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(No long intersection, just wanna say , Give your hands, and keep mee safe with you.) Two different people are pulled together by their family. one being arrogant, stubborn and cold hearted. other being loving, gentle , yet stubborn as well. Geet kaur, a Punjabi girl who live with her mother as her father died when she was 8 year old and love dancing, cooking and help her mother in farming and believe in love. Rishit singh randhawa , a billionaire Punjabi boy who born and live in Canada with his family ( father, mother and a sister) and does not believe in love. a story of two persons living in two different countries and their journey from saying no to getting married with each other.

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Hi, I'm GEET(23), I live in a small village of punjab with my mother( Arvinder kaur)and dadi( grandmother, Ranjit Kaur) and my chacha ,chachi ( uncle aunt). I'm doing MBA in xyz University of punjab with my two beutiful friends ayyesha who is muslim and Jasleen who is my cousin as well as my best friend. I'm only child of my parents. my father died when I was 8 year old. I don't remember much about my father but I still love my father very much. I'm typical Punjabi girl. I love dancing and cooking. My mother is handling all the farm work and I also help her in farming.

Hii, I'm RISHIT SINGH RANDHAWA(28) , I live in cannada with my father ( Rajveer Singh Randhawa ) and my mother ( Kulwinder randhawa) and a small sister ( 18 years old, Jasmeet randhawa). I'm a self made billionaire and I'm a CEO of Randhawa groups of industries. I some time miss my dada and dadi ( grandmother and grandfather , Yashwant Singh Randhawa and Parminder randhawa ) who live in Punjab with my chacha and chachi ( uncle and aunt) . I have two best friends or we can say two partner in crimes , Arvind and Sameer, both are partner in my company and stay with mee through my thick and thin.

Arvind singh - Freind of Rishit and Sameer ( romantic , stubborn , love bikes , womanizer ) live with her father and mother.

Sameer malhotra :- Friend of Rishit and Arvind ( carbon copy of Rishit , heart- broken , doesn't believe in love, think women as gold digger ) live with father , mother and sister.

Ayyesha Khan :- Freind of geet ( she is romantic , cute , bubbly girl who believe in fairy tale and love dancing ), she is orphan and live in orphanage.

Jasleen kaur:- friend of geet ( stubborn, arrogant , talkative and love dancing ) live with his father , mother and brother ( Ranjit singh( who is married to Ramnik kaur and have kid ( navneet( boy).

" Geet, Geet , Geet ........... , don't you want to go to the college !" her mother asked her princess who still sleeping.
" sat Sri akal maa( good morning mom) , give me five minutes more ,pleaseeeee ! " said geet putting her duvet on her face again.
" Geet , Geet, Geet............., come fast you lazy head ", her cousin Jasleen calling from down the hall . " geet , please come down , we are getting late, if you don't come down in ten minutes I will be going alone", said Jasleen again in angry tone. Jasleen is wearing jeans and T-shirt with black jacket and canvas shoes.
" fine ,fine , I'm coming down in 20 minutes " , said geet removing her duvet from the face. Geet came down in 20 minutes doing his morning routine. she is wearing a patiala sky blue color suit with matching dupatta and jhumkis, applied little kajal in her eyes and wearing juttis in her feet. she is looking gorgeous in her punjabi attire.
" both of you eat your breakfast and go to college", said her aunt( mother of Jasleen). " sat Sri akal chachi, sat Sri akal dadi " , said geet to her aunt and her grandmother.
" mera puttar aaj bda Sona lg ra hai , kya baat hai koi ladka pasand aaya hai kya( someone is looking so gorgeous, have you found a boy for yourself", said her dadi ( grandmother to geet ) .
" dadi, if I ever found anyone I will definitely tell you ", said geet with smiling face .
" don't worry I will find a boy for you, who will take to your dreamland "
said dadi ( grandmother) kissing both the cheeks of geet.
" and you jasleen learn something from geet , always arrogant and wearing boys clothes, wear salwar kameez sometime ( Indian Punjabi attire) said her dadi ( grandmother) while pulling her ear.
Ignoring her dadi words both Jasleen and geet left for their college with thier jeep who is driven by Jasleen .

hi readers ,
this is my first book and is wholly and Solly my imagination.
please give love to my book and if you found any kind of problem, please feel free to share your views........
I'm adding the pics of geet and Jasleen .
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