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“Can I be honest with you?” I ask, offering the same question Briar had to me when I ultimately choked, walking out before her, letting her feed off of my nervous energy. Clearly got a poor history with picking up signals from women. Sticking my hand in between the doors, causing the gears to shift and them to slide back open.

Come on... like I’m gonna let my so-called dream girl just walk away? Get real.

What I realized in the matter of seconds as they were closing is that insecurity is something that, unfortunately, plagues us all from time to time. And while Briar may seem like she has all this confidence, things still bother her, still make her feel small, or not good enough, or whatever.

I’ve felt that; I feel that. But in the last few days, she made me think a little differently, made me feel something I haven’t felt in a long time. And I think she needs a bit of what she’s been trying to give to me.

She sniffles, a pink painted fingernail dabs under her eyes, her cheeks flushed. Quivering lips as she parts them, attempting to say something but falling short each time. My palms stay firm against the doors that keep clicking like they want to close, and something inside me clicks. I can’t let her leave here before I say this to her. Plus, not like I would let her walk back at night, alone. Definitely not that type of guy.

She nods slowly, biting on the inside of her cheek as she raises her head. Her usual—and in a very captivating way—cat-like brown eyes slightly glossy as she levels her gaze to mine, sliding her lips together in an uneasy, inhibited manner.

“You are not a mess,” I say, surprising myself with the tone of conviction that comes out with the words. It’s true though, she’s not. “You are amazing, intelligent, and absolutely beautiful. I’m not sure what made you feel like that, I hope it wasn’t me.”

“No, Trey... it’s because of—”

I lift a hand. Her lips press together as she falls silent. I need to keep the floor here before I go back to my babbling, self-doubting... well, self.

Quickly, I push back against the doors, attempting to close again. “I don’t know your story, and you don’t know mine.” She drags in a deep breath, her mouth scrunching to the side, brown eyes staying on me. “But I think you’re so much...” I let out a sigh, swiftly snapping out of it. One night, one night only. “And what I’ve gotten to know of you, just in the last couple days... Well, it’s that you really are witty.”

She lets out a hard puff of air, pink lips vibrating together, shaking her head, looking down at the ground. “I’ve said some crazy shit.” A little catch in her throat, a hint of disappointment in her voice.

“Maybe.” I shrug. “But I can tell you, most of the people I know, myself included, wish they had the balls to say the things that come out of your mouth.”

She bites her bottom lip, averting my eyes, fingertips drumming against her legs with a frown. Nervous... okay, I’ve got plenty of experience in this department, time for me to change it up.

And with what is a bold move, at least for me, I take a step towards her, grabbing her hand in mine, moving so close to her I can feel the warm breaths leaving her mouth. “You can be whoever you want with me.”

Briar gulps, head tilting up, long strands of dark hair framing her face, and I realize it’s now or never. I really do need to take the reins, because if I miss this chance, I know I’ll regret it.

The doors shut behind me as I move closer to her. She cocks her head to the side with a curious smile hinting at the corner of her mouth. “You trying to flip the script on me, Moreau?”

Wiping my thumb across her bottom lip, I nod my head. She takes in a sharp breath.

Okay... maybe this can work.

I try to think about her, about the way she was acting with me. While it made me nervous, it also—kind of strangely—made me relax. Made me see this different type of person I could possibly be.

“Do you like me?” I ask her, slowly, head tilted down so my face is only a few inches from hers as she nods, pulling her lip between her teeth. “Do you want me?”

She hesitates for a few seconds, making me wonder if this whole reverse forward behavior shit is a bad idea. “Ow!” Briar cries out, scrunching her nose, blinking a few times as she meets my brief scowl. Her hand, the one not secured in mine, having just pinched her arm. “Sorry, thought I was dreaming this.”


“Nothing, nothing... you were saying?” She waves a hand before a much more playful, and much more her smile graces her face. Staring up at me with inquisitive eyes as her back hits the wall.

I let out a throaty laugh, my face only mere centimeters from hers, her eyes wide, nerves gone... mine kind of are, too. Because this fantasy, this dream girl, has finally become really human. This is definitely what she needed, someone to talk her up, get her head back in the game. And she is definitely what I need... for one night.

“I said...” I fight any urge to choke, or stutter, or stammer—it really takes work around her—as she lays her palms flat against my chest, thick lashes batting as she hangs onto my words. Go big, fucker, because tomorrow we are going home. “Do you want me?” I ask, brown irises mixed with that tinge of honey on the edges gazing into mine, heart pounding through her dress. I’m sure mine is, too. Actually, I know it is. And not because I’m overwhelmed. I’m not. I want this. I want her. And I’m so fucking turned on right now, I’m so into her, so mesmerized, I can’t even help it.

“I just... I don’t know... I was having a minute. I’ve been feeling some sort of way and I thought it was too much. And then I came up with his entire plan, and it got a little weird... there was a... well, don’t worry about that...” She continues rambling, I stare at her pouty pink lips. Watching the way her face, her eyes, and her hands animate each syllable. “I felt like I was too much, too forward, and then it felt...”

I press my fingers to her lips, clamping them together. With what I’m hoping is a sly grin, I look down at her. And not even too far, she’s actually fairly tall, and the heels seem to help. “Please, don’t say a word,” I continue, a breathy chuckle puffing from her nose, my smile matching hers, curving under my grasp.

“Are you gonna use my words against me?” she muffles out before I release that mouth I’m completely zoned in on. Briar slides her palms up from the front of my shirt, wrapping around my neck, pulling me closer.

“Mmm-Hmm.” Tilting my head just a little lower, letting the light hint of her vanilla type of smell invade my nostrils, I mumble over her lips, her back up against the wall. My mind, traveling to just three nights ago when this gorgeous woman—this whirlwind of charisma—came barreling at me. The things she said, the way she felt, the way I felt... the way I feel. And I’ve got one night. So, like I said, I’ll trade my soul, I’ll be whoever she needs me to be. No shot I’m letting this opportunity slip through my fingers.

Caging my arms on either side of her, I raise a brow, palms resting on the cool metal of the bar spanning the back of the elevator. Dammit, I’m a little proud of myself.

Way to actually buck up, Trey.

Briar opens her mouth to say something else, and I shake my head. “I don’t want anything that comes out of your sexy mouth to ruin this perfect vision I have of you.”

She laughs, her entire body shaking, vibrating against mine, filling me with her incredible sound, resting her forehead against my shoulder for a moment before pulling back. Her fingertips weaving, nails scratching up through my hair and as she rolls her eyes. “I really said that shit, didn’t I?”

Tucking a dark strand behind her ear, I nod my head, cupping the side of her face. “I don’t care,” I whisper. “I happen to genuinely enjoy everything that comes out of your mouth.”

“God.” She groans, a softer look, not quite mischievous, but relaxed. “The shit I say...”

“I think I can help you out,” I breathe the words over her lips. Alright, buck up for real. Time to kiss her, time to go for it, balls to the wall, or something like that.

“Do you seriously take note of all the things I say?” she asks with another infectious chuckle. A deep one, an amazing one, one I could probably play on repeat whenever I was having a bad day, that would immediately lift my mood.

“Pretty much.”

“Casual?” she asks, lips scrunched to the side.


“No strings attached. No feelings?”

“Not a single one. Now shut up so I can give you the finger bang of your life.”


Trey fumbles with his key card, lips moving hot and heavy against mine, tongues teasing, mouths opening and closing in deep, hungry kisses. Finally, he gets it in—the card, that is—as the soft click sounds, lifting under my arms, not breaking the contact as he walks us over the threshold. A small lamp casting dim lighting across the standard hotel room.

This is happening. I repeat, this is happening. It’s going down, or in, or off. All three, third times a charm, or so I’ve heard. Here’s fucking hoping!

His hands, not leaving my ass till we got to his door. Okay, they did briefly because after he scripted my ridiculous words back to me, and did I really tell him to give me the finger bang of my life? Sure as fuck did. Thank you, Jose, and the three wise men, I shall be forever in your debt.

But anyway, after that happened. After he literally took me from the plunge of insecurity that seemed to momentarily wash over me—and I know why it did too—I’ll get to that later because currently I’m a smidge preoccupied.

When Trey stepped up his game and stalked towards me with that smouldering look in his eyes, that deep dimple showing under his amazing dark scruff, it clicked. And whether or not he knows it, he’s exactly what I need.

I mean... right now.

Not to mention, it’s definitely time to get that coveted O.

But after that brazen move—and I’m legit proud of him—when the elevator started moving down, I had moved up. Jumped up to be exact, launching myself onto him, all but attacking his toned, hard, and now heaving body. With my legs wrapped around his waist, ankles crossed in the back, we kissed. Like the kiss of all kisses—okay, that’s dramatic. But a sort of wild kiss, filled with a mixture of need, want, pain, and fucking tongue skills. That last part has me excited.

Anyway, when that sucker dinged open and an older couple in the lobby got an eyeful, we had to momentarily pump the brakes.

A silent thank you that it was my back up against the wall this time. Because when I tell you it was all hanging out, it was... bare fucking ass, bare vag, too.

Way to go, Trey, taking charge. Speaking of backs against the wall...

Walking into the room, mouths moving in some sort of sync—finally. Our hands, roaming, traveling over each other’s clothed bodies, greedy with need, want—self-doubt, see ya later. Our tongues tangoing together, and from the feel of his hardness, and the absolute wetness pooling between my legs, I have a feeling this dance is definitely gonna be forbidden.

My fingers work quickly, fumbling with the buttons of his shirt. Both our breaths coming out panty as fuck when we stop to take in some actual oxygen.

Do we even need it?

As our bodies press against each other, we stumble into the room. Trey grinds against me, his definite erection hitting dead center, making me gasp. My back thuds against the entryway wall and his eyes snap open, pulling back, an uneasiness appearing on his out of breath face.

“Sorry,” he apologizes in that sweet and low, raspy voice with concerned eyes, raking a hand back through his loose waves, hair looking even darker in the soft light.

“Huh?” I ask, screwing my face up, what the fuck line creasing between my brows.

Do not fucking back out on me now!

“I didn’t mean to be rough.” He glances at the wall with a slight frown.

“Hmm.” I narrow my eyes at him as my lips turn up in a smirk. What I’m learning about Trey is when he goes high, I need to go low. Or vice versa. So let’s see how this pans out. Tilting my head, I look up at him, batting my lashes. “I like rough,” I say in a soft, hopefully sultry voice. I never know if words come out how I intend them to.

An absolute gleam flashes in the hotter than hell jade eyes as I nod my head, encouragingly. Pupils dilating, making everything about him grow darker. My palm sliding over the front of his more than acceptable bulge, providing evidence that they’re definitely growing taller. And his chiseled jaw, his panty dissolving smile, his thick lashes, and honestly everything about him, make him absolutely handsome.

Also, not totally sure about the rough thing, but fuck it, let’s roll with it.

“You can be whoever you want... with me,” I tell him. And with those last words—the same ones he used with me—the insecurities, the nervousness, the stuttering, every last bit... its ancient history.

Trey takes a step towards me, clasping his hands, encircling my wrists, pinning them at my sides against the wall as he kicks my legs apart. “Like this?” he asks in a deep voice before his tongue slides up my neck.

Okay, this is good.

A soft approving sound hums from my throat.

He releases my arms, which fall to my outer thighs. A slow hand traces down my neck, eyes staying locked to mine as he trails the tips of his fingers between my breasts, then grasping between my legs, over the front of my dress. “And like this?”

We are getting warmer.

His palm glides back and forth, a sexy smirk on his lips as I choke out a cough.

“Oh my God!” I moan the words. Staggering forward, bracing myself against his shoulders, fingertips digging in as he moves faster, harder, with control. The heel of his hand, connecting with just the right spot to make a loud groan rip from my chest, a surge of pleasure jolting through me as my mouth falls open.

Seriously!? From a little over the clothes’ friction?

“Just like that,” I coax him, panting as he rubs faster, my breathing matching the ragged pace of his quickening movements, pushing me closer to that feeling.

My back arches off the wall, desperate for more contact, desperate for his skin to be on mine. My eyes lock the lust driven look in his—I really like this Trey—both our breaths coming out in heavy spurts.

“How ’bout this?” he all but growls the words over my lips, gaze intent on mine as his hand slips under the bottom of my dress. Thumb pressing, circling, hitting that mind numbing spot on first attempt.

“Fuck, yes!” I smack my palm against the wall. His lips tugging to a satisfied grin—as they should be—before they part, falling to a serious expression, heated breaths fanning against my face. I gasp out as he slips his fingers between my legs. Trey, letting out a heavy groan in response to my wetness, gliding over me, watching me, his eyes not leaving mine.

I reach towards him, to return the favor, and he shakes his head. “This part’s all you,” he says, directing my arm to rest on his still clothed shoulder, my other joining it. Hands reaching back, sliding up into his hair, gripping, pulling as he thrusts two fingers inside me.

My legs weaken beneath me, his forehead presses to mine. His lips kissing, teasing, trailing over my cheek, neck, and jaw. Hips, raising, bucking, back arching, body fucking writhing as I match him, gasping with every rhythmic stroke.

He works harder, faster, pumping, twirling, no, they’re curling.

“Trey!” I whine, whimper, actually I praise. My balled up fists grip his hair tighter for dear life as his fingers curl in just the right way, hitting a new spot. Could it be the spot—I honestly thought it was a myth at this point. His sharp exhales, matching my own.

“You’re so fucking sexy, Briar...”

My mouth drops open at the way my name falls from his lips, or maybe the way my hips are moving, grinding, fucking his glorious hand.

And with one final press, one flick of his thorough thumb, one last thrust of his dexterous digits, my entire body arches from the wall, brain leaves the atmosphere. Everything clenches, tightens, tenses. My eyes squeeze shut as that feeling, that crest, that pinnacle, mounts between my legs.

The heavens part, angels sing, I swear, they do. My toes curl, legs shake, his lips cover mine, muffling the scream that accompanies the extreme and intense burst, that wave of insane pleasure that floods through me. Pulsating, pounding, filling every cell in my body with this foreign feeling. Okay, not foreign, but you get it.

I come completely undone as he strokes every last bit from me, my head hitting the wall as his lips remain on mine.

In this amazing, incredible, definitely as advertised, fucking full blast orgasm inducing, finger bang of my life.


At the hands—literally—of someone else.

A/N: 🤣🤣😜😜 well, there’s that.

Haven’t smutted it up in a while, so seems I’m still getting my feet wet. Okay... gross. Anyway, sigh, I guess we will have to go back to back so I can get better.😈😈😈

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