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Chasing that O


“Can you fucking imagine?” I roll my eyes, walking back from the kitchen, having done a quick change from beer to water. No thanks, alcohol... we’ve reached our quota. I motion to the movie playing, the guy who got straight up dumped, buck ass naked off on a vacay, only to be up close and personal with his twat waffle ex. I swipe a pepperoni off the slice of pizza in Chaz’s hand, who doesn’t even protest. He knows I’m an absolute ho for that spicy meat.

Speaking of...

I plop down on the far end of the sofa, enjoying the constant side-eye glimpses from Trey, trying to shrug it off like he’s not nervous as fuck. I can see through it, and it’s adorable as hell. But there’s something about him that makes the thrill of this chase way more appetizing.

Normally, well the normal past me, would be totally nervous, too. But something about breaking out of my shell has me filled with a new sense of confidence. Plus, I can tell he’s feeling the same primal urges I am. His body language, the subtle stutter, the rhythmic fingers tapping on the leg of his jeans. He just needs a little more... persuasion.

“Why do you have to touch my food?” Chaz complains, in an altogether delayed reaction, caught up staring at a picture of the hot brunette’s tits in the movie we’re watching—an actual photo on the men’s bathroom wall. Gross, but I bet that shit legit goes down.

“Because I live to bother you,” I answer with a shrug, keeping my eyes straight ahead; one of my favorite movies.

He blows out an annoyed huff. Trey’s chest shakes with a quiet chuckle, making me smile. He pulls the longer strands of his hair from his face, only for them to fall right back to the sides. I can feel Chaz’s eyes shifting between the two of us. He’s been acting suspicious since he came in from his balcony and found my face about an inch from his old roommates, fixated on his lips.

I’m chasing after this like Baltimore fans do in the national anthem. If you don’t know about it, search that nonsense. They wait for it, get all excited—the anticipation, the hype. And when the moment finally arrives, the crowd in complete unison with one loud, hard, fast, collective, roaring scream, belts that glorious O out. They live for that shit!

Me too, Charm city, me too.

This, for me, has turned into a game, one million percent. And I guarantee... I’m gonna fucking win.

“Okay, let’s be real,” I say as Chaz yawns, sprawled out on the opposite couch while Trey and I sit with a full seat cushion between us. Gotta throw private Dick off my trail. “Who is that dumb”—I’m referring to the movie. And while I love the character’s growth in it, some shit was so painfully obvious.

“Carry on, please.” Chaz’s tone, less than enthused as I shoot him a dirty look. “She always does this,” he tells Trey. “She has to give a full review of every movie, and most of the time before it’s even over.”

I scrunch my nose at him, shaking my head. “As I was saying.” I shoot a palm out towards the ridiculously large TV across the room. “What guy is with some chick that long and doesn’t know what a cunt she is? Like, are you kidding me? Obviously she was superficial beginning to end—”

“Briar!” Chaz snaps out, but he’s not the boss of me.

“A four-year relationship and he thinks she wants something, and it’s painfully obvious. What a—”

“Enough!” Chaz’s loud demand echoes throughout his apartment. Any hint of humor or his usual playfulness completely gone from his voice.

I go to clap back, to come up with some shitty remark to shoot at him, but I see the expression on his face. There’s something so awesome when you know someone well, you can have a conversation with a quick look. His head tilted to the side, jaw clenched tight under his five o’clock shadow, eyes wide as they shift from me to Trey.

“Oh... I... um...” Turning my head to my couch companion, he runs a palm back through his dark waves, blowing out a breath as he looks at Chaz.

“It’s okay,” Trey says. But I see the little wince of hurt, the slow swallow making his Adam’s apple bob. Reaching forward, he grabs his beer from the table before taking a long sip. “It’s alright.” He gives me a tight smile, noticing the horrified look in my eyes.

“If it makes you feel better, I dated a guy named Austin Powers for the last two years. He was a total ass and I let him treat me—”

He lifts a hand up, a more genuine smile spreading over his lips, Trey lets out a few chuckles.

“He was a douche,” Chaz interjects from the other sofa. “They both are missing out.”

“I’m sorry.” I mouth to Trey.

I mouth.

Sure the fuck do. That thing’s been feeling like a runaway train the last two days. I’ve never been one to say things just to inflict pain though, and that’s not something I’m interested in doing. I maybe need to watch this fucking mouth a little more from here on out.

“Well.” I attempt to continue on with the awkward conversation. Because... why not? “So those tits.” I look back and forth between the two guys. “Nice, right?!”

Treys brows furrow with a what the fuck kinda look. Chaz doesn’t miss a beat. Like I said, he’s the only one I’d ever been totally unfiltered around. This may be new to the world, but not to him. He throws out a haughty laugh. “I’d do her,” he says with an air of certainty, as if he’d have a shot.

“Pfft.” I blow out my lips, giving Chaz a quick smile, thankful he’s pulling me out of my own little Briar trap. That bitch is thorny as hell. “You’d do anything with a fucking pussy.” Trey chokes on his swig of beer. “Am I wrong?” I lift my hands up, shifting my attention. “I mean, you lived with him in college. I’m sure you’re just as baffled as me that his schlong hasn’t fallen off yet.”

“You’re such a lady.” Chaz’s eyes look to the ceiling, shaking his head with a shitty smirk.

“Suck it.” I grimace, flipping him the bird. I bat my lashes and give him the sweetest smile I can conjure.

“See,” he tells Trey. “Just like one of the guys.”



After the movie ends, the guys make small talk, mostly Chaz asking Trey about the new space for his club. I chuckle when he says the name is Second Floor. Chaz chirping in and telling me not to knock it, that the previous location, same name, was a booming place when he’d gone to visit Trey in Georgia.

“Is it at least on a second floor?” I ask with an amused smile, raising my brows. He seems more relaxed now, after I finally shut up and ceased any commentary or opinions about failed relationships.

As if I’m one to talk.

“In fact, it is,” he replies with an accomplished grin. Chaz, starting to doze off on the other sofa. I inch myself a little closer.

“And what’s it like?” I find myself curiously wanting to know things about this guy. His slight shyness and quiet demeanor has me even more inquisitive as to what he’s thinking.

“It’s nice.” He shrugs, turning his body so he sits sideways on the sofa, arm stretching out over the back, mirroring my position now, fingertips close to mine. I bite down on my bottom lip, inadvertently staring at those flickering fun-sticks, snapping out of it quickly.

“It’s nice?” I question scrunching my nose, leaning the side of my face on the center cushion, the space between us growing smaller.

“Yeah.” Trey offers a subtle smile, laying his cheek against the cool leather, grin reaching all the way up his chiseled jawline to his eyes.

“Nice is how you describe the weather, Trey.” I laugh to myself, thinking of my whole that’s nice analogy from just two days ago. “Isn’t this something that’s your passion? That’s going to be your life?” Bending my elbow from the back of the sofa, I rest my cheek on my fist, honestly just wanting to know more about him.

Why am I so interested?

Oh, yeah. It’s because I wanna get in his pants, nothing more. Or let him into my pants, again. Yeah... that’s it.

“I guess you’re right—”

“Of course I am.” I tilt my head to the side with a smirk. “Anyway, get excited about that shit. How impressive. You’re how old?”

“Twenty-five,” he answers.

“Right,” I say, pulling my other leg up and sitting criss-crossed. “So twenty-five and you’re the fucking owner of what he...” Turning my head, I throw a palm up at Chaz, who’s softy snoring on the other couch. I glimpse the five or six empty bottles of beer in front of him on the table, shaking my head. Such a lightweight.

I refocus my attention back on Trey. That dark hair, that sun kissed tanned skin from spending his time likely outside. Me too, but Arizona is hot as fucking balls in the Summer, well, most of the year. “You’re the owner of a club. You know how cool that is? How many people would love to say they had the same?”

“I guess.” He inhales a deep breath, eyes searching around the room before returning to mine, letting out a long sigh. I frown at him. “It’s just my ex...” He looks down. “She picked out a lot of the designs for the place and I feel like it’s all gonna remind me of her and I’m trying to move on.”

“Ah.” I give him an understanding smile, placing my hand over his. “So it really was a bad break-up?”

He lifts the shoulder not currently nudged into the couch, biting on the inside of his cheek. “It’s just...” His brows knit together before he shakes his head a little, shooting that sexy smile at me. But there’s something a little extra in it that makes my stomach somersault—not in the churney way, thank fuck—something that makes me pull my hand from the top of his. “I wanted more. I was ready to start our life...” He frowns and my heart drops a bit. “And she... she just wasn’t.”

“Well,” I begin in a soft voice, “she sounds like an idiot.” He lets out a quiet, genuine laugh. One that’s impossible not to mimic. I find myself momentarily lost in the gentle and sweet look in his eyes.

Get it together! We are not falling for this guy. This is a solitary mission.

“You’re easy to talk to,” he says. I give him a slight smile. No, bitch, we are not going this route.

“Well”—I quickly shift to the more devious mode, raising a single brow with a smirk—“I think I can help you out... with two things.” I glance at Chaz, with his head turned towards the back of the sofa, the soft sounds of sleepy breathing coming out.

“Yeah?” Trey asks, swallowing loud enough that he may wake up the blocker and ruin this entire moment.

“Yeah.” I move closer to him. “First, I went to school for design.” I place my hand over his arm, letting it cruise up the defined muscles currently tensing in it. “If you aren’t committed”—I lick my lips—“I can give you all the help you need.”

“That would... that’s, um...”

I let my fingernails dance over the side of his neck. “I meant what I said,” I tell him in a hushed voice, “you really are hot. I’m ridiculously attracted to you, and I think you are to me, too.”

Trey closes his eyes, his chest rising and falling faster under the same blue shirt he had on last night. His pulse thudding under my palm, now sliding over the side of his neck.

“The second thing.” I move even closer, making sure the potential audience is passed out, before straddling over him, my hands roaming his toned shoulders before grabbing the back of his neck.

“Are you trying to get me killed?” He asks in a playful and extremely low voice as his nervous eyes shift to Chaz before returning to mine, wider than before. “Briar,” he says my name, our lips almost touching. I feel the heat of his breath on my face, and my body temp starts to rise.

“I like how you say my name.” I give a half-smile, scratching my nails up the back of his neck, fingers twisting into his hair. Speaking of finger twists. “So second, and trust me when I say this. You need a rebound.”

His face screws up, head jerks back into the cushion. “You’re not the... you wouldn’t be...”

“I fucking love that you stutter around me.” I rock my hips towards his, slowly. A hard breath gasping out from his beautiful pink lips, surrounded by a modest amount of dark facial hair, not like wildly bearded, but enough that it’s past the stubbly phase. Smooth, soft, and nicely trimmed. Anyway, wasn’t I just yesterday making fun of that stutter? Well, fuck me... literally. There’s something incredibly hot about knowing I make him flustered.

“We shouldn’t,” he says, but his body is telling me something different. Large palms grazing down the sides of my body.

“The way you made me feel,” I whisper into his ear. Trey’s hands moving to my hips, fingertips digging into my skin over the extremely thin material of my shorts. His eyes close as he pulls my body over him. “I need you to finish the job.” I try to say the words without a full-blown sense of desperation, but shit, I am desperate. I want that feeling. I need it! “Have you been with anyone since her?” I ask.

He tilts his head back, glancing quickly at the still sleeping Chaz. Honestly, can you even imagine if he wakes up to this sight? But for real, his bark is far worse than his bite. Trey shakes his head no.

“Do you wanna be?” I try not to go too crazy with this. While I want him. I definitely don’t want him to do anything he’s not feeling. I mean, I’m pretty confident he is feeling it, there’s a for sure growth under his zipper, if ya know what I mean. But still...

“Just with you?” he asks, in such a timid voice it almost hurts.

“Right.” I lean my face even closer, so close my nose touches the side of his. “Just to reassure you, while I’ll admit I was a little fuzzy on the happenings of last night. I can absolutely say with one thousand percent certainly...” His pale green eyes, heavy on mine, before dropping to my lips. My body, entirely ready for whatever exchange that’s about to go down.

I don’t want this.

I need this!

And I think he does, too. He needs to feel like a man... and I need to have a mother fucking orgasm.

“I was so into it,” I breathe the words out over his lips. My heart speeding up, my skin prickled with anticipation and fucking horniness!

It’s time, God Dammit!

Trey’s breath hitches, his eyes close as his lips brush against mine. His heart hammering through his ribcage, my chest pressed against his. His dick, harder than a blind-folded person solving a Rubik’s cube.

“I can’t take advantage of you,” his voice rasps out the words in a pained whisper.

I pull my hand from his neck, covering my mouth as I all but snort. “Trey,” I say his name with a heavy dose of seriousness. “I’ve drunk nothing. I know what I’m doing.” I look down at his lap. The clothed D in extreme proximity to the V... totally ready to get rid of a few layers.

“But he said you’re going through something.” He frowns, settling his hands on my arms, pulling back from me.

“Aren’t you?” I ask.

He’s completely silent for a few beats.

“Right. So what he doesn’t know...” I nod toward the blocker of all blockers. Who woulda fucking thought!? “What he doesn’t know, won’t hurt him.”

He stares at me again, both our eyes open, boring into each other’s. Hearts pounding, chests heaving, hips fucking moving.

“All I know is I got off twice today.”

His head jerks back.

“By myself,” I add with a sly grin, hovering my lips over his. “And I was imagining it was with you.”

I don’t even have to say another word. He abruptly stands from the couch, my legs wrapped tight around his body. Trey’s palms cupping my ass as his lips crush over mine. Walking me, honestly fast as hell, to the hallway bathroom.

Might as well finish it where we started it.

A/N:😈😈😈😈😈 I loooove Trey. Honestly... I love Briar too. Anyway top pic is just bc the guy—aka Trey—is hot as balls. (sorry the pic is only on Wattpad... hawt tho)

Thoughts? Comments?

I’m annoyed again bc this is close to 3k words but it seems I just can’t shut tf up.

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