Assassination station

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I get into Weylen’s car and my phone buzzes, I look down to a text from an unknown number “Don’t take your new family for granted, someone might just take them from you” weird I block the number and Weylen comes outside looking frustrated but once again it’s not my place to pry, yet when he gets into the car I pry anyway. “What’s wrong?” He rolls his eyes,
“Keltons coming,” I turn my body towards him. “Why would that upset you?”
“Because he’s generally annoying, I go out to drink not to babysit my brother,”
Brother? I say to myself, “Yeah, I have five siblings Kelton, Kelly, Torin, Jameson,and Uniqua. She's the one staying at the house with us she’s the oldest out of us two,” Damn I said that out loud okay then... I whistle, “That’s a lot,” He smiles, “Yeah, what about you,”
“Just my older brother Tegan and my younger brother Kipper,” He shifts uncomfortably and then says “If he doesn’t come out in three minutes I will leave him,” I shoot Kelton a text letting him know that he’s about to get left behind and he replies with “Tell that impatient ogre to hold on I'm almost ready,” I show the text to Weylen and he smiles, I could get used to that if he let me, not that he would or that I would let myself get used to it, he literally looks like someone out of a movie or a book, not someone who would be interested in me. I feel a lump in my throat and Weylen sighs disrupting my thoughts “Finally,” I suddenly don’t feel like going out but I stay quiet when Weylen starts the car and Kelton climbs in.

When we get to the bar Kelton gets out the car and I follow close behind then see Octavious talking to two of the security guards, “You need anything, I’ll be in my office,” he turns towards me and smiles “I’ll see you inside,” Kelton says nudging me in the ribs
“Okay,” I say and walk towards Octavious, “You look good,”
“Not so bad yourself captain,” he smiles and sticks out his hand, I turn my gaze towards the car and see Weylen scowling at...Octavious? I grab his hand and we walk in together, his hands are rough and clammy but they feel surprisingly normal. We walk upstairs to his office, the walls are maroon and the couch rug and bar are black. “Wow, I didn’t expect you to have a color-coordinated room,”
“Well you can thank my interior design team, they have one in every club,” He says, pouring two shotglasses of grey goose, “Aside from this, what do you do?” I ask taking the glass from him and sitting down on the couch, “I own a car dealership, sports cars specifically,” He answers sitting next to me drinking his shot. “There’s something I want to ask you,” he scoots a little closer, “Shoot,” I say, downing the shot with one gulp. “ Are you sure that-” He starts but is interrupted by a knock at the door. I wonder what Weylen’s doing. I stand and set my glass on the bar. “I'm sorry rain check, somethings happening outside the club,” He says walking towards me “It’s fine I should go and find the guys anyway,” I walk past him and go down the stairs I look round and almost immediately spot Weylen, I start walking a little faster then stop dead in my tracks. I see a woman cuddling with Jenni, the girl who bullied me all throughout middle school and highschool, the one who outed my abuse to the whole school for looking at her. My heart races and I walk directly to the bar and order seven shots. I pull a fifty dollar bill out of my phone case and lay it on the bar, I feel a hand on my shoulder and I turn to see Kelton standing behind me. “What’s wrong,”
“Nothing,” I say and the bartender lays out the glasses and pours them one by one. “You look miserable and I don’t know you that well but I have a feeling that’s not what you look like everyday,”
“Yeah and?” I say downing three out of the seven drinks. “You're upset,”
“No I'm not,” I lie and down the last four but the sting still isn’t enough to drown out the horrible memories of my early childhood. I look up and she’s wearing the heels again, there so pretty I wish dad would buy me some, “What are you looking at stupid?” Jenni yells and starts to walk towards me. “I-I like your boots,”
“I would say the same for you but, you look like an ogre,” she says laughing and her minions do the same, something in me snaps and I push her into the mud puddle beside her, “You LITTLE BRAT, this is Swarovski! This is 10,000 dollars down the drain!” I stick out my hand and try to help her up but she swats my hand away “Get away from me you Ogre” I mumble an apology and rush to class as I feel things hitting me in my back and everyone calling me ogre- “Aria!” I turn to see Kelton still standing there and I walk outside in the back parking lot, “The girl Weylen’s with, she exposed my abuse and bullied me all throughout middle school and highschool,”
“Not to sound douchey but and?”
“Because of her I only talked to Jerimiah and Keisha, maybe Jerimiah was right-”
“No I eavesdropped on Kiesha and Weylen talking about him look forget her you came here to have fun,”
“Yeah but it still bothers me, Kelton,”
“Is that why you won’t tell Octavious that you like him,”
“I don’t like him, not like that,” I feel bad for not liking Octavious but he just isn’t for me. “Well then who do you like,” He asks, stepping a little closer, grinning. “It’s Weylen isn’t it,”
I shook my head and sighed loudly “It would never happen. He's from a different world and I’m just too broken for someone like him. He dates girly-girls, not girls that like to shoot for anger release and are just naturally.. Me'' Kelton scoffs “Aria, you are what he needs forget what he wants, look no matter who you like you deserve love no matter who it comes from- and if you say you don’t you're going to have a very unpleasant experience with my shoe, look if you need someone from now on you have me okay?” I sniffled and sighed again “Yeah, ok” we walk back inside to see Octavious and Weylen arguing loudly, within punching range “Is that how it is now!?”Octavious yells, and Weylen’s face get’s bright red, his hands clench tightly, ‘Yeah that is how it is!”
“Okay then Weylen why don’t you ask her,” they both turn to me and I freeze, “Aria do you-” Octavious asks but before he could answer shots rang out, and I stood frozen in place. “Aria!” Weylen yells shoving me down to the ground “ Are you hurt?!?!?!” he asks frantically but I just shake my head, “Words Ari,” I nod, “I’m fine,” he looks around, “Well then let’s go,”
“No please don't make me move,” I shake my head, “Aria you have to,” He urges, “No, no, no”
“Aria, we have to go now or you're going to die!” he says picking me up off the ground, and running in a storage closet

“Weylen i'm scared,” I say as he sits me down on the ground, “You never have to be afraid when I'm around,” He says and before I know what i'm doing I smash my lips against his, he gives in a little bit, but he stops, and pulls away, “I can’t Aria,” he says and then leaves the closet without another word. I knew he wouldn’t, I should have known my life isn’t simple like that, I’m not that girl I put my knees to my chest and hear several gunshots and I pick up a knife and run out the closet.

I see a man standing above a passed out Weylen. “Hey assbag” I yell and he turns around. I throw the knife and get him in the chest. He smiles and then falls to the ground, I run to Weylen and gently tapp his face, “Hey, Hey, wake up,” His eyes slowly open and he sits up straight and looks around “He’s gone,”
“It’s okay Weylen,” He sighs and stands up walking out without another word. I follow close behind and just as I go to leave I feel someone grab my hand and I turn to see Octavious cut up and bruised “You did great,” I nod, “Thanks, who was that guy,”
“I have no idea he was trying to get in and when he couldn’t he started shooting people, hey, listen, I don’t mean to be a pest but, you, and I could do some serious damage together you should reconsider my offer,” I know it’s wrong but I can’t help but think about what just happened, “Yeah I just might but I kinda need some time to think about it is that okay?” he nods, “It’s fine Aria, I just want you to be happy no matter where you are,” he says and hugs me tightly. “Thanks Octavious,” I say and march outside to find Weylen and the guys all talking to each other. I lock eyes with Weylen and look directly at my feet and walk in the opposite direction and help with injuries.

When we get home I go directly to my room and turn on the shower, I sit on the floor and I cry like I have never cried before, I couldn’t have him and would never have him. I was stupid enough to think that I could’ve. I hear a knock at the door and I wipe my eyes to open the door, when I open it I see Liam, Melody, Graycon, and Keisha. “What,”
“He told us, are you okay?” Melody asks, I sigh Great so on top of all of that he’s telling everyone how he rejected me? “It’s nothing-just go way okay,” I bet he’s bragging about how he did it… “It’s something you’ve been crying,” Liam says and pushes his way into the room, “Everybody else out I have to talk to her,” He says and everyone slowly backs away from the door as he closes it. “Aria it wasn’t your fault,” I sit down in the bed and he sits next to me, “Yes it was, I thought he liked me I read it all wrong,” I say rubbing my hands over my knees,“He’s had a difficulty in letting himself get closer to people ever since Holli broke his heart. I have no idea what’s been going on with you two but I know Weylen better than he knows himself, no matter how hard he denies it he likes you,” I sigh,“Yeah whatever, i’m done caring about others who don’t care about me, thank you for trying- but it won’t work,” He stands and sighs loudly “I'm here if you need me,” he says and walks out the room. I am so done caring about other people. It's a waste of time. I leave a note letting them know that I'm taking the job offer and I won’t be back then , I walk out of the room, and take an uber over to Octavious’s house. I knock on the door and he answers and once again he’s shirtless, Christ does he ever wear a shirt, I bet he doesn’t even own one. “Everything okay?” I smile a litte then nod, “Yeah, can I stay for a little while?” He smiles, wide, opening the door more. “Yeah, stay as long as you need to,”

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