The Secret Life of Valeria Ardetti

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Love, Business and Lust Clash in This book about a Young girl who faces trials after being sold at a young age, Everything however changes when she becomes attracted to an older man . Ever Since Valeria could remember, she had been on the run, from threats, Fears, anger, family, and Life. Her life was a roller coaster of so many emotions and she hoped to wait out the problems hoping for a solution, but a betrayal lands Valeria into a situation worse than death, where she had to manage everything on her own and beg for her freedom, But then like a knight in a shining armor, A man steps in to save her. Only thing is not all that glitters is gold, and not everyone dressed in white is an Angel.

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Welcome !!


Hello Dear Reader, I'm officially welcoming you to my New Novel; The Secret life of Valeria Ardetti. I hold this book very dear to my heart as I do to my previous novels and the novels after. This particular book took a lot of time, effort, tears, sweat and so much more, but I am happy to have started it and eventually end it. As a woman and Aspiring Writer, Making this book, was a must and a challenge, I am a rookie who isn't even schooled in the basic necessities of a good book, but I knew I had to make this a success.

My Name is Ogheneochuko Williams, I am a Sixteen year old Writer and student of linguistics, it may not be the best of the best, but I promise to try and keep you hooked and intrigued, please support and read till the end.


I am a huge of mystery novels, thrillers and a die hard fan of romantic novels and films, but I haven't seen a movie that combined all three genres perfectly for me. I have always craved something like that and since I couldn't find one I made one.

Also I am a strong advocate against Rape, Human trafficking, Drugs trafficking, sexual harassment and child harassment, I do not support any of the actions portrayed in this novel, but in relation to the story plot and character development in this book, it is a must do, bear with me. If you are not good with killing scenes or rape scenes I suggest you don't continue, but if you must I will promise to notify ahead of time for such instances.

I also will try to keep it light so bear with me.

This book focuses on the life of the one and only Valeria Ardetti, it tells of the struggles of her life from birth till Death, Mind you this isn't a biography of any sort, this is a frigment of my imagination, from the characters to the occurrences, every single thing was well thought of, formed and created in my mind.

Some Characters or persons included in this book may relate to real life people but that is solely for development basis.


This Story is written in Two persons POV, Valeria Ardetti and our leading man.

It contains a total of 100 chapters.


I would like to thank Inkit for this amazing opportunity for Young and old writers from all over the world, to create their own voice and have people appreciate it, thank you so much.

Also to all my Followers, from all over the world, thank you so much for your love and support for Mr Black, I hope you shower the same love and affection for This book.

I would also like to thank my Family and close friends who have supported and encouraged me from the beginning of my journey to where I am now and where I am getting to, Thank You so much, I love you.


This book is a work of fiction. All characters and scenes portrayed in this book are purely fictional.

The only Character in this book that isn't fictional is the Pablo Escobar, He is used to portray an employer and is only mentioned twice, You will understand fully in chapter one.

Viewers discretion is advised as this book is not suitable for readers younger than the age 16.

This book contains Triggers, Rape, And Sucide which may be triggering and inappropriate for certain readers, you have been warned.


This book is currently in the ownership and possession of the sole writer, Ogheneochuko Williams and can be taken down and sold only by me. No part of this book should be taken for monetary purposes, as it is against the law. Thank You.

Let's Begin;

With all things said, I officially welcome you to The Book, get your tissues and hammers ready, cause it's gonna be a Ride.

Once Again Welcome .

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