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My Half Vampire Mate [ Vkook ]

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“SUBMIT!” “How about ‘no’?” “What? I said SUBMIT OMEGA!” “Are you deaf or what? I fucking said NO!” - - - AU where Jungkook, a true blood alpha who is thirsting for revenge, crashes into a beautiful male omega inside a human club who happened to be his mate. But what would happen when he discovers that his mate is not really an omega?

Romance / Fantasy
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🎶“Remember the way you made me feel
Such young love but
something in me knew that it was real
Frozen in my head”🎶

▬ Paper Hearts


10 years ago

Jungkook frowned, irritated at the amount of homework his human teachers gave him at the first day of school. He glared at the book full of unsolved problems in front of him and sighed.

“Why can’t maths grow up and solve its own problems one day” He muttered pouting

"Jungkookie!!! Come down sweetie, we have some guests” His mother called from downstairs.

Jungkook smiled and ran down to see his mother pulling the cheeks of another boy who looked a little older than him.

"Eomma who is that?”Jungkook asked shyly

Mrs.Jeon smiled at her son and replied “Why don’t you ask yourself?”

“Um” Jungkook bit his lips nervously and looked at the cute boy’s face shyly “Hello I am Kookie and I am 11 years old. What is your name?”

The other boy smiled widely and his smile looked so cute that Jungkook cooed internally.

“Hello Kookie, I am Taetae and I am 13 years old” He said cheerfully “So will Kookie be Taetae’s friend?”

Jungkook nodded smiling brightly as Taetae was his first friend. He was a very quiet and shy child so usually no one except his parents would notice him.

"Ahh you both are so cute!” Mrs.Jeon said smiling and then turned to the other woman who had entered “Your son is really beautiful no wonder they mistake him for an omega”

"AhhI know right, Tae got my genes” Mrs. Kim said winking playfully as Taehyung hid his face embarrassed.

“Would Taetae like to see Kookie’s room?” Jungkook asked nervously, staring at the cute older boy.

Taehyung nodded and immediately pulled Jungkook upstairs ignoring their chatting parents.

“Wow!Kookie has a beautiful room” Taehyung said looking around the younger’s small neat room with wide eyes

"Taetae has beautiful eyes!” Jungkook whispered staring into the others wide hazel eyes

"Aww Kookie your so cute!” Taehyung said hugging the younger

"Taetae, kookie is confused. Why did Eomma say that you only look like omega?” Jungkook asked confused

Tae leaned closer to the younger and whispered “Can you keep a secret Kookie?”

“A secret?” Jungkook asked with wide eyes

“Yes. You have to pinky promise me that you won’t tell anyone else this.” Tae said demandingly and jutted his pinky out

And Jungkook didn’t know why but he felt like it was his duty to keep Taetae’s secret. He immediately held the other’s pinky with his own and whispered “Pinky promise.”

“Thank you Kookie" Tae said smiling a pretty boxed smile.

Jungkook smiled back immediately and leaned closer to the older to hear his first friend’s secret.

"kookie I am not an omega! I am a vampire” Taetae whispered

Jungkook looked at the older confused, bambi eyes blinking innocently “What is a Vampire Taetae?”

“Oh they are people who drink strawberry juice as food” Taetae said seriously

“Oh is strawberry juice so tasty?”Kookie asked confused

“Yes its very tasty” Taetae said nodding his head

Kookie smiled and clapped his hands “I want to drink strawberry juice too!”

“Okay Kookie I will bring some tasty juice next time I meet you” Taetae said happily

Kookie smiled and they both started playing together. Taetae even helped the other in his long maths homework.

After a few hours Mrs.Jeon came upstairs to see the tow boys sleeping peacefully, cuddling each other. She smiled and carefully touched Taehyung and the boy immediately woke up as his vampire ears had captured the moment.

“Tae lets go, your mom is waiting for you” Mrs.Jeon said sweetly

“But Kookie?”

“Don’t worry you’ll meet him soon”

Tae smiled and kissed the other’s cheeks softly and walked down along with a squealing Mrs.Jeon.

“Why do you look so happy Sana?” Mrs. Kim asked surprised

"Aww Suri I think our kids are going to get married one day.” Sana aka Mrs Jeon said smiling brightly “Tae just kissed Kook’s cheeks so lovingly, Oh Goddess please make them mates so that this friendship between our both kinds stays forever”

“I know right!” Suri said smiling “I wish it was true but no one knows what the goddess had planned, anyway I have to go. Look at my son, he fell asleep sitting in the couch”

Mrs. Kim said smiling lovingly at her sleeping child.

"Ahh take him home, he is really tired” Sana said and bid Mrs. Kim goodbye.

3 Months Later

"Eomma when will I see Taetae again?”Kookie asked again, tears prickling his beautiful bambi eyes.

Mrs.Jeon smiled brightly after reading something on her phone and turned excitedly towards her son “You can meet him today, Kook”

“Really?” Jungkook asked smiling so widely that his teeth would’ve hurt

He was finally going to meet his first friend after almost a week. Both the families had been meeting each other continuously for the last 3months and Jungkook and Tae’s friendship had strengthened a lot. He grinned widely and immediately got dressed up.

“Lets go Eomma" He said jumping up and down

“Slow down pup” Mrs.jeon said smiling softly but her face looked tensed.

“I hope this works” Mr.Jeon said seriously and his wife nodded

The Jeon family walked out into the forest and Jungkook shivered as he was wearing only a small shirt and shorts.

"Eomma why aren’t we going in a car?”

“Be quiet Kook” Mrs.Jeon whispered, suddenly looking terrified

“Sana they are here” Mr.Jeon said suddenly and Jungkook felt his wolf sense awakening. He could sense the tense atmosphere around him and his Wolf screamed danger but he was still a little child to understand what it meant.

"Eomma why am I feeling weird?” Jungkook asked innocently

"Sssh Kook, be quiet” Mrs.Jeon murmured and pulled the boy behind a humongous tree as his father stood there in the opening, waiting for something.

Suddenly a bright light entered the dark forest and Jungkook heard the echo of footsteps crushing against dead leaves, as a person walked in. His mother tightened her hold on his hand and hugged him tightly

Something inside him told him that this would be the last hug he would get from her. But why?

"Eomma what’s wrong? Where is Taetae?” Jungkook asked naively

"Taetae is not safe Jungkook. Will you protect your friend baby?” Mrs .Jeon asked seriously as tears started falling down

“Yes Eomma, I will protect Taetae. Don’t worry” Jungkook said reassured but before she could reply, a cold voice spoke up

“Where is the True blood wolf and vampire?”

Mr.Jeon looked back blankly and said “I don’t know”

“So you want me to take the hard way Jeon Wonho?” the cold voice spoke dangerously and Jungkook felt scared for the first time in his life. What will happen to his father?

“I really don’t know” Wonho said emotionless

Jungkook peeked in through the leaves to see his father standing near a tall man with a dragon tattoo on his right cheek. The stranger looked so scary that the small boy felt terror creep into his heart

“Sweetie, Eomma has to go now. Promise me that you will protectTaetae.” Sana whispered trembling

“P-Promise E-Eomma. But why are you leaving me?”

“Everything we do is for you, okay? Never forget that” She kissed her son’s forehead one last time

“Oh then I guess there is not much use for your pathetic life” The scary man spat and then whispered “Kill him”

Jungkook stared widely as his mother’s wolf form ran towards the scary man and bit his hand hardly.

“Good to see you Sana” The man said smirked icily and pushed his mother against a huge tree easily breaking a few bones. He then ordered “Both the True bloods are somewhere in this forest, GO FIND THEM!”

Jungkook shuddered in fear as he heard the loud growls of all the wolves searching for him. He was about to run but his attention was again caught by the scary man who smiled manically while looking down at his injured parents.

“Kill these things”

Suddenly out of nowhere a large brown wolf jumped in and started tearing both his parents into pieces. Jungkook watched the whole scene, going pale. He started running into the dark forest wanting to get rid of the image of his parents’ brutal murder out of his head.

He ran and ran until he couldn’t anymore.

Jungkook panted as he fell down weakly because he legs had given out. Tears made its way down his cheek and he cried, mourning the loss of his guardians.

Suddenly he heard a loud growl and he turned to see a small silver wolf with blazing red eyes staring at him. He backed away immediately and whispered “Don’t kill me please”

The wolf howled softly and Jungkook saw its belly bleeding. Before he could do something, the wolf shifted and standing in front of him was a bloodied Taehyung.

"Taetae?!” He screamed and ran towards his injured friend “Are you okay?”

“K-Kookie, n-need j-juice. Feel f-funny” Taehyung said as his head started spinning and suddenly out of nowhere tears started coming down his cheeks.

“Don’t cry Taetae"Jungkook said and started weeping too

“T-They killed m-my e-eomma and A-Appa Kookie" Tae muttered crying

Jungkook wanted to cry too but he remembered his promise to his mother. “Don’t worry Taetae, I will protect you”

“K-kookie I fe-feel w-weak. I need j-juice now or” Before he could complete Tae fell down

“But where will I get the special strawberry Juice?” Jungkook asked desperately, wanting to protect his friend

“K-Kookie g-give me y-your hand!” Tae whispered tiredly ”Eomma gave me juice like this”

Jungkook immediately showed his pale wrist towards the older boy.

"Kookie I h-have to drink your juice” Taehyung said as his eyes were closing down “W-Will you b-be okay?”

“Yes Taetae. Now do fast” Jungkook said quickly and he started looking around for any bad wolves

Tae nodded weakly and suddenly his canines sunk down on the younger’s wrist and Jungkook felt a pleasing sensation go through his body. He sighed as he looked at the older who was drinking his blood.

“So is my strawberry juice tasty?” He asked curiously and Tae nodded swiftly and grinned “Its the tastiest juice I’ve drank”

Jungkook smiled, happy that he could help his friend. But before that happiness could last, he heard loud growls coming from their right.

"Kookie stay back” Taetae said suddenly and Jungkook looked at him confused

“Hello there little cub and little vamp” a really familiar cold voice whispered and both the boys looked up to see the same man with dragon tattoo on his cheek standing there. Jungkook shivered as the image of the wolf tearing his parents into pieces came into his mind.

“Leave us alone” Tae said strongly

“Aw so sweet, protecting your little wolf?” the man asked sneering “Sorry sweetie but bonding time is over. TAKE THEM!”

Two large buffy men started coming towards them but before Jungkook could do something, Tae clutched his wrist tightly and ran. He was running so swiftly that Jungkook wouldn’t be able to catch up if Tae wasn’t holding him.

They would’ve have almost got out of the forest if only Taehyung hadn’t stopped.

Jungkook turned around to see why his friend had froze but was met with the horrible sight of something like a silver stake pierced through the other’s chest. Tae abruptly started coughing out dark blood and his legs gave out.

Jungkook immediately started running back towards him but Tae screamed “RUN JUNGKOOK, GO!”

“But Taetae-”

“I said RUN!” He yelled, spitting dark red blood and before Jungkook could do something, someone pulled him away from the dying vampire.

He looked up to see Mr. Min, his father’s best friend staring at him seriously.

“Leave me Uncle, I have to help him” He sobbed

“You can’t do anything Jungkook, a vampire his age cannot escape the poison of the silver stake.” Mr. Min said sternly “And if you go there, you will only throw away the sacrifices made by your parents for nothing as the boy will die no matter what”

Jungkook sobbed and Mr. Min hugged the boy softly, trying to provide some strength.

“H-He s-saved m-me and I co-couldn’t p-protect h-him” Jungkook wept

Mr. Min sighed and replied “Yes now are you going to throw away the deed he did for you and go get killed yourself?”

“Uncle I-”

“Don’t worry Jungkook-ah, we’re getting out of here now”

Jungkook nodded but before following Mr. Min, he peaked in to get one last image of his first friend.

But Taehyung was gone, disappeared into the chilly night.




Jungkook’s eyes snapped open and he got up drenched in cold sweat.

‘Why why why why?’

‘Why do I always dream this?’

He breathed heavily and felt his eyes aching to release some tears but they wouldn’t fall no matter how much his eyes tried because he had turned into a monster, am emotionless monster.

Why did you have to leave me Taetae? Just why?


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