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Assassination station

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Her life's been hell an endless vortex of nothing but abuse from men. His life's full of nothing but betrayal an decite by women.

Romance / Erotica
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Aria 🖤

"Get back up!" I stand slowly. He slaps me back down on the ground. " Next time I say I want a beer quickly, DON'T DRAG YOUR ASS!" I stand and walk closer, to him but I make sure I'm still out of arm's reach. "I am your Daughter, not your slave!" I can tell he's livid by the look he gives me.

However, the doorbell rings. I go to answer it and see three terrifying men scowling down at me. "Where's Terri?" Please god, I can’t take it again..not again

"He's not here." I lie. The man's gaze drops to my shoulder, sure enough. My new bruises are showing. He leans in and whispers. "Did he do that?" I shake my head and look at the ground. "Weylen, we have to get going." One of the other men say. "ARIA! " I look up and nod. “Yes, he did..” My father yells my name again, this time with more venom dripping from his voice. "Coming Dad!" I yell back and let the men inside the house.

I was halfway down the hall before I heard my father yell. "EITHER GET IN HERE OR GET HIT AGAIN YOUR CHOICE YOU LITTLE SHIT" The man called Weylen looks down at me. "That's your dad?" I nod, "Yeah," I say.

My father starts to yell again but stops dead in his tracks when we enter the living room, I watch as terror spreads across my father's face when he looks at the man.

"You know, I was just coming to collect. But seeing the way you treat your daughter pisses me off." My father scoffs, staring at me as if I was the reason they were here in the first place. "Weylen all due respect, she deserves it. Everything that I give her is what she earns." Weylen scoffs and says "She deserves it huh?"

The other two guys grab my father by the shoulders and restrain him, "Time for you to get what you deserve," Weylen says and punches him repeatedly in the stomach and face. I try my hardest not to laugh but a giggle escapes my lips. "This is funny to you?"Weylen asks.

I giggle even more and soon it becomes a cackle. Weylen says, " Hit him." without hesitation, I punch him in the nose and kick him in the groin. Seeing him in pain is a satisfaction in itself.

"Weylen I got the money let's go." one of the other scary men say. Weylen turns toward me. Shock runs through me... "I can't leave her behind Liam. She saw my face." Part of me hoped my life would be better now. But, I didn't know him, he was probably just as bad as my father or worse.

"Go pack your stuff," he demands. I run to my room and began to pack my things. I peer through the keyhole of momma's room, she’s on her knees crying “I'm so sorry, I love you,” why’s she crying?“What is she talking about?” I say to myself then notice a gun "Momma!" BANG!

I was so lost in thought that I didn't notice Weylen shaking me. "Aria!"
"Sorry, what?" I ask, suddenly fearing that he’ll smack me across my face as my father does. "We have to go, do you have all your stuff?" he asks with an unreadable look on his face.
"Yeah, let's go," I answer and leave the house that had caused me so much pain.

I get into the car and sit as far away from Weylen as possible. I’m going to lie, the guy was attractive. Highly, attractive I was enticed yet, highly afraid as if my entire world was about to change and not for the better. I feel a hand touch my arm and I wince. " How long has he done that to you?"

"Since I was eleven." I say, slightly afraid, "How old are you now?" he asks, I could've sworn I saw a flash of sadness in his eyes. It was gone so fast though that I doubted I had ever seen it. "I just turned twenty."
I whisper realizing how pathetic I sound.

"Why didn't you run?" he asks, turning his gaze back to the window." Because I-Why do you want to know so badly?" I question him, suddenly feeling my anger start to bubble to the surface little.

"Cause I do." I sigh, "Well, I don't wanna talk about it ." His face scrunches, and I flinch as he gets insanely close to my face, almost kissing distance if he wanted to. "I just saved your ass, don't get sassy with me." I feel my throat catch itself, "Sorry," I say and go back to staring out the window.

I have no idea when I fell asleep, but when I woke up I was outside of the biggest house I had ever seen. I climb out of the car and nearly cry at how beautiful and big it was.

"This place looks amazing," I state, receiving an aggravated and annoyed look from Liam and the other guy. Weylen just smiles and says " Welcome to hell, " I

ignore the comment and walk inside. "Holy shit this is huge!" I exclaim laughing, and then heard a lot of laughing from the guys.

I turn around, giving them a dirty look for being so gross, they look as if they had no idea why I did it. "Have you never seen a damn house before?" I turn around and see another guy. Although he isn’t as intimidating as the others.

"Not like this, Nah," I say I kinda hated when I said something that sounded to black. My dad always said 'Talk normal or don't talk at all.' "The name’s Kelton." He stuck out his hand. "Aria." I look at his hand, my hand begins to tremble,

"Your rooms down the hall to the right. If you need anything my room is on the second floor. " Weylen says, pulling me away from my god awful anxiety.

"Thank you…. Weylen," I say and head to my new bedroom. After I put up all my clothes, I go into the kitchen and start to make T-bone steaks, mashed potatoes, and baked asparagus that I find in the icebox. " Hey, Kelton!" I yell hoping he would hear me. "Do you have any seasoning salt?"
" Check in the pantry," he says, shortly after he turns the corner, he points to where the pantry is and unsurprisingly it looks like a closet.

" Damn you making a full course meal or what?" I look down feeling a heat rush to my cheeks, and my smile gets idiotically big.

"I got bored."
"Weylen, Liam, Greycon!" Kelton yells and they came running. Running. Which makes me giggle a little. “Did you try to cook again, Kelt?" Greycon I assume because I have no idea what his name is saying, holding a fire extinguisher.

“Holy shit what's that smell," Weylen asks, and we lock eyes, I feel instant heat go up to my neck into my face whether it’s fear or embarrassment I don’t really know yet, I smile, and he just stares at me as if I’m crazy. Not that I blame him for doing so.

"I got bored so I decided to cook." Liam scrunches his eyes at me, causing my smile to fade, "Are you done yet?" I shake my head, looking down at the ground.

"Almost I'm waiting on two of them," I answer and go back to cooking. The guys started yelling at Kelton, I kinda felt bad but then again it wasn't my business, and for all, I knew I wasn’t supposed to be here anyway. When I am finished I make plates for everyone and start to clean the kitchen.

" Aren't you gonna eat," Greycon asks and I shake my head. " I usually eat after everyone else," Weylen looks up at me, "Why wouldn't you be able to eat with everybody else, that's dumb as hell," Liam says So glad he has no problem voicing his opinion.

"That’s what I’m used to I guess." I swallow a lump in my throat and excused myself from the kitchen. I go outside and sit on the curb. My life has been horrible, pathetic, and lonely, I feel so alone.

"You okay?" I recognize Greycon's voice and I sniffle to keep my tears in. " I'm fine I just needed a minute,"
"Sure, look um, Weylen and Liam and I are going out so the place will be in your and Kelton's hands," I nod, "Okay," I say and stand up with the help of Greycon. We go inside and the guys are sitting on the couch. I go back into my bedroom, after a while I get bored so I go take a shower, I sit underneath the hot water, and let the tears fall from my face, I cry for myself, for, my future, for my broken heart.

Once I’m done I throw on a pair of shorts, an oversized T-shirt some shorts that are probably too small and fuzzy socks. I’m lying in my bed, and I hear voices in the kitchen, I get up, walking as quietly as possible into the kitchen to see the guys, and some tattooed covered man.

“Who’s this?” The tattooed man asks, Weylen scoffs, “No one important.” Liam smiles, “She can cook up a storm though.” I don’t know why but Liam’s comment made me smile, as I turned around, going back into my bedroom. Feeling eyes staring into my backside.

The next morning, I put on some leggings, a plain black t-shirt, and some slides. I go into the kitchen to see Weylen, screwing around with some girl.

I immediately close my eyes and turn around, but of course, with my luck I trip on the carpet, making a deafening thud. As my horrendously fat body hits the ground. “Who the hell’s that?” I hear the girl ask, I open my eyes for a split second, to see Weylen death staring at me. I ran up the stairs as fast as I could, locking the door, once I got inside.

I wasn’t stupid enough to not know what was happening next. I hear a lot of shouting, a door slam. Then heavy footsteps coming up the stairs, I sit on the bed, praying to God that he doesn’t have a key to the door, but again with my luck he does.

The door opens, revealing furious Weylen, I feel my heart start to pound, my eyes, begin to water, and my hands start to shake.

“I’m so sorry, please don’t hit me it won’t happen ever again.” I plead, sobbing as of the dam that holds back my tears is broken.

I was just going to say, that next time you try to escape a room with me...and a...friend in it..at least watch where you walk.” My sobs slow down yet, I can't flick the switch to stop the crying.

“I’m not gonna hit you Aria, I’ll never hit you. I don’t hit women. Threaten their lives, yes but hit..no” He states walking closer. I scoot back farther on the bed, and he stops walking. “I’ll talk to you later..okay?” he asks as a flash of pity crosses his face. I nod, as he walks out the door.

The tears slowly stop falling, and I look in the mirror to that I could’ve been a ghost for how pale my caramel skin looked, I put on some makeup I had packed, then headed back downstairs to hear the guys talking, I don’t fully go into the kitchen I just stand in the doorway, right next to the stairs.

“She fell!” Kelton says, laughing. Weylen clears his throat, “That’s not the point, you didn’t see her face guys..she looked-” Greycon chuckles, “Let me guess,” He pauses, “She looked so sad.” He says as if he's mocking me.

Something in me snaps, I walk into the kitchen with my head held high, I go into the icebox and grab a bottle of water. They all get eerily quiet.

“Hey,” Greycon says, I ignore him, I try to walk past him, but he grabs my arm, I elbow him in the face. He grabs his nose and groans.

“The next time you decide to make fun of me, check around the corner smartass,” I state, Liam looks shocked, and I can’t bear to look at Weylen, Kelton’s just dying of laughter.

I go back up to my room, to hear someone knock on the door a few minutes later. I open the door to see Kelton, holding a bottle of wine and two glasses. “I figured you could use a drink.” He says, making me smile. We drink all day long, watching romantic comedies not talking, just commenting on how bad or good we think the movie is, although he had a lot more movies to recommend than me.

At about midnight we decided to go refill on wine, to find the guys talking in the living room.

“I don’t really think this is a good idea, Wey.” Weylen scoffs, “You always say that Grey.” As if on cue Kelton grabs a bottle and drops it on his foot, cursing loudly. They all turn in our direction, and I feel nervousness, flutter all in my stomach.

“Umm…” I say, grabbing the bottle off the floor. “Jesus, that hurt.” Kelton says then clears his throat. “We’re just coming to collect a bottle of wine my dear brother.” Kelton says all proper-like, making me giggle.

“Wait-are you drunk?” Liam asks Kelton. Kelton shakes his head, “No my good sir.” He says slurring his words just further proving his point. Weylen sighs loudly.

" I have an idea so change of plans, she's coming too," Weylen says, giving me a look that sends tingles down my spine., "You think that Octavius will be distracted by her," Liam says scoffing, Weylen’s posture straightens, and his shoulders square a bit, causing my anxiety to kick in due to me always being on the other end of that equation,

" Do you have a problem, Liam?" Weylen asks, daring him to say yes. " Were all good Weylen, but it won't be a good idea," Liam says partially under his breath."Well, we won't know until we try," he says and turns his attention back to me. He leaves the room, for a few minutes then comes back. " Your clothes for tonight are on your bed," he says to me then leave the room again.

I go to my room and sure enough, there is a crop top and a black pencil skirt with a pair of black heels, lying on my bed. I put them on and go into the living room. "Well damn," Kelton says and I smile and turn around noticing that Weylen’s in the kitchen at the island playing on his phone.

Weylen had changed into an all-black tux. He looks ridiculously good, I feel a pang in my stomach but ignore it. He spots me and looks me up and down. "Let's go," is all he says. I’m slightly disappointed for some reason but I shake the thought away, as I walk outside. I get in the car and sit by the window far away from Weylen. I won’t lie and say i’m not afraid of him , but I just figure I should give him some space.

"Can you act?" Weylen asks wearing his usual unreadable poker face. "Yeah, I guess so, why?" I ask receiving a cold dark look from him, after our conversation it doesn’t really scare me, I don’t know why but he only gets cuter to me. "Okay," I say and go back to ignoring everyone's existence.

We get to the club shortly after and right away I knew who Octavius was. He looks really hot, as he walks up I recognize him as the tattooed hottie from the house. He walks over, and gives Weylen a handshake, "Hey Wey," Weylen nods,"Sup Tavious." Octavious smiles at me, “I recognize you.” He says, making me smile, “Can we go talk business?” Weylen asks, Octavious nods, never taking his eyes off me.

Which causes me to smile, and all the blood rush to my cheeks, “Can I go get a drink?” I ask Weylen, He waves me off, and I march over to the bar, where the bartender walks over, and asks me what I want to drink." Long Island iced tea," I answer and he nods. I hear someone call my name and I turned to see Keisha, my bestie from high school.

"Ari!" she yells and hugs me. "It's been forever." I say smiling wide. "I know right, how have you been?" she says and slugs me playfully, then whispers “I'm dating graycon I know why you're here, don’t worry about little ole me,” I am completely floored by this but I manage to take my drink from the bartender and down it in two gulps.

"Hey our song is on!" she yells and pulls me on the dance floor where sure enough " No Limits" by Danileigh is blasting. I start to dance with her and not even five minutes later I feel hands on my rear end. I turn to see some stranger grinding on me,

"Forreal!" I yell and shove him off, "What beautiful?" he asks, shrugging his shoulders and I push him so hard he falls. "You need to stay off me," I say and look up to see Weylen and Octavius walking in our direction. " Don't push me again you ungrateful slut!" he yells and I lose control.

I punch him in the stomach and kick him in the groin, he falls to the ground and I kick him in the stomach repeatedly. I feel a pair of hands on me but I wiggle out of them, I take my heel off and start hitting him in the head with it. " Aria lets go now!" I stand, readjust my skirt and put my heel back on. I feel powerful as I walk away as if I have been born again.

When I get outside Octavius and Weylen are talking and Greycon and Liam are watching like the secret service. I head towards them and Weylen locks eyes with me then scowls.

"What was that?" He yells and just like that my power is gone. "He called me a slut, I just reacted okay?" I look at the ground and Octavius nudges me with his elbow,

" It was pretty badass though," I smile and he smirks at me, "How would you like to come work for me?"

" I-" I start to say no but weylen steps in interrupting me and pulling me towards him."No, she won't, she already works for me ." I shake my head, "I can answer for myself," I mumble ,Weylen scoffs

" I would but I really like my new job, I don't think I would be able to leave it," I say and Octavius smiles again killing my thinking for a good few seconds.

"Okay I can get behind that," he says and gives me a side hug, his hand drooping dangerously on my lower back, causing me to shiver, uncomfortably.

"I'll see you later Wey," he says walking backward towards two super buff guys Capos obviously "Get in the car with Liam I have somewhere to go," I roll my eyes, "Okay.." I say and go inform Liam of his new orders, he groans at first but he still does it.

When we get back to the house Kelton's asleep on the couch with the Tv remote in his hand drooling on a throw pillow.

I hear a phone ring and Liam answers it, "Hello," there is a pause and a lot of yelling then he says "I have to stay,"

another pause," What's wrong?" I ask, lying down on the couch. "My girlfriend’s in labor but," Labor?? " Go do what you have to do, I'll deal with Weylen," I say standing even though the thought of having to talk to him alone sends chills down my spine.

"Thanks, Aria, I owe you one," he says as he runs out of the house still on the phone. I turn the Tv off and go to my room. I slip out of my clothes into an oversized T-shirt then plop into bed.

"Aria!" I turn to see my older brother standing in an empty hallway. "Tegan!" I run to him but he won't let me past the barrier,"Let me pass!" His face goes dark,"No!"
"Why not?"
"You killed her,"
" You're gonna get what you deserve," he pulls out a gun and I run. BANG!

"NO!" I sit up and scream realizing I was still VERY alive. I hear heavy footsteps and Weylen comes into my room, HE'S SHIRTLESS Dios Mio! "Sorry nightmares,"

I say, biting my lip to prevent myself from crying, or say what I'm thinking out loud. "It's okay," he sits down next to me and I feel a little better. Don't Trust him, "Sorry I snapped at you today," Stop apologizing Damnit! "It's okay I can be a bit-"

"Abrasive," we say in unison and both start to laugh. " I need another capo, and I think I want you to fill the vacancy, as long as we can get that temper under control, and get you trained,we’re all set,”

I smile, and hug him. "Seriously!" "Yeah," he says looking at my eyes then at my lips. We sit like that for a moment, a very long moment I might add. As if someone had put a spell on us, making us both unmovable.

"Weylen come back to bed," a female voice yells and just like that, the spell is broken. "Dear God!" I say scolding myself once he leaves the room. Love. The thought makes me sick, I haven’t experienced any real love since I was seven.

I haven't even dated since junior year. That one bad relationship alone, was enough to put me off dating for good. I somehow manage to drift back into sleep, and surprisingly I don’t have any nightmares.

When I wake up, Weylen’s in the kitchen making a smoothie. “Wanna go for a run?” He asks, I raise my eyebrows. “Okay, I guess.” I say, making him smile. “Come on I bet I could, beat you in a race.” I scoff, “I bet you could.” I say, and we grab two water bottles, and run around the block twice.

I’m completely out of breath once it’s over yet he’s barely even sweating. “God, you're really out of shape aren’t you?” he says putting his hand on my shoulder, I playfully shove him, “Shut up,” We both start to laugh. “Go change, I wanna take you somewhere.” He says smiling, I smile, “Okay, as long as it’s not a gym.” He chuckles, “Oh no, i’m not going to watch you embarrass yourself in public.”

I playfully punch his shoulder. “Jerkface,” I take a quick shower, then slip on a black off the shoulder jumpsuit, some black heels, and dry my hair but leave it curly. I should probably call Rachelle to get my hair braided soon.

I go into the living room to see Weylen sitting on the counter, and Liam eating cereal at the island in the kitchen. “Holy snacks.” Kelton says, walking past me. “You look scrumptious my love,” I smile widely.

“Well don’t you clean up nice.” Weylen says, getting off the counter, I almost physically drool. He’s wearing jeans that are ripped at the knees, a white button down shirt that outlines ever muscle and some plain white shoes. “You done checking me out?” He says, I blush a little

“I wasn’t checking you out, but whatever helps your self-esteem buddy.” I say, making Liam laugh.

“Let's go, girl.” he says chuckling. We get into his black Mercedes Benz, and he speeds to the mall, “What are we doing here?” I ask, he smiles, “I want to take you shopping.” I smile, “You don’t have to buy me anything Weylen.”

He scoffs, "I am the Ceo if seven different major companies, I don’t really have a budget lil mama, we’re good.” I blush when he calls me lil mama.

“Okay I guess.” I mumble, getting out of the car. I can see people staring at me, and I won’t lie it kinda kicks my anxiety into high gear. “What's the matter?” He asks, I sigh, “My anxiety’s kicked in.” He grabs my hand intertwing our fingers, “I got you lil mama,” He says, lifting my chin with his index finger.

“No one’s gonna hurt you, okay?” I nod, “Okay..” We go into the mall, and start with Victoria secret. He tries to come into the store with me, but I force him to wait outside, until everything is in the bag, we make our way to Bath and Body works, and I buy some smell goods, and he buys me four I phone twelves, with all the works, then he forces me to go into Footlocker saying “You aren’t going anywhere with me without some decent shoes on your feet.”

I end up leaving the store with five pairs of Adidas, seven pairs of converse, some Timberland heels, a pair of black knee high stilettos combat boots. I personally picked those ones, and a few pairs of sandal heels.

We then made our way to the last store, I came out of the store with about four hundred dollars in jeans and shirts, and two hundred dollars worth of dresses, rompers, and swimming suits.

I’m not gonna lie, and say that it didn’t feel great to be pampered but I really didn't like the amount of money he spent on me at all. I make a mental note to start job hunting, so I can pay him back for everything he bought for me.

We sat down at the food court eating and I sigh, putting down my fork. “Weylen, I’m going to pay you back for all of this I swear.” He stops eating, and he sets his phone down, glaring at me. “No you won’t,” I shake my head, “I feel guilty letting you buy all this stuff for me.” He clenches his jaw.

“Look, I know i'm different from most people but one thing I will never do is let someone buy me all this expensive stuff, and not do anything in return so I definitely will be and that’s that.”

For a moment he looks as if he wants to break my neck in half, dead turkey style. But, he smiles which surprises me, “Fine if you insist,” he says going back to his phone, I spot a couple of guys from my old high school, who used to play poker with my father after school, they would beat me, endlessly if they lost a game , bully me in school the whole nine yards .

My breathing starts to get shallow, and my hands start to shake. “Aria,?” I look down, praying they don't recognize me. “Can we go Weylen?” He looks up from his phone. I look behind him,

“Do you know them?” I nod, “Please,” He nods, handing me some of the bags, as I stand I'm face to face with Tim, Tyler and Terrin, “Well hello again.”

I look down at the ground, Weylen stands, snaking his arm around my waist. “Who are these people, sweetness?” He says putting his face on my neck, when he speaks I giggle, like i'm back in middle school,

“Who are you?” Terrin asks with his hideously fake red contacts in, and his disgustingly yellow teeth, “I’m her fiance,” He says, standing straight,

“Who are you, i’ll only ask one more time.” I look down to the ground. “No one she can forget that’s for sure.” MY breath starts to get shallow again, and my hands start to shake,

“Can we just go Wey?” Weylen looks down at me, “Unless you have something else to say, I suggest you back off before something really bad happens to you.”

He says, puffing up his chest like he did when Liam challenged him at the house. All three of them shake their heads, and walk away.

“Aria are you okay?” I nod, “Can we go now?” He nods, grabbing the rest of the bags, and we walk silently to his car. Once we’re inside, I start to cry as he drives out of the parking lot. I had almost forgotten who I was with all the shopping and fun we were having.

When we get home he sighs, “Look, I know you’ve had a really bad go at it when it comes to life but, you don’t ever have to be scared when you're with me. I have your back, nothing will ever happen to you again Aria..I promise you that.”

He says, then gets out of the car, grabbing all the bags. When I go inside, I see no one is in the living room, or the kitchen, and I sneak off to my room, To see that he had taken all the bags in there already. I decide to take a nap, and I put my oversized t-shirt and my shorts back on, and crawl into bed.

I lie in bed for a while and still can’t sleep, I get up and put on a pair of leggings. I grab my phone and go for a walk around the block. I see a donut place called Sunni's Sunshine that’s surprisingly open, I go inside and order a dozen donuts.

On the walk back, I get a text from Weylen. "Where are you at?" What have I done now? "Walking home, why?" I text and jog the rest of the way back. I come inside and sit the donuts down on the table. "Kitchen," I text Weylen as I start to scarf down a donut. I’m halfway done Weylen's lazy butt came downstairs and says

"Can you not eat like a starving cavewoman," I snort, "Nope, the only way I eat," I say and bend down to tie my shoe.

I stood and notice he was so close to me I could feel his breath on my nose, I feel the heat in my face go down my neck causing me to shiver.

"That's the only way you eat huh?" we both start to lean in and his phone buzzes.

"Damnit," I say, I go upstairs and lock myself in my room.

I am and will always be unworthy of love, I'm not good enough for anyone. He and I both knew it, I had a world of pain and hurt. I wasn't going to be able to give anything but hurt, my grandma always used to tell me, Ari, if you can’t love yourself, how can you love others? That was something that I will never forget..

My phone buzzed and I look down to see a text from Weylen. "You okay," He’s thinking about me? Probably in a friendly way….

"I'm fine," I lie. I lay my phone next to me and lie down on the bed. My phone buzzes and I look to see a call from an unknown number.

"Hello," I answer and hear Octavius's voice say "Hey, what are you doing?"
"How'd you get my number?" I ask slightly crept out but slightly amused at his determination, not that I knew what he was so determined for.

" I got my ways," he says and I giggle. "Mhnnnn," I say and he laughs, his laugh was sweet but also the kind of laugh you wouldn't wanna hear when you were scared shitless.

"Can you meet me tomorrow?"
"Where?" I sigh, "The mall at nine," Nine?! "Nine? won't it be closed?"
"In the morning Aria,"

He says laughing, "Ugh fine I'll be there," I say and we stay on the phone for another hour talking about our lives.

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