Assassination station

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She was almost arrested last night after showing up at the bar, and the irresponsible jackass Octavious was somehow responsible and I knew it. They didn’t want to see it but I did. I knew he had something to do with it and I knew the code to exposing all his dirty deeds had to do with that corrupt policeman. I just had to learn what buttons to push to get him squealing like the pig he was.

I walked up the stairs to Octavoius’s office and I felt eyes burning holes in my body. I turned to see Aria staring at me, she looked beautiful, the maroon dress she was wearing shaped her body perfectly, and her make-up was flawless, but that wasn’t my place to say anymore. She chose him but there is no way in hell i'm letting him hurt her in any way. I continued walking and knocked on the office door and I heard him yell, “Door’s open!” I walked inside and Locked the door behind me.
Which made him look up from his computer. “We need to talk,” He smiled his sneaky smile and I wanted to kill him right there but I refrained. “What about?” I stood in front of his desk and folded my arms and he leaned back in his chair. “Aria,” He smirked and raised his eyebrows, god what I wouldn’t do to wipe the smirk off of his stupid face right now. “What about my girlfriend?” I hated him saying that word, it’s like he thought he owned her or something. “She’s been through a lot and I want you to keep her out of whatever bullshit you have going on, I know what your doing Octavious, I’m not stupid I can see right through your bullshit unlike everyone else.” I sighed and leaned over his desk. “If you’re using her or get her into any kind of trouble I will kill you as slowly and painfully as possible and I won’t stop until I have painted the streets with your blood.” He started laughing and sighed “I never thought i’d see the day,” I stood back up straight, crossing my arms against my chest. “What day is that?” He stands and puts his hands in his pockets. “You love her don’t you?” I shook my head and for some reason and became flustered. “I don't love her-you're just a shady guy-she’s a good girl. I don't want her hurt.” He smirked and nodded his head. “For once in my life I have no ulterior motives I really just love everything about her, from her body type to that adorable little smile of hers.” I don’t know what came over me but I swung at him and nailed him in the jaw. “I knew you wanted her Weylen, but she doesn’t want you, not after what you said,” He stood and started laughing, rubbing his now bruising jaw. “Hell if I was her in that situation I wouldn’t want your ass either.” There was a knock at the door and the next thing I knew the door was being broken down.

I was shell shocked to see small little Aria standing behind the door furious and to be honest it scared even me. She turned to Octavious “YOU HAVE A WIFE?!?!” Wait a second what the hell? He looked terrified and she came into the office with none other than Penny following close behind. I thought they had broken up? Aria punched him in the face and Pen kicked him in the stomach. “I was-” Aria punched him again and kicked him in the stomach making him fall backwards. “WAS WHAT OCTAVIOUS?!?” Pen screams tears in her eyes. “WE HAVE A CHILD TOGETHER A WHOLE SON AND I FIND OUT THAT YOU ASKED HER TO BE YOUR GIRL?!?!” She kicked him and I was so lost in watchingher I never noticed Aria with a gun in her hand until she had shot him in the arm. “Bastard,” she said sniffing, staring down at him, I walk over to her and take the gun out of her hands. She leans into me, crying her soul onto my shirt, I wrap my arms around her body, soon enough her body goes limp. She passed out, Damn I’ve never seen her like this before. “Lelani, do what you want, call me if you need cleaners afterwards. I'll have them come help you out.” She nodded and I picked Aria up bridal style and she buries her face in my chest.

We walk out and I send a text to Kelton telling him to hurry outside and he comes running outside then stops when he sees us. “He has a wife,” I said and his face twisted into nothing but anger and suddenly he looked like a killer. “Let’s take her home and get her settled.” Kelton said and drove us to a gigantic house, it was really modern but it was really nice to say the least. “How can she afford all this?” I asked Kelton when we pulled in. “Grandma had a secret account for her.” He was silent for once in his life, now for kelton the guy who can’t shut up long enough to cook pizza rolls that was terrifying.

He carried her to the front door and I saw a plant and picked it up and sure enough there was a key underneath it. We walked in and I saw a staircase and I led her upstairs and after walking around for a little while I found a door labeled Lions den and I opened it to see a giant bedroom. I lay her in the bed and silently walked out. I go down the stairs to find Kelton standing, tears falling from his face. “Kelt?” He just pointed and I saw it too, Tegan and Kipper. Kip and Kelton hugged and they both started talking although no one could really understand what they were saying because they we’re all choked up trying to talk to each other. It made me smile a little bit, seeing the both of them so happy. “What happened to my sister?” Tegan asked, angrily, “Ocatavious happened. He had a wife and he got with your sister. They weren’t even together for a day,” I answered silently, he went to the kitchen and grabbed two glasses and put ice in them. “I hope you know that we only came to take her home. She called us today- said Grey gave her the number-I hope you haven’t got attached or anything, but thank you for taking care of her,” I nod suddenly feeling queasy I usually have this feeling after bad food, but something about the way he said that made my stomach churn, she was …..leaving. He pours a glass of canadian Whiskey for us both, pulling me out of my mind. “What are colleagues for?” I heard a loud shriek from behind us and I turned to see Aria, or more like the blur of her because as soon as she saw Tegan she ran to him and he picked her up off the ground and they both started crying. “ I thought you were dead!” she screamed and started crying even harder. “I’m so sorry I couldn’t get you right then,” She shakes her head, as he puts her on the ground, “I’m sorry for believing you’d left on purpose,” “HEY LET ME HUG MY SISTER MAN QUIT HOGGING HER!” Kipp yelled and Hugged her, she was so short compared to her brothers, I couldn’t help but laugh “Let’s have a bonfire and drink to celebrate!” Kelton said happy as can be, I bet he’s happy he got his best friend back. “Hells yea!” Kipp said and grabbed a lighter off the counter, then ran outside with Kelton. “I’ll go to the store and get some more beer and Liquor,” Tegan said, kissing Aria on the head and turning towards me. “Keep your hands to yourself.” I nodded and he kissed her forehead again then left. “Thank you Weylen,” she says looking down at the ground, I grab her chin gently and raise her head to mine with my index finger, so I could see her eyes, “I meant what I said, and I will do whatever you need me to, I will prove myself to you La princessa,” she leaned forward and so did I.

Later that night after Tegan had gotten back from the store and Kipp and Kelton had gotten the fire started, Tegan began telling me the story of their separation from Aria. “I was born first of course and my mother and father were just getting out of high school. Aria was born when I was five, right around that time my father, el cabron the asshole , had Empezó a abusar de ella todos los días Started to abuse her everyday. It started when she was four, she had gotten scared and I had told her I was going to tell on her and she peed herself she was so scared. My dad decided to whoop her, but instead, with a boot. She had so many bruises and she looked so sad.” I look over at Aria who’s wiping tears from her eyes, “ I told her that day I wouldn’t let anything happen to her, but I never could then the next two years for her were pure hell, but around her seventh birthday, our mother committed suicide, and left us with our father. He made our grandmother come and get us, I was 10 and kipp was only four. Our grandparents died on my 15th birthday and so to keep us afloat I got into the business, around Soon I had enough men working for me that I sent a few to do collections and I would have them drive by the house. I saw her walking with a guy one day, she was yelling in spanish and he hit her. That’s how I knew I had to get her out of there. I tried to walk up to ehr-get her to come with me- she shook her head and said “How dare you leave me behind like this, and then try to make it up to me by doing this..She stomped off and went back into the house” Kipp cleared his throat, “Can I speak to you Weylen,” I nod and we go outside,

“I can tell you love her, a lot Weylen. So I can talk to Tegan on one condition,” I nod, “You have to put in a good word Uniqua,” wait-a-hold the hell up? “My sister is pregnant, you know that right?” He nods his head “Look I have liked your sister for a while and to be completely honest she does too, she just won’t take the chance,” I nod “Consider it done,” We go back inside and Kelton’s talking to Aria off to the side. “Tegan come here for a sec,” Kipp says and Tegan stands and walks over to us, “Look we have a deal, he talks to Niq, I talk to you, Listen Aria is a grown woman now, doesn’t mean we have to agree with her choice of man, we just can’t beat everyman she meets,” Tegan grits his teeth, “I only agree to this for my future Nephew or niece,” Kipps eyes widen “what?” Tegan sighs “You didn’t know did you,” I feel my heart start to pump faster. “Uniqua’s kid could be his.” I look at Kipp, “Do you agree or not Tegan?” I ask standing straight up. “Fine I agree,”

We went to sit back down and shortly the two of them came and sat back down. “So Kelt what you been up too,” Kipp asks, and Kelton sighs “Going through the motions, I still work for Weylen so I got that going for me right now,” Kipp nodes, “So Tegan any women in your life I should be worried about?” Aria says and he smiles to himself “None but my daughter, her name Leyani, her mother split a while ago, but that little girl is my pride and joy,” She smiles a little then her smile quickly fades, I can tell something's wrong with her. My phone dings and I get a text “Someone you know isn’t who they seem to be…” What in the hell? I stand and go into the kitchen. “Who’s this,” the phone dings again, “Someone who knows a dangerous secret..” I look at Tegan and Kipp “Like?” Can you stop being so damn cryptic? “Octavious isn’t to be trusted,” I knew it! I don’t text back but instead I pull Tegan aside, and show him the messages. “Who do you think it is?” Tegan asks and I sigh “I don’t know probably someone who works for him but is too afraid of being killed.” He nods “We’ll stay until we figure this out, I don’t need this type of drama following me around,” I can completely understand that.

We both go over to everyone. Aria looks like she’s about to cry, if I didn’t know her that well I’d be saying she was fine but I could tell because of the fact that she kept bouncing her legs up and down. “Aria?” she turns towards me and I hold out my hand and she walks over and grabs it, “Are you okay?” I whisper and she shakes her head, I take her upstairs into the room I laid her in earlier and as soon as the door shuts tears start to fall from her face. I walk over to her and pull her close, she puts her arms around me and buries her head in my chest, “I have a niece I never knew about Weylen, this hurts, I should’ve been there for her, for him. ” I rest my chin on her head, “You're gonna be there now, that’s all that matters,” she sniffles, “That should’ve been me Weylen, last year I lost a baby, Jerimiah and I were expecting, he got mad one day and started kicking and kicking and I lost it, the baby was gone Weylen,” I tighten my grip on her as she cries ever harder. We sit on the bed and she lies her head in my lap, eventually she falls asleep and I try to leave, “ Wait,” I turn around and she sits up in the bed, “can you stay with me?” I nod, “Nothing would make me happier,” I take off my shirt and shoes and crawl into the bed with her, I text Kelton and tell him Aria and I are going to bed and he replies “I knew it was a matter of time you're welcome brother, I’ll let Tegan and Kipp know.” I smirk a little. “Who was that?” she asks resting her head on my chest, “Kelton, I asked him to tell you're brother’s we’re going to bed,” She smiles, “Thank you Weylen,” I kiss her forehead “Anything for Mi Princesa,” I wrap my arms around her and pull her close, I think i'm falling in love with her, and i'm actually really okay with it…

I wake up the next morning still tangled up with Aria, who’s staring at me smiling wide, “Good Morning hotness,” I smile “ Good morning to you too,” she sits up “The guys went out of town for a couple days, they said they had some kind of work issue, but they’ll be back soon,” I nod “So what do you want to do today?” She sighs “I had planned to look at puppies, you wanna come with?” I nod, I’ll have to stop by my house to get some clothes and shower first. “ she nods and gets up, “Give me a couple minutes and I’ll be down,” I nod and go downstairs to see Kelton, “What are you doing here?” he shrugs, “Thought you’d want some clothes, that and I got a weird text.” I bet it’s like the one I got. “Show me,” He pulls his phone out and goes back to watching tv. “The key to unlocking the secret is in the past, pain is caused by those who experience it themselves.” Seriously again with the Cryptic texts! I sigh “I don’t know but thanks for the clothes,” I grab the bag and go back to Aria’s room and text the mystery mole, “Who is he working for?” There’s a slight buzz then there’s a picture sent of Octavious talking to-Oh hell no! “Why risk your safety telling me this?” there’s not a text for a while then “Because they plan to kill her, and that’s just wrong,” My heart beats faster than ever before and I feel my stomach drop into my stomach, I can’t lose her, I won’ t lose her it’s not an option. The bathroom door opens and out comes Aria in a towel, “Kelton bought me clothes,” She nods “I’ll only be a second,” She goes into the closet and I go into the bathroom and shower.

“Uni, Kelton, Kelly, Torin, Jameson, Weylen Let’s go!” we all climb into the car. “Mami?” I say and she looks in the rearview mirror, “How do you know what love feels like?” She smiles “Well, MIjo it's like gravity, some invisible force is pulling you towards it, like you can’t live or breathe without it, like how I feel when I’m around you, or your father.” Suddenly the car flips, and I watch as my mother’s body goes flying frisbee style out of the car.

I get out of the shower suddenly feeling ridiculously small, I put on my clothes and go into the room again. “Are you ready to look at cuteness?” I smile “I already am.”

When we get to the puppy adoption center Aria is a ball of energy, “Let’s go come on!” I laugh a little, “Alright,alright i'm coming!!” I say getting out of the car, we go into the back to see a pen full of puppies, one of which had already halfway escaped out the cage but his butt was stuck, “I want this one!” She says laughing pushing his butt through the hole in the bottom of the door. “Alright let’s go fill out some paperwork,” The worker says and we fill out all the necessary paperwork to take him home, along with some puppy pads, a bed and a few toys. “I can’t think of a name Weylen, what do you think I should name him?” She asks, putting his kennel into the backseat of the car, buckling it in. “How about Pebbles?” She smiles “I like that name, Pebbles it is,” I sigh “ I love you, Aria,” she turns towards me “What?” I sigh “I know that we can’t be together now, not until I prove myself but I do, my mother used to say its like not being able to live or breathe without that person and well, that’s how I feel about you,”
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