When Dawn Rises

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Chapter 2

I kept wandering, but suddenly, I see a snout. A wolf snout, but it still looked cute enough to boop it. A little boy, maybe about seven or eight pops out, half-shifted. I reach out and boop his nose. ‘Boop,’ he says.

‘Hi,’ I say. He is adorable, with his boop-able snout, and his little orangey-gold volcano eyes.

‘You booped my snoot.’ He can barely even talk with his half-shifted snout.

‘I did, little squirt. What you gonna do about it?’ I crouched down to his height and look him straight into his half volcano eyes.

He smiles, and then his eyes get wide. ‘Broder!’ He shouts.

‘Liam, where have you been? Little dude, the guys have been scouting out the entire forest-’ at this point I realised it was Hunter, and the half-shifted boy, Liam, was his baby brother.

He stops talking and asks Liam if he knows who I am. Liam says, ‘SHE BOOPED MY SNOOT.’

He was still half shifted, so his words were quite tangled, and Hunter looked a bit confused.

‘Hello. Are you the Myst from school?’ He asks.

‘Well, quite nice of you to notice, because obviously you’ve never actually payed any attention whatsoever to me, so it’s nice to know that someone might actually give a crap about me.’ Sarcasm and I are BFFs.

However, luck or well, Hunter, is not on my side.

He growled at me and told me to stay away. More precisely, he said this; ‘Look, you have been here long enough, you probably have a family to go home to, so go home. And NEVER EVER, touch my brothers snout again. Or you will pay, with your life.’

So me, being the little asshole I am asked the stupidest question on Earth.

“How will you kill me, cause I gotta know all the details of where to be and stuff, right Hunter?’

‘Hmmmmm.’ He pretends to think and taps his finger on his chin.

He finally answers with, ‘How about I get Dawnset to kill you? He is the best trained assassin out there, but nobody’s ever seen his face.’

‘Look, Hunter. If Dawnset is gonna kill me then you gotta reject me first. Or find another mate. Or something, okay?’ I play dumb, letting the comment about Dawn being a boy slip, even though I am the real Dawnset.

I turn away, just as he speaks.

‘Wait. Your my mate? How? I’ve never even seen your face.’ He is quite shocked. I feel a bit proud of my identity, but now is not the time to think of that.

‘Look, like you said, I have to go home to my family. So sayanora sucker.’ I wave and begin to run.

That will be my last interaction with that white boy for the next few days. I prefer to spend my time with a boy named Tooenn. He is an African American beauty. I love him like my little brother. He stays at my house, and goes to school at the elementary school. His parents are dead. They were killed by humans and they were humans, so I bit him.

As soon as I see Tooenn, he spots me coming from the garden. He races towards me. He is about 9 now. We call him the little guy.

‘Hey dude. Whatcha doing?’ I call.

‘KIYA!’ He screams. He is adorable. I live with the members of my gang and pack. I have about 200-400 members because those members have kids and all. We have to expand a lot, but everything is in the best condition, with high quality expectations.

I hug Tooenn.

‘Hey buddy. How’s your day?’

He refuses. ‘Tegan was worried. You didn’t come home on time.’

’Buddy, I have a business to run, remember?”

‘Yes, but you promised you would make cookies today after you comes home. And you keep promises, right?’ He is refusing to let me go.

‘Come. Let’s make cookies now, if you’re so insistent.’

‘Yay, thanks Ki-Ki.’

We head into the kitchen together. Tooenn goes into the kitchen pantry and brings out the 2lbs bag of chocolate chips. It is half empty from SOMEONE (namely Jaravas) sneaking down and having midnight snacks. I pull out the flour, vanilla, baking soda, and salt.

‘Tooenn, grab 2 butters and-’ Tegan and Arrow come rushing in.

‘Dawn, grab either your black or red leathers, then grab a motorcycle. You have a job from the Black Dawn Pack. It’s time for Dawn to Rise once more. Let’s go.’ Arrow shouts then they prepare to grab some stuff and go.

I grab my red ‘Dawnset’ leathers and the keys to my baby. It was a red motorcycle with black grips, leather, and wheels, but had some white streaks on the sides.

I dash off to meet Tegan and Arrow. I speed in front of their black/red Lexus. It was a brand new LX570. It had bulletproof glass and secrets storage compartments in the red leather seats.

As I wonder why the Black Dawn needs an assassin, we pull over to their pack house. It’s a huge 6 story mansion. It has to be big because they have the biggest pack in the world, about 2,000 wolves. It has to be the only pack that I’ve never met. They live in the city, a place I don’t go unless the Cahuilla have their shops their.

We pull into the parking lot of the massive mansion they own, and look around. Tegan and Arrow are already out, gazing at a silver McLaren.

We walk over to the garage exit, and knock on their door. Three knocks. I mentally prepare myself for what brutal murder I have to do next. Or who I am about to meet next. The door opens. What comes out next is a very large surprise.

‘Hello. We were expecting you, Dawnset.’

So guys, cliffhanger there. Please leave a comment. I do always like feedback. And today’s question: what is your favorite ice cream? Thanks!

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