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Now it's a party


I let my palm trail over the deep reddish-brown stained wood of the railing, the walls a stark white, but with all the added pops of color, it works.

Having taken a deep breath, because while yeah, I’m doing this, facts are facts, we kinda went from zero, to negative fifty, to one hundred, in a matter of minutes. A solid inhale is in order.

Making my way down the two flights of stairs, I’d told Trey to go ahead, didn’t want his family to think some wild mustache ride or something like that was happening in their son’s childhood room.

Totally wasn’t, not at all. Just a very PG little... yeah, bullshit.

And he plans on doing it more. Yup. Okay. For sure am definitely cool with that.

I have never, and I mean never never, gotten a lip licking—okay, kinda cringe—finger smash, clitty bang-bang quite like that. I’m still here, still random as fuck, just kind of, I don’t know, focusing my chi and shit.

No lie, something about these orgasms he’s provided, what now? Three times—not like I’m counting. But for real, in the past, anything in the oral department felt... obligatory. A means to get to a dicking end.

But with Trey, everything feels like... more. I get why they call it a release. Because I, one million percent, feel like I’ve exercised some demons.

Can I get an AMEN!

For real though, not just that. Trey asked me, in all seriousness, if I was okay. Saying he had no intentions of bombarding me with his family, especially like this. I mean, staying here and in his room?

But I chewed the thought over, not for any longer than a second, and nodded my head, saying I was, in fact, fine. And damn, it’s actually true. I’m more than fine, I don’t even know why. Like I said, I felt some sort of comfort around them, not like anything I thought I would.

Not to mention, the fuck was I gonna really do? Hide in the truck and pretend like I didn’t see them. No thanks to that. I know for certain that would’ve gotten me a much swifter judgment.

If you’d told me all this, just twenty-four hours ago, when I had no inkling in my head that I was even destined to be on a plane to Georgia. Well, destined might not be the appropriate word, Court had a heavy hand in orchestrating that whole thing. Regardless, if you told me I’d be here... with him. That we’d bang in his truck—I’d believe that part, get real—that I’d say something I actually meant... that we’d have a fight... that I’d admit feelings...

Fucking feelings!?

Yeah, I’d have laughed in your face.

But I did feel them, I’ve felt them since, well, maybe the first time I laid eyes on him. Okay, maybe not that time, I was a little inebriated—what can ya do? But definitely that night, my birthday.

So why’d I run from them?

Serial avoider, remember?

But maybe it really is time to try something new.


I make my way down the final few steps. How flipping big is this place? My eyes traveling over the various colored frames all filled with candid pics, not uniform at all like the house I grew up in. These are totally mismatched, all with unique designs, different sizes. Somehow, it’s absolutely perfect.

The noise of voices all talking at once, the giggles and laughter traveling through the air makes me smile and fills me with a sinking feeling all at the same time.

Studying multiple Christmas photos on the wall of Chaz tucked right in with Trey’s entire fam, his face lit up. And even though I’ve met them for all of about two minutes, I can already see why.

Makes my heart drop for him, and even a little for myself. If I’m being honest, though, our stories are totally different.

I wonder which feels worse?

Having parents who aren’t physically there, or ones who aren’t emotionally. Because I know the lack of love I’ve felt, that void that feels suddenly a little less empty, filled by strangers no less.

Well, I know that feeling sucks.


“What’s your favorite color?” Macie, or maybe it’s Lexi... I’m having a hard time keeping them all straight, asks me.

Molly grabbed my hand right away, leading me to the back room, this great big open space, windows on the three enclosed sides, running the length of the entire bottom floor of the house. That same reddish wood with crisp white cushions on the wicker furniture. Accented with bright green plants and what I’m thinking are hundreds of little glass designed stars, in all sizes and colors, suspended from the ceiling.

She had all her cousins line up and introduce themselves to me; ages from two to twelve, each one cuter than the last. Made brief introductions of Trey’s father, who gave me a quick smile and told me he’d be hiding outside if I needed an escape plan, and his three brother-in-laws. All friendly and polite, but kept looking at his sisters and back at me with raised brows.

“Yeah, yeah,” Piper—I’m pretty sure—asks, my head sifting through all the different little girls looming around Trey and me. “Favorite color?”

“Sorry, I know this is a lot,” Trey whispers, not caring about his sister’s inquisitive eyes that have been watching every move with beaming grins. He must’ve told them to go easy or something, because the three of them have been ultra quiet, lips pressed together. With his arm draped over my shoulder, despite the fact that two of his nieces are braiding, well, I think they’re knotting my hair. The littlest one of the group, Violet, cuddled on his lap, seriously making me feel like another puddle is about to develop.

Oof, too far, too far.

“It’s not.” I let my eyes drift to his, only a few inches away. Taking a few breaths, I counter his half- frown with a grin. “It’s actually... nice.”

“Yeah?” he asks, the word hardly audible, his face moving even closer, a hint of the beer he’s been sipping laced on his breath.

I nod my head.

“Favorite color, Briar?” One of the girls who’d weaseled her way behind the sofa to give me a makeover gives a gentle tug on my hair, bringing me out of...

Okay, what the shit was that!?

“Pink,” I reply, without even a second thought. It’s really a toss up between pink and black, but something about that brightness, I don’t know, I just seem to gravitate to it. I shake my head and peel my stare from those sexy. No, this is Trey’s sweet looking eyes. I’m met with the T’s—I feel like this is how we should refer to them—settled on the couch opposite us, ridiculously cheesy and adoring looks on their faces.

“I feel like pink is definitely your color,” Trey says over the high-pitched chatter in front of us. “That’s what color makes me think of you.”

I blush. Sure do.

I’ve never, ever, had a man speak to me like this before. I’m talking both ways, okay, three ways. First, one that says a color reminds him of me. Though, if I think about it, I’d say he’s like a dark green, not an emerald, more like a forest shade. A little mysterious, yet ultimately beautiful. The depth, made even more brilliant by its surroundings.

Fuck. What!?

The other way was during the truck fight; you know the what the fuck that started this whole tale spin into... yeah, what the fuck.

The fact that he just kinda laughed while I was losing my shit, I mean, it made me mad but also he let me say my peace. Then he stood up for himself. Didn’t call me a bitch, that’s usually what’s happened in the past, remember Austin? Ugh. Didn’t get all pissy about the honestly stupid shit I called him. But he did wait his turn and then fired off a calm and collected response. And most importantly, he didn’t let me stomp off.

Yeah, haven’t experienced that before.

And the third... the third. Okay, if you are ever riding cowgirl on a man’s face and they legit tell you to come while stimulating every single part of you, while staring up with those eyes. With those fucking amazing, and we already know, magical fingers digging, gripping, burning into your skin.

It’s fucking hot.

As different as those three things are, those three different sides of Trey. When you put it all together, it just... works.

And I gotta say. I actually love it.

I mean, I love those things about him.

“What’s yours?” I ask the gaggle of little girls before us, who simultaneously decide that pink is the new collective favorite.

“Alright little ones, out, go out to the fire with Pop and your daddies, I can’t take this anymore.” Tasha blurts out. “The two of you are just way too cute.”

The heat crawling from the back of my neck smacks my cheeks in record time. Trey lets out a soft groan next to me, but I can tell by the lightness of it he’s smiling. His hand slides from my shoulder, clamping around my waist.

Affection is really not a hidden thing with this family.

“Alright,” Tori says, rubbing her palms together as the three of them scoot to the edge of their seats. “So how’d you meet?”

“She means how long ya been doin’ each other?” Teagan cuts in with an unapologetic shrug, flinging her light brown hair with subtle slivers of blonde highlights over her shoulder. Each of their hair lengths varying, but each completing the oval shape of their faces. Not the same square type of jaw Trey and his mother seem to have.

“Obviously Chaz set them up,” Tasha replies.

“No chance,” Teagan adds with a smirk. “When I asked our baby brother that, he looked like he’d seen a ghost. I think”—she twirls a finger in a whirling motion. Lip completely cocked on one side, brows jumping over her pale green eyes. “I think these two are flying under the radar.”

“Did you know Chaz has a girlfriend?” Tori scrunches her nose, directing her question at me.

“He does?” The other two ask in unison, focusing on their sister sandwiched in between them. Trey letting out quiet grunts from his nostrils, body slightly shaking into mine.

“I do.” I frown slightly, nodding my head, feeling bad just for a moment that I haven’t kept up with him as much lately. He’s asked multiple times if I’d come and visit, go out with him and Danielle. I don’t know... the third-wheeling hasn’t really been appealing to me.

Plus, left that shit kind of on a weird note.

“What’s she like? What’s he like with her? I wonder if she’ll come for Christmas? What if they get married? What if he found the one?”

The questions keep firing left and right, though I’m honestly relieved they shifted focus from Trey and me. I don’t even know how to answer these. And while I really can’t get a word in, I’m obviously used to a fast-paced mind, and I’m enjoying the banter they’re having back and forth.

“Baby Trey.” Teagan shakes her empty glass, the ice cubes clinking against the sides. “Can you be a peach and get us all some drinks?” Her eyes slide to mine. Tasha lets out a whiny grumble, obviously none for her. “I’d say you owe me one after the solid advice I gave you... earlier.”

Once Trey walks from the room to the kitchen, the three of them lean even further forward, elbows to their knees.

“So, Briar,” Tori says, attempting to keep her lips forced to a straight line. I raise my brows.

“What are your intentions...” Tasha raises a single eyebrow. Damn family traits. I sit up straighter.

“With our little brother.”


Walking into the kitchen, Briar facing away from my view. Only my three sisters, talking quietly and leaning forward, swinging their eyes from her to me, are in my line of sight.

I shake my head. Watching her shoulders tense under her long dark hair, I almost whip back in there, I knew I shouldn’t have left her. But relief washes over me when I hear her infectious laugh ring out as her body relaxes.

“She seems to be holding her own,” my mother says, eying me up, tilting her head before taking the empty glasses from my hands.

It’s true, too. And seriously, I’m surprised, but not totally. When I saw my sisters and my mother hug her, the way her arms wrapped tight around each one of them, the way she moved in towards them and not away, I could see that softer side of Briar I’ve only caught glimpses of.

“She reminds me of Chaz,” My mom’s soft voice speaks low enough that the crowd noise overpowers her, leaning her head against my arm. Pulling out the chair at the kitchen counter, I sit while she pours whatever type of boozy drink the ladies have requested.

“Hm?” Scowling, I throw her a look, tilting my head back. Her lips twist up to a smile.

“You know what I mean.” Swatting a playful hand at my arm, she nods in their direction. “She’s an only child, right?”

“Oh, yeah... right.”

“That’s how I was, too,” she mumbles with a frown. “That’s how Chaz is. Remember the first time you brought him?” She lays her head on my shoulder with a sigh, glasses clinking down on the tan speckled island. “So wrapped up with your sisters and brother-in-laws, obsessed with the kids.”

“Yeah,” I agree, grinning, my attention drifting from my mom’s as Briar turns her head, gaze finding mine. Her brown eyes widening as she beams, falling in with them like it’s the easiest thing in the world.

“You got such a complex that Chaz was so into them all.”

I scrunch my nose with a scoff. The smell of whatever pizza my dad has cooking on the wood fire outside wafting into the kitchen area. “I did not.”

“Did too. I was that way. When I met your father, I was completely taken with the fact that his family was so big. I craved that, I needed it. It’s something I’m glad you and your sisters will never know. That’s why I had all of you. So no one would ever get lonely.”

“Yeah.” Turning to prop my forearm over the countertop, I stare at the back of Briar’s head. A smile tugging on my lips. So, that makes a little more sense.

“Plus, you know we’re all amazing.”

I let out a single breathy chuckle. “Well, I’m definitely not lonely.”

“Sorry.” She takes a step back, throwing her hands up in front of her. Short brown hair shaking against her chin as she shrugs. “That one was all Teagan. You know how she is. We’ve heard stories about the elusive Briar for years. You had to know we’d need to lay our eyes on her.” She shoots me a fast wink.

“I don’t even know what this”—I lift a shoulder, staring down at my finger tracing the specs on the countertop—“is.”

My mother doesn’t offer too much more as far as words of wisdom go. She hands me the three drinks and sends me on my way, saying I know what it is.

Okay, I gotta get Briar out of here before they legitimately scare her off, planning a wedding or some shit.

“Bless you, bless you,” Tori says as I pass them their drinks.

“You are all bitches,” Tasha grumbles.

“Did they grill you too hard?” I ask Briar, who takes the glass from my hand, shaking her head.

Before I get the chance to sit back down, to buffer the questions I’m sure they spat at her, the front door flies open.

“Party’s here!” Tara yells out, still in her scrubs, arms stretched out to the sides. “Sorry, y’all, my shift was crazy.”

The smile drops from my lips when I see the blonde-haired female standing behind her. “I brought a work friend with me,” she announces. Both of them flipping their shoes off by the door.

You gotta be kidding me!

“Trey,” she calls across the room at the same exact time Briar turns her head. “You’re well acquainted with Amy.”

I hear a few chokes, some coughs, and several chuckles.

Tara’s eyes meet mine before shifting to Briar’s, giving me a confused look.

“Well, shit,” Teagan mumbles. “Now it’s a fuckin’ party.”

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