When Dawn Rises

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This book is about a highschool werewolf named Kiya. Go read. But first read this book by Goldy. Have fun If i dont complete this, i dont know but if i do i will make a sequel.

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Chapter 1

Blood spattered on the floor. ‘Mama, wake up, please Mama.’ I cried.

‘Darling,’ she said, opening her eyes.

‘Mama, I knew you would come back. Can we keep playing with the ball, Mama?’ I asked. I was happy. I didn’t know she was going to die. I didn’t see the blood leak from her chest, where the gunshot wound was. I didn’t see it puddle on the ground, or her eyes glaze over. I was oblivious.

‘Kiya, be safe. I must go to sleep. I will come back, Kiya. Stay safe.’ Those were her last words. She died, right there and I felt it. I got up, determined to use the training she had taught me, and walk out of the front door, with two knives and a gun in my grip.

That day, I became known as Black Dawn, or Dawnset for short. I killed the entire pack, Alpha, Luna, Beta, Gamma, every one. Then I stole their house, and made it mine.

I cleaned their house, so it smelled of my favorite scents. Coffee, for my mama, fresh-baked cookies for my father, citrus orange and lemoncello for Wyatt and Jaxon. I shifted into a wolf, and lifted my snout up into the air. I sniffed. It smelled good, like home.

I took care of the dead bodies using my wolf cards. I carefully placed a picture of my black wolf in each one’s mouth, making sure you could see the my wolf on the front.

My wolf, Black Dawn merged with the real me, the kind me, the one called Kiya. Kiya and Dawnset became one, a whole. I didn’t need a mate, though sometimes Dawnset thought differently.

I found out who killed my mother, but never why.


I became an assassin, payed for jobs and highly respected amongst gangs and packs.

I was in high school now, I was call Myst, by some bitch who didn’t take the time to ask what my name was. They used to call me Mysterious, then I read a book on Inkitt called ‘The Hooded Luna’ by Goldy. Then I realized that me and Phoenix weren’t so different, but I didn’t have feelings, and I wasn’t about to fall for some dickwad named Alexander.

My alarm went off amd I got out of bed. I smashed the alarm against the ultra-thick window that I realized I needed after I broke the first one. ‘STUPID FUCKING ALARM,’ I shouted. I was annoyed, I didn’t want to go back to the HellHole, especially because I helped her boyfriend put a real snake in the Queen-Bitch bag, and it was her new ‘Gucci’ one.

She was coming back today, because she had screamed, ‘You stupid mother-fucking son of a bitch. Why? This is my new GUCCI bag. You probably can’t even afford it!’

So I told her, ‘Look, if I really wanted to, I could buy a lot of Gucci bags, or Louis Vuitton, or tons of other expensive brands, but, unlike you, I don’t give a shit about being popular. Also, I didn’t do it.’ I pointed over to where her ’boyfriend’ was smirking shamelessly.

‘See, look at your boyfriend, you son of a biscuit. Don’t you have eyes?’ I asked, pointing at the dude so she could see.

‘Hunter! Babe, I know you didn’t do that, right babe?’ Her fingers were crawling along his chest, moving down his stomach, farther and farther, until he pulled them away.

‘Look, Stephanie. You should know this, I already have a MATE. Okay?’

‘Babe, I know. I am your mate, OBVIOUSLY.’ Stephanie was looking like the dumb bitch she was. I noticed Hunter staring at me. His black/blue eyes looked as if they were scrutinizing me. He looked me up and down, and I stared at his delicious abs straining his shirt.

I had seen Stephanie’s wolf, I remembered it. It was ugly and small, and looked like it was dyed. It was an ugly platinum blond with pink claws. She pretended to be greater than she really was, even though the smaller the wolf the less power you have.

Her wolf was no longer than three feet long, whereas mine was about 4 1/2 feet long. My eyes flashed back to Hunter.

Stephanie clung to Hunter, while Hunter kept telling her to move. Suddenly, I realized that Hunter was my mate.

I ran as soon as I could to the office and told Ms. Goldon that I needed an excuse pass ASAP. ‘Myst, can’t you be a normal kid, and do normal activities and act somewhat normal?’ She joked.

‘No, I can’t.’ I snapped.

‘Hey, Myst, what the heck happened? You’re generally sweet, or somewhat sweet.’ She told me that to my face, and now I was a bit mad, and desperate. I needed to get out, before I lose my saneness and my identity as Myst.

‘Please, Ms. Goldon, one word for you: Mate. Now I need to get out.’

She handed me a pass. ‘Thank you, Ms. Goldon.’ I told her. I was so grateful that she was understanding.

‘Anything. Now get out of my sight until YOU are in control. Complete control. There are humans here.’ She told me sternly. I gave her a soft smile and walked out.

I began to take a walk nearby the Downsday market. Downsday Street was quaint, and pleasant, with a buzzing of people gathering around exotic shops to buy random items. The ones mostly selling were the Ivilyuqaletem, or the Cahuilla. They were a Native American group. I saw a few people dressed in regular clothes. They were tailing me. I walked by a bracelet store, and saw a few I liked. I bought them and hurried out.

The people were still following me after about two miles, so I decided to ‘wander’ into my forest, where tons of traps were waiting. I avoided them, but the people who were tailing me were trying to act discreet, but they kept falling into pits and downfalls. I chuckled in my head.


PLEASE, I MAY NOT FINISH THIS STORY, BUT UNLESS YOU HAVE MY WRITTEN PERMISSION PLEASE DO NOT COPY. Okay, now, a great thanks to Goldy and Kenzie, for inspiring me. And thanks to Anna and Justen for keeping my English in check and keeping me somewhat sane during this time. Also, go read all of Goldy’s stories. And I am sorry, but Alex was a bit of a dick at first. Today’s question: what is your favorite book on Inkitt

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