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The Girl Who Lost (Dean's Fighter's - Book 1)

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*TRIGGER WARNING: Some sexual, emotional and physical abuse and strong language, mature scenes and mental health. A girl who lost everything. After loosing her loving mother to cancer, Kat's life takes a turn for the worst as her father turned to alcohol and drugs along with the abuse of his only child. After being thrown out by her father, a stranger found and saved her. Since being brought into a family of fighters, she finally relearns the meaning of love. But will it stay like that? Secrets surround the people she now considers family and friends, but secrets can't stay hidden forever. Can her own dark and dangerous secrets be kept from the people she most cares for? Will she win the fight of a life time, or will she loose everything once again? Her life along with it all.

Romance / Action
Age Rating:

Authors note

Hello readers.

Just a little message for you. All chapters published, will undergo severe editing once it is completed, so I apologise for any mistakes and typing errors throughout.

I hope however, you enjoy reading ‘The Girl Who Lost’.

*Can also be found on Wattpad*

Stay safe!
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