The Damaged One

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18yo+ adult themes, sex, adult situations. He walks over to stand in front of me holding his hands up. I take out my earphones looking at him. "Madison please let me talk to you. Baby I don't want to derail your plans and won't stand in your way. I want to just get to know you and your story." "Carlos you don't want a girl like me! I'm broken and according to your sister I'm trash." "Madison I don't give two fucks what my family thinks. I don't exactly blend in with them. They are the richy rich types. I just want my girl with a lounge chair blanket and a beer."

Romance / Action
Melanie Gomez
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Getting out

Ch 1

Madison pov

I wake up slowly laying here in a daze trying to make sense of my surroundings. I see Andy laying next to me passed out again. My head is fucking pounding and I can barely compose a thought as I hear yelling from outside I think. I look over and see his friends are over again. No doubt they held me down last night to shoot me up again. I just need to get out of here, but have no one or any way out. Tears fall as I try to move my body as the banging and yelling gets louder.

I am looking around when I see a sudden flash and my eyesight is stunned. I try to find my voice and scream but nothing is coming out. I just curl up inna ball crying as I make out shapes that come running in grabbing everyone from around me. The fear that is pulsing through my veins not knowing or understanding what is going on has me shaking like a leaf. A shape of a man comes down to my eye level and goes to grab me and sees me crying. I feel him place his hand on my shoulder as he leans down to talk to me.

"Sweetie what is your name? My name is officer Hernandez. We didn't have any records that a woman would be in here."

"My name is Madison. I was homeless a week ago living on the streets. They took me in but just started shooting me up."

"Ok love let's get you to the hospital!"

I fell him slowly pick me up and carry me out of the house as tears just start falling. The sobs start racking my body as he holds tightly onto me. I feel him adjust his grip so my face is closer to his. I see an ambulance standing by and as the crew sees me being carried start scrambling to get the back open. He steps inside the ambulance with me slowly placing me down on the gurney. I just stare at him as he places his gloved hand on the side of my face wiping away my tears as he leans over to my ear.

"I'll check on you later at the hospital after my shift is over ok."

"Actually Al she has to have a guard with her until we can clear her so go with her." Another guy said from the back of the ambulance.

He nods as the doors are shut. The nice lady in the back gave me a warm blanket and went to hold my hand to start an IV and I panicked. Officer Hernandez stopped her and grabbed my hand to try and calm me down.

"Madison love it's ok baby, they need to get some fluid in you. I will be right here, I promise it's only fluids as you are dehydrated."

I nod as tears fall waiting for the sharp pain. Within seconds it's over and I noticed that the officer never let go of my other hand. He just keeps rubbing it while wiping my tears away trying to sooth me. Before long we arrive and he starts to let go as I quickly grip his hand tighter.

"Madison I need to step out so they can get you out but I am not going anywhere. I promise!"

I reluctantly let go as I start crying all over again. For that moment I had some security and it's gone. Even if for a moment. But as quick as they got the gurney down the officer grabbed my hand again as they slowly wheeled me in. The officer explains the condition they found me in and what I had said. They wheel me into a room and have me change into a gown and throw another warm blanket on me as they put some medicine in the IV. Within a few moments any haze that is left in my system is gone and my body is slowly waking up.

I try to sit up as the officer jumps up to slowly help me. I see he has taken off his helmet, gloves and mask which gives me a good view of him. He is very dark featured and well built under all that gear. I stare from him to the door on the side of me, and back to him.

"What's wrong? Did you need something? I can get the Dr."

"I really REALLY have to use the bathroom!"

He laughs paging the nurse, and as she walks in explains what I need. She unhooks the IV bag temporarily and helps me get into the bathroom. Oh what sweet relief there was when I finally made it. Once done she helped me back to the bed and hooked me back up again. I sat there under the blankets just looking at my fidgeting hands when a bigger hand came into view. I stopped and watched as he slowly grabbed on to hold my hand. I looked up at him as he is very close to me. He reaches pushing my hair back behind my ear as he just stares at me.

"You are so beautiful! Where is your family? Don't you have any?"

I just shake my head no and look away. "I hate my life story as it's a shitty story. Yes I was abandoned as a baby by shitty parents. Yes I was thrown in the system, and not looked at again. Why because they assumed I was a crack baby so I got the label even though I wasn't. So I just jumped from group home to group home. Finished school on the honor roll and had dreams of being a fashion designer. Had been accepted into a fashion school but the home wouldn't let me stay there until I moved into the school so they kicked me out. I was states away from here and the school. So I hitchhiked to try and get here in time for school, but it took a couple years. Then I got mixed up with Andy."

"Well there is a recovery house here that we can get you into. You can get yourself on track, and maybe see if you can reapply to get in. It's worth a shot!"



Officer Hernandez pov

I just look at her and think my goodness this girl is absolutely fucking gorgeous.
Tattoos down both arms that are amazingly done and her baby blue eyes. Damn, this is the moment I am glad I am not in a relationship. She was a little damsel in distress and I was glad I was her knight in tactical gear. Blinded at first sight. Ok ok that was corny.

Shit man if she is able to get her life on track and given some time. I would love to ask her out. She needs some time though, and there will be plenty. I will have to keep tabs on her as I am sure there will be more charges and she will have to stay up to date. Especially if she will need to testify.

We wait and after a few hours they run some blood work and say that she can be discharged. Since I have been sitting here we worked it out that I will be dropping her off at the recovery house, and getting her situated. As we wait for the paperwork she is handed some clothes to go change into. When she emerges she is in some skinny jeans and an oversized hoodie with some tennis shoes. I stand up getting a bag for my gear and when I look down at her she is too fucking adorable staring back up at me.

If I was able to I'd take her to my fucking apartment, but she needs to heal first. We walk out getting into the car and drive for a few miles when we stop at the center. Its little houses tucked into the outskirts of town with a one way in, one ay out gate. Terrance is the guard during the day, and we tend to be here more than we would like to be. I get out holding the door open and as we walk up she slips her hand into mine and is shaking.

We meet Helena the head therapist here and as we approach Madison hides behind me peeking around at Helena. We follow her into her office and have Madison sit down next to me as I explain the situation to Helena. She just looks at Madison with sadness in her eyes, which makes Madison try and shrink in the chair. We talk for a while and another gal comes in offering to show Madison where her home will be, when she refuses to leave my side.

I offer to take her and we all walk out over to where her house will be. Helena opens the door and she can look inside and see what would be her own little tiny home. A television, bed, and bathroom. She slowly walks up dragging me with her since she will not let go of my hand. She looks over everything and when she faces me she has a big smile. I smile back as she launches herself up into my arms whispering thank you.

I take a deep breath in, inhaling her scent trying to commit it to my memory. I slowly lower her down and I release her as I turn and walk away. She just stares at my back as I have to just keep walking. I can't look back or I will never leave. I tell Helena I will be in touch to check on her. She walks with me up to the front as I can hear Madison crying behind me calling my name. Never have I ever been affected by a girl like this. I just want to take her home and protect her from everyone and everything.

Except right now she needs her time, and I need mine. She right now is a client so to speak and I have my job. I get back out to the car and as we start to pull away I see her running back up to the front fighting the people no doubt looking for me. I tell my partner Martin to just go as I hang my head in my hands. Once we are out of sight I just release a deep sigh.

I have to stay away for now, but next week I will be back on patrols and this is area is my zone during the day. I am praying I can keep my sanity until then.
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