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I hate that I love you#2

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" I will shout " I told him " I would love it .." He said with a evil smirk.. " Just let me go.. " I demanded.. Trying to get rid from his grip.. " Do you want me too.. " He whispered in my ears... Pulling me more towards him From my waist... .. " Tell me" He said sending shivers all over me.. I closed my eyes as he leaned more to me And tighting his grip on my waist.. Sending sparks every where he touched..

Romance / Drama
Age Rating:


A/n hey all I accidentally forget my password of other account that's why I'm writing this ..
I have wrote this story by another account as I HATE TO LOVE YOU.. Which is not completed so do read it before reading this book...
And if you can't find it then it's fine read this book it's just starting..

Hope you like it:)


Hannah's P. 0.V.

After Mia gived me her pretty good make up.. I swear I could feel many starres ..
" Hey girls.. "
Josh and jack came to us..
I and Mia just entered here.. And I could say this Mansion looks stunning...
" Babe you look soo damn gorgeous.. "
" Aww thanks your looking hot too"..
She said to Josh who now pecked her on her lips..
" Hey no PDA"

I said.. And earned a slap on my arm by mia...

They both just can't stop showing there love to everyone..

Love birds..

" you look pretty too" josh said
I blushed..
He is my best friend's boyfriend why wont he compliment me..

But no I actually look good today I guess..

" Oh that's true after all I did make over "
Mia claimed.. Proudly..

" Oh yeah yeah "
I said laughing...

" Hii josh ohh whos that umm mia? "

Jelly came and pop in..
She is a bitch i dont like her..
and from the looks she is giving I can say she feels the same..

Jelly's ex of josh
She is like all a guy wants but my mia is not bad thoo..
" Yeah hey there!! "
Mia replied while smiling..

" Oh srry i couldn't regonised you first may be the lights.... Or makeup hahaha"
Jelly said while pretending to joke..

This girl
I swear one more word and she is dead..

" Hey guys!! Man why you haven't answered my cal- oohh mia... She is the reason huh huh "
Kevin said teasingly to josh making all laugh...

" And is that a blush? "
I said I can't believe I saw josh blush..

" Stop it you both"
Mia and josh said in unsion..
Making all laugh..

After that we were heading towards.. Our
Friends.. When someone stopped me..
" Hey you look different.. "Jack tells..
.. What does that even mean..
I plastered a smile
" In a good way or a-"
" Best way darling "
Jack cutted me I blushed three shades of pink...
" Thanks "
I said him softly...
He grinned and took my hands in his..
Now I'm used to it.. His hands..
" Hey guys come over here "
Mason called... I know his voice..

I and Jack turned up to see all of them seating on couch drinking all ..
..i took a seat next to Jack..
" Wanna a drink? "
Connor asked me..
I jumped a little because of his voice I know there is noise every where here but still...
He is the hottest guy .. And brother mia
He is charming tall and got the model Features..

He caught me checking him..
And he cleared his throat...
.. I looked up into the most beautiful brown eyes... And his thick brown hairs..
" Ahh no I don't drink.. "
I said to him..
He gived me a look .. Amused..
" Well just one won't be that bad.. "
He muttered.. " Yeah but I have to drive back.. "
I excused...
" Comon han I will bring you two home drink na"
Jack said..
" Oh oky"
I can't agrue any more I give up..
Connor starred at me...
Well I like when he notices me I mean he was my crush.. But Mia told me he was dating someone I don't know but when they broke up I was soo happy.. But I know I can't say to my best friend that I like her brother.. Ughh..
" Here you go"
Josh gived me a beer glass which I hesitatedly took..
" Drink it won't make you crazy in one glass.. "Mason said..
Every one laughed...
" Funny "
I said and took a sip..
" Euu"
It tastes like disgusting...
And now this assholes laughed even more.

Josh took Mia with him to dance I won't lie they look damn cute but funny.. Josh don't have any idea about dancing...
I was seating on a chair.. Placed at a corner.. I just don't know but after I had drink that I feel like my head is spinning...
And that's the reason I don't drink..

I saw many people making out here.. All are busy dancing and kissing..
" Wanna drink..? "
I heard a male voice that I know belongs to whom Jack I turned to him...
" Nah I'm good.. "
I said there is no way I'm drinking again..
" Just one have some fun "
Just then I saw a couple kissing another
Cringe gosh... Wait they look familiar..
He he's Connor he's kissing a random blondie..from our school..

I don't know why but I hate that view a lot..
I feel like to throw something on that girl's head... I rolled my eyes..
I should not care..
" You know what I will drink "
I said to jack who is now grinning at me..

I didn't knewed but I had drink too much tonight I can't even walk straight..
I triped at my own sandels every single time..
The world around me is spinning..
" Hey "
I heard jack ran to me and now he's helping me to walk...
But suddenly..

he began dragging me to a room...
And there was no one upstairs...
Yess I know I was drunk but I could see..
No one was there..
He putted one hand on my waist.. And I don't know but I don't like it ...
I tried to push him but was having no energy to even walk..
He opened a door and pushed me inside it..
Closing the door behind him he walked towards me..
And kissed me..

At First i liked it he was gentle but he didn't stop ...

" I can't bre-athe... "
But he didn't stoped and now attacked my neck... Shoulder...
I don't know why I feel it's not right...


" I don't want it "
I said breathless and pushed him a little..

" Why? "

" I don't umm i don't -"
Before I can complete he pinned me to the bed

" Hey move"
I muttered..
He started kissing me all over..
" Don't do that... Stop "
I yelled last part..
But he didn't stopped...
" STOP "
I yelled again..
I heard a sound of door that snapped open..
I saw a charming man standing there..
It's Connor..
Is he Connor.. I didn't know much..
I can't even see clearly anything..
Due to that drink...

Suddenly I was in picked up in someone's arms strong arms..in a bridal style..
" Who are you.. ? "
I asked still eyes were closed.. I felt Sparks.. I don't know why but I felt good surrounded by this arms..

There was a movement of silence..
" Hey where are you... Are you Kiddnapping me?? ".
I asked as he putted me in a car...
He sat on drivers seat.. And glared at me...
" Are you a kiddnapper? "
I asked him and looked at him he's CONNOR..

Why is he here..
What's he doing...

He glared at me again..
" Do you want me to? "
He asked not even looking at me his eyes were glued on the road..

" No even if you tried I will fly. .. "
" What?? "
He asked turning to me amused..
I nodded.. "Yess I can birds do fly.. "
" How much have you drink..? ".
He asked pissed..
" None of your business.. "
I said..

And the car stopped by a big mansion..
He stood out and then open my side door and he tossed me on his shoulder

" What- hey .. Help me he's a kidnapper.. "
I tried to jump out of his grip but he tightened his grip on me..
He walked inside of that big mansion..

" Honey what's-"

I saw a woman who was Mia 's mother..
That means his mother too..
" Mom I will explain later "
He cutted her..

I slapped his head from back..
" Bad boy you can't talk like this.. "

He groaned and I felt dizzy..

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