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Xavier is a hot headed drunk... he wasn’t always this way... he was a ruthless businessman who took the Skilled MC to new heights... and then the woman he loved changed him into someone unrecognisable... can he be saved? Jasmine is a beautiful British girl who looks just like the woman who ruined Xavier, can she save him or break him further? AUTHORS NOTE, Iv never written a book before so the grammar and punctuation is probably terrible, all comments and criticism are welcomed so I can write better in the future, I hope u all enjoy Xavier and jasmines story. This book is a standalone. MATURE CONTENT 18+ only. [email protected] All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced, distributed or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording or mechanical methods without the prior written permission of the author, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical reviews and certain other non commercial uses permitted by copyright law.

Romance / Erotica
Kiesha Simone
4.9 29 reviews
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Of course my alarm didn’t go off AGAIN! I can’t sleep for most of the night and then I fall asleep an hour before I’m due to go into work. Bob is going to have a field day with this. I scrape my hair up into a top bun throw on my uniform and run downstairs to open the diner. “Shit” he’s already here, which means I’m getting a ginormous bollocking before I even start. “WHAT FUCKING TIME DO YOU CALL THIS” he shouts from the kitchen, I roll my eyes and prepare myself “Bob I’m 10 minutes late, no one is here waiting for breakfast,” “I’ll make it up on my dinner hour”, “Jasmine you are not getting a dinner hour, until you learn that I’m not paying you and giving you a roof over your head for you to just roll into work at whatever time you please, you need to learn some time keeping and respect”, “fine” I say.

Just then I hear the roaring of engines, great this is all I need my first customers are a bunch of bikers, people in this small town don’t talk very highly of them, iv heard other customers say that one in particular is always causing fights in the local bars, well I’m definitely in the mood for him if he wants to start in here after Bob’s bullshit already, I’ll take anyone on right now. Way to go Bob u greasy fuck. Two of them walk in, one older gentleman that looks around 60 and a younger man who looks around 30, and not to mention he’s hot, my cheeks flush a little and i feel slightly nervous, they walk over to a booth and I pick up 2 menus and stride over to them, I place the menus down, greet them with a hello and ask if they would like a drink while they decide what to order, the older man looks at me with an amused look on his face and says “well hello there little miss posh pants, are u related to the queen” I roll my eyes because nearly everyone who walks into this place has to comment on my accent, “no sir, i AM the queen” and with that I take off to get the coffee pot, I don’t know what came over me, I’m never rude like that but Bob has put me in a royal fucking mood and if I didn’t need the job because of the shitty apartment I’d have walked out of here already and not looked back. I pour the gentlemen a coffee each and take their orders, I go to walk off and the younger man shouts “hey British, hold the sass” I continued to walk off and rolled my eyes so far back I’m surprised they didn’t end up in narnia. I’m waiting for Bob to get his greasy arse together and get the breakfasts cooked, this man takes forever to do anything, I certainly wouldn’t eat anything he has made, his food needs to come with a warning

“jasmine what the fuck are you standing there for waiting, go and take orders” “well Bob the thing is you don’t have any customers apart from those two men who you are slowly cooking for” .Bob turned to me “jasmine get the fuck out of my kitchen, could you do a better job miss high and mighty?” “yes I could actually, if I was cooking you would have more than 2 customers at rush hour breakfast time” he stopped what he was doing and turned to me, bright red in the face and shouted “GET THE FUCK OUT BITCH”, with pleasure you nasty greasy fat shit head” I threw my apron at him and walked casually through the diner, stopping on the way to tell the 2 biker men to enjoy the shit he calls food and be sure to go to the medical centre after to get checked out for food poisoning. They must have heard what was said in the kitchen because they both had shit eating grins on their faces and I could tell they were trying so hard not to laugh out loud at me, I couldn’t see the funny side I was absolutely livid.

I got outside, walked up the steps to the apartment that came with the job packed my 2 large holdalls and dragged them to the bus stop outside of the diner, I sat on the dusty bench and felt a tear slide down my cheek, what the fuck am I going to do now. I heard the bikers engines come to life and quickly wiped the tears from my face as they were turning towards me, I wasn’t going to give anyone the satisfaction of seeing me cry over that shit job. The bikers stop in front of me and the older man says “hey British where the fuck are you going” I looked at them blankly and said “honestly I don’t have a clue, I’m going to get on the bus and get off where ever it stops” they gave each other a look and the older man said “I’m Jonah but the all the guys call me skills and this young man here is triggs, look we may be able to help you, Jonah said “my ole lady is the cook at the clubhouse and she’s getting on now, she’s tired all the time and really would like to relax some, the club whores can’t really cook apart from basics so we could do with someone to come in and chef full time, we will pay a good wage and you will get a room in the clubhouse, all you will need is to make sure you use that sass, some of the men can get a little to much and you need to be able to shut them down, no one will touch you or disrespect you though, they’re not a bad bunch, just a little rowdy after a few drinks” I just sat there with my mouth open like it was waiting on a bunch of flies, I didn’t have to think long on it, I mean it was a job offer, I loved cooking and I didn’t have any other options, I looked at Jonah and accepted, he said to throw one of the holdalls for triggs to carry and I threw the other one over my shoulders and got on the back of jonahs bike.

We arrived at the clubhouse 15 minutes later and triggs took my other bag and carried them both, Jonah said to follow him in, I was so nervous and it didn’t help that when I walked in everyone seemed to just stop what they were doing and look straight at me, my legs felt like jelly having all these great big tattooed men looking at me like that, it wasn’t the best feeling in the world, it was as if they had seen a ghost, then Jonah spoke up “everyone listen up, this here is British, she’s going to be our chef along side Maggie but as you all know mags needs some time off a few days a week to relax and spend time with the grandkids so British will be doing the majority of the cooking, I expect you all to be respectful at all times or you will have me to fucking answer to.” “Hey boss” I heard one of them say, “you do know who she looks like and that X-man isn’t going to like this one bit” Jonah looked at him and said “I’m not fucking blind dodge I know who she looks like and X isn’t the fuckin boss, I AM!” X-man needs to get over himself, she left a year ago and it’s about time he sorted his shit out and got on with his life. Now I’m showing British to her room has anyone else got anything else to say, “no boss” they said in unison and carried on staring at me as I followed Jonah up the stairs to the rooms. “Jonah, who do I look like?” I said quietly barley even hearing my own voice, I felt nervous and slightly uneasy thinking I was going to clearly be pissing some X-man off. Jonah told me I resembled a woman who X was with for over 10 years and that she left him a year ago. GREAT he’s going to love me then I thought to myself. Jonah showed me to my room and told me to unpack and get settled in and then to come down and meet him in the bar so he can introduce me to maggie and the guys and show me around.

When he left I sat on the bed and looked around the room, it was basic but very clean and modern, it was 100% nicer than that shitty apartment, I had a king size bed with crisp white linen on and a super thick feather filled comforter, i had a double wardrobe a dresser with a mirror and a large tv on the wall opposite the bed, then I went to check out my en suite bathroom and it was amazing, it had a large tub, a huge shower and big soft fluffy towels, definitely not something you would expect in a bikers clubhouse. I unpacked my clothes, shoes and toiletries and decided to take a shower and get out of the uniform I still had on from Bobs, I threw that straight in the bin and showered, I tied my hair in a top knot because drying it takes an hour it’s so long and thick and I just want to get back down to the bar to meet everyone and get to know my way around the kitchen, I threw on some skinny jeans an off the shoulder crop top and a pair of sneakers, I looked at myself approvingly in the mirror and left to go downstairs. Here’s to my next chapter in life.
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