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When I leave Weylen’s house I go over to Liam’s to talk to Melody, this whole situation makes no sense. I have to hear her side of the story, although I’m still going to beat Octavious for even suggesting that she leave us,-she’s annoying, extremely emotional at times but she’s not going to leave us. She's stuck with us now, whether she likes it or not. When I make it in the house Liam’s sitting on the couch with their son Dax he looks adorable all domestic like, and Melody is setting the dining table. She looks as if she’s in deep thought . “Melody we gotta talk,” I say going into the kitchen, “What’s wrong?” She asks setting the placemats on the table and I grabbed the plates and put them on the table for her. “It’s about Aria,”
“What happened?” she asks stopping everything, as her face becomes consumed with worry and what looks like guilt. The hell was that? . “Octavious offered Aria a job and she and Weylen fought and he’s all- emotional weylen-look I know I haven’t exactly made her feel super welcome-hell I haven’t even talked to her that damn much, but she’s like my little sister now, she can’t leave.” Mel shakes her head, slightly pissing me off with her rabbit looking teeth. “She won’t be there long,”“Why?” I ask, really wanting to strangle her hybrid dolphin looking behind. I feel my inner demon wanting to break out, I don’t know why but I haven’t ever trusted her for a long time, and no part of me wants to trust her. “Once she finds out what I know she’s bound to come crawling back,” I cross my arms across my chest, raising her eyebrows daring her to test me, “What would that be?” I look at her, not moving a muscle. “Octavious has a fiancee,”
“A-he-I’m kicking his ass,” I say, struggling to make sense of this all, why would he have her stay with him if he already has a girlfriend- fiancee? Does this woman know who she’s about to be marrying? I bet she doesn’t he’s not that stupid. No one could be that stupid. “Not without me,” Liam says whisper yelling from the living room then standing and putting the baby in the baby swing, he looked so domestic, holding Dax in his arms, I smile to myself and came into the dining room. “I’m helping you Greycon,” He grabs my hand, partially distracting me, I had missed this feeling, the feeling of his soft skin against my rough skin. I shake my head, “No way, I’m just gonna have my brothers help me, you're not getting hurt because of me,” He looks sad, for a second, “What about you?” I look down to the ground,”I’ll be fine,” I say, he smacks her luscious lips, then smiles, “I”m coming anyway,” I don’t know why but it makes me smile widely, “Fine,” I groan, which makes his dimples appear again, his pearly whites show, and he let’s go of my hand. “So were jumping him?” Liam smiles, and I spot his dimples,and his freckles that are on his nose that you can’t even really see unless you're up close to him. “Why not he deserves it,” I spot Mel out the corner of my eye staring me down angrily. “Okay bet,” I say, Dax starts to cry, and Liam goes back into the living room, Mel leans in close and says, “Stay away from my man, Greycon.” I scoff, “You’re not special honeybun, so I’d watch that tone if I were you. Besides, you have a child with the man, it’s not like I'm going to snatch him up and away from his child, unlike you I'd never do that to him.” She pauses, then looks behind me. “What’s wrong?” I hear Liam ask, I shake my head, “Everytime I think I can do this I just can’t. I don’t know why I do this to myself.” I say, wiping my eyes, “ Grey…” Liam starts to say something, but I laugh sarcastically, “ Weylen and Aria need us right now, so i’ll put all this bullcrap aside but after that i’m done. I can’t with her,” Liam’s face shows how much his heart breaks but I can’t with Melody, that’s the fifth time this week, and I just can’t with her. I get back into my car, and drive to my brother’s house. “JAKOBY!” I yell when I come into the house, I hear lot’s of gasping, and I follow the noise, to see, him lying in a pool of his blood, staring at the ceiling, “Who- did this to you” I ask, he gasps again “O-Oct-Octavious” I nod, “It’s gonna be okay baby bro, I got you okay?” He nods, I call the ambulance, and thank god they arrive there in record time, however his heart stops a few times, but he keeps coming back. I call Weylen once I get to the hospital to tell him the news, and he shows, drunk as a skunk with Holli, attached to his arm, she’s gripping his hand so hard it’s red.

“Why would you bring him here like this?” I ask once she’s within earshot, “I barely got him to give me the keys, be lucky he’s not dead,” Weylen, looks at me, and breaks down, he starts crying so hard, what he’s saying I can’t understand. Finally I hear, “This is just like the night Julie died,” and my heart can’t hold back the tears this time. I start to cry, too and Holli just stands there looking weird until she finally says, “I’ve never seen him so upset.” I nod “Yeah,” I really don’t like being around Holli, but she’s not wrong. Weylen’s a hot mess. I call Aria, and she surprisingly answers, “Hey what’s up?” I sigh, “My brother, he’s been injured, and I know you guys got into a huge fight, but Weylen showed up to the hospital a complete mess, I just, I know I haven’t made you feel very welcome, or have even been that nice to you but i could really use someone right now.” She sighs, and I can hear a man in the background, “I’ll be there soon, I have to change just send me the address,” I smile widely, “Thanks Aria,” I hang up to see Holli glaring at me, “I could’ve taken him home.” I scoff, “I trust you as much as I trust my strictly christian, homophobic father.” She sits down, and crosses her arms against her chest. “ Don’t hate on me, I was being nice,” I scoff, “As nice as a python, before it kills someone.” I look up to see a man in blue scrubs walking our way. “Family of Jakoby Adams?” I nod, “I’m his brother.” The doctor smiles, “He’s gonna make it. You called just in time, he’s gonna have to stay in the hospital for a couple of weeks, but, I noticed he doesn’t have any health insurance, I shake my head, “I can pay in cash, how much would it be?” The doctor’s face shows complete surprise. “Umm about eight thousand dollars, I believe, but we’ll send you the bill once he’s home.” I nod, “Can I see him?” He shakes his head, “I’m sorry to say that because you came in so late that visiting hours are over however if you come back at eight in the morning, you can see him, up until ten o’clock.” I nod, “Thanks doctor, I owe you one.” I turn around to see Liam, Octavious, and Aria all storming in the waiting room. My blood begins to boil, “You got some nerve showing up here man.” I say, grabbing the collar if Octavious’s shirt shoving him against the wall. “Grey!” Liam says, grabbing my arms shoving me off him, “I know who did this, and it wasn’t him.” Liam says, looking at Aria, who looks at Octavious, “It was your other brother,” I scoff, “J'aton would do a lot of things but shooting his brother wouldn’t be one of them.” He sighs, “You can ask him yourself. I turned him in.” I sigh, “I’ll talk to my brother tomorrow, I just..I need to be alone right now..” Aria sighs, “You two take Weylen home, i’m going to stay with Grey for a while.” I look at her and she smacks her lips, “I wasn’t asking now sit down, i’ll go and get you some coffee from the cafeteria.” I nod, and sit down next to some old hispanic woman who looks as if she's praying. “Where’s Keisha?” Liam asks, I shake my head, “I didn’t tell her....”
He nods, then leaves, and Aria comes back with coffee. “Come on I want to take you somewhere,” I say, and she smiles a little, after about twenty minutes we arrive at the gun range and we go to Jakoby & I’s usual stalls seven and eight, and I shoot until my clip runs out, when I look at my shots I see that surprisingly I've only hit the head. “Wow you’re really good,” I shake my head, “I have a lot of pent up aggression, that’s all that is.” She laughs a little, and I notice that half if the guys in the range are staring at her, I won’t lie she’s stunningly beautiful but she just keeps shooting, as if she never notices or….maybe she really doesn’t notice anyone staring at her..”Who taught you how to shoot?” I sigh, “my brother’s shot a lot, I learned by watching..” I sigh, “What’s it like having Tegan and KIpper as brother’s?” Her brow furrows, “How did you-” I shake my head, “He did a background check on you the day we brought you home,” she nods, smiling to herself, then the smile suddenly breaks, and she raises the gun in anger and starts to shoot rapidly. “Hey,” I say, putting my hand on her shoulder. “It’s okay to not be okay sometimes, Aria.” She shakes her head, “Not for me it’s not.”
“They talk about you all the time -live in California I think,” I’m pretty sure it’s cali isn’t it??“Are you serious?” I nod, “Yes, that’s the whole reason why we were over there at the house when we met you, your father owed us a lot of money. He hadn’t paid in like two month’s either, meeting you was intentional the whole thing was planned, they had us sit outside of the house for a week monitoring you’re patterns, and routines and who was over, and who wasn’t, of people were over how long did they stay the usual you know.” Her face drops, “So you know?” I nod, “I put it together after a little while, the others still don’t know,” she sighs then she smiles wide. “They were looking for me..I have to find them..” I clear my throat“Okay, if that’s what you want, I'll back your decision but I have to say this Aria, Octavious is dangerous, very dangerous, you need to be careful,” She nods, “I’ll be careful I promise, now I have to find my brothers,” with that she drops me off, and I give her the keys to the car, and tell her that the car’s now hers. Which makes her smile ridiculously bigger than before, even though we both know her grandmother left her a huge inheritance, and she had other reasons for staying at that house with her father
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