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Do you want me?


I stand there for a few seconds, completely and utterly silent. I know, what the hell!? It’s not often that I feel... what’s the word? Gobsmacked, stunned, like the cat literally has got my...

Trey lifts my hand with his, a different type of look filling those light green irises, pulling it up to his mouth. Staring at me for a moment before his lips curve up into a sexy smile, confidence radiating from his body. Buzzing, blaring, boasting.

His warm, smooth, wet—God, maybe that’s me—tongue slowly glides from the base of my thumb over my skin until he reaches my knuckle, mirroring my action from the other night. My knees go weak.

I cough, or sputter, or what the futter as he does it a second time. His lips closing softly, well-groomed facial hair tickling my hand as he plants a gentle kiss over it before straightening back up.

I stare at him, my heart thudding, jamming hard against my rib cage, dress tightening over my chest with each heavy breath that I take. His dreamy eyes staying on mine, the trail from the heat of his mouth, his tongue, his lips still burning into my skin.

This. Is. Hot.

Placing the wedge of lime that the less than friendly worker put in front of us, in my palm, Trey doesn’t deviate from the insane eye bang that is definitely going on, or down. And speaking of down.

I squeeze my legs together, feeling that building surge that is gaining speed incredibly fast, growing stronger with each second that passes, gazing at his long lashes, so dark against the fair shade of his eyes.

With my mouth gaping open, he lifts the clear glass, tilting his head back as he downs the shot. I watch it travel down, mesmerized. Watching him swallow as his Adam’s apple bobs underneath his sharp jawline. Mine, totally untouched. I’m enjoying this show at the moment. Shit. Thigh clenching without underwear to suppress a sexual urge absolutely has the opposite effect.

A soft whimper breathes out as my eyes grow larger. Trey glances at the slice of his chaser, still resting in my hand, tilting his head, a brow raising inquisitively.

“Ch-Chaz is right over—”

“I don’t care,” he says, a sly grin curling on his lips. Watching me, waiting for me to make a move. Who is this guy? Also...

Licking the small wedge of lime, mimicking his slow movements, I raise a brow. Relishing in the sight of that perfect mouth falling open, the top of his chest rising in a sharp breath, before I bite down.

I want it all. I want it now.

Fuck off, Queen. Time for a new reign.

Treys fingertips tease over my collarbone before a palm, a much rougher one than I recall from the last two times, authoritative almost, in control, and undoubtedly confident, grips the back of my neck.

“Briar. And Trey... right?”

I grumble, my eyes leaving his only for the swiftest moment. Pulling the lime from my mouth, I glare at the blonde-haired, blue eyed, and not even close to making me feel a sliver of what Trey has in the last minute. His grip already loosening against my neck, his body leaning back, retracting. That lustful look filling his eyes diminishing quickly.

“Fuck off, Spencer,” I tell him, flickering my gaze back to Trey. “We are having a moment.”

And without a thought or a second’s hesitation, I throw my arms around his neck, my fingers weaving into the bottom of his hair, pulling him towards me. The heat from his breath, laced with the scent of my drink of choice, invades my nostrils, my senses, making me feel a buzz just from the smell of him.

“We gonna finish this or what?” he asks in that deep, slow, sultry voice that has me panting, mouth hanging open, currently wetter than a Scottish summer.

Suddenly, it’s like we’re out on the rooftop alone, not another person in sight. The music disappears as he grasps my hair, making a fist around it, pulling tight, an erotic sounding whimper escaping from my throat.

“I think it’s time.” His voice, that could honestly make my panties dissolve... well, if I had any on, rasps out the words against the side of my cheek, making every single part of my body tingle.

His palm wraps several times around the thick hair laying down my back. With a solid tug, not too much, definitely just the right amount, teetering that perfect line between pleasure and pain, he jerks my head back so my lips are parallel to his. Without wasting another second, his lips, his tongue, his body collides with mine.


I snap back to reality. And I’m not gonna lie, I let out a completely frustrated huff and stomp my black wedge against the concrete, bratty as fuck.

“Ugh.” I groan out. Dragging my eyes, which have apparently been squeezed shut for the last God knows how long. The entire shot exchange was a total fucking fantasy. A figment of my clearly unstable imagination. I mean, he said the confidence thing. I actually love the shit outta that. But the rest... yeah, fuck my life.

“Did you not want a shot?” he asks cautiously. I can see that little nervous look, that bit of uneasiness hinting back into his eyes.

“Trey.” I sigh after saying his name. The bartender slides the salt and limes towards us, as the little clear glasses clink down. “I... I...”

He bites down on his lip, my gaze completely fixated on his pearly white top teeth sunk down on this perfectly plump pink—

“Shots already, huh?” Chaz walks up, clearly having zero issues interrupting anything going on at the moment. I’m thinking it’s the fucking theme of my life. At least with Trey. Interruptions.

I guess if it was really gonna happen; I mean, as far as us getting together, it wouldn’t be difficult. I resolve myself, again, to the fact that some things just aren’t meant to be.

“Might as well,” I say with a grumble, biting the inside of my cheek to stop the frustrated frown that wants to coat my lips. I do the quick succession of salt, shot, and lime, crossing my arms over the front of my dress. Not getting jealous or feeling any type of way as the blonde standing on Chaz’s right side eyes Trey up and down.

Who cares. Not me. Definitely not.


The second I walk in... well, after I give my name to some burly looking guy, standing outside the front entrance to an old industrial style building, prompting me to take the elevator all the way up, I spot her.

She stands out. Even if her dress screams for attention, I think she would still have the same effect if she was covered in the most drab and bland article of clothing.

But she’s definitely not.

The deep shade of pink hangs down just past the curve of her ass, making her legs look even longer than they seemed yesterday in her shorts. Leaning her arms onto the bar, I notice the man standing behind it looking impatient, eyes rolling as her fingers absently tap on the surface.

From her side profile, her lips, not in their boisterous grin she seems to always have on display, but pulled down. She seems... different. Uneasy, unsettled. The way her shoulders, covered with some kind of lace material matching the bodice of her dress, are slumped forward a little.

Taking a deep breath, probably one of the deepest ones I’ve ever taken, I decide today is the day I’m gonna go for it, now or never.

I eye Chaz at the opposite end of the rooftop, arms around two women as his back faces my direction. Here goes nothin’.

Walking up behind her, I have to shove my hand into the pocket of my jeans in an effort to do a subtle readjustment. The way her ass, which is sticking out a bit, her back arched as she leans on the bar, has all the blood rushing away from my brain.

Trying to talk, I almost get tongue tied. I almost get the annoying fucking stutter going as the smell from her—that soft vanilla type of scent—consumes every one of my senses. Her thick brown hair cascading down her back.

Get it together chump, I attempt an internal pep talk. Having decided to take Kate’s advice and just go for it for once in my life. I went out today and got a new shirt—she’s seen me in the same one twice now—not that I really get the inkling that Briar cares about that shit. But after that, I went looking for the perfect gift, something small. Seriously, you can find just about anything in this city. I wanted to get something that I felt she would like. Something to make her smile, and something that only cost me ten bucks.

The bartender stares at her with an annoyed look, fingertips impatiently drumming over the metal top of the temporary bar. Doesn’t he know this is her party?

I watch her for a second or two, looking at all the bottles behind him, the various options—all top shelf, as if Chaz would opt for a lower grade anything. Sucking in another long breath through my nose. “I think she likes tequila.” I glance at the older, balding man as Briar turns to face me.

“Trey?” There’s a softer edge to her voice as her dark eyes travel up and down, a growing smile spreading over her lips, the gloss or whatever she has on them shining. Darker makeup lining her lids, as her thick eyelashes curl up over her intense stare. I mimic her grin. How could you not?

“I’ll take one, too,” I tell the bartender, trying not to stammer over any of the words. And in this newfound wave of whatever I’m going for—confidence, I think that’s the word—I lean in towards her. Briar’s eyes, so intense. She’s so beautiful it’s almost painful for me to look at her. But anyway, I grow a set, moving in, trying not to inhale too deeply, so she realizes I’m letting myself get totally encapsulated in the amazing smell that’s just her. “Happy Birthday,” I whisper the words, having leaned a little too far so my lips gently trace over the outer edge of her ear, making my heart beat wildly.

Pulling away from her. Briar turns her head to the side, mouth opening and closing, still not quite her normal self... is she ... nervous? No wait, that’s probably me.

Running a palm back through my hair—not because it’s started to become sweaty, not at all—I try to keep up with my charade or whatever, I try to just go for it. Fuck it. What do I have to lose? It’s one night. One fucking night. But I’d trade just about anything, maybe even my soul—definitely my soul—for one amazing night with her.

She’s strangely quiet, which makes the back of my throat feel even more dry. It’s been Briar steering any conversation, driving it... Nut up you fucking pussy!

“I figured I’d try out a little of what you have,” I say the words, staring into those seriously unnerving eyes, a more relaxed look flashing in them.

She lets out a gentle snort, blindingly white teeth pressed together around her perfectly soft pink lips, which I’m currently entranced by as she spouts off. “Langarrhea?” she says the word, her dark brows filled with life, dancing above her widened eyes. “No filter?” she continues. I can’t keep my gaze off her mouth. Every single part of me wanting to grab her, wanting to kiss her, touch her, have her body as close to mine as humanly possible. “A generally and somewhat strangely uninhibited attitude?”

And there it is. I think that last bit, well, probably all of it is what draws me into her. These characteristics that have never been a part of who I am. But it’s so damn refreshing, invigorating. She makes me want to do things—and not just some seriously X-rated things—she makes me want to grab life. To soak it up.

Biting down on my lip, trying to stop the crazy-looking grin that goes wild on my face whenever I’m within fifty feet of her. I decide the thing I like the most, the thing that I really want... not even want, the thing I need. Not just with her, but in life, is this one thing. Something I’ve been lacking for... well, forever. “Confidence.”

I stare back at her. Briar’s head tilting to the side, a few long strands of dark hair slip over the front of her shoulder, a vast contrast to the bright pink covering her body. Her lips part as soft sounds echo from her throat. She seems in some sort of daze, or just really uninterested as she runs an absent finger up from her neck, tracing the top of her dress. Not saying a word, only little sounds coming from her, that no one else can hear. Well, maybe the bartender. He eyes Briar curiously while getting the shots together.

Running her palm into her hair, her neck tilting back, eyes squeezed shut as a series of heavy moans breathe out. The material of her dress tightening each time she inhales. I don’t know what to do here, what to say? Is she okay? She hasn’t responded. Maybe that was a little too forward for her? Maybe she’s put off by me acting this way?


She quickly shakes her head, the color of her cheeks matching her outfit as her eyes snap open.

“Ugh.” She groans, stomping her shoe onto the ground. Yup, fucked that one up.

“Do you not want a shot?” I try not to cringe, biting down on my bottom lip instead. Okay, maybe that shit was all a little too forward. Why’d I walk in here like I’ve got swagger or whatever the fuck? Like I said, no game.

“Shots already?” I hear the familiar voice from my old roommate come up behind me. I give Chaz a quick smile, looking back at Briar, who seems... irritated?

“Might as well,” she says with a quick raise of her shoulder, her eyes drifting away from mine, reaching for the small clear glasses in front of us. She downs the drink so fast, I don’t even have time to think. Briefly looking at Chaz who has two females in tow, one at each side. Neither of which has anything on her.

She crosses her arms, eyes rolling all over the place as I’m totally at a loss for any words, like that’s something new.

“That’s cool, just take it easy.” Chaz focuses on Briar, who lets out a heavy huff. “Anyway.” He pats a hand on my shoulder. “This is Lizzy,” he says with a smile, nodding his head to the right at some blonde in a dress that looks way too tight, way too revealing.

“It’s Izzy,” she corrects him. Licking her lips as she stares at me. Normally, I’d feel flattered, I guess, but I don’t want Briar getting the wrong—

“Hey, do you wanna dance?” another voice cuts in. What the hell is with the constant interruptions!?

All of our eyes fall onto an extremely attractive tall female. Chaz’s jaw drops open.

“Hey right back at you. You are incredibly gorgeous,” he says, not giving a shit about the two women standing with him. Both sporting the same looks of disgust, heads shaking as their brows knit together.

“I wasn’t talking to you.” The much lighter haired brunette says to Chaz with a dismissive smirk. Her flirty gaze wandering to Briar. “I was talking to her.”

I spend the next hour sitting on one of the outdoor sofas set up, unable to peel my eyes off Briar for longer than a few seconds. Some type of feeling flooding through me as she laughs, dancing along with the other woman who takes every chance she gets to place a palm on her waist. The Izzy chick, trying to talk to me, to touch me, constantly having to remove her hand from my leg, finally giving up when she realizes my attention is anywhere but on her.

Briar seems relaxed, happy, throwing her head back off and on with her infectious smile wide across her lips.

Fuck this. This is like torture.

“I think I’m gonna hit it,” I tell Chaz with a frown. I’d much rather be referring to something else, but sadly, it looks like that just isn’t in the cards.

“Bummer, man. Sure you can’t stay a little longer?”

“Got an early flight.” Standing from the sofa, I don’t even bother looking at the woman who was sitting next to me. Her attention had easily shifted to Chaz, and that was fine by me.

We say our goodbyes; I thank Chaz again, telling him I’ll catch up with him soon. Shoving my hand into the pocket of my pants, I feel the cold links of the small metal—or whatever the shit it was that I stupidly bought.

I’m not gonna give it to her, she’ll probably think it’s dumb. She probably will think I’m an idiot.

Oh well.

I make my way to the elevator, not wanting to interrupt her good time. It’s not like we really know each other. Not like she hasn’t already moved on to something else. I’m not sure why I thought I’d even have another chance.

“You’re leaving without saying goodbye?” She cuts me off right as my finger hovers over the button. I turn to see her out of breath, a pouty exaggerated frown curving her incredibly full lips.

“You looked like you were having fun. I didn’t want to bother you.”

She blinks a few times, shaking her head. “And I didn’t want to bother you,” she says in a soft voice, nodding her head to where I was sitting. The two women, already pawing all over our friend, who looks like he’s in his glory.

I pull my hand from my pocket, offering a little shrug as the silver bracelet falls against the concrete ground.

Briar bends to pick it up at the same time I do, her head tilted inquisitively as she gets to it before me. “Is this... is this for me?” she asks, holding it in front of her, examining the little trinket I found at a shop. A knock-off of those expensive bracelets you can get all kinds of charms for.

Her eyes light up, a massive smile forms over her lips as she clamps her teeth together in an extremely cheesy and I think delighted grin. Rows of laughter shake her entire body.

“It was dumb, it was just something I saw. I hoped you thought it was...”

“I fucking love it!” she belts out the words, fastening it around her wrist, the tiny silver toilet replica charm dangling off of it. “It’s perfect. This is so me.” Her eyes meet mine as her bottom lip slides under her teeth.

“You do? Are you—”

And before I can get any words out of my mouth, or stutter them or sputter, her arms wrap around my shoulders, pressing her body up against mine. With a quirk of her brow, a mischievous grin plays on her face.

“Do you like me, Trey?”

I nod, probably excessively as I swallow a nervous gulp.

“Do you want me?”

Yeah, let’s just keep going with the whole bobble head thing I’ve got going on.

“Because I don’t want to take advantage of you,” she says the words with a frown. “And Chaz made it seem like maybe you wouldn’t be okay with a one-night thing or that it wouldn’t be a good idea.” Briar pulls back, studying my face. A look of concern creasing between her brows as her lips scrunch to the side.

“Yeah... I mean no... I mean,” I stutter, of course I do. Watching her long lashes blink over her anything but innocent eyes. “I want you to take advantage of me in every way, shape, and form.”

She lets out a soft giggle, my eyes growing wide with the words I just spoke.

“I mean... I’m fine with you... with that.”

“Give me five minutes.” Her fingernails trace over the back of my neck, I can’t fight the hard breath that exhales as she speaks the words directly over my lips. “Meet me downstairs.”

I nod multiple times, my mouth hanging open.

“You’re gonna need some of what you had earlier,” her voice rasps out in the hottest way, leaning her cheek against mine, palm running down the front of my shirt.

I gulp. “Okay.” Wait... what did I have earlier, what does she mean?

“Because you are definitely giving me one more birthday present.”

A/N: aghhhh 😈😈😈😂😂😂😂😂 alright alright... hurrrrrr we go! Also... I know I know, we want them to bang. Keep in mind that in Ties that didn’t happen till chapter twenty something 😜
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