Forbidden brown eyes

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Rose is a young girl who had just graduated from high school. She is now preparing to take the entrance exam at the Faculty of Law. As a child, Rose loved series with the theme of justice, advocacy, courtroom, and because of that, she wanted to become a successful lawyer one day. John is a young professor at the Faculty of Law. All the students are crazy about him. He is a man simply created for worship. He was in various relationships, but he always felt that was not the case. He sincerely hoped that one day he would meet a real girl. When these two meet in the hallway of the Faculty of Law on their first day: lectures with him and his first working day with a new group of students where she is, sparks will light up and love at first sight will be born that they will not be able to resist. Will they manage to resist that fiery love that is forbidden, or will they indulge in that wonderful feeling?

Romance / Drama
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First chapter

The sun was slowly breaking through the windows of the large bright bedroom of apartment in Verona. At one moment, a red alarm clock started to jump on the cupboard next to the walnut bed. The girl, who was tucked away on the bed under the quilt, where her long hair covered her face, reached out, looking for an alarm clock to stop the alarm on the alarm clock. She sighed, removed her hair from her face, and stood up and sat down. She looked at her watch, it was 7:30. "I just have time to have breakfast, make hot chocolate and get ready. My lectures start at 10. I'll be on time and put on my make-up." She got up, tightened the bed, and went to the window to open the curtains and open the windows to let in some fresh air.
For breakfast, she opted for chocolate cakes; she took the bag out of the freezer, took out a few pieces and put them in the tray.
She turned on the oven to heat up and threw herself into making hot chocolate according to her grandmother's recipe.
Soon the chocolate was ready, the oven warmed up and Rose put the baking sheet in the oven. She took her cell phone out of the pocket and dialed a number. After a few moments, a woman's voice came to her; it was her best friend Jenny.
Jenny said in a cheerful voice, "Where are you, kitty cat? It's been a century since you have called."
Rose: "Here I am beautiful, I'm making breakfast. Do you want to stop by? I bought you your favorite coffee!"
"Wow, you know how to lure me! Pour the water, i'm coming!"

Hi people, this is my first story. I hope you like it. Vote, comment, write impressions :)
I will not publish parts every day because I need time to write a part, but I will try to do it as often as possible

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