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His Desires of lust

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Chapter 2

''Arleen. Is it you?''

My actions stopped at hearing his words. Please god don't let it be him. I don't think I can face him after so many years and tell him the truth that I have been trying to hide from him.

I closed my eyes contemplating on my actions whether to turn around and face this.

''Arleen? Where is she? Is she alright? ''

Now, I am sure that it's him. No, I can't face him. After all I have been through, after all the way I have come through, I don't think I can even tolerate to look at his face. Deciding and agreeing on my thoughts, I opened my car door and hopped in. I started the engine of my car and made a swift turn for the road before he could reach me.

My car swiftly followed the road and I looked in my side mirror to see him standing in his place shocked. He had the same look he used to carry years ago,no change.

He must be happy with his love of life. Thinking about it just brings a bitter taste in my mouth. After all the things he has done, he has the nerve to show his face infront of me. I'm guilty about hiding the truth,about her from him but he has no right to know. He was the one who left her behind and not the other way around. My fingers tightened around the steering wheel turning my knuckles white. Tears spilled down my face due to anger. He didn't know how much I suffered after what he did. I came to a halt as the traffic light changed to red.

I removed my fingers from the steering wheel and wiped my tears, composing myself.


''What the fu-Kiara!''

I can't believe she sent Sofy away without even asking me. I'm her guardian.

''Relax, Arleen. She went away with her grandpa and summer holidays have started. Let her enjoy and you too relax.'' Kiara replied with a tap on my shoulder and a smile.

I relaxed my tensed shoulders and closed my eyes throwing my head back.

''You don't understand. I don't want to lose her like it happened before. She is the memory I have left of her.'' I replied to her through the bile rising.

''It's not going to happen again, Arleen. You have come so far.'' She tried to encourage me through her petty words.

''Now, stop sulking let's go, get a massage and get ready for today's evening. '' She shouted raising her hand in the air and dragging me with her.

''Give me a ride. I didn't drive today.'' She said sulking.

''Of course. You are paying for the massage. I think I could at least offer you a ride.'' I teased her.

She opened her mouth to protest but the ringing of my phone cutt her off.

''Arleen. Sofy is with me. She is going the spend the summer holidays with us.'' My dad shouted over the phone.

''Dad-'' I removed my phone from against my ear and looked at the screen baffled. He hung up on me.

''Kiara, did you see? He hung up on me.'' I said to her annoyed.

''Please, don't start it again. I am not in mood to listen to your stupid quarles.'' She waved me off with an eyeroll and walked towards my car.

''You-'' I shouted walking behind her.

''It feels so good to have your body relaxed once in a while.'' Kiara moaned at the pleasure she was getting from her masseuse.

I chuckled at her and closed my eyes feeling my body as if it's in heaven. It had been such a hectic month.

''What about the dress for the party?'' I asked her remembering the most important point suddenly.

She showed me her hands with the index finger on the top of her thumb.

I mumbled a soft 'ok' and let my body relaxed.

My drifted back at the parking lot and my stomach twisted with the sad memories. A part of me is full of vengeance for him but a little space at corner of my heart makes me guilty about hiding it from him.

Fuck. He doesn't need to know about. He lost the right years ago. The day when she came crying and begging to me and he wasn't there.

He must be happy, now that he has his love of his life. Happy that he wakes up every morning besides the person he loves the most.

''It's done.''

I looked back at my masseuse hearing her words. Time flies when you don't notice. It felt like it was just for a few minutes.

I stretched my muscles feeling relaxed after the massage.

''Adios bitchaos'' Alexie shouted from the bar contour with a glass of drink in her hands. Her boyfriend stood near ber with his hands wrapped around her waist. I love their pair and respect their love. They have been together since high school. She is one lucky bitch.

Me and Kiara tried to make our way through the dance floor which was absolutely heaving with people.

I bumped into someone and before I could fall someone grabbed me wrapping his arms around my stomach turning me around to face him. The rich smell of his cologne reached my nose making me dizzy because of the strong smell. I opened my eyes and came face to face with grey eyes. Grey like gloomy clouds before the rain.
I blinked a few times as if I was dreaming seeing such beautiful pair of eyes. I was starting at him through his eyes, trying to find the mixture of his eye color.

Releasing I was literally in the arms of a stranger for more than a minute staring at him. I pushed him away by placing my hands on his chest. My hands tempting me to touch his chest once again to feel his hardened muscles of his chest.

I backed away from him and walked away towards Kiara and Alexie refusing to look at his face.

I don't think I could be able to move away from my place if I could look at his face. Only the rich smell of his cologne,cloud grey eyes and his hardened chest were making me weak in my knees. I think I'm too sexually frustrated to have such thoughts and too with a stranger.

''Happy anniversary.'' I congratulated Alexie and to her boyfriend Adrian.

''Thanks Miss CEO'' She teased me gulping her drink making face at the bitter taste of the drink.

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