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I like you like this.


I sit stunned, frozen, I’m pretty sure I’m paralyzed.

He gives me a look, inhaling a deep breath, shaking his head, muttering, “shit.” His warm, and shockingly dry, compared to mine, hand still clasped tightly around my own. “I got this, don’t worry,” he attempts to reassure me as I nod, excessively. Trey letting out a groan.

Of course excessively. What about me isn’t totally extra!?

The group of them, gaining on the vehicle in record time. Maybe I can just slink down in this seat and they won’t notice me?

I contemplate it for a split second.

Okay, I’m not stupid. Of course they know I’m here, I can see it in the shit-eating grin plastered on Teagan’s lips; she’s the current ringleader.

“Just do me a favor,” he says as he opens the driver’s side door, his eyes intent on me while I keep on with the bobble head thing. “Don’t freak out.” His grasp slips from mine. “I’ll handle this. I don’t wanna go backwards.”

I silently agree. A tight smile forces its way across my lips as my eyes open larger. Trey lifts from his seat, placing a brief kiss against my cheek as I gulp.

Okay, for real... he’s totally sweet.

My cheeks flush when I see the four of them come to a halt, mouths hanging open as they just witnessed the swift exchange. My heart pounds and my palms start with that clammy, itchy type of feel. I wipe them, kind of aggressively, over the black denim covering my legs, pulling my gaze—which I’m desperately trying to keep forced to a polite smile—from the four women. Don’t freak out... I can do this.

Wait... the one looks familiar. I mean, not the Teagan one, the other one.

“Oh, God,” I gasp out loud into the now vacant, well, minus me, truck. Okay, I can’t do this. The realization hitting me; it’s not actually all four of his sisters. I swallow the lump that has most definitely formed in my throat.

His mom.

My heart thuds harder against my ribcage, I tug on the black collar of my shirt, threatening to suffocate me.

I don’t do families, definitely don’t do moms. Are you kidding me right now? I mean, I’m not exactly sure why I don’t do them. In the past, if it had ever come up with a boyfriend, I’d just pull out my trusty old avoidance tactics. Picking up shifts, saying I had something else going on.

Lies, lies, lies.

What was the point, even? I always knew none of those relationships were headed anywhere. Plus, what if they didn’t like me, what if they wanted me to act a certain way? What if they thought I wasn’t good enough for their son?

Maybe Trey doesn’t want me to meet them, maybe he doesn’t want them to meet me? He’s not even my boyfriend, he’s my... well, whatever. We literally are doing things backwards here. But there’s definitely something, for sure it’s not nothing. And we can do things backwards, but I’m agreeing with the hottie currently up in arms—literally, his arms raised in the air as he meets the group of women—we, as in he and I, are not going backwards.

Deep breath.




Calming my breathing, that sped up once those insecure thoughts started creeping in, finding myself absently smiling at the scene playing out in front of me. Treys arms stretching to his sides—he’s got an impressive wingspan—looking like he’s trying to herd the group of them away, pushing them back towards the house. I spot the twinkles in each of their gazes, playfully swatting at their brother. Maybe I need to stop being such a scared bitch.


Is this what personal growth feels like?

Something changes, or I’m not exactly sure what goes on, because I can see it in each of their faces. His sisters, well, three outta four, his mom, all of them glance from Trey to myself, the level of excitement is palpable as Teagan flashes an extremely eager wave at me, nudging one of the others with her elbow, who follows suit, mirroring her gestured greeting.

The matching smiles spanning their lips, all with that same shade of brown hair, various lengths and highlights. But that medium dark kind of color, not like the almost black of my own strands, which I run my fingers through.

I catch his mother, who has some amazing genes, by the way—I’m pretty certain on my stroll down social-media-stalker-lane, that I’d spotted a picture of her stating it was her sixty-fifth birthday, and not too long ago—remaining quiet, at least that’s how it appears from my vantage point. Trey talking to his sisters that keep snooping around him, stealing glances of my no doubt, red face. But his mom, she doesn’t look over, her eyes stay on him, giving her handsome son a beautiful and absolutely adoring look, making my grin grow definitively larger.

And not gonna lie, it makes my heart—along with my stomach—flutter, in the best type of way.

Trey swipes a palm back through his wavy locks, shooting me a smile, one that could make my panties dissolve—oh, shit... totally forgot about them. Anyway, a slight uneasiness hinting across his lips disappearing as he sees me grinning back at him. Nodding as I flip my finger to myself and him, or to his family, or to whatever. Silently asking if I should go out there.

God, what am I doing!?

The way they’re staring at him, all of them having stopped in their tracks several yards from the spot his truck is now parked in, keys still in the ignition, engine purring. But the way their eyes are glued to his face, I think it’s not really about meddling. Well, at least it doesn’t seem like it. Anyway, it appears that they’re simply interested. Inquisitive about the current happenings of his life. And I realize the deep pull, the part of me that craves that so much.

How would I be if I’d ever had siblings of my own, would I wanna know more about their life?

I need to stop hiding. And I mean literally and figuratively. I sit up straighter against the leather seat, undoing the belt. The way I feel around him, the calm that floods my body. I like it, I actually want it. And the tantrum I had? I can’t. I mean yes, at the time I was seeing red, we’ve all been there, but when I think about him coming into that bathroom, the way his presence made me feel at ease, the way this whole interaction makes a smile perk on my lips.

I’m just wasting fucking time.

Before I can even process, before my mind can lunge into another cannonball, plunging into those excessive and off the wall thoughts I usually swim in all day, I’m pushing open the door, bottom of my shoes hitting the paved asphalt of his parents’ driveway.

Okay... what am I actually doing?

My brain is about to explode at the incredibly fast rate each of his sisters are speaking, but the high energy level has a grin constant on my face, my head pinging around to each of them, throwing out introductions with their matching hints of southern twang. Tori, Teagan, Tasha. That’s right, all the T’s, I commented, Trey giving me a quizzical look that I quickly dismissed, almost revealing my... let’s just say curious ways. My body shaking with the aftershocks of the rapid movements of my neck.

His mother looks on with a quiet smile, her gaze meeting mine repeatedly as she watches Trey slip his arm around my waist, palm landing on my hip with a gentle squeeze, eyes studying me as I briefly drop the rush of conversation with the ladies. Complimenting me on my hair, my clothes. Heat crawling up my neck. “Is this okay?” I whisper to him.


Are we doing this thing?

Well, I guess even if it’s only for a weekend. Safe to say, we totally chucked that entire casual thing straight out the window.

“I’m sorry, Briar.” Teagan wraps her arms around my back, pushing her brother to the side as he lets out a quiet groan. She pulls me into one of the tightest embraces I’ve ever had. My eyes travel to the side as I find Trey’s, giving him a soft smile. “It’s just we’ve heard so much about you.”

“You have?”

“Oh my gosh, yes.” Tori, I’m pretty certain she said she was the oldest, confirms. Her shorter hair, mirroring Trey’s mom’s, brushes over my cheek as she yanks me into a hug. His throat clears softly next to me. “From Chaz, I mean.” She leans back, examining my face, which I know is a new shade of pink.

“It’s true.” Tasha... yeah, Tasha chimes in, her extremely pregnant belly pressing into the front of me as she takes her turns with the hug-fest. “And we feel like we know you.”

“Okay,” he says, pulling me from her. “How ’bout you all give Briar maybe a little space,” Trey suggests, sliding his hand over my back. Replacing it around my waist, which feels strangely... comfortable.

They feel strangely comfortable.

What was I even starting to freak out for? I mean, yeah, this is a bit much. Totally not how I envisioned the weekend.

But ya know... I’m thinking, no, I know, that Court was right. Sometimes you gotta go with it, ride that wave.

Who am I?

“You must be the youngest sister,” I say, gaining a few chuckles. Directing my attention to Trey’s mom. The woman who has stood in the background, observing the fast burst of conversation with his same calm smile. Now I see where he gets it from; both things.

Maybe I do, do moms?!

“Well, now she’s the favorite,” Teagan remarks, delivering a wink, pulling on her sister’s arm, who yanks on the other one, leaving us to it.

And I’m not even... nervous.

“I’m sorry, we are all so much.” His mother, Vada, steps out in front of me, her bobbed dark hair framing her face, faint lines sprouting at the corners of her brown eyes as she studies me. “It’s just this is a small town, and you’re... Briar.” The way she says my name, the sincerity and genuine sweetness that fills her tone of voice makes my heart squeeze tighter in my chest. “We aren’t always like this.”

“Yes we are,” Teagan turns around, singing out the words, gaining a quiet chuckle from me in response.

I actually love this.

Is this what a big family is really like? I have nothing to compare it to.

Vada’s hand, that she’d briefly extended out towards me, waves in front of her. “I’m sorry, we are definitely huggers.”

I’ve noticed. And it feels... amazing.

She shakes her head, beaming at Trey and then back at me, scooping me up into one of the best mom-type of hugs. My body practically melts into hers, the smell of warmth, and cinnamon, and peaches invades my senses. This feels weird, and so good all at the same time. The overwhelming sensation like I might cry hits me in the nose.

What even?

Leaning back, her palms on each of my shoulders. “We’ve heard... we’ve heard so much about you for years. You are the apple of Chaz’s eye, and maybe someone else’s.” Her gaze flickers to her son, before she brushes a thumb over my cheek. “Where are you staying, sweet Briar?” she asks, tilting her head with a grin.

“I guess... I think... well, I’m gonna stay with Trey.”

I notice his stance immediately becoming rigid next to me, shoulders snapped back and his eyes pinging open. His mom tilts her head inquisitively for a moment before nodding, replacing a momentarily confused look with her cheery smile.

“Oh...” She claps her hands together in front of her. “Well, this will be lovely. I’ll get the guest room ready.”

“I thought you’d freak out,” Trey says once we’re in the confines of his grey painted room. I know, bro, me too. Having told his mom he’d give me his bed, that he’d sleep on the couch or wherever, telling me as we made our way to the third floor, a sort of attic type of space renovated into his bedroom, that his parents are kind of old school when it comes to sleeping arrangements. I smile to myself as I run a fingertip over the wall, my eyes darting around the fairly sizeable area. All kinds of pictures from when he was a kid, trophies and other childhood memorabilia.

“Me too.” I raise a shoulder as he turns to me, placing my suitcase at the foot of his bed, navy comforter covering the mattress neatly, but not in the crazy kind of OCD way. I’m not exactly sure who I am right now, but I like it. “I felt strangely calm.” Who knew it could take actual chaos to counter chaos? “I think I love your sisters.” I pinch my brows together as he shakes his head.

“No.” He rubs a hand against the back of his neck. “I meant about the whole me living with my parents’ thing. I mean, I sort of avoided telling you because...” He frowns. “I didn’t want you to think I was a loser.”

I laugh, a snorty and likely very unattractive chuckle. “Trey.” I walk over to him. “Have we met?” I tip up on my toes, letting my arms wrap around his body, resting my chin at the top of his chest. “My parents fund my entire life. You’re at a crossroads, I’m at my final destination.”

“I don’t think that’s true.”

I shrug. His lips sweep over mine.

Why does this feel like the most normal, not normal, weirdest way of meeting someone and I’m bizarrely calm? Did I finally rid myself of all the doubts, the bullshit, the nonsense that typically riddles my mind?

Probably not, but I’m going with it.

His eyes meet mine, lips scrunching to the side, giving a sheepish smile. “So, you’ve made it through the gauntlet,” he jokes. “But... you still have to meet Tara.” He sighs after saying her name.

“She’s the one closest to your age, right?”

“I never told you that.”

“Sure you did,” I reply, squinting my eyes with a ridiculous smile.

“You been stalking me, Hayes?”


Trey waits for me as I get ready in the small bathroom attached to his area. Doing my quickest freshen up because... let’s be real, there are a few things that need some taking care of. Donning a pair of, well... lace, however, fully intact underwear—I keep forgetting to ask what happened with the scrap I assaulted him with. Okay, assault is a bit of an overstatement. Though, technically there were body fluids... I mean, that’s grounds for—nah, nope, been doing well, no going backwards. Shaking my head, that entire argument or whatever feeling so far away, how’d we cover this ground so fast?

Whatevs, feels nice.

He’d ushered me straight upstairs before I met the rest of the crew. His mom rushing to get me a fresh towel, the warm smile never leaving her face. Loud squeals and noises carrying from the back of the house as Trey had guided me up two flights of stairs. The floors on each level, covered in a deep cherry type of wood, a dusting of a floral scent hitting my nostrils. Soft colors coating the walls, small accents decorating the space. Minus his room, that has a speckled grey, and still smells new, carpet coating it.

“I thought you had a house?” I ask, opening the bathroom door, meeting Trey’s eyes as I shuffle through my suitcase. He leans back on the bed, large palms resting at his sides, fingers splayed on the cover.

“I did. I do,” he explains, his lips tugging to a frown. “It’s been under contract three times now. I didn’t want to live there. Honestly, this saves me a ton of money. I’ll be out once I’m back on my feet.” He lifts a shoulder. “Plus, my mom is a superb cook.” He throws his head back with a breathy laugh.

“That would do it for me.” I offer him a wink, looking for a new shirt. “I love to eat.”

“Yeah?” he asks, walking up behind me, the light touch of his fingertips trailing down my arms, his chest pushing into my back before he covers my hands with his palms. “Don’t change,” his deep voice hums in my ear. “I like what you’re wearing.”

“Hmm.” I turn around, tilting my chin to his face, his tongue licking suggestively over his lips. “What are you doing?” I narrow an eye, attempting to raise a single brow—damn, still can’t do it. Trey backs me up, walking us slowly across the room.

“Something you love.”

“And what’s it have to do with?” I ask, enjoying this playful part of him. Shuddering as his lips slowly graze the side of my neck. A quiet groan escapes my throat.

“Eating,” he says simply, against the lobe of my ear, reminding me once again of the growing ache in my stomach.

“Perfect.” I smile as he continues his slow assault, pecking soft kisses down to my collarbone, his hands moving from my arms to the waist of my jeans, fingers expertly—of course—finding the button and zipper.

“Wait.” My eyes, that somehow closed, getting a little lost in the moment, pop open. “What are you... what are you doing?”

“What’s it look like?” his voice, a few octaves deeper, replies as he slips his palm under my new panties. I gasp as he glides his fingers between my legs, coating them with the growing arousal that’s been there since... well, since the second I stepped off the plane. “If I have you for two days, I’m stealing all the moments I can.”

Okay, I really, really really like this Trey.

“Your family... everyone is right downstairs.” My words come out shaky.

Who is this unfamiliar voice of reason?

“Mm-hmm,” he mumbles, gripping my hair, scooping it into a ponytail as he wraps his fist around it several times, pulling my head back to look at him. Wow. Also, this is alright. My mouth drops open as heavy breaths exhale from my lips. His eyes look multiple shades darker, thick lashes curling over them. “So you better be quiet while I eat you out if you don’t want them to know.”

My jaw just hit the carpeted floor.

Lowering to the ground in front of me, taking my pants and underwear with him, Trey offers a naughty grin. A naughty grin? Yeah, it absolutely is.

Who is this guy? Who am I? What is happening. How in the—

“Oh my, God!” I quietly—as quietly as I can—moan out the words the second his tongue connects between my legs, lapping my heated core before his lips head straight to my clit, sucking hard as I weave my fingertips through his hair. “I owe you one,” he hums. His voice, thick with lust, vibrating through me, already making my back arch, going straight back to work.

“Holy—” I groan, tilting my head back. One palm gripping to his gorgeous locks, the other clutching tight to the edge of the wooden dresser.

He licks, and sucks, and what the fuck... I’m already there. My slick center clenching around his fingers, pumping fast with precision, curling as he reaches that spot inside me. His tongue darts over my incredibly sensitive bud. My body jerking forward, mouth hanging open, panting, like pretty loudly panting as his relentless strokes with all his amazing things work in sync, in perfect harmony.

“Trey.” His name falls from my lips as I swallow hard. That tightening, twisty, euphoric feeling building in my stomach, making me tense around him.

Hooking my thigh over his shoulder, his lust-filled eyes gaze up at me, stopping briefly to mumble, “Briar.” My hips moving, guiding me over his face.

“Uh-huh,” I breathe out.

“I want.” His tongue swirls over my clit.

A whimper leaves my mouth.

“You.” His fingers thrust deep inside me.

I try to stifle the moan that rips from my chest.

“To.” His lips suck.

I gasp, losing it, the last word becoming lost between my legs as I shake around him. Biting my bottom lip to stop the insane sounds that are begging to leave my body. Reaching an incredible and shockingly easy climax. Trey’s fingertips gripping the skin of my thigh, holding me to him while I ride out this addictive feeling on his fucking face.

Oh, the last word. I’m sure you guessed it.

He told me to come.

But I promise you, I was already there.

“So, how was that?” he asks, giving me a minute to get over my full body convulsions. Standing in front of me, delivering a sly grin.

“A ten,” I mumble. ”Definitely a ten.”

“Good. Because I plan on doing it a lot this weekend.”

“I’m down with it.” I let out a totally spent chuckle. My entire body feels like it’s made of jello as I lean my forehead against his chest, his heart thumping loudly, making me smile.

“Not bitch tits, anymore?”

“For sure not,” I mumble, nuzzling my face into his white shirt. “I was the bitch tits, I'm sorry.”

“It was a pretty solid insult.” He rests his chin on the top of my head. “You aren’t though. I happen to think you have nice tits, not bitchy at all.”

“Thanks.” I let out a laugh. “I like you like this.”

“I like me like this, too,” Trey replies. “I like you like this.” His arms wrap around the back of my neck.

That’s a lot of likes.

But ya know what... whatever.

I look up at him. He tucks a strand of hair behind my ear. “I like me like this... too.”

A/N: well... that was a lot for one chapter, but here you have it. Anyway, I was ready to get these two moving, obvi; we know how they end up. And clearly if you’ve read my stuff, you know a mustache ride is mandatory.

Thoughts? Comments? Keep in mind, Briar is an only child. Trey’s family is overbearing, but I think they did pretty well. I wanted her reaction to not be what anyone thought, so hopefully I delivered. And I’m looking forward to both MCs figuring out who they really are.

I had an amazeeeee girls trip, but I wanna say one thing. I had a stupid amount of hateful comments on both platforms while I was gone. It is despicable and disgusting to have to read that shit, not to mention how bad it fucks with a writer’s head.

I’m over it.

Not having it.

If you wanna spew hate on any of my stories, which are all first drafts, from an amateur writer, still learning, you can honestly jump off.

For those of you who always stick by me, I appreciate you.

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