Forbidden brown eyes

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Second chapter

Rose decided to get dressed until Jenny arrives so they don't waste time. She wanted to look really nice that day, so she decided on the following combination: a black long-sleeved skirt, a gray-black-and-white mini skirt with a high waist, black deep boots above the knees made of pleat; she wrapped her hair in a braid; as for makeup, she opted for gold shade, mascara and red lipstick. Her nails were varnished to match her skirt.
The water was already in the pitcher ready for Jenna's coffee. Rose couldn't wait for Jenny to arrive to enjoy a hot drink together. She played music on the computer, they both loved jazz and she knew that Jenny would be happy when she arrived and heard the music. She sat in a brown leather armchair next to a large light brown bookshelf to wait for Jenny. The shelf was full of various books: cookbooks, dictionaries, memoirs, travelogues, adventure, love, drama, books on the topic of life coach...
Soon the doorbell rang and Rose happily jumped to open it so her BFF wouldn't wait long. As soon as she opened the door, she was very surprised to see Jenna's outfit: a blue-and-yellow high-waisted mini skirt, a white T-shirt, a black leather jacket, black unihop socks, black leather ankle boots, a black leather backpack from Greece (bought it when the two of them were on vacation). Her hair was picked up in a bun and had a red bruise, she had burgundy lipstick and such a shadow on her eyes and mascara, blue-yellow nails that matched her skirt. She happily jumped into Rose's arms and when she heard jazz in the background she was even happier. They entered the apartment into the living room.
"Sit on the couch, I'll bring the rolls and coffee to the plate now. Just enjoy the music, I'll be quick," Rose said and went to the kitchen. Meanwhile, Jenny sat down on the couch and picked up a magazine on the table to flip through as she waited. She flipped through it and suddenly just put the magazine down on her lap and called out to Rose who was putting a plate and salt on the tray: "What do you think, comrade, that I'm going to the dean's today to ask if I can go to college with you?" Rose almost dropped the tray to the floor in surprise. Rose came out of the kitchen and said holding the tray, "Wow, you didn't tell me earlier that you wanted to study law. When we were in high school I remember you were hesitant about college. Why the sudden decision? Don't think I am not glad I'm just surprised."
"Come, sit down and I'll tell you where I got the idea." Rose brought a serving tray, set it down on the table, and sat down next to Jenny. "I'm listening!" "Well, as you said yourself a while ago, in high school I was undecided about college. But this morning when we were talking, I came up with the idea that I'd like to study with you. Of course if you don't mind." "You lunatic, why would I mind? I'm overjoyed if you decided so. Then we'll go to the dean's together to ask him everything about you. Let's drink coffee and eat these rolls, they'll cool off. My girl!"

Comrades, here is new chapter.
I hope you like it. Enjoy this part until I release the new ones
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