Being My Brother-in-law's Wife (Old version)

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“So he just started cursing and yelling?” Dina asks softly while peering over her windowsill to water some of her wild violets.

I nod softly and continue to sip my warm sweet tea – although I wish they had some kool aid, “just out of the blue.”

Dina places her watering can in the sink and steps to the counter with her wide, red-stained lips twitched into a small smile, “well, Mason tends to do that after... he’s accumulated some serious anger and he snaps regularly.”

Why didn’t he come with a terms and conditions apply manual?

“Really?” I ask quietly while swallowing the tea and Dina nods “why can’t he just talk to me then?”

“That’s it. He can’t.”

The DeLuca family house wasn’t as big as all the properties Mason has taken me to – surprise surprise – and it was a warm townhouse. Dina had a lot of UK originated plants surrounding her and it fluttered my heart when she admitted that her flowers give her a sense of home. She’s from London but her Spanish godmother, her mother’s best friend, gave her the name Dina because she was absolutely beautiful.

I came here straight after work when she texted me the address and I was glad to keep her company until her husband flies in tomorrow morning.

“I don’t quite understand.”

“You know what we do, it’s not a secret but that wasn’t Mason initial career choice,” this was when I lowered my cup down on the table and leaned into the table “Mason was set to go into training for some detective crap until we found that he could not feel any sensations on his back.”

Oh heavens, his vertebral column!

“The accident resulted in him have shards of glass lodged into his back and he started living like a sleepwalker – he hardly slept at night and would probably steal an hour of sleep before joining his father downstairs for a game of poker.”

“I’m not beautiful. The things I do are not beautiful micio,” he groans lowly, running the zip of my top down “I have flaws and I know that you can see them.”

Flaws? I struggle to see his flaws because he is a walking Adonis!

He brings my fingers down to his nose and I could feel the slight bump before he lowers them down to his lips, kissing them softly. I yank my fingers from his and kiss him feverishly, diving my inexperienced tongue down his throat and he laves at it gently.

The spitfires igniting in my veins detonate to life and I bring my lips up to his crooked nose, kissing his self-proclaimed flaw as if it were something feeble and delicate.

Mason pulls away, much to my dismay and gazes deeply in my eyes, his eyes displaying a wounded stray puppy.

“I’m sorry,” he whispers but the waves crashing on the shore drown out his voice “I’m so sorry for that night.”

I didn’t want to talk about that night, not when I’m so aroused and in need of my husband.

And drunk...

“I was high that night and I felt terrible,” he mutters solemnly and sits up, his fingers tugging the rest of my shirt off my body. I couldn’t hide the need in my eyes but kept to myself, biting my bottom lip.

“Last night,” he holds my hands in his and presses a quick kiss on each of my wrists “you touched my scars and said they were beautiful. I made love to you, brought you bliss but the only thing on your mind was telling me how beautiful you think I am.”

“Was I wrong to do that?”

Mason chuckles darkly, “I took away your sight eight years ago because I was high and I never said I was sorry.”

I heave in a harsh amount of air and blink at him, “it was an accident –”

“How could you call me beautiful? I am honestly not beautiful.”

“But you are,” I challenge, arching a brow at him “you are my beautiful.”

Dina continues morosely, “he was so devastated when he found out that the central security forum wouldn’t allow him to take part in training and fitness camp so he decided to help them by being a criminal.”

“D-did he allow Mona to touch him?”

“Who’s Mona again?” Dina asks in confusion before sulking ”oh, forgive me – my years have left me. Mona hardly came here. You’re the first girl Mason has brought to us.”

Wait – Mona and Mason were married before so how could it be that he didn’t bring her here to meet his parents?

“What about Selena?”

Dina’s face contorts to utter disgust and repulsion, ”Oh no, is Mason sleeping with that cúm-bucket while he’s married to you?”

Well, he did before but we weren’t married on paper at that time.

"Uh, no,” I lie smoothly with a laugh “you don’t seem to like her, do you?”

“She’s Spanish, si, but her legs act like the Mexican border – everyone goes through there.”

I couldn’t keep my blusterous laughter and I end up snorting unattractively to my mother in law, “forgive me but – but that was a killer.”

“Mason told me about your smile and laugh,” she laughs quietly while leaning onto her clenched fists “now it’s my turn to ask a question.”

“Sure.” I cough mildly after recuperating from my laughter.

“When am I going to be a grandmother?”

I chuckle lowly at her question but this wasn’t one of her jokes. Hell, I don’t even think she’s joking anymore, “huh?”

“Y’know, my grandchildren?” she cradles her arms while cooing smooth Italian words into the air.

“Oh,” coax her out of it Jae “you wouldn’t want grandchildren at such a young age. I mean – you’re so gorgeous and having little children call you Grandma would be so degrading to your impeccable looks.”

“Mason said he’s trying to get to preg – so, how do you feel about brownies?”

Did she just say what I think she did?

I eye my mother-in-law with flaming irises, “Rewind and play.”

Dina smiles timidly and blinks her gorgeous eyes at me, “how do you feel about brownies?”

No, that’s not it.

“Back, back, back.” I throw my index finger over my side in rapid movements.

Dina’s voice is hesitant and light, “When am I going to be a grandmother?”

No, that’s still not it.

“Fast forward slowly then play.”

Dina drops her façade down and sighs softly, “He’s trying to get you pregnant hun.”

Well, I’m on a least I think I have attended to my three-month interval shots.

Her eyes widen, ”no – you’re on something, right?”

“We’re not ready for kids!” I defend myself desperately and believe me; we’re not ready for children.

“But then – oh – you’re in so much trouble.” Dina laughs lightly with a scrunched up nose – Mason’s exact scrunched up nose.

“I know,” I grunt dropping my head on the table “I’m so dead.”

I think it’s about time Mason and I had a talk.


Loud booming knocking and loud voices awaken me from my sweet slumber. Gingerly, I peer over the pillow and I realize that it’s one am in the morning – meaning that I’m still at Dina’s house in the guestroom. The loud voices were pissing me off and finally after a second long battle I brought myself up on my feet and trudged down the stairs.

Mason was rugged and sexy, slurring his words to Dina as he slouched against the door. Dina looked distraught and her jet black curls were tied around large curlers. Slowly, I lurch myself to them and Mason’s hazy eyelids found me.

“Mama, she’s wearing my shirt.” He smiles tenderly at his mother before burping loudly “she looks so beautiful.”

Dina rubs her tensed neck and smiles tiredly at me, “Jaenelle, help me get him into his bedroom please?”

I nod curtly at the woman adorning a short nightdress and I loop Mason’s arm around my neck before following Dina’s quick pace. We manage to lower Mason down on the bed and by the time he was settled I was already awake. Dina tucks her clothed son into the blankets and huffs out a short apology to me before staggering to her bedroom.

A booming knock resonates in the bedroom thirty minutes after I had retrieved a tiny speck of sleep and reluctantly I stalk to go attend to it. My eyes squint at the male swinging on his feet and in order to attain some balance, he leans onto the door frame.

“Mason, go to bed.”

“Do you know how long it took you guys to leave my room? I got tired of the acting.” His mouth reeked of expensive alcohol and he smelled absolutely revolting. Crap, I could feel the lovely dinner I had earlier crawling up my throat.

“Mason – I need to sleep.” I smack my lips at my drunken husband.

His sinful plump lips twist into a smirk, “Can I sleep with you?”

My eyes widen at his request, “No. Go back to your bedroom and I’ll see you tomorrow.”

"Fine,” he grunts stepping away and sliding down the wall until his butt crashes on the floor “I’ll just wait out here until you decide to invite me in.”

Not going to happen dude.

“Goodbye Mason.”

“I might even sing too.”

“Goodbye Mason.” This time I finally shut the door and lock it in case he uses any forced entry. The bed called out to me like a lullaby and I trot to it.

"Oh, bellissimo Jae, bellissimo Jae!"

This could not be happening.

"Your arse is so huge and I don’t care if you don’t have boobs, oh Jae, how beautiful you are."

Oh my... I was running to the door, forcing it open and that’s when I remembered that I locked it.


"Your pússy so tight and you kiss me so right, oh Jae, how beautiful you are."

I was trying to unlock the door as quickly as I could but the sudden action made them fall out of the keyhole, forcing me to listen to his chanting and unmelodious song.

"Jae be mine! Have my kids! I can see why, you wanna suck my dìck! Oh Jae, how beautiful you --"

“Your mom is sleeping!” I seethe at him harshly and he returns a lazy laugh underneath the hand that is clamped around his mouth “do you want her to wake up?”

His tongue darts out of his mouth and I remove my hand from his wet lips until he pushes me down onto his hardened length, “oh Jae, you are so sweet and taste like a Netflix on nutella! Oh Jae --”

He was rocking into me with quick thrusts of his pelvis but I couldn’t grant myself the pleasure, not while he’s drunk, “come in then.”

“Into your...” I grunt lowly at him and he smiles ”what? I was going to say room, micio you are so dirty-minded. My pussycat is such a pervet.”

“Come,” I haul him up onto his feet and he staggers behind me before closing the door behind himself. He reeked of alcohol and the lazy smile he had on his face was absolutely revolting. “Take the right side of the bed.”

“Meghan Trainor has given you women too much power,” he throttles and eases himself out of his clothes, leaving him in just boxers and socks “don’t worry Jaenelle; I won’t do the hokey-pokey.”

“Goodnight Mason.”

He cuddles into my side and I shift away from him to avoid the smell of alcohol before feeling his length slide up and down my thigh while his hand brushes my rear. As he was bringing me on the brink of arousal, Mason kept on singing Yoga while claiming that his wife is Janelle Monaѐ – oh so he wishes.

“Mason, sleep.”

The friction stops and Mason moans in my hair quietly one last time before laughing, “Goodnight mia moglie.”


His eyes flutter awake slowly as they adjust to the light and I smile shyly to myself, brushing his features with my fingers. A smile spreads across his lips and I too mimic his smile, “please open your mouth.”

“Are you going to sit on my face?”

His words sent a powerful surge of arousal to my core but I hid it from plain sight, “mio morito, your mouth.”

“My wife is speaking Italian in the morning, is this heaven?” he chuckles lowly and follows my request. I drop the Aspirin pill into his mouth and his face contorts to distaste until I come to the rescue with a glass of water. “Are you trying to poison me?”

“No, you have a nasty hangover and I was helping you.” My body leans into his and I cuddle into his side, my cheek flat against his ripped body “I need to talk to you about something.”

"Uh oh...” he murmurs lowly and wraps his arm around my side, the chills running down my spine just increased in intensity “that doesn’t sound so good.”

I don’t like the sound of it either Mason.

“Why are you doing all of this?” I mutter lowly before gazing up into his eyes ”why did you marry me out of all women in the world Mason?”

His fingers twirl one curl around as he hums his words sweetly, “What is wrong with you?”

“Mason – you didn’t pay any attention to me in high school.”

His body shifts slowly and before I know it, we’re sharing a heated gaze, “maybe you didn’t pay attention to me.”

“But Mona --”

“Was with Trey and I did everything to get your attention. Belle, I want to settle down now and I think I’m ready to be a father.”

“But I’m not ready to be a mother Mason,” I sigh heavily with flaming nostrils and cheeks “wait until the contract is over, please.”

“belle, I want you to have my kids,” he mumbles lowly “per favore bella?” he kisses my lips with such sweet passion and it took my all not to crumble in front of him “an open mind, per favore? I’ll do anything.”



“Come get tested with me for STDs in the next two weeks.”

Mason is quiet for a while and hinges his jaw until sighing deliberately, “at least sit on my face before we go there.”


Mason’s foot was bouncing on the floor; his whole stature erratic as his eyes fell on his watch every five seconds, I, on the other hand, was cool as cucumber. I browsed magazines where celebrities have tied the knot six times each before finding each other and a lot of thoughts raced through my head. This action beguiled a headache and took me back to the one place I have been the whole of this week.

Pounding headaches are a temporary side effect of laser eye surgery (oh so Google says) and I couldn’t even do something simple as heading down to a coffee shop to meet Walter. My lips were mum about these sudden headaches and I couldn’t even tell my husband about them – who knows how dramatic he’ll get?

A nurse, with a head of auburn hair, lurches up the hallway with our files in hand before stepping inside my gynecologist’s room. Dr. Luezelle was my gynecologist since Mason was my first some years back and I trusted her with my life. This is also reason why I ditched Google and sent her a cup of my urine just so she could get it tested.

The nurse from earlier steps out of the room with a smile and motions us in, “Dr Luezelle can attend to you now.”

Mason was the first to stand up and his face was contorted into some sort of discomfort. He mutters a low Italian curse before practically sweeping me off my feet and pushing me inside. Dr. Luezelle, who still looked gorgeous in her thirty-year old lithe body, lowers her glasses down with a frown.

“Good day,” She pronounces clearly despite her Russian accent “First, you ditch the glasses and now you bring me a little friend – Jae, where have you been?”

Oh, nothing much. I was coerced into marriage a little over four months ago and in all insanity; he’s enticing me more and more into his abyss.

“Working.” I smile tightly at her until something with incredible weight hits her smooth caramel desk. Slowly, Tallulah and I bring our eyes to her desk and we find Mason’s trusted rifle on the table.

That rifle has been pressed against my forehead before and it’s a sight of Mason I don’t ever want to see again. His eyes weren’t midnight blue and arousing, they were scorching and granite and only because of one thing.

I’ve been attending to Mona’s case twenty four seven and I haven’t been attending to my matrimonial duties. He tried numerously to coax into making love to him but I’ve just got a hot lead back at Destiny Arch. There are a few CCTV tapes dating back to that night and there’s a chance I could gain access to it.

Mason snapped recently and with a rifle pressed against my forehead, I had to watch one of the drug mules please his customers. The sight was gory, yes and Mason find satisfaction in it all.

“Look, look at the simile in that micio?” he coaxes me with a sweet tone “her bowing down is like how a dog would bow down to its master, isn’t it?”

“Can we just give in our samples and leave?” Mason sighs agitatedly and I hold in my urges of rolling my eyes at him.

Tallulah is nowhere impressed though, “who do we have here?”

“None of your damn business. Do your job.”

Tallulah bursts out into a dozen snorts, “remember how frustrated you’d make Aiden if you didn’t sit on his lap when he was horny...” I was giving her all the abort mission signals, one even included me slitting my neck with my fingers and her eyes went wide when she saw my diamonds “but then you wouldn’t indulge in such an act because you were young – good day sir?”

"The process.” Mason smiles tightly with arched brows and I had to hold in that killer moan threatening to leave my lips.

“Of course!” Dr. Luezelle clears her throat before blinking her grey eyes at me in warning “I’ll be taking a series of tests today and they will be out within the next seven working days.”

“Which STDs are you testing for?”

“All of them sir. Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, Syphilis etc.” Tallulah pulls out two urine cups from her desk “is there any problem with that sir?”

I eye Mason with stern irises and he shakes his head, “if you must. Should I go first?”

“Yes, uh,” Tallulah points to the room opposite her office “that is the male bathroom.”

“Thank you,” Mason dips down next to me and places his lips on mine, extracting all of my anger and leaving only pure arousal “say I’m clear, will you sit on my face in the car?”

“Mason!” I punch his shoulder with a grunt “go do your buh’ness.”

“So ratchet.” He chuckles lowly before stealing another kiss.

Once Mason had left the room Tallulah burst into hysteria, “he’s so dangerous and sexy.”

“Ay!” I warn her with squinted eyes “he is not afraid to fire that rifle.”

“Is he always like this?” she asks quietly and I shake my head “makes sense because I have something to tell you.”

“Oh, is it bad?”

“I’m know to bring in realism in a situation so ye-no."

“Yes or no?”

"Ye-no.” she states again quietly “remember that sample you sent to me a week back?”

“The urine sample?” she nods quickly “what about it?”

“We found something that we need to rectify right at this moment before it causes a lot of damage.”

“Should – should I tell Mason about it?”

“Wait until after the operation is done before we can do that Jae.”

I was getting anxious now, “what is it?”

“You seem to have a cyst on one of your ovaries and that may be of harm to your unborn child.”

I just choked on my spit.


“You, my dear, are three and a half months pregnant.”

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