Being My Brother-in-law's Wife (Old version)

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My entry to the day as a newlywed wasn’t as glorious as I had pictured it. Yes, my husband and I made love countless times last night but I thought the same would apply this morning after watching the sun light up his jet black hair. Mason left for work very earlier today and the crisp cold of our sheets was all I rolled onto this morning – he didn’t even bother to leave a note to say he was tending to his criminal duties today.

I sucked it up and prepared myself for work, my first day ever since Mona’s passing and my wedding. My occupation wanted my looks on point so I had to pay Mason no mind as I straightened my curly hair. The long strands were piled into a neat intricate high bun on top of my head and finished off my white suit ensemble for work.

“Morning, Mrs. DeLuca,” Syria greets me with a wide grin and sparkling electric blue eyes “you are glowing this fine morning.”

I smile at the cheery woman and honestly, I’m glad we got over the spat we had. Although, I think my new surname is what made her wake up with that gorgeous youthful smile of hers, “Syria, you know that you can always call me Jae.”

"Heavens no!” she chuckles clapping her hands with glee “I can’t wait for the little godchildren I’m going to have. Tiny gorgeous buttermilk biscuits asking their diomama for some help with their homework! Heavens – I hope there are a lot of them!”

My throat tightens and my eyes went wide as saucers. I thought married couples weren’t subjected to have children during the first year of marriage like they did years ago. I mean, Mason will find someone to have children with after our contract is over so I am in no dire need to pop out children.

“Uh,” I laugh nervously while chewing on my granola bar “I’m going to work – see you later Syria.”

Syria scoffs with a mild giggle, “Nonsense! It’s only seven o’clock.”

“I’m an early bird Syria,” I laugh before grabbing my briefcase “I love you.”

The office only opens at eight o’clock so I was a good thirty minutes early. I would’ve arrived sooner but Betsy has been hacking and coughing all the way to the laboratory. The parking lot was silent and empty and I was able to pick out a parking space closer to the entrance doors.

The empty hall leading to my parking space wasn’t what worried me the most because I was used to it but rather the thin smoke wafting in the air. Slowly, I took closer to the direction of the smoke and the thickness of it gradually increased.

Oh my...

The smoke with thick and I managed to manipulate the sleeve of my blazer jacket in order to cover my nostrils and mouth. My laboratory was in shreds, blown up beyond recognition and the smoke alarms were going erratic, beeping and shrilling for attention. My nostrils took an accidental drag of the smoke and I was sent tumbling to the floor, coughing and hacking as I sought after purified oxygen.

My throat was burning and I crawl myself to where my briefcase was, dialing the first number on my call list.

"Micio, how can I help you?"

My lungs were aching in my chest and my eyes were watering immensely, “Mason – someone blew up the lab and I – I can’t breathe Mason!”

"Fúck!" he curses loudly and I hear a slight rustle in the distance following my coughing ”I want you to get out of there and drink some water. I’ll be there before you know it."

The dark purple blanket of smoke has forced me inside painful isolation and I couldn’t see anything at all, “Mas – I can’t see anything! I need somebody to come up and help but the office is empty!”

Something blurred catches my attention in the distance but my safety was important at that moment. I end the call with Mason but the harsh smoke made my movements slower the usual. Begrudgingly, I crawl myself out of the intoxicating room and I collapse on my back, heaving as much pure oxygen as I could.

My head is buzzing, spinning and it brought back all the aching memories of the chloroform forced into my system a few months ago.

My colleagues and ground staff were rushing to the scene with their briefcases in hand. Chief appears next to me, his eyes solemn and dark as he offers me a bottle of water and I clutch it desperately from his grip.

The cool water stung my throat and the normal toxins inhaled from a fire wouldn’t exhort such pain on a human being. It was as if a sulphide or something lethal on the periodic table was chemically bonded with something else to create such a lethal combination.

“Glad to see you’re back,” Chief jokes softly before helping me up on my feet “I’m sorry you had to go through that.”

I rub my temple with panicked breaths, “ much did we lose?”

“Look – I’m not going to lie and say we’re not ruined but we lost everything, even the new data.”




We lost everything? Everything I had found to help with Mona’s case is now gone?

I stagger to one of the far corners of the office building and plop down on my behind, “Chief – I had a semen test that could’ve made our case stronger.”

Chief joins me on the carpeted floor and taps his fingers against his thigh quietly, “we got the autopsy reports back – Mona was pregnant before she died.”

I felt as though someone just gripped my head and pulled it straight out of my chest. Mona was going to be a mother if it weren’t for whoever murdered her. Mona was expecting a beautiful child that I was going to be the proud aunt of and she didn’t even bother telling me. It – it was probably Mason’s baby and Mason was going to be a father.

“How...” salty liquid trails down my cheek “how far along was she?”

“Four and half months.” Chief sighs sadly with a slight pout “it was a girl.”

That’s when my life came crashing down to nothing but shards of glass. I was going to the aunt of a beautiful baby girl and Mason was going to be the proud father of that beautiful girl. My body heaved harsh deep breaths as I sobbed for my little niece – Mason’s daughter.




“That bìtch!” a loud voice shrills me from my pity party and I gaze at the youthful woman with widened wet eyes “where is my son?”

Her son? What on earth was this woman talking about?

Two security guards rush behind her, heavily panting after probably chasing after her and I wait to hear her peace. She was auburn-haired and brown-eyed, tall and slender but her menacing face is what scared me the most.

“You – you had better give me my son right this minute!” she shrieks before falling into the guard’s protecting embrace “you better give me him.”

I stagger up on my feet slowly and step to the woman who was struggling against security, “I do not have your son ma’am.”

“I know you! My little boy has had a crush on you since forever and it’s your fault that he went into this fúcking industry.”

“Ma’am, you are not being appropriate at the moment.” Chief bellows with a harsh tone “who are you talking about?”

"John!” she sobs and I feel my chest tug at the weep she offers for her son “my John left for this place at six o’clock and I want him right now!”

“Ma’am,” I mutter quietly while wiping my tears “I don’t think we have your son here --”

“You just had to go get married! You just had to leave my son to do your dirty work!” the woman was in tears now and I was weeping with her “you too will be a mother soon and you will be ripped from your children – I’ll make sure of it.”

I shake my head vigorously at her, my eyes wide at her odd altercation and I carried on doing so until Jason, one of the company’s trained paramedics, taps me on the shoulder with a low pant. He leans into my ear and whispers the words no mother would ever want to hear – especially when she’s ranting to me about her son.

“What did he tell you? Where’s John? Where’s my baby?”

“Ma’am,” I coax her quietly, writhing my wrist so I could wipe my damp cheeks “please calm down.”

“Where’s John? Where’s my boy? Jaenelle, where is my John?”

“They found a body,” even my voice broke at my own words “and the lab coat is labeled John.”

I watch John’s mother lose sensation in her legs, her knees buckling and the security guards struggled to carry her weight as she wept for her son. My throat was dry and sore, the smoke doing more damage than what I had imagined and I ran from the scene – partially because I refused to see a mother cry for her dead child.

My head was buzzing, busy with the new information I had yet to process and new salty tears burned my eyelids. I wanted to go back to that paradise Mason and I created -- where the only thing I had to worry about was not having enough pineapple in my diet so my natural juices could not be compromised and where all I had to do was take in all the pleasuring Mason gave me.

A figure lurches into the unisex bathroom and the glistening ring on his finger gave him away. I continue to throw water over my face countless times in hopes that I will wake up from this living nightmare but I couldn’t wake up – I was stuck here with all the pain and heartache.

“I tried to get here sooner but one of our new mules had a bit of a fall out,” he snorts a bit with that raucous tone of his “get it – she was high and she fell only to find that her heart gave out after she took our stock for her own pleasures.”

“Will you be serious for once in your life!” I snap quickly and kill the running tap “now is not the time Mason.”

He steps towards me and cradles my face in his hands, “Are you hurt?”

A slight whiff of something metallic wafts into my nostrils and my eyes shift to find Mason’s bruised knuckles, “no – but you are. Mason, what happened?”

“I allow a few guys to control the business while I was away with my wife and I find my mules drugged with no idea of why their thighs are covered in come as if it were foundation make up.”

A quiet gasp leaves my lips and I gulp at his brutality, “they – they were raped?”

“I don’t know and I most certainly don’t care – how is my gorgeous wife doing?”

This man is insane, right? He has finally gone insane, hasn’t he? Not only is he using these girls but he has the audacity to not look after them?

“Mason,” I laugh hard with moistening eyes and my heart aches in my chest “I just came to find that my lab has been blown up and I can’t work here anymore – and – and you’re going on about debasing females who’s safety is not your priority.”

“Good!” he cheers dropping his hands down to my rear and gives it a harsh squeeze “you can finally take care of the drug mules for me and leave this place.”

The laughter just kept tumbling from my lips, not because anything was funny but because of the fact that my husband is sicker than I thought, “My colleague – John was killed in the fire as well.”

“Oh Nathan told me about him – who knows how long he had until he would fúck what’s mine.”

That’s it! Mason is ludicrous now.

“Well,” I spit at him with menacing eyes after recuperating from my laughing “Mona was pregnant before she died.”

That’s when his jaw clenched and I could see him being lit up like a splinter, “how far along was she?”

“Almost five months – it was a girl.”

“Well, I’m sorry?” his tone wasn’t one of a deranged father but rather a bored boy “look, Mona and I weren’t even living together for eight months before her passing so I doubt it’s even mine.”

“Are --” I scoff with a vicious smile and arched brow “are you implying that my sister slept around?”

He dips down on his knees and presses his lips onto my clothed belly, “this is and will be only one woman to ever carry my children.”

I attempt to pull away but he grabs my hips and nuzzles his nose into my belly. An odd picture flashes through my mind – my round belly protrudes from my shirt and Mason is using it as his canvas while being shirtless and on his knees – I shake away that thought quickly before I could even complete it.

“Mason now is not the time to be joking. This is serious.” I say quietly while toying with his curly strands.

“But I am being serious,” he kisses my clothed belly again with a slight grin “little nappy-headed mullato kids with Jaenelle DeLuca – oui oui.”

And now he speaks French?

A slight noise rumbles behind the door and Mason rises on his feet before forcing me into protection behind his back. The doorknob twists open but oddly, it doesn’t open and it can only be locked from the inside.

“Mason!” I whisper thickly with a grunt.

“I’m sorry; I just assumed that we would make love in this bathroom – y’know, being spontaneous?”

I pop the back of his head, “go and open the door.”

Mason was about to lurch forward when a bullet was fired through the door with no warning. My heart jolts in my chest as I back away and my breathing elevated instantaneously. Mason curses silently under his breath and cocks his gun before aiming it at the door.

This cannot be happening, can it?

I’ve always wanted to be in one of those Jason Statham action movies – c’mon Jae, all the other consciences are doing it, my conscience pouts sadly with wide eyes.

“Sing with me baby. Higher than a motherfúcker..."

His musical intellect continues to gob smack me and I smile shyly while looking at his scruffy chiseled jaw that I’m sure could sharpen blunt knives –

Oh yeah, back to the singing.

"Dreaming of you as my lover." one shot was fired and I heard a painful grunt – Jesus he is firing at people!

“C’mon Jae, I have always dreamt of us singing to FKA twigs. Flying like we’re screaming falcons..."

"On our way to do each other," he fires another one and I hear a much louder grunt, forcing me to wince instantly.

"Pull out the incisors..."

"Give me two weeks you won’tyou won’t – Jesus, I can’t remember lyrics under pressure!” I shout over the bullets being fired on the other side.

He fires a quick bullet at the door and a body slumps against the frame. Mason turns to me, his pistol in his hand and he kisses me hard, “all I need is a minute with you – fúck the two weeks – and I’m sure I won’t ever recognize her ever again.”

“I – I need Brandy.” That’s all I could say after he kissed me “I need to process what just happened today.”

“Most certainly and I shall now take you to my man cave.”

I scoff, “we’re going to issue a statement to Chief before going anywhere.”


“We have three dead bodies and insane reporters waiting outside – Mas-Mr. DeLuca, would you care to explain?”

“They were a threat,” I bring his coffee to him, stirred with two sugar cubes and warm vanilla-flavored milk “just the way I like it belle?” I nod softly to him and he takes the cup with a smile before continuing “and they were going to kill my wife.”

“Jae was in no danger whatsoever,” Chief sighs softly while rubbing his eyes “even if she were, Jae is capable of taking care of herself. She is top-ranked in our defense classes and she possesses a rifle.”

My eyes widen at Chief’s words and Mason turns to me with a grim grin, “so, micio, I have a rifle and I’m sent to a holding cell,” he pretends to think mockingly and smiles once again “what shall I do to you then?”

“Uh, well, it’s tucked somewhere and I hardly use it.” I clarify unsurely and Mason’s eyes made me want to drop down on my knees and ask him to teach me how to pleasure him.

“But you have a rifle, micio. Keyword: have.”

“Alright, Lovers-R-Us, can we fix this problem before it leaks to the news?”

“Why can’t you put him in jail?”

“You’re trying so hard to get rid of me, aren’t you?” Mason questions with a smirk and I smile shyly.

“Well – sorry to burst your bubble Jae but I’m interrogating here,” Chief interjects tiredly “Mason wasn’t lying when he said those people had twisted motives but that doesn’t give him ample opportunity to kill them.”

“Wait – you’re actually having a civil conversation with a criminal and you’re not seething.”


I’m confused, immensely if I may add.

“What is going on?”

“Mason and the police department work together. Mason gives us the information we need without compromising his business and we remove all the threats threatening his Mafia Empire.”

I couldn’t even find my words as I fathomed the new information and today was an utter mess all in all. My head ached and I needed to go lie down for a long while.

“Will that be all Andy?”

“Yes DeLuca,” Chief blushes at his name and gathers his papers together “Report to me whenever you have new information.”

Could it be that he wasn’t as bad as I thought he was?

“Nonsense,” I laugh quietly

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