Theirs (MFM Ménage)

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I lived and breathed dancing. Without it, I was a shell - a mess of a young woman with no outlet for the pain and torment residing inside of myself. But everything changes when I meet him. We were toxic. God only knew why we loved each other so much. He was part of my downfall. But them together? They'll be my salvation. Because I'm Julian's goddess, and I'm Axel's fighter. I bleed brown and blue. My name is Meghan Fallows. And this is my painful, yet beautifully tragic story.

Romance / Erotica
T.O. Smith
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I tapped my pencil on the table in front of me in boredom, a sigh of irritation slipping past my lips. I was in my last class of the day, and it was dragging to put it mildly. I had already stopped taking notes, completely zoning out from the lecture as I fought to keep my eyes open. I knew the professor posted all of his power points online. Honestly, I could pass the class with an A without ever dragging my lazy ass to the lecture hall, but he was one of those picky professors that graded his students on attendance as well.

So, unfortunately, I had to come to class if I wanted to continue passing.

My eyes landed on Julian Markos almost subconsciously. He was the school’s star, senior quarterback. He would be graduating this year, but instead of going into a job that would be in the field he had majored in, he was going pro.

Rumors had it all over the country that he would be the next Tom Brady. I had seen him play, and I knew the rumors to be true. He was a God on the football field.

And off the field? Julian Markos was every woman’s fantasy. He had naturally tanned skin that were covered in tattoos. His black hair was a messy array of curls that made you want to sink your fingers into their depths.

But those eyes he had? They were such a startling shade of blue that when he focused them on you, it made you momentarily speechless.

I snapped out of my daze of staring at Julian’s gorgeous side profile when everyone suddenly began to get out of their seats, blocking my view of Julian. With a thankful sigh, I grabbed my already packed shoulder bag off the floor and quickly began making my way to the exit, wanting nothing more than to get out of that classroom so I could go practice for my dance routine tomorrow.

My best friend who was also my dance partner when I needed to practice was waiting outside of the lecture hall for me. He nodded once in greeting to Julian who I hadn’t even realized was behind me.

“Ready for the game tomorrow night?” Julian’s deep voice rumbled from behind me.

Chills of awareness ran down my spine, and my body flushed at the sound of his voice.

Was it normal for a man to have such an effect on me?

“Always.” Vincent replied as he protectively draped an arm around my shoulder. “I’ll be at the field in a few for practice. I just need to walk her to dance.” He informed the quarterback.

Julian looked down at me, a smirk tilting his lips as he ran his eyes over me. He looked extra delicious today. His black hair was hanging over his forehead messily, obviously in need of a cut, and his striking blue eyes seemed to suck me right in to the depths of his soul.

“Yeah, she looks like the ballerina type.” He said.

I instantly bristled, all of the lust I had been feeling completely gone. How dare he assume I was a ballerina? I wasn’t a ballerina. I was a fucking hip-hop dancer. I fucking hated when people assumed just because I danced that I was a fucking ballerina.

As a child, my mother had tried – and failed – to put me in ballerina classes, but I never fit in. I wasn’t the type for it.

Julian smirked down at me, amusement ringing in his blue eyes. I scowled, but my annoyance only seemed to amuse him further.

Without another word, Julian turned on his feel, his large, muscular body moving down the hallway. “What an asshole.” I seethed.

Vincent laughed softly as he began to lead me in the opposite direction that Julian went. “You ready for tomorrow night?” He asked me.

I blew out a nervous breath, thinking of the dance I would have to put on tomorrow. “No.” I admitted. Vincent gently squeezed my shoulders. “I’m extremely nervous. There will be recruiters of professional dance companies out there.” I reminded him. “My future is on the line here. This is practically a once in a lifetime opportunity.”

He squeezed my shoulder again as he pressed a light kiss to the top of my head. “I’ve been working with you - you’ll do fucking fantastic.” He reassured me, his voice ringing with honesty. I blew out a soft breath, wishing I had as much confidence in my abilities as he did. “You have every step down to the T. You have a gift that not many other people have. You’ll be fine.” He soothed.

I only hoped he was right.

✶ ✶ ✶

It was half time.

I was standing off to the side, stretching my muscles while trying to calm the rapid pounding of my heart. Opportunities like this only came once in a lifetime. I was so terrified that I would screw this up.

I would be fine.

I could do this.

I had been practicing this for weeks.

Vincent jogged over to me as the football team was heading to the side lines to watch the show. Normally, the guys disappeared into the locker room for halftime, but Vincent had managed to convince their coaches to allow them to rest on the sidelines to watch the dancers.

As soon as Vincent reached me, he pulled me tightly into a hug. I blew out a harsh breath and wrapped my own arms around him, burrowing my face in his sweaty uniform. “You’re going to do great, Meg.” He told me as he leaned back. He grinned down at me. “And you look great.” He admitted as he ran his eyes over me with a half grin that melted all of my nerves.

I was wearing a sports bra and a pair of tiny, black shorts with my very colorful high tops. My abs were on display for all to see. Thanks to dancing and working out with Vincent all of the time, I was in tip-top shape, which was needed to be able to do the amount of dancing that I did.

He pressed his lips to my forehead. “Knock ’em dead, Meg.” He told me as he jogged back across the field towards his teammates. His girlfriend, Desiree, eagerly waved at me from her position across the field before she sent me two thumbs up with a grin.

You’ve got this, she mouthed.

I blew out a harsh breath. I really hoped I did.

I watched as one of the guys from my class stepped onto the stage that had been pushed into the middle of the field. He was one of my greatest competitions, and watching him, I only got even more nervous.

Please, God, give me the strength I need to do this.

✶ ✶ ✶


“What the fuck do we have to watch this shit for?” I grumpily asked as I used my towel to wipe some of the sweat off my face. I would have much preferred to be sitting in air conditioning right then than being forced to watch people dance for a hopeless dream.

The freshman on the football team had more of a chance of being asked to play for the Patriots than these dancers had ever getting a dance contract.

“Just wait.” Vincent said to me as he kept his eyes locked on the field.

I sighed, kind of pissed off about the entire situation. This shit was a waste of my time.

But hell, at least the music was kind of decent.

The guy got off the stage after his second dance, and then the girl that had been with Vincent stepped up onto the stage. My eyes widened as I stared at her, my dick instantly growing hard.

Jesus Christ, where the fuck had Vincent been hiding her?

She was wearing a black sports bra and a small pair of shorts that barely covered her round, perky ass. Her legs were long, tanned, and muscular. When she turned her body to face where our side of the school was sitting, I was knocked breathless.

She was toned everywhere, her six pack on clear display. The hair that had been in a messy bun earlier today was now cascading down her back in soft waves. I could just picture my hands tangling in those long, dark tresses as I yanked her head back and thrust into her.

I was so fucking hard it hurt.

“Jesus Christ.” I grunted, not able to rip my eyes from her.

A hip-hop song blasted through the speakers, and she began to dance. I couldn’t rip my eyes off of her. I knew her dance wasn’t supposed to be sexual, but she had a way of making it seductive. And when she twisted her hips, I could only imagine her on top of me, twisting those hips as she rode my dick hard, her head falling back on her shoulders, exposing that beautiful, long neck to me as I thrust up from beneath her, my hands digging her into her hips.

I shifted in my seat, painfully aware of the raging hard on I was sporting, and I hadn’t even touched her yet.

Vincent disappeared from beside me. I managed to rip my eyes from the fine-as-hell woman on stage to watch him as he strode into the locker rooms. I quickly looked back at his friend, watching as she dropped to the floor, twerking while bouncing. The crowd was in a fucking uproar. Even my teammates were standing up, shouting at the top of their lungs for her.

She was magnificent.

The song ended, and suddenly Vincent was up on the stage with her. A sexier hip-hop song came on, and I watched as Vincent quickly yanked her back to the front of his body. She linked her arms behind his neck as she slithered down his body, her body moving sensually against his.

I had to give him pointers, though. He wasn’t looking down at her with lust in his eyes, and his hands were strictly platonic as they moved over her.

I wouldn’t have had the restraint.

Vincent’s girlfriend, Desiree, was on her feet, shouting for them with a wide grin on her face. She was shaking her pom poms in the air as she bounced on the balls of her feet.

Guess Vincent and his friend were pretty close if Desiree’s jealous ass was okay with him dancing with the girl like he was.

I looked back towards her to see her on her knees on the stage, Vincent standing back so that she could have her moment. With her hands in her hair, she looked over her shoulder, her ass twerking to the beat of the song.

She was fucking amazing on that stage.

It was official. I was going to have this woman beneath me screaming my name before I graduated.

I wanted her, and I would stop at nothing until I had her.

Their dance ended, and suddenly a couple of more girls jumped on the stage as Vincent jumped down, jogging back to the locker rooms. She quickly kicked off her high tops and pulled on a pair of high heeled boots that went to her mid-thigh. I swallowed thickly.

I was losing my restraint on my control. I had never come across someone I wanted as much as I wanted her.

I didn’t know how it was possible, but I was even fucking harder for her.

This shit wasn’t normal.

Another song came blasting through the speakers again, and I watched as she began dancing once more. I couldn’t focus on the other girls on the stage even if I wanted.

I only had eyes for her.

She dropped down to the floor in the plank position as the other girls dropped into a squat position, twerking as Vincent’s friend began twerking in the plank position.

“Holy fuck.” I breathed.

“Yeah, she looks like a ballerina, right?” Vincent sarcastically asked me as he sat back down next to me, once again in his football uniform.

“Where the fuck have you been hiding her?” I demanded as I watched the two girls sandwich her between them before she grabbed the hips of the girl in front of her, the girl behind her grabbing her hips before they all bent at the same time, their legs spread. She shook her ass at the same time her eyes locked on mine.

I swallowed thickly, my need for her pulsing through my veins like hot lava. My fingers twitched on my legs as I imagined having her wrapped around me.

She didn’t falter in her moves as her gaze stay locked with my heated one, though her cheeks flushed in response. Instead, she only bit her lip before she turned her eyes from mine, finishing off the dance.

✶ ✶ ✶

“Fuck, Vince, man, you have to hook me up with your friend.” Joey said as we finished our game for the night, heading into the locker room to get showers, all of us on a high from our win.

I barely resisted the urge to snarl. Not a damn person would be putting their fucking hands on her besides me.

“Keep your dick in your pants, Joey.” Vincent told him before I could say something. “She’s not like other girls, and she’s off fucking limits to assholes like you.”

“That dancing she did says otherwise.” Axel spoke up. I scowled as I clenched my fists at my sides. I knew I was having a strange reaction to the guys talking about her. Hell, I never minded sharing women; I had even had threesomes, allowing some of the guys in on the action with the girl I had snagged for the night.

But I would not be sharing Vincent’s friend.

“I don’t know why the fuck none of us have noticed her before.” Axel grumbled.

I could. We tended to have eyes for women that showed off their assets and threw themselves at us. What I had seen earlier when she had been with Vincent was the complete opposite. She was in a pair of sweatpants and a baggy t-shirt, hiding that sexy body of hers.

I vaguely registered Vincent smacking Axel on the side of the head, but I was already hard again.

Fucking hell. Guess I was showering at home.

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