The Mermaidens

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⇨Two spy agencies at war. The Mermaidens and The Golden Empriss. ⇨They had been avoiding each other until The Golden Empriss decided to make a move. ⇨Read how The Mermaidens get their revenge. ⇨Love ⇨Sadness ⇨Betrayal ⇨Fighting ⇨Weapons ⇨Revenge ⇨( Also only certain people have powers.) - - -

Romance / Action
Age Rating:


Introducing the characters:


⪧Eyes: One green eye and one brown eye

⪧Ethnicity: Arab

⪧Height: 5′5

⪧Hair: long, white hair

⪧Specialty: machine gun and katana

⪧Powers: Can manipulate technology


⪧Eyes: Red eyes, has a scar over her left eye

⪧Ethnicity: Mexican

⪧Height: 5′7

⪧Hair: curly, short red-orange hair

⪧Specialty: shotgun and dagger

⪧Powers: Super strength


⪧Eyes: big black eyes (a mole on her forehead)

⪧Ethnicity: African-American, tree tattoo on her back

⪧Height: 5′9

⪧Hair: green bob

⪧Specialty: Martial Arts, sniper, and pistol

⪧Powers: Death sense

※Master Sergei-

⪧Eyes: brown eyes

⪧Ethnicity: white, small mermaid tattoo behind his ear

⪧Hair: wavy, light brown hair

⪧Height: 6′0

⪧Specialty: katana

⪧Powers: paper manipulation

※President Sanity-

⪧Eyes: golden eyes

⪧Ethnicity: German, sword tattoo on his thumb

⪧Height: 6′2

⪧Hair: small, light brown

⪧Specialty: sword and martial arts

⪧Powers: truth serum


⪧Eyes: dark gray eyes, tongue piercing

⪧Ethnicity: lightskin

⪧Height: 5′9

⪧Hair: perm, black hair

⪧Specialty: twin pistols and martial arts

⪧Powers: none

●There are a few side characters but these are the main characters.●

●There are more hidden characters on the way●

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