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I pull out a bottle of Tequila and I chug the last half of the bottle. I couldn't believe what I just did, I hardly even knew what was coming out of my mouth, What the hell did I just do? I could have just told her how I felt right then and there but no I didn’t, god i'm so stupid. I hear a knock and Liam came marching in the room. “Weylen we have to secure her place like now,”
“No, she’s too much of a distraction,”I say taking another sip.“That coming for you is priceless,”
“What do you mean?” I sit up straight in my chair. “The other day you practically beat Jerimiah to death all because he danced with her and now because she kissed you she’s a ‘Distraction’ I call bull,” Liam states as his face turns, redder-and redder,“Liam just stop I’m not in the mood,” He walked so close I could see he was infuriated, “You idiot, why can’t you see that you have a girl that will actually take care of you and have your back yet you want to push her away! No wonder she left,”
“Left?” I ask, confused, “She wrote a note, you probably would’ve noticed had you not been sulking in your office.” He says through his gritted teeth, which makes me want to knock the angry out of him but I don’t because the bottle is solving way more problems than the fighting would cause. He hands me the note and it reads“Sorry I know I read all the signs wrong and I don’t want to make things awkward, or difficult so i’m leaving for a few days I'll be staying with Octavious, while training thenI'll be taking the job so I won't have to see y'all again I hope you fill that spo, stay safe Weylen. I wish you luck,” I slam it down on the table, “Call Octavius She starts in four hours and get her back here NOW!”
“That’s the Weylen I’m used to,” he says pulling out his cell phone and leaving the room. I can’t stand the thought of her being alone with Octavious, he has to have some kind of messed up plan, and there is no way in hell I'm letting her get tied up in his shit. She’s mine even though she’s not really mine. I go downstairs and pull out the practice dummies and I hear the door close, I run up the stairs and hear something fall in my office, I go to the kitchen and get my baseball bat out of the cabinet and go into the office to see Holli cleaning up glass off the ground. “What the hell are you doing here holli,” She smiles like a demon,“I want to come back home, just like old times,” I scoff ,“No,”
“What do you mean no,” she asks folding her arms across her chest, “I mean you're no longer welcome in my house,” She sighs and walks towards me, “Weylen you can’t tell me that you don’t miss it,”
“You disrespected Aria and I multiple times-”
“Weylen I know you miss us, the modern bonnie and clyde,” she says leaning in “ I don’t know if I can forgive you, for what you did..”
“Who really needs forgiveness anyway,” she says and kisses me I kiss her back I might as well have someone since I can’t have Aria, no that’s not how this works, I push her away and open my eyes to see Aria standing in the doorway, “I’ll be down the stairs,” she says and walks out “I have to go Holli,”
“So you're going to leave me for her,” she asks scoffing, “I’m not leaving anyone for anyone,”
“So am I forgiven?” she asks her face brightening, “No but you can finish cleaning up the glass and then you can leave.” I say and go down stairs to see that Aria has changed and is doing a plank on the floor, “Aria,”
“What ?” she says, not even bothering to turn around. “That wasn’t what it looked like,”
“I don’t care, I came here to train and not worry about being emotional, I came here to train for my job,” she says standing and cracking her neck.“Okay fine we don’t have to talk about it,” I say, and she gets the bamboo sticks out of the corner. “Can we just work out, like you said it can’t happen so why stress about it,” She says handing me a bamboo stick Yeah she’s mad, I get into position and she does the same, I move in on her and try to strike her shoulder but she’s ready for it, she gets me in the leg and I trip, I get her in the side as I go down and she howls in pain but still blocks the next hit. “That all you got princess,” I say standing and she growls “I'm not your princess,” Then she goes to hit me and I block it so she uppercuts me in my ribs, I hunch over in pain at the lose my breath, and she elbows me in the back, “Is that enough for you,” “Nowhere near,” I say standing and I can tell that something else is motivating her, some pent up rage is finally being let out to the surface, and despite what my logic is telling me I decide to see what she’s like when she’s completely free. “Hey princess,” I say and she growls again “You angry?” she shakes her head. “No, just irritated,” I fake yawn “Why?”
“Because you keep calling me Princess I’m no one's princess.”
“Right, so Octavious and yo-” I start to ask but she almost snaps, “Whatever goes on between Octavious and I is our business,” she says quickly interrupting me, “Like I thought, you are a princess,” I say stepping closer and I can feel the anger practically radiating off of her body. “Shut up, Weylen I know what you're doing don’t,”
“It’s okay I mean I could just go back upstairs with Holli,” I say and she turns around and her pupils are smaller and she cracks her neck once again, “Fine you want me angry, you got me angry,” she runs towards me and jumps I duck and she lands behind me, I stand and aim for her arm with the bamboo stick and she jumps and tackles me to the ground, and I roll over and I'm over her but before I could say anything she punches me and I stand and she runs and shoves me against the wall and grabs one of the knives off of the weapon rack and she picked it up, “Now whos princess am I,” she says and throws the knife at me and I turn to see it sticking out the wall and she goes upstairs but not before knocking a new hole in the wall, I lie there for a minute then go upstairs to see Aria putting an Ice pack on her newly forming bruises. “You need any help,”
“I'm fine Weylen,” She says wincing,“Something’s wrong,”I say taking her hurt hand and stretching it out a little, “No shit sherlock i'm in pain and your being dumb,” I sigh, “I don’t think that’s it,” She yanks her hand from mine,“Well then what is it,”
“I think you're mad cause I kissed Holli,”She scoffs then laughs a little, “You do what you want Weylen you're a grown man,” I grab her by her waist, “Aria, just admit it-” She backs up, raising her hands “Why would I admit it! To make myself feel worse than I already do! you wanted her the entire time, and you told me you couldn’t do it, you just didn’t want me but whatever to that right-let’s make me feel worse to make you feel better huh? I have been through an indescribable hell, and yet seeing you and her together- I never wanted to hurt someone so bad you're turning me into a completely different person!” Is she seriously acting like this is my fault? “Good!” I say laughing, “How do you think I feel about Octavious Jesus seeing you too hip to hip drives me insane, and yet you had no idea huh, how many girls do you think I buy shit for randomly-letting them in my home-letting them meet my family! You have no idea what being me feels like I have decisions to make hard tough ones that keep in mind, you could never make yourself yet i'm the bad guy,-” she puts the Ice pack back into the fridge, shaking her head, “If you care so damn much then why were you kissing her! As for your shopping spree thing I never asked for that at all! I don’t wanna know how many girls you've taken out or bought things for because they make me want to rip everyone’s head off!” I scoff and slam the icebox shut,

“ Christ I knew you were gonna be difficult but I didn't think it was gonna be this difficult I should’ve just left you there, to get beaten and let you rot, then maybe you’d understand a little more!” I feel a sharp pain in my cheek and she says “I'm taking the job offer from Octavious,so you’ll never have to see me again” and starts to walk towards the door. Great job you screw up!! “Wait, i'm sorry Aria, I didn’t mean it,” I hear her gasp, like I can hear her heart breaking,“Bullshit Weylen,” She says grabbing her jacket off the coat hanger, and turning towards the door. “I want to be with you, please,” she froze and turned towards me with tears falling off of her cheeks onto her shirt. “I want to believe you, I really do, but if this is what being with you feels like I don’t want to be with you Weylen,” with those words, she turned and left the house slamming the door behind her.

I couldn’t speak or move. I don’t know why I said that she wouldn’t have stayed after I said that, god why do I mess up everything. I go downstairs and punch a wall I still don’t feel better so I start throwing things off the wall, the tables nothing’s safe at this point, this was all my fault she left because if me we weren’t even together and she still doesn’t want me, fine then if she doesn’t want me then it’s whatever I won’t stress about it I have stuff to do I can’t worry about her forever, even though I feel like my heart ripping into shreds. I go into the living room and not even five seconds after Greycon comes walking in the living room but stops dead in his tracks when he sees me. “What’s wrong,”
“She’s gone Greycon, she left, and it’s all my fault,” I say my voice cracking horribly, “Who Aria?”
“Why do I fuck up everything I touch,” I say and I feel a tear go down my cheek, Greycon comes sits next to me and puts a hand on my back.As I grab a bottle of liquor out the cabinet, pop off the op and start to chug it. “ Why did she leave?”
“Because I said some really bad shit Grey, even I would’ve left, she’s going to Octavious’- said she’s taking the job. ” “Octavious’s offer?” Graycon asks scrunching up his face, “He offered her a job, that night at the club when she beat up that guy for getting handsy with her,” He nods to himself, “He’s getting fucked up for that,” Greycon says standing and walking towards the door. “Greycon,”
“What?” he asks, turning towards me and I can tell that if I tell him not to he’ll just do it anyway, plus he’s not doing something I wouldn’t do myself.Make him regret ever being born into this world,” I say and he smiles widely and walks out of the door. It’s not like she’s ever going to find out anything, I look on the ground, to see Aria’s phone I bought her, I walk over to it, and pick it up off the ground to see a text but it had already been seen by her, “Don’t take your new family for granted, someone might just take them from you” Who the hell??

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