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What in the hell is wrong with me, I can’t like her. Of course, she’s beautiful and all but her and I wouldn’t last, hell Holli and I didn’t last. I pull the car into the driveway and go directly to my room not stopping to see if she's really okay or not. A few minutes later I hear knocking on my door, “What do you want?” I open the door to see Niq standing there with a tub of ice cream and my favorite movie fast & furious in one hand and spoons and boxing gloves in the other. “I didn’t know which emotions I was dealing with so I brought some stuff for both.” I smile and open the door so that she can make it in without dropping anything out of her arms. “I’m fine Niq but thank you,” she sets the stuff down on the bed and turns towards me with her hands on her hips, “We both know somethings going on with you so tell me now,” I sigh and sit down in the recliner across from the bed. “ I’m frustrated that I can’t get this partnership with Octavius,” I lie honestly I didn’t care at all about that my father used to say, if they don't love you they screw you and honestly if Octavius didn’t agree to partner up with me I’d just kill him, see easy solutions to a complicated problem. “Well you have his attention now,” she says smiling widely.“How exactly,”
“He likes Aria,”
“No, he doesn’t,”
“Yes he does if he doesn’t why are him and Aria outside talking right now,” I sit up straight and anger floods my vision, “They’re what,”
“Yeah shortly after you came in he came over but stayed outside talking to Aria the whole time,” I stand and walk out of my room as she calls my name I have no idea what I'm going to do but when I get down the stairs I punch the wall, I can’t be with her, it’s not safe for her not while I’m on the verge of waging war. I go back upstairs where Niq has watched about half of the movie and eat the mint and chip. “I think i’m going to spend a little while with Pops,” She says as I sit down next to her and begin to watch the movie,”It’s whatever you want sis.” I say, giving her a hug. “I live my life a quarter-mile at a time, for those ten seconds nothing matters , not the mortgage not the store, not my team and all their bullshit, for those ten seconds or less I’m free,” I fall asleep, dreaming of my perfect place, with her, my two girls...I shoot up straight in the bed covered in a cold sweat,I can’t have a future with her because she’s dead, she’s gone and I can’t get her back. I hear my phone buzz and I look down to see a text from Kiesha 911 Grecon won’t calm down need your help please hurry Damn I wish I could have ten seconds...What happened
I took a test and… She sends me a picture of a positive pregnancy test. Christ Keisha...
He’s screaming at me, saying I did it on purpose…. so no he’s not excited.
Okay, I’ll be over in ten. I reply and stop the movie, “Hey I was watching that,”
“I have to go get Greycon I’ll be back,” I say and throw on my retro 6’s and run downstairs. I grab my keys if the counter and run outside to see Octavius flirting with Aria and I nearly walk towards them but quickly remind myself that nothing good will come out of it and get into my Range Rover.

When I make it to Greycon’s house you can hear shouting from outside, I go in and Greycons punches a hole in the wall and Keisha is trying to get him to stop. I run and wrestle him to the ground, “Greycon calm down,” he still tries to get out from under me and punch him in the nose and he slowly closes his eyes and stops moving. “Is he okay,” she says, acting as if actually by her I-just-want-him-to be-safe-look when god knows that girl cares more about a run over raccoon than she does Grey. “Yeah he’ll be fine he’s just upset Keisha,”
“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean for this to happen,” she says, hugging me and I wrap my arms around her. “It’s okay, look I’m going to take him to the house. I'll text you when he wakes up,” I say and lift Greycon over my shoulder. “Thank you,” she says as I put Greycon in the passenger seat,
“Welcome, and Keisha,” I say and get into the car and start the engine “Good luck,”
“Thanks,” she says and I roll up my window and drive off. Halfway to the house I stopped at the gas station and grabbed 5-hour energy. When I got back into the car when I noticed that Octavius and Aria were pulling up to the store, she was happy as could be smiling so wide all of Mars could see how bright her teeth were. I sped off and went to the house and took Graycon to his room and I went to mine then called Aria. “Hello,”
“Hey, where are you?” I asked lying down on my bed, “The store with Octavious,” she answered I half-way expected her to lie but she didn’t which wasn’t helping me build up on my reasons to hate her guts. “When will you be back,”
“Um, we should be back soon. We just ran to go get some candy” I clear my throat, “Ok, I guess, um we're going out tonight, be ready by five.”
“Okay,” she answered and hung up the phone. I then began to panic because I realized that I hadn’t told any of the guys about this so I decided to text Kelton and Liam. “Wanna party tonight?”
“Can’t baby duty but ask Graycon” Liam replied with a few shrugging emoji.
“Graycon had an episode he’s out for tonight.” I reply,
“ Got nothing better to do” Kelton replies almost immediately after Liam “Aria coming?”
“Yeah, why?”
“Just wondering when you gonna make your move” Liam asks leaving me highly confused, “Move?”
“We all know that you like the girl Weylen your VERY obvious about it,” I sigh loudly and decide to dead this before it gets out of hand and starts being spread around,
“No I'm not and I don’t like her. If I did it would just be a business conflict ready to happen and I don't want anything slowing me down” I reply knowing that that’s not the reason why I won’t make my move. I turn my phone all the way off and go and get into the shower, not long after I'm done bathing I hear a knock at my bedroom door. I wrap a towel around my waist then answer the door. When I open it Aria is wearing a leather skirt, a red tube top and black stilettos, I clear my throat and she starts to smile, “Um I was just coming to see if you were okay you weren’t answering your phone,”
“I was just in the shower, getting ready for tonight,”
“Right um let me get outta your hair then,” she says starting to walk away and I grab her arm before I even really know what I’m doing, “I need you to help me decide what shirt to wear, if you don’t mind” You’re going into dangerous territory. “Sure” she says and sits down on the bed. I run into the bathroom and throw on my pants then come out of the bathroom to see her laid out on my bed on her stomach scrolling through her phone. I clear my throat and she looks up smiling then sits up quickly “Sorry um what exactly did you need me to do again,”
“Um so what shirt should I wear,” she pauses, stands and begins to circle me as if I'm some kind of prey and she’s the predator she walks to the closet and comes back with my leather Jacket. “Wear this,” I smile, “That’s not a shirt,”
“Well it’ll look good on you,” she says blushing hard, I shrug knowing damn well she only likes it because I never wear a shirt with it.“Okay,” I say and put on the jacket and slip on my black vans. “Are you ready to go?”
“Yeah let’s go party,” I say and she pushes past me and walks down the stairs. I stay behind and I put my weapon in my holster.

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