Assassination station

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I wake up to the smell of bacon and pancakes. I reluctantly crawl out of bed and go downstairs to see Keisha, Aria, Kelton, and Sam sitting at the table eating. "So you actually said no?"
"Yes, I said no, what else was I supposed to say Keish, I totally wanna date you even though I know nothing about you?” "What are you guys talking about? " I ask, taking a piece of bacon off of the stove. "Nothing," Aria says, blushing, " Octavious asked out Aria, and this idiot said no," Aria slaps her face, shaking her head, "You're a terrible liar," Kelton says staring at Aria while taking a bite of bacon. Thank God someone was willing to tell her the truth every once in a while."What did you say?” She looks at the ground, I really hated it when she did that. Part of me wanted to get her a neck brace so she couldn’t look down at all. “I said, no.” I shrug, “Good for you I guess.” Aria sighs, “Plus, I need my friend to come braid my hair, because this.” she says picking up a curl, “Isn’t fun to deal with in the morning.” I laugh a little, and Aria smiles to herself. “You can give her the address to the house if you want, but she’ll have to stay, afterwards.” I say, Aria grins, and her whole face lights up, making me blush. “Really!” I nod, “Yeah,” She jumps up out of her chair, and hugs me tightly. I wrap my arms around her body but quickly let go, because of Kelton’s smug smile. My phone buzzes, and I see a text from an employee of mine, “Just found out we have a thief, Garrison was stealing product from us, we owe the columbians five hundred grand,” "Damnit," I say and punch the wall."Hey Weylen, " Aria says and puts her hands on my arm, I feel a tingle go up to my spine and I get goosebumps. The hell was that?? " I'm fine Aria," I say and she sighs, looks to the floor and walks away. I can tell I had made her feel bad, but I didn't care, I was gonna be in deep shit because of some damn dumbass stealing from me.Now I have to dig myself outta a deep damn hole, " Stupid move Ari, I would’ve just got with him." Keisha says and Aria leaves the room obviously agitated. I feel a buzz and look at my phone, to see a call from my sister. " Hello,"
"Come get me, 'len"
"Why what happened,"
" He-Uh," she says and sniffles ,"He hit me Weylen, I can't..." she says and starts to cry even more. "I'm on my way," I say and storm up the stairs to put on some clothes. When I come back down Greycon, and Liam is standing there next to Kelton. "What's wrong Weylen?"
"My sister's scumbag boytoy hit her,"
"Should I bring the usual stuff?" Greycon asks, grabbing a tarp and gloves."Just in case," I say and get into the car. When we got there she was sitting on the porch crying holding a bag of peas to her cheek. "Get in the car,"
"Weylen don't,"
"Why not ‘Niq! " I ask, feeling my blood begin to boil.
"Cause you-i'm," I am getting very agitated at this point. "What?!"
"I'm pregnant, Weylen," she says and looks at the ground. "Fine, get in the car," I say and Greycon grabs his tiny pistol out the car, she said we couldn't kill him but she never said we couldn't torture him. We went into the house and followed the sounds of muttering to see the fatass scumbag sitting on his bed. I tap him on the shoulder and punched him in the throat.
"Good one Wey," Greycon say and Shot him in the foot, "Aghhhh!" he screams and Liam's stupid idiotic self knocked him out. " Damnit Liam I wasn't finished!"
"Can we go now?" He asks and yawns as if I'm not gonna get his twatwaffle looking ass back later on today. "Whatever asshole," I say and walk out of the house. When we go back outside, Uniqua is on the phone and sniffling a lot. "Let's go," I demand and she gets into the car, with all of us.

When we got to the house Aria was standing outside with Keisha, I would've said something, but before I could even unstrap my seatbelt she storms into the backyard."Who's the girl," ‘Niq asks wiggling her eyebrows. “Weylen’s new girlfriend, Aria.” Liam says, smirking. “She’s not my girlfriend.” I say, Graycon laughs, “You took her on a giant shopping spree, not to mention you told me you almost kissed her, twice!” He says, I groan, at his inability to keep secrets. I had confided in him after the second-almost kiss, when she ran off to the room. I couldn’t help it. She is so different from anyone else, and I won’t lie. I wasn’t happy when she insisted on paying me back for the shopping spree. I treated her too, but seeing her reaction to those guys was a wakeup call. She can’t be touched yet, she’s traumatized..some might even say broken, but I just think she’s special. “I don’t like her, now shut up, all of you.” I get out of the car, slamming the door. "Keisha,"
"Yeah, " she says looking up from her phone. "What's wrong with Aria," She sighs, obviously frustrated with the situation,"My brother's in town," I shrug, "What does that have to do with anything,"
"Not my place to say," she says and I pull a twenty out of my wallet. "Please,"
"Fine," she sasses and snatches the money from me, "When we were in high school she had the biggest crush on my older brother, eventually when he found out he asked her out and she said yes, long story short we caught him cheating and he told her a bunch of lies,"
"Lies like what," I say, feeling a need to protect her, "Lies like she's broken and twisted, unlovable and a whole bunch of shit that isn't true," she says and I feel a wave of anger roll over me, and I’m ready to do anything to make her feel better, and hurt Jerimiah but I can’t, Not until I have permission. "Where is she," I ask, folding my arms against my chest as the guys start to nudge me with their elbows. "I don't know-"
Bang! Bang!
Bang! Bang!
Bang! Bang! "She's in the backyard at the shooting range. When we were halfway there Niq turned back so she could go sit down and Greycon went with her, she could be such a wimp sometimes. I followed the sounds of sniffling to see Aria sitting on the ground with tears running down her face. This sight alone was enough to make my blood boil for some reason, I didn't like her, couldn’t like her, Tegan and Kipper would be on my ass. I didn't have time for that bullshit let alone the crying beauty sitting in front of me. When she finally noticed us she turned her face and wiped her tears. There's my girl wait-no-not my girl-my friend I thought to myself and sat down on the ground next to her. "You okay?" She nods, "Yeah I’ll be okay,"
"You sure, I'll beat 'em for you"
"Yes, i'm sure," she says standing and walking away leaving me and Liam alone. "You like her don't you," I shake my head, "No, I don't, I don’t have time for a relationship and even if I did, I couldn’t you know what Tegan and Kipp would do to me," I say, remebering her, the cause of my hardships, "I know but the longer you deny it the harder it'll get to control yourself," I scoff, feeling highly insulted, "I can control myself just fine thanks very fucking much," Liam gives me his usual fatherly smile, trying to tell me that I needed to pull it together, "Weylen.."
"She deserves better, Liam, I wouldn't be able to give her what she wants" I admit, walking away from Liam, and I go into the house, I hear a lot of screaming and decided to follow it When I find the source, Greycon ‘s eating popcorn, Niqa’s watching from afar, and Arias on top of, oh shit! "Holli?" I ask and run and pried Aria off of her, "Get your damn dog," Holli says standing behind Keisha. "Dog, imma show you dog, you stupid ugly bitch," Aria she yells full of anger, "Jesus who possesed you," Keisha askes laughing so hard she doubles over, and starts to wheeze. Holli’s grin get huge, acting as if i'm trying to save her life, when in reality i’m just trying to prevent from having to bury her body.Aria growls pulling more on my arms, I tighten my grip on her waist, “Stop antagonizing her Holli, or I swear to god, i’ll let her loose on you.” Holli laughs, and Aria grunts trying desperately to crawl out of my arms, “Who is she Weylen?” Niqa asks, finally starting to get angry herself. "My ex-fiance" I sadly admit and they all stop what they’re doing, even Aria.

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