "
Great just great..
She just can't keep her mouth shut..
.. Josh was now smirking.. He's soo annoying.. Josh is one of the hottest boys from our high school...
And even most weathy.. He didn't have have to work too much he gets simply what ever he wants..
Were as we have to work for keeping our
School going... Mia and I don't belong to the wealthiest family my parents are died.. So grandma is only left who tries her best to give me the best.. But I also have to help myself so I'm finding a job and apparently
Mia got selected as a model in is working.. Now for her self her parents are not that poor her dad is bussinessman who earnes
Great amount of money.. But she says that she wants to do it for herself and all...
" So who is your date.. Huh? "
Josh asked me..
" Umm jack "
I said while keeping my eyes at the table ..

.. " Aww your blushing already soo cute "
Josh said pretending like girls.
" Uh shut up.. "
I said giggling...
After some time the waitress came into view to take our orders we gived her our orders and she smiled and disappeared from our table...
I was about to drink water but accidentally it falled on my top..
Luckily it haven't falled much...
" Jesus are you alright..? "Josh said
.. " Ooh"Mia said wiping my top..
" Yeah I'm alright it's just umm.. I will be back.. ".
I said heading towards girls washroom to clean up...
They nodded.. And went back to there flirting and kisses selection..

I walked up to girls washroom...
And saw my reflection...
" How pretty... You are gorgeous girl.. "
I love myself.. And I talk like this alot..
I laughed at my self...
I was wearing a white top and blue skinny jeans... With little bit lip gloss and mascara...
I opened my purse and started brushing my hairs... I don't like when my hairs got messy I guess no one would like that..
" You look good now "
I again said to myself..
It's not embarrassing as there was no one in here right now...
I guess I was wrong when I heard a chukle.. I snapped my head towards the noise..
And I saw a smirking boy.. Who looked
Damn hot his tall and got the most beautiful blue eyes.. His brown hairs are messy but he still looked charming...
Wait wait what's a boy doing here.. Did he heard me...??
Holly crap..
" Do you always talk yourself out like that..? "
The charming stranger said taking steps
towards me...
" Uh i-i.. What are you doing here in girls washroom? "
I said last words confidently...
" I -"
He was cutted when a girl came to view..
And kissed him on check..
" Bye babe "
That blonde girl said left the room..
Ooh soo they were.. Ugghh such an assholes...
After watching that I stormed out there...
Why does everyone are just kissing and showing pda..
.. I basically em a single go happy girl but..
Mia is dragging me with jack..
Note that I do like him..


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