Assassination station

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"what are you doing here?" Weylen asks the tiny little bitch that decided to piss me off at the wrong time. " I came to get my stuff,"
"You could've called,"
"You wouldn't have answered,"
"Your right I wouldn't have, now get your shit and go," He says, I put my hand on his, and give it a slight squeeze."If you can keep the mutt at bay," she says and I pull against Weylen's ridiculously muscular arm only for him to tighten his grip on my waist. I need to be in a damn anger management class. She went upstairs and came down a minute later with a few small boxes. "Pruebame de nuevo chica Blanco,te lastimare" I say and she ignores my comment not that she’d understand, Keisha laughs and I suddenly noticed a girl who looks just like Weylen so I assume that they are related. "You speak Spanish?" Weylen asks, obviously curious. His hand still hasn't moved "Only a little bit, my grandmother is Latina and she only got to teach me a little before.." I trail off hoping he got the point. "That's good to know you could be very useful for my business," useful...for his business... he says moving his hand off of my waist, I feel a pang of disappointment but I swallow it down quickly. His phone rings and he answers it, "Hello," There was a quick pause and a smile spread across his face, His smile is so damn a friendly way. "What is it," I ask."Liam and Melody are baptizing their son today," I sigh, “Can they do that so early?” He nods, “They can when they’ve hired a nurse to be there in the crowd in case something goes wrong.” I nod and he winks at me then starts walking up the stairs to his room, not even two minutes later. I hear him yell "Aria!" I reluctantly answer him even though I have a really odd feeling brewing in my stomach.

When I make it up the stairs he is waving two shirts back and forth in front of his perfectly sculpted eight pack that is covered in tattoos, for a moment, just a moment I let my thoughts drift into the gutter, If only " Which one, the blazer or the white jacket" he asks not even noticing that I was just checking him out hardcore. "Um, go with the blazer, you look more professional," I say and start to walk out the room but he says "you should come with me. After all you’re a valuable member of the team now,” I smile to myself. “I am?” I ask, he nods, “Of course, where would I be without a friend like you.” I knew it.."I'm going to go get ready now," I say and go to my bedroom, I take a shower and pick out a long black pencil skirt and a off the shoulder white shirt with black trim, and some black sandal heels from yesterday. "Damn Mamacita," Kelton says and Weylen turned his gaze from the Tv to me, " Let's go," Weylen says standing he’s wearing the shirt I had told him to wear and he looked sexy, really sexy. I shoved away my dirty thoughts and started towards the door.

When we got there I immediately notice an older woman coming towards us, I figured she knew weylen but I didn't know how much, so of course my anxiety kicked in, and like the awesome Friend he is he grabs my hand, like he did at the mall, and intertwines them. She’s smiling wide revealing her small overbite."Nephew,"
"Auntie Bernie,"
"How skinny you've gotten, " she says with a very heavy English accent. "I'm not that skinny," he replies patting his stomach, "Who's this" she asks finally noticing my existence,
" This is my Friend Aria," Just had to stress out that friend word, didn’t you?
"Mmmmmhhn," she says and began telling embarrassing stories about him as a child. When we get inside I spot Liam and his woman drooling over their precious baby boy, he has Liam’s face, but her eyes from what I can see right, off the bat. "Ari!" Keisha yells, God I hate my damn nickname "Keish!” I say and hug her, "I'm going to go talk to Grey I'll be back," Weylen says and leaves me with Keisha and the other girl, " So you two huh," the other girl asks, moving a strand of her hair from her line of eyesight. "No, we're just friends," I say and she smiles, “Funny he said the same thing about you but you two walked in here holding hands,” I smile to myself, “Names Melody.” She says, sticking her hand out for me to shake it, I reach my hand out, and as it trembles I place my palm on hers, and gently shake her hand. I look at Keisha who’s shaking her head staring at the door, “He's here isn't he?" she nods, Melody squints her forehead, "Who," Keisha sighs as of she’s just oh so tired if me, "Jerimiah,
"I'm not going to see him or acknowledge him at all, he said what he had to say all those years ago.” I turn my head to see Keisha and Graycon and behind them stood no other than Jerimiah, tall, muscular and had a few tattoos that I haven’t seen before. We lock eyes and I turn around and stare at the ground. A few seconds later in came Weylen as if he had sensed my change in mood. "Hey, it's starting you wanna sit down," I nod, "Yeah sure," I say and walk with him to the front row to sit down. Halfway through the ceremony, I feel eyes staring me down, I turn my head to see Jerimiah staring at me, I shift in my seat and feel a tingle go up to my spine, not the good kind either. I got up and Weylen gave me a concerned look, "You okay,"
"Just peachy," I say facetiously and go outside, as soon as my face hit the warm air I begin to cry.

"Where is he,"
"He said he was here, maybe he's in his room," Keisha says going to the kitchen. I keep going down the hall but regret it as soon as I walked in his room, he's sitting on his bed making out with some girl I had never seen before, the girl grabs her shoes and runs out the room. "How could you J.... I loved you.... I trusted you..."
"If only I had ever loved you,” He says, sitting up in his bed, “which I never did... your worthless, useless, broken, damaged, a piece of trash no one will ever want. Now get the HELL out of my house...or you’ll end up like your mother six feet under the ground.” My breath hitches, I lower my head, silently vowing to never get into another relationship, ever again. That night, I learned an undeniable fact, men were dogs. That would never be anything else or change their ways.

I took a second to compose myself, then went inside to find Weylen, Greycon, and Liam all having a very loud disagreement about Josh Warrington and Floyd Mayweather. Melody and Keish were standing in the hallway laughing about something, "You okay," Melody asks staring me down with worry practically radiating off of her "Fine," I say,
"Your eyes are puffy, you are not okay," Keisha says, putting her hand on her hip. “Yes I am,” I answer stubbornly"Fine then I'll just tell Weylen," Keisha says raising an eyebrow thinking it would frighten me but to her surprise, I say "Do it,"
"Fine then," She says and yells for Weylen. He came over obviously agitated that she had pulled her away from their "Important" conversation. "What,"
"Somethings wrong with her but she won't tell me what," He looks at me, obviously confused, "She looks fine to me," Weylen’s look alike says, earning a rude glare from Keisha, she scoffs, "Her eyes are puffy and she left in the middle of the ceremony," Weylen crosses his toned arms across his chest. "Is there something wrong?" I shake my head,"No," I answer a little too quickly which only alarms them more. "Are you pregnant," The lookalike says, “Uniqua!” Melody says laughing, the girl just shrugs, “what i’m just saying” I laugh so hard I start wheezing, and Weylen’s smirk starts to cross his face. "Girl, I'm a virgin," The girl looks at me, then starts dying with laughter, "Your twenty though," Weylen states. "Yeah, there is absolutely nothing wrong with waiting until you feel like you're good and ready and that you love someone enough to share that part of your body comfortably," I say and leave again this time instead of sorrow I was filled with anger, screw them all I thought to myself and sit on the curb. After ten minutes I got bored and put my headphones on to drown out the cars and talking. My phone beeps and I get a text from Weylen. Sorry for being a douche,the girls are going to the club if you wanna go. I smile a little, I'm sorry, I'm having a diff. time knowing that J is here he brings back a lot of memories, and not good ones. I reply back and stand only to realize that he was walking out of the building with his face in his phone, Look to your right Bud,I text and he obeys my command. Don't feel like walking but Keisha says come over here or your walking home. She can be such an ass sometimes. Ok, I'm coming back over there. I reply while mentally cursing her out, for her lack of feelings.

When we get home I go and take a nice long shower, then get ready for tonight. I put on a gold spaghetti strap dress with slits down the sides of the dress. I grab some thigh-high boots and put them on then send a picture to Keisha. She replies immediately with, "I see you boo, change in plans tho Mel can't come babysitter canceled. " I sigh, and sit down on my bed.
"Oh okay, Ig." I will admit I was highly disappointed but I didn't care I was going to have fun even if I had to force myself too. I went downstairs and found Weylen and Kelton watching Tv. I also see Uniqua, wearing ripped jeans, a black tube top, and her curly hair pulled into a high, ponytail, with thigh high boots on too. "I'll be back," I state, then of course I hear,"Where are you going," I sigh, Kelton’s meddling knows no bounds"With Keisha," I say and Weylen finally turns to look at me. "Not like that," I look down at my outfit, "Like what?"
"You look like a hooker Miss Thang," Kelton says, smirking, it honestly kinda pissed me off but whatever, I had gotten used to Kelton's passive-aggressive behavior. "Who's all going," Weylen asks, pulling out his phone,"Me, Uniqua, Melody, and Keisha," He scrunches up his face,"That's it," I nod “Yeah,"
"I'm coming too," He says standing, "What that's not-," He leans over me, we’re kissing distance from each other, honestly. Then he says through gritted teeth, "You aren't going to some club with no muscle,not dressed like that" then marches upstairs to change clothes. Change of plans Weylen's coming w/me. I text keisha once Weylen goes upstairs. What! This is girls night only I send her a bunch of pleading emoji’s Ik I'm sorry
It's fine as long as he doesn't pummel anyone Oh heaven above don’t let him hurt anyone
He won't. Promise. I get a picture of her making her usual don’t-lie-to yourself-you-know-better face. Right like he wouldn't pummel some man thot for you” I groan, “We're just friends Keish. I state another time, Right..... and Grey and I are "Just friends" too. She replies making me smile, Whatever Keish, I'll see you soon
I look up and see Weylen coming down the stairs in black jeans and a leather jacket with no shirt,and some casual black and white high-top converse. . "Why were you up there so long, dropping off kids at the pool," He looks puzzled for a second then says, "I wasn't in the bathroom,"
"I wasn't talking about the bathroom," Kelton says and Weylen gave him the I-wanna-murder-you-so-bad-but-im-busy look. That I had gotten used to over the past two days. " Don't you have to go get your french textbook?"
"Yeah, yeah," he grumbles and marches out of the room shoulder checking Weylen on the way out.- I looked at Weylen and he walks towards me, licking his lips yet again. "So you're a virgin,"
"Yeah, why?"
"I'm going to change that," he says and just like that our lips crashed together and we were all that existed, he lifted me up on the counter and- " Are you okay," Weylen asks looking slightly uncomfortable. Dammit, it was just a daydream. Damn my imagination. "yeah I'm fine," I say, crossing my arms against my chest. "Sure, you totally stare off in space and lick your lips all the damn time," I smile, and so does he."Shut up," I say and felt the heat in my cheeks get even warmer and a smile spread across my face. "Why are you blushing, oh my god he didn't flash you did he, I know it's small but don't mock him for it" I laugh and Weylen slugs Kelton's shoulder. "Let's get the hell outta here," Weylen says, grabbing my hand and pulling me toward the door.

When we get to the club I could tell Weylen was on high alert, his back straight and his face went into his normal scowl and he looks as if he's ready to feast on anyone who tries him. When we get into the club I spot Keisha and Greycon at the bar."Stay here, I'll be back," Weylen says marching off like a soldier into war. "what's up with him,"
"I have no idea," I say and "Money" by Cardi B started playing.
"Let's go dance," Keisha says pulling me on the dance floor. We all start to dance all together, and once again I feel hands on my body. What the hell is up with people sometimes! Is consent not a thing anymore or what?! I turn to see Jerimiah standing behind me. I freeze and realize that I am alone. I see something move out of the corner of my eye and I turn my head to see a Very pissed off Weylen heading towards us. "Get your damn hands off of me," I say trying to jerk out his grip but failing miserably. "No I don't think I will, you know you left before I got the chance to tell you, I miss you Ari-'' Was all he got to say before Weylen punched him sending him flying on the ground. I grab Weylen's wrist, trying to get him to stop, but he doesn’t, he just keeps going. I try to pry him off but he was too strong, by the time I had gotten Greycon over to him he had already knocked him out."Weylen, we gotta get outta here," Greycon says and successfully pries Weylen off of Jerimiah. "I told you so," Keisha says elbowing me in the side.
"We are just friends," I say and follow Weylen and Greycon outside. "You okay," Weylen asks when we got into the car. "i’m all good," I put my hand on his and he looks at me, "Good," He says clenching his jaw, and moving his hand. I knew something was wrong but I decided against asking what it was.“Thank you,”
“For what?” He asks, scrunching up his face. “Standing up for me I know that takes a lot,”
“You're welcome I guess,” He says, Why do I think he’s angry at me?
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