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His Desires of lust

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''On your knees.'' My head snapped in his direction that I almost broke my neck my eyes wide at his words. ''Now.'' He shouted making me flinch. He stood from his position seeing that I made no movement of agreeing to his command. I turned away making a quick run for his office door, but before I could reach for the knob to open I was pushed against his office door. •••• ••• This story contains mature language and scenes. So read it on your own risk. I have already warned about the contents of my story so please refrain from writing any negative comments.

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1

Arleen Rasmussen

''Mam, it could be better if you express your opinion on this deal a little politely to Mr Santiago. He has been in this business for years and has a stable connection.''My personal secretary Mr Aaron David finished his words of advice for me,with pushing of his glasses back a little to adjust them on his small nose, holding some files close to his chest.Mr David has been working for me since a month as my previous secretary resigned.

I gazed at him from the corner of my eyes spinning the circular small ball on my glass table.

''My mouth is not a fucking chocolate factory Mr David. I don't add extra sugar to my words to make them sweet than they actually are. If Mr Santiago wants to hear my thoughts, I'm going to tell him the truth and not what he'd like to hear.'' I emphasized my each words keeping the small glass ball back on my work table and turning on my chair to look straight at my personal secretary. He gulped at my words and nodded his head.



He looked at me confused. I rolled my eyes being annoyed by him.

''Words Mr David, use your mouth when I ask you something.'' I added more to my short speech to make him understand.

''Yes mam.'' He nodded his head due to which his glasses once again slipped from his small nose and he repeated the same action of pushing it back using his fingers. I announced for him to leave and keep my schedule open for rest of the day.

My eyes travelled to Mr David slender figure much similar to like that of a woman but tall leaving my office room. Sometimes Mr David gives me the impression of being a woman. He is just twenty two years old and a shy and meek person. But he does his work perfectly much to my delight more perfect than my previous secretary. But he doesn't need to hear the words of praise from his fierce and cold boss. I chuckled a little at my words, calling myself cold and fierce.

Perhaps I'm. The business world know me as a cold and arrogant businesswoman who never makes a public appearance.

I was never cold. These words of expression never existed in my dictionary of emotions. I was the happy-go-lucky girl as perhaps as long as I remembered.

Untill everything came crashing down one day.A day which destroyed my happy memories and made me realize that life isn't like fairy tales which we used to read before going to bed. Life isn't all shitty rainbows and sunshine where your prince charming comes to take you on a white horse. Life never ends as happily ever after with your prince charming. It might end with a let's never see each other again. Lucky are those little kids who thinks life is like walking on a bed of roses, but the rose does has it's own thorns. I feel pity for those people who will realize the truth of their life when they grow up that what they thought as a fairy tale life was horror fiction which entertains the people.

I closed my eyes feeling nostalgic at those memories and leaned my head against the back of my chair enjoying the soft fabric.

I stood up from my chair and walked towards the glass wall and stood infront of it gazing at the tall skyscrapers of New York city. The roads filled with people and cars running around looking like small ants of various colors. I stood in my place for a few minutes enjoying the silence in my office room. I could hear the ticking of my clock, the breath of air leaving my lungs and the noise of silence.

A huge tierd sigh left my mouth and I sifted in my position feeling hectic just at the beginning of my day. Being the CEO of a company either it is small or large,it's always tiering. Even though our cosmetic company might not be the largest company around the world but still I'm happy with the achievements my company has made since I took over after my dad. It didn't take miracle to establish such a large company. My dad worked hard ever since this company had just a cottage small building. I raised it to new heights to keep the promise I had made to the person I loved the most.

I was so lost in my thoughts that I didn't notice Mr David entering my office room. I only came to know about his presence after he tapped my back.

I looked back at him surprised but immediately masked my face as the city described me as.

''Mam, these are some documents which needs your approval.''


''Have a good afternoon mam.'' Aaron wished me as I left rest of the office work to him.I nodded at his words leaving my office room and walking through the swarm of my employees who were working. They all hushed and lowered their head as soon as they saw their boss coming out.
I placed my sunglasses,as it was still afternoon and walked towards my car parked outside of the parking lot of the company. As soon as I reached my car my phone started ringing. I searched for my phone from the purse and felt like I won a treasure hunt when I found it from my haystack of my purse. I'm never the one to maintain cleanliness.

I smiled seeing the caller id.

''Mowwie'', came a chirping voice of my ray of sunshine. I smiled as she still haven't learnt to pronounce mommy correctly.

''How is my sunshine doing?'' I asked her in the same chirping voice as her.

She giggled and then said in her sweet honey voice just like I remembered the same as her.

''Mowwie I played a lot with Dima. He bought cholate for me.'' She hurriedly said her words excited to tell me about her day. She still has trouble pronouncing hard words.

''That's amazing baby. I am coming to pick you up. Now hand the phone back of to Kiara aunt.'' I asked her sweetly and I can already imagine her annoyed face.

''Good afternoon Mrs CEO.'' Kiara teased me and we laughed at her quaint jokes.

''Thanks so much, Kiara, for taking care of Sofy after her classes gets over. I don't think I could be able to handle everything without you.'' I thanked her from the bottom of my heart. Kiara works as teacher at Sofy elementary school and my bestfriend ever since we learnt our first words.

''Please, I enjoy the time I spend with her . She is such a sweetheart and yeah don't forget to come to club arranged by Alexie at her third anniversary.'' She reminded me as I had almost forgotten about it.

''I will. Bye I will arrive in 10 minutes to pick up Sofy.'' I said and hung up the call without waiting for her reply.

I kept my phone back in my purse and lifted my hand to open my car's door.

''Arleen. Is it you?''

My actions stopped at hearing his words. Is it him?Please god don't let it be him. I don't think I can face him after so many years and tell him the truth which I have been hiding from him.

My sweet bbypink.lemonade
Please tell me how's my first chapter.
It's my first book.
Any thoughts to improve my story I could gladly accept.
English isn't my first language so please inform me of there is an error.
Thank you.

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