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This is...



What the fuck!?

Yeah, let's go with that one.

Trey's focus glimpses to mine with a look of alarm, head darting between his sister, Tara—I presume, especially by the way her jaw has that same square edge, more like his than the other T's—and me. Her eyes bulging, as if they're about to pop out of her head, lips jammed to an extremely tight line, dimples splicing into her cheeks. Same as Trey, deeper one on the left.

Vada rushes from the kitchen to the front door after shooting Trey a glance with her brows raised. Flicking her eyes, a deep crease slicing between them at the three on the sofa, who look like they're front row, center for a Jerry Springer show, lips sucked between their teeth. Teagan looks like she's fighting back laughter as Tasha delivers a swift elbow jab.

I keep my focus on them, straight ahead, back currently turned towards the situation—or whatever you wanna call it—that just walked through the front door, introducing herself to their mother with a high pitched and overly eager voice.

Come on... like I said, I'm not stupid. I can tell by the way her voice rings out, the way she tucked a strand of blonde hair behind her ear while batting her lashes at my... well, my my. By the way Tara insinuated that her work friend was Trey's acquaintance, that this is in fact, his nothing serious.

My heart drops a little, just a little, not a lot. And the immediate feeling starts to spread through my body, straight up to my face, stinging the back of my throat. Also, that could be the drink.

I sit, awkwardly sipping—okay, I'm gulping—from the glass he handed me.

"I'm sorry," he breathes the words. "I'll, uh..." His gaze lifts from mine, to behind me where he's having some sort of unspoken conversation with his sister. Head tilting left and right, jaw tensing as he stands blinking, before his eyes close.

Hello elevated level of unpleasantry, you're new here.

"Ladies," their mother begins. "I think we better go out and check on the kids." She directs a harsh scowl at the three as she enters the back room. Her shoes taping softly across the wood floor, eyes drifting to mine, then to her son yet again, with a widening look as if to say fix this.

And can we note? She gave blondie a very brief handshake. And I don't know why, but it makes me feel a little better. A smug hint of a smirk twists my lips.

Okay. I do know why. So that unpleasant feeling... I know what it is. We all know what it is. Strangely enough, though, I've never really felt it before. Well, just recently, at the gas station, but that was clearly aimed at the wrong person.

"You didn't check your phone?" Tori hisses out across the room, just in time for me to whip my head around—deciding to keep my cool, at least for now—as Tara offers a bewildered shrug in response.

Well... I guess let's see how this shit plays out.

Also, I'd like to take a moment here to reflect... poor Trey. Come on. This shit is all literally happening at record speed. Imagine he came to see me, and we saw Jonathan or whatever. I'm sure you expected some fit of rage or jealousy, but here I am... Zen as fuck.

Though I may be loud, or fast with the tongue—gah, his tongue—and even more so with my thoughts, I actually am not a huge fan of confrontation, despite my earlier antics. So there's that.

Standing up from the couch where I've been seemingly cemented to, I draw in a deep breath, letting the pink liquid of whatever drink—it's actually lovely, tastes like a mix of vodka, pink lemonade, and Prosecco. All three solid players.

Anyway, I let the remaining half glass of the alcohol funnel down my esophagus in a boozy rush, already feeling the heat creeping up my neck.

Okay, or... it's from the situation.

Can I also say, while Trey said that it was nothing serious... the way she is looking at him—more like gazing—the way he seems uncomfortable, rubbing his palms, teeth scraping his bottom lip, as his chest rises and falls much faster under his white tee, tells me a different story.

I think?

Was it... something more?


What the fuck!?

"Hi, Trey," the new chick—that my mind has already decided to dislike—says as she strides into the back room, her quizzical stare shifting briefly to mine, before narrowing back in on him. "Hope this is okay? Wasn't totally sure if you were ready for the whole meet the family thing..." Her hands raise in the front of her pale blue scrubs, matching Tara's outfit, who's standing behind her, mouthing what the hell, to Trey. Maybe me? Who knows?


Ready for the meet the family thing?

I thought he said it wasn't serious?

Meeting the family is serious.

But okay, also, here I am. What are we even? Though, up till now I've for sure been having a lovely time.

"Tara," Trey begins to say, his jaw clenching, chest heaving out under his white tee as he sucks in a sharp breath. "Um... Amy." He doesn't look her way. That's a bonus. "This... this is—"

"Briar," Tara finishes for him, slowly. Sliding her uncomprehending stare to her brother. Blinking long and dark lashes over brown eyes. "I thought you said that was never gonna happen?" she mumbles the words so low, I can just barely make out the entirety, as Annie, or whatever her name is, opens her mouth and directs her attention to me.

"Aw, Briar's such a cute name."

All our heads whip to the blonde, her teeth pressed to a smile, you know, one of those smiles. Bitch, I created that smile! I feel my lips curve. Tara cringes. Trey's shoulder tenses next to me. I fight the urge to crack my neck, as well as my knuckles.

Okay, I'm doing it in my head, for sure.

"Thanks," I reply, sugar-coated voice on full blast.

"Can I..." Trey says, directed at Tammy, Cami, your face about to get a slammy. "Can I talk to you"—Tara nods a single time at him—"outside?"

"Sure," Rainy replies. Okay, I know her fucking name. It's just this... feeling. And I don't like this feeling. Nope, not one bit.

Here's another thing. I'd mentioned it earlier, like way back, that Austin—ew—had been with other women. I honestly gave zero fucks about it. Why? I don't know, I just didn't. I couldn't have cared less, though always with the condoms, because, well, you know. But, I never felt this clawing feeling in my spine, this rush—and not a good one—surging inside my stomach, this stinging hitting somewhere in my jaw, making it tighten, nostrils flaring ever so slightly.

"Well, nice to meet you, Briar." Everyone stands in silence, kind of a collective cluster fuck. "I'm Trey's... well, I guess I'm kind of his girlfriend."

"What!?" Both Tara and her brother shoot out the word in unison, as I snap my arms across my chest.

Full meltdown, conniption fit, psycho-mode commence in...




Just fuckin' with ya.


"That's nice," I toss out the words through gritted teeth, jerking my head to the side, meeting Trey's raised brows, almost completely lost in his hair. Both he and his sister looking almost identical, it's annoying, but also cute.

Okay, so he ushers her outside, pretty fast when he noticed the oh snap look forming on my face. Out to the front, not the back, though I suspect at least one of his other sisters has probably had her ear up to the window trying to get the full scoop. Not that I can fault them.

Anyway, before that, he whispered. No, he actually said it fairly loud. First, he said my name, which for some reason drips from his tongue each time like melted butter. What!? Then he reminded me that we are not going backwards, placing a soft squeeze on my hip, asking me to give him two minutes, glaring at his sister and telling her to stay put.

"I am..." She shakes her head, the loose waves dangling from her messy bun move along with her. "I am so sorry," Tara rushes out. "I've been pushing her on him, and really I shouldn't. I think they've been on two or three dates. It's not serious, he's not serious. I mean, clearly she is serious or has some sort of delusional mind that I knew nothing about. But I would have never, never ever, brought her here if I'd have known, if I..."

Her face flushes, brows knitted together with an apologetic frown. I let my arms fall from the front of me, way more relaxed. Letting out a breathy laugh from my nostrils at her fast range of words.

"It's okay." I wave a hand. "Well, I'm not okay with a... girlfriend."

This could be whatever, but cheating? Nope, not having it.

She grunts, shaking her head. "She's totally not. Honestly, I've just been trying to get Trey to get back out there, and while sometimes he needs a nudge... If I'd have known you were here. If I'd known you two were... well, whatever you have going on. If I'd have known you were going to be here—Wait, how are you here? I don't mean to be rude, but Trey tells me a lot... like, I know about you guys back in New York."

"You do?" I blink a few times.

"Of course." She flips her palm up beside her. Okay, I definitely spy a listening ear by the window. No shocker there. "Well probably not all the details." She chuckles uncomfortably. "Which I am fine with."

My face flushes. He told his sister about me? Obviously, they know about me. But like Tasha, or Tori, or whoever said, I figured it was through Chaz. My heart does that weird pitter patter.

What's with all these new fucking feelings!?

"He just said you didn't want... more?"

I lift a shoulder, my eyes slowly raising to hers as I bite the inside of my cheek.

Also, how are they all so easy to talk to? I just met this chick, and I feel like I could discuss... well, maybe not Court level things, but definitely more than a person I've had a ten second exchange with.

Even the other three, when they asked me what my intentions were, which, how cute? They silmultaneously broke out into laughter saying they were just fuckin' with me. Immediately we began discussing hair products, go-to makeup, bullshit like that.

"So he finally got the nerve." A proud smile dances across Tara's lips.

"Well, I kind of... I sort of called him."

"God!" she exclaims. "Even better."

We stand there in this atrium sort of room. She asks me why the hell her brother would have sicked the entire family on me, right out the gate. I explain the whole Teagan, Molly, gas station situation.

She doesn't even bat a lash, rolling her eyes, telling me they're all far too invested in Trey's business. Not so much because they wanna smother him, but because he's a good guy. They just want him happy.

I tell her about the accidental video call, which led to Court pushing the situation, me helping with the interior design of the club. Getting out of the truck, meeting the fam, and saying I was gonna stay with Trey, not knowing he was living with their parents. And yeah... here we are.

Also, phew, that was a lot.

"Okay, so what do you say we, or I, go save him from the mess I made?" She nods towards the front of the house. Though we had an entire conversation, in reality, it took about a minute.

Speed talkers unite.

"Sounds good."

"Briar, it really is nice to meet you." Tara spins her head around to face me after turning towards the door. "Sorry it's strange, and maybe we can... hang out before you leave. You know, just us, I mean, and Trey."


"He's my baby brother." She pauses with her hand on the knob, Laney's shrill voice ringing out from the front porch. "I just want what's good for him."

I nod.

"He hasn't been the same since..."

"His ex. Yeah..." I mimic her half-frown. "I heard about her."

Tara's head tilts to the side, lips curl so her cheek bunches up. "I wasn't going to say that. I was gonna say... since you."

I stand there frozen, feet glued to the entryway floor, a ridiculous grin spreading across my face. Tara squeezes a hand over my arm and I think my chest puffs out.

"You're a dick!" Amy—yeah, yeah, that's right—spits the words at Trey who shakes his head, a long breath blowing out from his lips. His hands up in front of him.

"No." Tara walks across the white wooden porch, stepping in front of her brother, not even coming close to his height. Trey shoots me a worried frown and I respond with a cringe face. "He's definitely not." I think I see her flash her teeth, the words coming out in a low-ish growl.

She's in the past, even if it's the recent past, and I like this whole not going backwards.

He and I do that weird gazing thing that we seem to have become so fond of, while Tara defends her brother's honor. She's got this on her own. Trust me, I don't need to step in.

Trey's lips curve up, realizing he's not gonna get the same Briar fire reaction from earlier, eyes large as he drags his hand through the hair that's fallen over the sides of his face. I lean against the side of the house, totally zoning out of the convo.

Well, sorta.

Anyway, I'll wrap it up.

Poor Amy, who seems to have caught whatever bug I've contracted, was trying to sink her claws into Trey. And I can't blame her on this. He really is a catch. So she says a few things, mouth spitting fire. Yup, know about that life. She finally gives it a rest, but not before shooting me a death glare.

Too bad. So sad.

"Well..." Her teeth clench, arms folded across her blue top. "Maybe you'll have better luck than I did."

Quirking a brow—ugh, both brows—I stand up straight from the door. Throwing her shitty look back at her, though still... surprisingly calm as fuck.

"He couldn't even get it—"

"Amy!" Tara hisses out her name, Trey smacks a palm over his face with a groan.


Stepping in.

"Aw, well, sorry 'bout that. But I assure you," I say, strolling over next to him, my eyes staying on her scorned blue irises, face beet red. Poor girl. I get it, he's a sight, a package, a perfect ten. "He's not had any problems in that department, with me."

She scoffs, Tara snorts, Trey almost chokes.

Oh well, it's messy.

But for now, for this moment in time, even if for just the few days I'm here.

He's mine.

And I mean all mine.

A/N: Deuces Amy. You never stood a chance 🤪🤪

Thanks for reading, commenting, voting! Appreciate it for reals! Creds for the term "Briar fire" to AlexaWarren1 lol. Amazing way to describe her temper🔥😈❤️💅🤷‍♀️

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