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Goodbye, Trey.


By the time we made it back up to the hotel room—when the restaurant very rudely turned the faint lights on full blast—it was game on. The clock is legit ticking. And for real, no one needs those God damn high beams shining in their face. Makes me feel like I’m a fucking vampire about to burst into flames.

Okay, I truly can’t fault them, it’s a pretty effective and not-so-subtle way to say get the hell out.

I didn’t think we’d sit down there talking for close to four hours, pretty sure if I’d totaled up the time I spent having actual conversations—about real life shit—with my last few boyfriends, they’d still fall short.

Something about Trey is just so easy, so relaxed. Though he’d started more nervous than a fucking whore in church, he evened out. It was nice... it was really comfortable. He’d turned from this insecure, hot slice of man, to this confident, ultra gorgeous—not just because of his looks, but his personality, too—whole fucking package.

Why do I even care?

Yeah, that’s bullshit, but the act’s been nice. Because I’m a female—and I’m not saying all are this way, but I sure as shit am—I will over-analyze every analyzation until it can’t be analyzed anymore.

Plus, I actually loved the way he stopped it from going even further, because while yes, duh, that’s the intention. And I for sure meant it when I said—or thought—that I’m down for this. But damn, I really was hungry—for food—this girl can eat, and trust me when I say I’m gonna live it up with this mid-twenties metabolism, that shit goes straight to hell once you smack into those thirties; at least that’s what I’ve heard.

Okay... where was I?

Yes, yes. So the little hang out proved to be just what I wanted, or maybe I needed it. Either way, I kinda love that he freakishly seems to pick up on these little vibes about me. It’s a real fuckin’ shame that Georgia is a cool seven-hundred miles from Pennsylvania. Oh well, I shouldn’t go thinking ahead.

We take a few steps into the room, having walked back into the dimly lit space, hand in hand. So sweet, I know.

So, in the name of bold moves—and I think we could all use one right about now—I whip around to the front of him, and hot damn if I don’t stick the landing. My chest presses firmly against his with a serious smirk happening upon my face.

Trey’s eyes shift down to the cleavage that is all but staring him in the face, as our bodies stay smashed together. Pink lips part amongst his nicely groomed facial hair, heart thumping, bounding in his chest.

“So”—I grab his wrists—“wanna watch TV or something?” I suggest with a chuckle. A little extra with the high-pitched giggle, but pfft some booze has been happening. Also, not too much that I’m not clear-ish headed, I am, I made sure not to get too crazy with it. But enough to take the anxiety down a notch or two.

You know that perfect amount to keep you chill, but just enough to... release your inhibitions. Dammit, not now Natasha Bedingfield. Ah, fuck it...

Feel the rain on your skin!

Let’s be clear, I’d have thought that stone cold sober.

Anyhow, I take his wrists, with my grip fastened around them and place them straight back to land on my ass. May as well ramp this shit up.

He chokes out a short cough, shaking his head. A quiet laugh resounds from his chest to mine. The smile following, taken over by a more serious, hungry type of look, eyes heavy on my own with an expression that makes these boxer briefs wanna slide straight down my legs. Wow... that felt weird.

“I could watch a show,” he counters, his voice a huskier shade of Trey, and here we go with that restored boldness.

I nod my head in agreement, brow quirking as I deliver a smug grin.

Okay, confidence. Let’s get this shit in check.

He pulls me to him, so our lips are level. His cover mine, luring me in with that soft, gradual type of kiss, building within a matter of seconds, the gentle swipe of his tongue, immediately granting access. Mouths moving passionately together. His fingers digging into my skin as his hips slowly rock against me. Both our bodies mindlessly seek the other’s, the friction building. A slight moan echoes from my throat to his mouth as his hand drops lower, slipping between my legs.

Alright, we’re ready to go.

“You want a show?” I ask, leaning back, a bit out of breath. Pressing my flattened palms against his chest, I make a feeble attempt at a coy smile.

“Mm-hmm.” Trey lifts an eyebrow, his hands shifting around to my hips. He pushes me back, albeit gently, with a suggestive grin, lip rolling under his top teeth. “How ’bout you show me what you got?”

I raise my brows several times before narrowing my eyes at him, getting smirky with it. Alright, Moreau. Well played.

I keep my gaze locked with his. Trey leans against the wall, I take a step or two away. Still with that same lamp dimly lighting the room, creating a nice ambience for a brief show. Not that I’m well versed in seductively removing my clothes, but I’ll give it a college effort.

Reaching back, I undo my dress. Enjoying the sharp intake of his breath when I drag the top from each arm. I hold his attention, not deviating from the strong contact, lips parting as I pull the overly snug satin down my chest, revealing my black strapless.

Trey scrubs a hand over his face, settling on his neck, mouth open, green eyes growing wider, darker—I forgot he hasn’t seen these ladies yet.

Pausing for a moment, I let my sights rake up and down his body. Not to mention I take the deepest and chestiest breaths I can, ensuring that my moderately sized tits overflow ever so slightly from the top of my bra.

God, this dress is tight as hell around my stomach!

My efforts don’t seem in vain as his attention drifts, leaving my face and headed down. A loud exhale from his nostrils.

I continue my slow and hopefully torturous strip tease. Pulling out all the stops. My head tilted down, sweet and innocent—laughable—eyes peering at him through my lashes, the lip bite. Clearly, it’s working because as I do the downward shimmy of my dress, I notice Trey’s got his own downward shimmy happening.

I maintain the ultra alluring look on my face as I trail the tips of my fingers between my breasts, licking my lips. His chest, rising and falling while harder, heavier, lust-filled breaths escape his mouth. His shirt tightening over his torso as we are now fully engaged in a total eye-fuck.

“You’re so hot,” the words rasp from him as I inch the pink material lower.

Stopping as my dress—which now resembles a very bunched up miniskirt—is bound tight around my upper thighs, I gesture my head towards him with a challenging look. “Your turn.” I bat my lashes.

“Hm, okay.” Trey pushes his hand off the wall, taking a single step towards me. Undoing the buttons of his shirt with ease, revealing more of that nicely tanned torso, those sculpted muscles. The abs I’m dying to run my tongue over.

“It’s even better than I imagined,” I mumble, absently speaking the words out loud, completely fixated on him as he shrugs his shirt to the floor.

My eyes drift, no, they roam, counting the six-pack... wait, there’s at least an eight. My lips part, and I’m fairly sure there’s maybe a tiny trail of drool dripping from the side of my mouth.

Speaking of dripping...

Oh well, it’s a fact.

My attention drops lower, brows raising at the ever-growing bulge in his pants. “Good for you,” I say, lips curving up on the side.

“Good for you,” he counters in that low gruff voice that has my body now aching for him. For his hands, his lips, that tongue, and without a doubt his—

As I’m lost in my thoughts, in my ever revolving fantasy land—which is about to become a reality—I take a step back, I’m not really sure why. My pulse racing, throat somewhat dry.

And the Universe, in her ever so snarky way—me too, bitch, me too—reminds me of my natural tendencies for embarrassing behavior.

My thighs, bound by the pink dress, my wedges, and my two left feet aren’t the best combo for doing much of anything vertical when any alcohol is involved.

With a wobbly shake, an error in judgment of a retreating step, I offer another treat. Stumbling as my ankle gives way on an unsteady heel. And as the laws of physics—fuck them, by the way—suggest, what goes up must come down, and my back and the scratchy, dark carpet collide.

“Ugh,” I complain, followed by a series of grunts, covering my eyes with my forearm.

I lay on the floor, grumbling. Not because I’m in pain. Thankfully, my ankle did one of those ultra awkward back and forths, saving it from an actual injury, but the bruised ego, man... that’s for real.

Also... Isaac Newton can pound sand!

“You alright down there?” he laughs out the words.

I just barely uncover one eye so I can see a glimpse of him. Enormous, and a little too entertained of a smile on his face, pearly whites in full effect. Shoulders shaking as he makes a pretty poor attempt to keep his amusement in check.

I roll my eyes before re-covering them, offering a pained groan in response. “Trey,” I whine, shaking my head. “There’s nothing sexy about me.”

Uncovering my face, I catch the look on his, standing, towering over me. Also, delivering a swift reminder of another time he was gawking down at me, and I definitely don’t wanna relive that moment.

And just like that, in this perfect little dance we’ve created, he doesn’t hesitate, laying his body over mine—I’m talking a high plank.

“Everything about you is sexy,” he says with that southern drawl. I can feel his breath, smell the remnants of tequila from our after—or before—party.

Lifting my arm from my face, I let them both span out to the sides, zeroing in on his lips that hover just over my own.

"Everything,” he repeats before kissing me. His soft and warm lips moving in a slow, rocking motion—no, wait, that’s my hips.

“Why are you like this?” I ask once he breaks the brief contact. A gentle yet masculine look in his eyes as they search mine. I swallow hard as shaky breaths leave my mouth. His body pressing firmly, rubbing, grinding, hitting all the right spots.

“Like what?” he asks with a cocky grin... and I love it!

My throat hums as his mouth moves to my neck, kissing, licking his way down my skin. Fingertips tracing the top of my strapless before dipping under my bra. With a graze over my nipple, I let out a gasp—hard; the nipple, the gasp, him—enjoying everything those fingers have to offer.

“Perfect,” I answer, letting my head roll back, hair sprawled out around me, eyes squeezing shut as his hands and mouth worship my body; I seriously don’t know how else to describe it.

Reaching underneath me, he unclasps my bra, palms sliding around to cup my breasts. “Do you feel how sexy you are to me?” he asks, thrusting his pelvis into mine.

I let out a moan in response, arm hooking around the back of his neck as he catches my nipple between his fingertips. A quick gasp exhaling from my mouth. “Uh-huh,” I breathe out my reply.

“Don’t doubt it again,” he says, more like demands as he delivers another hip check before his mouth closes over my breast. My body writhes under his as another needy moan whimpers from my lips. I grip his hair, pulling, urging him to look at me.

And the second those incredible irises meet mine, filled with want, with need, I know exactly what to say. “Fuck me,” I breathe out the words, I’m begging here, not asking.

And sometimes, folks... that’s all I guess a guy needs to hear.

Without a moment’s hesitation, I’m off the floor, Trey’s arms clasped under my back and legs as he walks me to the bed. A darker, primal look on his face. And I’m not gonna lie... I’m low-key excited.

He drops me down on the white comforter; I welcome the coolness under my body, which is currently reaching an alarming temperature as the burning desire builds inside me.

His hands grasp the top—or the bottom who fucking cares—of my dress, still wrapped around my waist, pulling it, along with his briefs, that I’m wearing, let’s just call them panties, for now, down with it.

His eyes, intent on mine as he delivers a light kiss to my hip, moving his mouth down with my clothes, sending a shiver through me just from the feel of his fiery tongue trailing the inside of my leg.

Discarding my dress on the floor, shoes joining them, I watch him with an intoxicated smile—and it’s so not from the alcohol. He stands at the side of the bed, his eyes moving up and down my frame as his chest rises and falls faster, lips parted as heavy breaths leave his mouth.

Normally, I’d feel self-conscious or whatever bullshit, lying here naked and vulnerable, but with him, with Trey, I feel anything but. I notice the way he swallows hard; the vein bounding in his neck as I reach for his hand.

“It’s just you and me,” I tell him with an encouraging nod, kneeling on the bed, my hands feeling up his torso, landing on his chest, heart hammering under my touch. “No one has ever made me feel as good as you.” The anxious look on his lips shifts to a half-smile.

He nods, letting out a sharp breath as I reach down, keeping my eyes on his face as I undo his pants, slipping my fingers underneath the waist, pulling them down.

I also quickly glance before looking back to those green eyes, Trey ruffles a hand through his hair as I can’t contain the grin that tugs on my lips. Let’s just say they definitely make things bigger in the south.

I kneel taller, letting my palms slide slowly up his chiseled chest before landing on his shoulders. With my eyes on his, the feeling of lust and complete desire taking over everything in my body. “You got this,” I whisper over his mouth. “Trust me, you do.”

He doesn’t waste another second as his lips cover mine, moving fast, matching the speed of our racing pulses, his hands caressing down my sides, palms landing on my waist. I wrap my arms around his neck, pulling him to the bed, his hot—literally and figuratively—body pressing me into the mattress. His fingers digging into the small of my back.

I can’t fight the moan that escapes as I raise my hips, letting his incredibly hard length glide over my center. The feeling, the pure rush from him moving against me has me already on the verge of a meltdown.

“Mm-hmm,” I coax him. My fingers threading through his thick, brown waves, our lips moving together in sync, opening and closing, tongues swirling together as our bodies beg for each other. I think we both need this release.

I close my eyes briefly as fast breaths fall from my lips, quiet groans sounding from Trey’s throat as our bodies rock towards each other, eager for more.

Cupping his face, I search his eyes, dilated pupils almost overtaking the fair color of his irises as I nod.

He swiftly grabs a condom from his pants pocket, quickly covering himself before gently laying back over me. With his face hovering over mine, the ends of his hair hanging down, tickling my cheek, nose to nose both of us just staring, getting lost in the other’s eyes.

Matching hard gasps leave our mouths as the tip of him teases over my entrance before pushing in. Trey slides his rough palms from under my back, gripping the top of my shoulders before easing himself into me, his watchful eyes on mine as he cautiously inches inside my aching core.

I wince, biting my lip as a quiet whimper leaves my mouth. The slight discomfort quickly dissipates. His fingertips dig into the skin of my shoulders, a loud groan ripping from his chest. His body shaking above me as he stills.

His eyes squeeze shut as hard breaths pants from his mouth. “I’m okay,” I whisper, sweeping the waves from the side of his face. “Keep going.”

Trey opens his eyes, his hands moving up from my shoulders, thumbs tracing my jaw line before sliding his fingers back through my hair. “Just give me a second,” he rasps out the words with a slight chuckle, burying his face in the crook of my neck. His sharp exhales, hot on my skin as the endorphins, just from him fully inside of me, rush into every cell in my body. His hips pinning mine to the bed.

After a few moments, he lifts his head, elbows propping on either side of me as sweat beads across his hairline. Reaching under his arms, I wrap mine around the tensed muscles of his well defined back.

Shaking his head with a grin, a few breathy laughs accompany it before his gaze shifts to my lips.

“Okay?” I ask. Obviously he’s having a moment or something here. I try to keep my body still, though my hips are literally imploring me to lift them.

“Great,” he replies, brushing a quick kiss over my lips. “Now, where were we?”

I let out a loud moan as his hips abruptly start moving, stretching me in the best way. His chest pressed against mine as low growls vibrate from Trey to me.

“Holy fuck!” I cry out, nails digging, clawing, scraping at the skin on his back. He leans up, bracing himself with his forearm. My mouth drops open, gasping for air. His thick length stroking my walls as he grips the nape of my neck.

“God, you feel so good,” his husky voice groans out the words as his forehead rests against mine, heated breaths fanning my face.

I can’t speak, can’t react, I barely whimper with a nod as my eyes grow wider, the pressure building each time he bucks inside me. His cock ramming, slamming, my heart fucking jamming.

His lips kiss mine as he thrusts with quiet grunts in time with his movements, rolling his hips, setting a perfect rhythm with steady strokes. My back arching off the bed, rising to meet each pound as our bodies move together feverishly, needy and impatient, craving more.

Okay, not more... there’s for real no room, but...


He pumps faster, picking up the pace as my hands slide from his back down to his ass, urging him to move harder, deeper as erotic sounds and panty wails fill the hotel room—no doubt giving the situation away to any neighbors.

Kissing his way down my neck, my collarbone, my chest. His mouth covers my nipple, gently biting, sending another jolt straight down.

My heart, pounding.

Breath, shuddering.

Body, screaming.

Brain... gone.

Hooking an arm under me, the other holding a firm grasp at the back of my neck, forcing my eyes to stay on him. Trey cups my ass, lifting me, I cry out at the angle, the intensity, everything escalating. The ever-loving feeling soaring to new heights. My legs wrap around him, ankles crossing. His pelvis slamming into me, deeper, faster than before.

His teeth graze my shoulder as my hands fall to the blanket. Gripping it, twisting it in my fingers as he relentlessly thrusts inside me, hitting all the right spots. Every cell in my body quivering as I teeter on the edge of that incredible feeling.

“Holy fuck!” I cry out again as the intensity builds, squeezing my eyes shut, hard gasps escaping from my mouth as he slams into me, over and over. Bodies smacking together, bed frame thumping into the wall.

“Briar,” his soft voice whispers as each and every atom in my body, hell, maybe the world, tenses, tightening, wanting to give in yet somehow not being able to. Bearing down as shock waves start surging through me.

“Oh, my God!” My vision goes black, I really think it does. I see stars, or blinding lights, or something.

“Let go,” his deep voice instructs in my ear. I snap my eyes open, met with those light green amazing ones. With a final thrust, I let the wave of intense euphoria flood through my body, clenching around him, my legs shake as his lips cover mine, swallowing the screams of pure ecstasy. My head falls back as I pulse around him, fireworks blast off, shooting from my fingers and curling toes.




“Yeah... that was a ten,” I mumble out the words after several moments of recovery. Trey’s spent body over the top of mine. Both of our chests heaving into each other, hearts hammering.

“I’d say.” He props up on his elbows, looking at me, cupping my cheek in his palm. “I hope you had a great birthday.” The level of sincerity, caring, and holy hell fucking skills this guy has is unparalleled.

I smile, still trying to gain some sense of consciousness—I seriously couldn’t even think—staring up at those green eyes, that disheveled hair, I admit the absolute truth, nodding my head.

“Best one yet.”

We lay there for quite a while, both basking in the insane gratification and relaxation a mind blowing orgasm can create—who knew? Okay, I’ve always heard it, but I gotta say that, up till now, sex was a slippery in and out. More so, like an annoying amount of friction that left me feeling meh. I get it... wrong partners. Too bad this is a matter of wrong timing. The build up was worth it, at least for me. And judging by Trey’s face, by the permanent smile plastered across his lips, I’d say he’s satisfied.

“So you never told me how you got out of your party?”

I breathe out a quiet chuckle as he lays behind me, his body—which is immaculate if you haven’t gotten the memo—molded against mine. One hand settled under his jaw, while the other grazes over my front, fingers tracing soft patterns on my naked skin. “Let’s just say... I did a little improvisation.”

“Do I not want to know?” he asks, his chest vibrating in silent laughter against my back.

“It’s probably for the best.”

Time slips by way too fucking fast, as it always does in moments like this. You know? The ones you wish could last forever, but ultimately, you know they can’t.

Both of us promising that we’ll look each other up if he ever comes north, or I head south. Also agreeing that we should keep these happenings in this room... some things just don’t need to be shared. That we are in two completely different places. That it was an amazing night.

I meant it when I said it, though. Best birthday yet.

“Hey,” a soft voice wakes me from one of the most restful—though, judging from his clothes and the time, we finally passed out—likely only two hours of sleep. Trey sits on the side of the bed, pulling the cover over my body, his warm palm rubbing down my arm before catching my hand, fingers intertwining with mine. “I have to go.”

I attempt to open my eyes, blinking, trying to orient myself to the almost pitch black room, the tiniest hint of light slipping out under the bathroom door.

“Stay asleep,” he whispers, leaning down and laying a soft kiss on my temple. I nod, nuzzling my face into the pillow. “You’re amazing, perfect. I hope you never change. You are my dream girl.”

He stands from the bed with a sigh, my sleepy brain not catching up with my mouth.

“Goodbye, Trey,” I mumble.

“Bye, Briar.”

And just like that... the door closes, he’s gone.

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Guys! First, thank you as always for reading, and your comments seriously give me life. This chapter is long af, honestly the length of two but I just couldn’t split it. I struggled, fugging struggled with the smut. But ya know, it’s the first draft and the show must go on. Hopefully you enjoyed, and sorry if you felt a little sad at the end, I did. But you know I like those wtf faces... it probs won’t be the last! Don’t forget to click that heart :)

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