I hate to love you

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Getting ready

" Get up sleepy head.. "
I heard Mia yelling while moving my shoulder soo that I could wake up..
And she was successful in her attempt..
.. She just always have to wake early..
" 5 minutes more.. "
I said.. Covering my self more in bed...
" As you wish "
I heard her mutter.. Thank god.. I opened my one eye she shrugged and disappeared..
I closed my eye and went back to sleep..
And fuck suddenly a bucket of cold water was smashed at me...
" What the hell Mia"
I said to her rubbing my eyes and saw her laughing.. That brat. .
" I'm soo getting you back ".
I mumerd.. Getting up from my love bed...
" I can't help we were getting late for school.. And now go get ready fast.. "
She said to me..
I nodded and took a bath..
And decided to wear a white sundress with matching white sandels..
Doing my usual lip gloss and mascara
I left my hears open... I usually leave my black hairs open I like them that way
My hairs are mid length and naturally soft curly...
" You ready? ".
" Yup let's go "
I told her.. And with in en hour we were in school campus...
As we reached to our locker I was greeted by jack..
" Good morning pretty.. "
I smiled at him..
" Gm "
Today he was wearing a blue shirt.. And was looking cute..
" So excited for date? "
Jack asked me..
" Yess ".i grinned at him..
I was it is my first date after all...
He took my hands in his.. And we were walking to our class 'same class.. '

" Aww look that those love birds.. "
Mia cheerped..
I blushed.. And jack rolled his eyes at her comment...
We entered our class Mia with her boyfriend Josh and his minions Alex kelin.. And mason..
They all are the hottest guys in our school...
I took a seat at the back.. Actually Alex , kelin, Mason and .are popular brats including Mia and her boy Josh.. They are my friends
But the thing is when ever I seat with them I get a lot of starring from girls..
And I don't like to be a subject of gossips
It's that before Mia have came to my life I had no friends.. I was bullied alot but after her being my best friend.. Things got changed now no one bullies me

Jack was setting at a corner he's setting with a red head girl who he said is just his
Friend.. I rolled my eyes...
Class filled with students.. As the bell ring..
I took a breathe of relief as Mia doesn't questioned me about taking a seat there
She kinda knows be well...

Mrs Alison soon entered the class..
She's our maths class substitute..
Maths as a matter of fact I hate that...
" Class so there is a chapter I was going through tomorrow and... "
She started teaching I mentally rolled my eyes I soo wanted the end of this class..
" So you all are coming to my place..? "
Alex asked..
All nodded..
After the classes there was a luch break we headed towards canteen..
And Mia took me with her so now I'm seating on the popular table with hottest guys..
Alex is planning a party at his house and all nodded..
" Well guys I can't-"
I was cutted mid- sentence..
" Yes you are coming Hannah.. Can't you have fun girl.. "
Mason told me smirking..
" Yes han if you came I will be more happy.. Please.. ".
Mia pleaded me with her puppy eyes..
She nows I don't go much parties and all..
" Alright.. "
I muttered.. They won..
" Good girl "
Alex grinned..
I smiled at him...
We chatted about some topics and now..
After school ended I was thinking..
About the parties.. What em I gonna wear..
" So you happy. ".
" Mia you knewed I have a date I can't-"
.. " Oh my Lord yeah I just forgot it but...
I guess you have to cancel it now.. Since we have to be at his party.. "
.. Mia claimed
.. " Yeah but it will look as I ditched him.. ".
Jack will sure think that.. I don't know what to do now..
" Hey no hell no girl.. He's coming at the party too he just massaged me to tell you that "
" Why didn't he massaged me? "
I asked Mia trying to grab her mobile which he hided on her back..
" Oww are you jealous... "
Mia said giggling..
" No I'm not "
I tried to lie but failed..
" Aww.. Btw he said that he thought you would be angry that's why see "
She gived me her mobile and I saw the chatts.
" Uh fine.. "
I singhed..
.. " Wear this.. "
I know I have to wera this.. Dress..
It's that dress I brought at mall with her...
" Yeah.. ".
I said while grabbing a coat..
" No "
She snatched that coat from my hands..
" Why? ".
I pouted.. I know it won't look fashionable but still it's like I want to cover my self..
" Really it will kill that dress.. ".
Okay okay..
" Alright ".. I said and dressed into it and when I came out of dresser I saw a beauty queen...
" Wo aa ".
I quelled and hugged her..
She looks damn pretty..
" Em I looking good..? "
She asked putting her makeup on her face..
I nodded.. " Yes you do "
She is wearing a golden dress short and
With her blond hairs open she's looking gorgeous..
.. " Aww thanks.. "
Sbe said..
" Now come over I have to do yourself make up.. "
.. " Wait no ha"
I tried to protest but was dragged to seat on mirror chair and she did her make up..
" Take a look "
Mia cheerped..

And when I saw my reflection I looked different soo beautiful...
" Thanks "
I said looking how pretty I look with that pink lip stick and eye shadow she have done..
" No problem.. "
She said grinning..

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