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I'm in trouble


An alert chimes on my phone and I jump into action faster than my dress hit the floor on prom night. Just kidding, it didn’t. Like I said, Chaz has always taken the overprotective thing to an extreme. For real though, by the time senior prom rolled around, my prospects were nil. I mean it. I went with a strictly platonic, utterly uninterested in female anatomy date. It was still fun. But you get what I’m sayin’.

I was like an untouchable until I went away to college, and even by then, I think I developed a complex that a lot of guys just weren’t attracted to me. Thanks for fucking with my confidence, Chaz. Okay, not his fault, but it’s easy to see how something, done even with the best intentions, can ultimately backfire.

Trey telling me they all had the hots for me definitely gave me a nice little ego boost, not to mention the way I feel around him. I don’t know, like I can just be me. Also, feeling mega relaxed after the double click that almost opened my browser. Okay... that one’s cheesy. But all day I’ve been thinking about it, maybe acted on it once. Fine, twice.

I’m trying not to be all that pouty that my poor vag won’t know the magic that could’ve existed with his fingers, that tongue, and don’t get me started on what I felt in his pants—pretty sure the outline provided enough evidence that he’s packin’. I mean, what’s a girl to do? Those come hither fucking phalanges left me with a major ache.

The text sounds on my phone again, breaking me out of my lustful memory. Damn, I’m thirsty. Another loud chime and I check my phone. The message makes me spring into action. Trying to destroy the evidence of my super productive day. That means a two-hour nap, followed by an hour or so of trash TV, and a smorgasbord of all my leftovers, spanning across his coffee table.

“Shit!” I yell out, grabbing the plates of reheated food, soggy as all hell, and honestly, I feel a little disgusted with myself for picking at them over the past several hours. Well... could be worse.

Anyway, I turn on the faucet to deter myself from grazing on any more of my—eat my feelings—leftovers, scraping off the evidence as fast as I can, letting it get minced up in the disposal before flushing it away. So long bacon, egg, and cheese, you were a real game-changer.

His message had said he was picking up beers and thought we could have a chill night in since I blew my load last night. I bust out laughing at the last part. Ugh, if only you knew, Chazzy boy, if only you knew. Also... beers? I think I almost threw up in my mouth.

No time to stress about that right now, I’ve gotten my roaring ten hangover to a solid four, and I’m alright with that. I can probably sip on a beer or two and down some pizza. Fuck it, even the pros play hurt. But now is the time to do a whirlwind of a cleanup, hide the fact that I spent my day doing absolutely nothing. Not gonna lie, it was amaze. But shit, he’ll be home in about ten minutes.

I load the plates into the dishwasher, scoop up the blanket from the sofa and stuff it into the closet. Turn off the TV, no wait, lemme turn it back on and flick it to some news shit or something in case Inspector Gadget wants to get hypercritical. Yes, much better. Worldly as fuck.

Lifting the neck of my shirt, I take a little whiff. Okay, this is a problem. I’m cool to let stuff go, but that doesn’t mean fully abandoning myself. Personal hygiene is a very real and important thing, and while I’m trying out this zero fucks, shit. That doesn’t mean people should have to smell me. But it’s Chaz, he won’t judge. Well, he will, but who cares?

My phone rings and I almost jump out of my skin as I’m frantically running around trying to make it look like I’ve done nothing, yet something, all day. My phone rarely rings, everyone is all about the texting.“Hello?”

“Hey, Briar. Just wanna make sure it’s cool with you if Trey crashes on our movie night.”

“Hm?” I ask, leaning my hand onto the kitchen countertop before standing straight, then leaning again. “Trey?” I say his name like I don’t know who the hell he’s talking about.

Oh, you’re full of shit.

“Yeah, you know, the guy who you went to breakfast with. The one that just last night offered to assist you in the bathroom.”

I’m dead. I’m choking over the words he just said, I guess it really is asphyxiation for the win. “I’m sorry?” My voice squeaks out fifty octaves higher than normal.

“The one who stayed over and made sure you didn’t puke,” he barks out over the line. “What’s wrong with you?”

“Oh, yeah. Duh, right, sorry...” I make a staticky sound into the speaker. Wow. Rock bottom, I’ve arrived. “I couldn’t hear you. Um, yeah. I’m totally fine with that.”

“Great,” he replies. “See ya in ten.”


“Sorry, man.” Chaz picks up the stack of papers, after having met with his lawyers. A few things needed to be buttoned up before they’d go through with the funds transfer.

I raise my hands in front of me, standing from the chair in the now abandoned conference room. “Are you kidding me? You’re doing me ahugefavor, I’d never be able to get this—”

“It’s just a loan.” He smiles, messing with the cuffs on his sleeve. “I know you’re good for it.”

Chaz is a good guy, despite the way he wants the world to view him. He’s the type that will bend over backwards for his friends, the one that checks in on you, even though his outward persona might have others thinking differently.

“All of it.” I nod my head. “All of it and interest.”

“No interest. I already told you. The bank of Chaz only asks for two things.” I chuckle as he tugs his suit jacket on. “Unlimited drinks and hot chicks.”

“I’ll do my best.”

“Seriously, Trey. You’ve always been such a good friend to me. What the fuck am I gonna do with this money? It may as well make one of our lives better.”

He was my first roommate in college. Well, one of four. They jammed us all into a suite at Columbia, but Chaz was probably the easiest to get along with. He was the first person I called, the only one I could confide in, when shit went down. And he’s been checking in almost daily. A lot of guys aren’t like that. He really is a good fucking friend.

“Anyway, it should all be finalized tomorrow and you’ll have a significantly larger sum of money to get that club cranking.” He claps a hand on my shoulder. “You can stay the night at my place, so you don’t have to keep paying for a hotel.”

“Thanks.” I smile. But no, not with Briar there, not a good idea. “I think I’m alright, but I appreciate the offer. Plus, you have company, I don’t wanna intrude—”

“Briar?” He waves a hand in front of him, sitting on the edge of the table. “She’s one of the guys, she won’t care,” he says, dismissively. “Thanks for looking after her,” he adds with a smile. It’s no secret if you know him, even the slightest, to know Briar is the most valuable female in his life.

One of the guys? Um, no. I don’t think about one of the guys like that in any way, shape, or form.

“No problem.” I just barely force my lips to a tight smile, the guilt I feel creeping up, making me want to spill my guts, that I violated his friend, that is apparently wounded or vulnerable, or whatever. “She’s cool.”

That’s good, I’ll just play it off.

“She is cool, though I can’t help but worry. She’s not like the Briar I’ve known for years. She seems—”

“Refreshing,” the word slips out with a subtle sigh. I clear my throat with a few coughs. “I just mean it’s nice to have a female say what’s actually on their mind, you know? Instead of having to guess. Like we’re supposed to be some kind of mind readers or some shit. She just blurts it out.”

He stares at me for a few seconds, and I nervously swallow. Throwing on a quick smile before grabbing my own jacket.

He snaps out of his short-lived once-over with a smirk. “Well, I think she blew her load last night.”

I gasp for air. Okay, I concealed it, but holy shit. Let’s be honest, that’s thefirstthing I did when I went back to my hotel after breakfast.

“She wasn’t so bad. Just a little rowdy.” I shrug, clenching my sweaty palms into fists.

Just keep your cool, Trey. It’s not like he’s a walking, talking polygraph.

“I meant she drank too much.” His eyes narrow. “What’d you mean?”

“The same. That. Yup, over-served for sure. She was much better at breakfast. I just didn’t want her to go alone. I figured you’d want me to keep an eye on her.”

“Yeah,” he says slowly. “Well, I’m sure she’s not up for going out again, so what do you say? Wanna meet at my office around five, beers and takeout?”

“I really should... I should probably just...”

“What could you possibly have to do? Unless you wanna go out on the prowl? And I wish I could join you, but I wanna spend time with her, too.”

“Yeah, it’s fine. You guys catch up. And I’ll just do my own—”

“Fuck that,” he replies. “Both my best buds in town at the same time. I wanna capitalize on that. Come on, it won’t be too lame.”

Lame is definitelynotwhat I’m worried about.

I meet Chaz outside his office. He offers for me to bring my clothes to his building, where he has a laundry service instead of spending several hours at the laundromat. I only have the outfit I came in yesterday, some sweats, a shirt, and a suit. Not all that keen on going out and spending a ridiculous amount on new shit when I’m catching a flight this time tomorrow. Not to mention I have an overpriced house, sitting vacant in Georgia, that’s about to make me bleed money.

We go to pick up pizza and beers down the block. While I try not to be obvious, I ask a few times if it’s alright with Briar. Using the excuse that I don’t want to third-wheel on their plans. Chaz rolls his eyes and pulls out his phone, making a call. He says something about me assisting her in the bathroom, and I almost drop the six-packs in my hands.

What in the shit!?

“Bri?” Chaz yells out as we walk through the door of his apartment.

I remember the first time he told us his friend Bri was coming to visit, going to crash with us under the radar, no one thought twice, the way he spoke about her we all thought she was a dude. I’ll never forget that first day she walked into our dorm.

“Be out in a sec,” her voice calls out from inside his room. Chaz lifts his buzzing phone before putting the pizza down on the counter.

“I gotta take this,” he tells me, walking out onto his balcony.

“You just couldn’t stay away from me, could you?” Her brows lift over mischievous brown eyes. Hair pulled up, little droplets of water sliding down the back of her neck onto the collar of some old ratty t-shirt. The smallest pair of shorts I’ve ever seen, not that I mind, buthell, my own pants just got a little smaller.

I swallow loud, grabbing plates from the cupboard. Glancing out to the balcony, seeing Chaz still on the phone, through the dark tinted doors.

I shake my head slowly as the smile curves the corners of her light pink lips.

“What’d you wanna tell me earlier? At the diner, when you said can you be honest?” She leans back, looking out at Chaz before taking another step towards me. My heart kicks up a notch.

Briar grabs the plates from my hands, letting her fingers brush up against mine. Her eyes, looking up at me through long eyelashes. A mixture of innocence and deviousness has the blood rushing, making me wanna throw her on the counter and have my—

“Alright.” Chaz closes the door to his patio, walking inside. “Let’s eat.”

Briar lifts a brow with a sly grin, and I know...

I’m in trouble.

A/N: Thanks y’all. This story is just flooding out. Please remember to hit that heart if you’re enjoying, and like I usually say... if you aren’t... why TF are you here!?
How cute is young Chaz? And Trey. Maybe not Briar... but maybe she is😈😈😈

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