Being My Brother-in-law's Wife (Old version)

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The sky was casting into midnight blue and Dina had swallowed down a whole bottle of red wine by herself. Her lithe body, which stayed good after two big Italian baby boys exited her vảgina, was fitted into a short purple night dress made of silk and her ebony curls were let loose.

Earlier, she had gone out to meet some of Vincenzo's business associates because cash flow was slow. Mason was responsible for the cash flow but he has Jaenelle on his case already so she couldn't stress him any further than he already is.

The sophisticated lunch ended up with Dina being under a few of his associates, pleasuring them to the extent whereby they'll get rid of any ideas steering towards pulling out of the DeLuca empire. Vincenzo and Dina were far from perfect, Dina being ten years his junior, and their story wasn't one they were proud of.

Dina's brother needed quick money for a fix and sold his sister to the malicious Vincenzo DeLuca. Vincenzo never saw Dina as being beyond a comfort woman and when she was pregnant with his first son Vincenzo had to make her his wife.

The door tore open and in staggered her husband, alongside a dark chocolate-skinned woman who looked cheaper than a thrift shop. Dina was instantly sober when she saw her husband in the arms of another woman and he paid her no attention as he dragged the woman behind him.

Dina's heart stung in her chest and after a few good self-pacification moments, she stalked to the place where he made a lot of his business decisions – his bedroom. Hushed voices and giggles aggravated her pain but she masked it all before eavesdropping on the conversation taking place inside their marital bedroom.

"She bought it?"

"Like the stupid hóe we know she is," the woman sniggers loudly "she looked so lost and confused; my boy was tempted to laugh at her."

"My son," Vincenzo clarifies clearly and Dina's stomach tightens at the amount of authority her husband's voice was drenched in "I want him in this house tomorrow."

"Baby, let Jae bask into the revelation for a while --"

Dina gulps, "do not tell me what to do. The money has been transferred into your account. Leave."

"Vinnie --"

"Is your momma's behind now get the fúck out."

Moments after the heated row, Dina watched in satisfaction as the woman staggers out of the bedroom with a fiery facial expression. Dina smirked, waving her away and once the female was out of plain sight, a hand was wrapped around her neck gently.

Vincenzo's heated breath aroused fires on her skin as he kissed her earlobe feebly, "what are you doing here, sirena?"

That nickname was the first word he said to her in three weeks of their wedding after seeing her swim around in their pool nude. Her pale body, evidence of being an Italian-English half-breed, glistened with the water underneath the pregnant moon and Vincenzo had to thank his ancestors for being blessed with such a goddess. She looked like a mermaid, luring him into his trap and he needed her.

"I was eavesdropping," Dina answers confidently "you've really lowered your standards, Vinnie."

The hold on her neck tightened slightly and to say the thrill didn't excite her would be a straight-up lie, "sirena, I do not tolerate your tone --"

In a quick moment, Vincenzo was sandwiched between the wall and his fiery wife – lord did she look gorgeous. One thing Dina didn't stand for was being dominated for her husband and Vincenzo knew very well than to pull such a stunt.

"Vincenzo Carlos DeLuca, you are going to go into that bedroom with me," her face got sterner following her words and the image of her husband's future plans made her shake with pent-up fury that can only be released in their bedroom "and you're going to rub my back."

Vincenzo couldn't help but erupt into blusterous laughter, "with my tongue, you mean?"

Dina grins timidly, "you're something else, aren't you Carlos?"

Vincenzo cringes at his own middle name with a smile, "'cause baby I'm nightmare dressed like a daydream – cazzo! Woman, stop hitting me!"

Dina was a raging bull, slapping the hell out of her husband with her dainty hands and in no time, she had slumped against Vincenzo's frame while he kissed her lips passionately. She hated him for being an idiot sometimes, Mase being the prime example, but she loved him more than the word itself. He hated himself for being an idiot, which meant getting his mistress pregnant, but the woman standing before him was everything to him. His breath, his family, his heart and his entire being.

Dina was Vincenzo's placation.

Jaenelle's POV

"I'm nearly done," Mason murmurs scribbling into his book once again before stealing a quick glimpse of the swollen bump outlined by the white sheets.

It was official doctor's appointment and Mason had already prepared a timeline for his child. The new sense of responsibility gave him euphoria but I needed actual answers and communication with him.


He hums a low word but I need his full mental capacity at this moment, "Mason Giuseppe DeLuca."

His eyes snap to me in bewilderment and I'm pretty sure he senses the fury bubbling deep within the pit of my stomach, "Shìt is about to go down, you called me by my government name."

I want to laugh at his hoarse voice, believe me, but I couldn't, "tell me something, who is Mase?"

Mason smiles widely, "we've been married for almost five months micio, I'm pretty sure that cute nickname is for me."

"According to a little bird I heard," The tip of Mason's ears twinge pink instantly "you're already a father."

Mason's eyes settle on me before he erupts into blustering laughter, rolling his bare body on the sheets. A timid scoff leaves my lips and I shoot up, straightening the loose golf shirt Mason borrowed me so that my bump could be covered.

To say I was infuriated would be an understatement; Mason made me feel so small – so inferior. This is what makes us complicated, we lack simple communication and he doesn't have respect for me as his wife. He doesn't have respect for me as the woman he claims he has loved since high school.

Awaiting the shower to warm up seemed to take up ages, especially when your husband was staring at you as if you were a piece of meat and he was advancing towards you at this moment. Slowly, I back away from his fiery gaze and said the words I doubt he wanted to be reminded of right at this second.

"I'm supposed to be married to Nathaniel."

Little did I know that I had jumpstarted a scorching bush fire. The large bathroom seems to shrink in size, asphyxiating me with anxiety while my naked husband was striding towards me. The room gets smaller; my back meshing against the wall and once I got drenched under the shower jets...I kind of panicked.

"No!" I shrill loudly, halting Mason's movements where he is an inch away from me but he seems to be locked in a confused state.

The warm water pelts against the tiles and the hurt I see in those midnight blue eyes – heavens, forgive me Father Lord.

"I'm supposed to be married to him, right?" I could barely project my voice because of his stern gaze "that's why we worked on the case, so he could get closer to me – right?"

"Don't speak of another man while I stand before you --"

"Shut up!" I scream, my flaming nostrils following the temperature of my drenched shirt "will you just be straight forward with me, for once? Was I or was I not supposed to marry Nathaniel?"

His eyes train on mine, soaking up all of my emotion but I gave him nothing. Instead, I too was vacant of any emotions.

Finally, he nods.

"You and Mona were never a thing, were you?"

He was doing it again, analysing me to see how much emotion he can squeeze out of my void eyes but he struggled – again.

After a lot of moments, he nods curtly.

In a quick moment, I'm sliding down the shower wall and staring up into his face with tears welling up in my eyes. I didn't know what to feel and a large quantity of thoughts clamour my head. This felt like Déjà vu, dating back to where I wept for Mona and Mason watched me, helplessly. He didn't say anything and watched me weep, his eyes blazing and heated.

Then, Mason starts talking, "Mona and Nathaniel clicked when they first met. Like a moth to fire, Nathan was enticed by Mona and had to pursue her. Treyvaughn had just dumped her and Mona, being older than Nathan, found solace in him. After...after my prom picture was plastered everywhere you kind of disappeared.

I knew the reason was me, I knew that you liked me in high school and spending my first prom with you was the plan until Mona told me you pulled out last minute. You went off the radar completely after that and when I saw you with that son of a bi – I mean, Aiden, my respect for you went down the drain.

Believe me because I know this may sound insane but I thought you would stay celibate, you would remain pure for me until we could finally be together. So, I followed you to the bar and gave you alcohol so that I can live knowing I've had your impure body. Little did I know that you were indeed pure, waiting to be bedded by the man who forever will hold the key to your heart.

After doing that stupid mistake, Mona's death happened and Nathaniel was devastated at the news of him having to get married again to a woman he didn't even know. I knew that your mother would do just about anything for money so I paid her a lump sum of money to convince you into marrying me and promised her that she would handle all of our wedding preparations.

I mean, I know that this is just an agreement for you but I heard you tell me over and over how much you love me yesterday. You're in this way too deep like I was the minute you were knocked down with a football and I almost kissed you.

Caro, I'd understand if you want nothing to do with me and you'd want the divorce papers to be issued out but I love you. Always have, always will and you will always be the mother of my children. This may be hard to stomach but the only time I'll change diapers is when my children roll out of your vảgina, believe it. This Mase you speak of is only a spawn of my father's seed, trust me."

I smile at my drenched tresses before bursting out into laughter, Mason gazing at me as if I were insane. The smile on my face was definite and without hesitation I shoot up before placing my lips on his. The giddiness bubbling in my stomach encourages me to reel him into my pool of bliss because he is my ecstasy. I finally gather my breath, swollen lips, wet eyelids and all and I wrap my arms around his neck.

"You're such an idiot; you should've just asked me out."

"I'm Italian," he grins dipping his head down for another kiss on my lips "we're destined to make females insane."


I pinch my lips sealed so that the giggles tickling the confinement of my throat wouldn't escape but I couldn't help it. Mason's hands were on my bump, hugging me from behind as I validated the appointment but I couldn't change the fact that my neck was sensitive. Mason's lips were brushing against the sensitive skin as I smiled at the friendly nurse and as soon as we were done, I made my legs work so I could get away from Mason.

"Uh uh," he grins slinging me back to his chest with a smile and I press my lips on his. All we had to do was talk, that's all. I didn't have to go through intense Pilates to tone my body up or change my hair colour – we just had to talk.

The exclusive clinic boasts a large waiting room, which Mason and I currently occupy, and it was more facilitated than any of the hospitals my mother cared to take me to. The clinic had those stern sanitizer smells that burned your nostrils and it was oddly cold.

Within a few minutes, we were called into the doctor's room and it wasn't Tahliah but a burly, bronze-skinned woman with bushy mocha locks and a sweet smile. Her teeth were slightly crooked but her beady eyes shone with happiness.

"Good day Mr. and Mrs. DeLuca," she greets us politely before gesturing to a blue operating stool that was draped with a paper towel "I am Dr. Maria Luciano and I will be embarking on this journey with you two."

I smile genuinely at her before being helped onto the stool with Mason's help. After finding a comfortable position, a long exhale left my lips and I dipped my tired eyelids down. My back muscles are tight and the size of my ankles speak for themselves.

"Now, may you lift up your top please?" purposely, I lift my shirt up slowly and gaze at the alien bump that is now part of my body – being female is so intriguing, fascinating and frightening at the same time.

"Micio, I love you." Mason smiles sweetly while Dr. Luciano sets up her apparatus and I pucker my lips up to him so he could give me a kiss –

Cazzo! Motherfu – this is cold!

The doctor cracks a cheeky grin, "Good work on distracting her."

A transducer wand is placed over the moist mocha skin and a large black and white screen begins to appear, resulting in a grainy odd picture. She points out multiple body parts, which came in pairs, and a jigsaw puzzle comes together right before our eyes.

"Mason!" I squeal with a large smile and glittering irises "there are two of them! We're having twins!"

I reach out for Mason's hand but his slumped body on the floor seemed to explain his reaction quite well for me. With a smile, I snap a picture of him before giggling to myself. This was mass insanity, I mean; the smile on my lips couldn't stop widening. I'm the mother of twins – two children growing at the same time in my womb and I can barely tolerate one dirty diaper.

I'm so screwed.

"It gets even better," she smirks moving the cursor into the middle of both the grainy images and a warming sounds beating in sync fill the room. They are clear and fast, oddly swishy and beat in perfect synchronisation. Heavens, they sound like psychedelia in a smooth beat.

I could hardly take my eyes off the images and they racket my mind in sequences. Two strings of tiny pearls made up their small spines and when she zooms them even more I could see their tiny pudgy faces.

"There they are," my heart palpations increase gradually following her sweet smile "look at that gorgeous fist, that's the protective one already."

Will they both be mischievous yet caring like their father?

Finally, the man of the hour himself rises from his feet with a light groan while Dr. Luciano was processing the sonograms for us to take home. His cheeks are tinged scarlet but I manage to keep my laughter at bay, attaining a very serious stance.

"Hey wifey," Mason mutters lowly with a tight smile.

I give him a mere nod, "'Sup."

In response his cheeks flush, "I love you."

"Sure," I grin widely while fishing out the sonograms from my handbag and I offer him one "there are two of them now."

"I didn't mean to pass out," he grins cheekily "it must've been the chicken sandwich I had earlier."

I feign potent shock with raised eyebrows, "really? The exact same chicken sandwich you stole from me today? Odd, I didn't seem to pass out."

With a slight chuckle he rolls his eyes, "what do you want me to do? I'll do absolutely anything to be granted your forgiveness."

A crude smile makes way to my lips, "anything?"

His gorgeous face contorts into mortification and he gulps painfully, "uhm, we're both clean for any STDs and I have yet to be compensated for the emotional distress you put me through."

"Emotional distress?"

"Yes, mia moglie. I kept on hearing the X Factor heartbeat everywhere I went. Maybe...maybe the thought of not being clean crossed my mind probably once?"

I pop his head with my hand and he pushes his tongue against his teeth in a cheeky smile, "don't make me kill you Giuseppe," Mason groans with a dramatic eye roll "do you think Nathaniel has the song Freedom by Pharrell Williams?"

With a calculating expression, Mason nods slowly "why?"

"Ask him to play the song; we're on our way over to his place."

Hold on to me

Don't let me go

Who cares what they see?

Who cares what they know?

Your first name is Free

Last name is Dom

We choose to believe

In where we're from

Mason and I pay the guards no attention as we suck our faces off, gripping intensity embraced us with it tight claws and I love it. I love it like this man who's currently sucking my lips off with his plump, cherry-red lips. We pull apart, Pharrell blaring through the speakers only to have the bystanders' cheers coax us into more lip locking.

"What – what is going through your beautiful head?" he pants heavily with a devilish smile.

"Nothing," I smile bopping my head to the beat "hormones and the vitamins Dr. Luciano put me on must be kicking in."

Man's red flower

It's in every living thing

Mind, use your power

Spirit, use your wings

"Jae, stop running!" Mason warns loudly behind me but I was too enticed into my own secret mission to even care. The pressure around my abdomen and ankles is quite plausible, resulting in an aching back and throbbing headache.







Nathaniel smiles easily at me, "Hey Jae baby – what the fu-! Cazzo!"

I use the large axe to hack the lock keeping the girls from leaving the room and the doors split open, revealing dishevelled dazed ladies otherwise known as our drug mules.

"Be free my butterflies." I croon gesturing to my pissed husband and brother-in-law "run away while you still can."

"Jaenelle Kenya DeLuca, those girls are our food on the table!" Mason roars angrily and I continue to beacon them out of the room, which surprisingly no one stopped them from leaving this place.

Hold on to me

Don't let me go

Cheetahs need to eat

Run, antelope

Your first name is King

Last name is Dom

Cause you still believe

In everyone

"Freedom baby!" I grin stalking to my husband and placing a big fat kiss on his lips "you can't really do anything to me at this point --"

"Let me get this right, you own a gun and you're not punished. You accuse me of having a child who sure as hell doesn't have you as a mother and you're not punished and now you pull this."

When a baby first breathes

When night sees sunrise

When the whale hunts in the sea

When man recognizes

"Uhm, I love you?"






Breathe in

"Arse up, naked and ready. Upstairs. Now."

My breath hitches, "W-what?"

"I want you upstairs in five minutes or else I'm going to give everyone here a show."







Freedom –

Shut up Pharrell!

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