Two Worlds Apart

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"Family", meant everything to Misha, for them, she can cross the river full of fire. Never in her life, she thought her family will come between her love. Meet Misha, A happy family-oriented Nepalese girl brought up in the US. Her life was going fine just like she planned. But what will happen, when a hot and popular Hollywood Actor brings all the excitement Misha was unaware of. Meet Leon, handsome, successful, hot, and carefree Hollywood Actor. At the peak of stardom, enjoying his bachelorhood, never had he thought of crossing his path with a girl who will teach him the agony of Love.

Romance / Drama
Alisha P.J
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

Misha’s POV

Growing up in a loving family is a dream come true, in today’s world at least. The modern busy world where nobody gives a shit about your problems even your family. You guys must be thinking why I’m talking about family and stuff, well it’s because my family is the best in the world. I got loving parents who had supported me through thick and thin, they are a bit conservative when it comes to marriage and stuff but I don’t see it in the wrong way, they know better. and I have an adorable little sister, who can be a monster sometimes but loves me a lot.

We live in Newyork, but our origin is Nepal, I have been there a few times to visit my grandparents, but after their death, we have never been so often. Oh, I forgot to introduce myself, I’m Misha Sharma, recently turned 24, I have fair skin with small brown eyes and thick brown hair. I work at Lockwood Advertisement Agency, one of the most successful agencies in the US. It was my dream to work there, after working my ass off as an intern, I was able to secure a position as Marketing Coordinator. I love my life, everything is going according to how I planned it.

I glance at my attire one last time before heading to the kitchen for breakfast, “Good morning Mom,”

“Morning, honey. I had made your favorite aloo paratha, take a seat while I get you some coffee”, my mom, Mamta Sharma said. I devour the yummy parathas, she is the best cook ever.

“You started eating already,” my papa, Vinod Sharma said entering the kitchen.

“Sorry papa, I have a meeting today, and these parathas were too good to resist,” I said with a grin and he sat beside me and begin eating his food.

I left the house right away, today is going to be a hectic day. Our company had signed a new contract with a perfume brand and we have to create an ad campaign for it.

It’s for both men, and this is a huge brand so, we have to give our best.

I parked my car in the underground parking lot of my office, taking the elevator, I pressed the button on my floor. Getting out of the elevator, I came across the most crowded place ever, all the people rushing around with papers, files in their hands. I dodged people here and there and enter my cubical.

“Hey” I called my friend Jake seating next to my cube. We are friends since our internship, he is a cute guy with blonde hair and blue eyes.

“Hi, ready for the meeting,″

“Yeah, but what is all this chaos going around here,” I asked looking around.

“You didn’t know?” I gave him a confused look, “Leon Anderson has selected to be the new face for Eternity, everyone here mostly ladies is dying to meet him.”


“Really, that’s it. Leon will be here next week and that’s your only reaction.” Jake said with raised eyebrows.

“What do you want me to say? I get it, he is currently the most successful Hollywood actor and girls are crazy for him but everyone is not the same.”

“Yeah, Yeah, I know you. The most devoted daughter of their parents.” I playfully slap his arm for teasing me. “You are a single piece, Misha, you don’t drink, or smoke, never had any boyfriend; girl like you are rare than Kohinoor.”

“I love the way I am,” I shrugged my shoulder.

It was time for our meeting, I grabbed some files and headed to the meeting room. Everybody took their respective seats and our boss, Crystal Lockwood begins with the meeting, “As you, all must be aware by now, Who will be the new face of Eternity, Leon Anderson. It’s a huge project for us, and I want some brilliant ideas for the campaign. So, start to boost up your brain.”

We each have a copy of the information related to the perfume, it falls under the top 10 perfume brands in the US. We discuss some more and the meeting was soon over.

At lunch, Jake and I sat on our usual seat enjoying our food, “You know, he is even better looking in person,” I heard the most irritating voice of Jennifer Jones, the official bitch of the company, the plastic doll who is willing to do anything for money. Girls like her are a black spot on the entire women population.

“Have you met him in person?” the other girl asked looking all curious.

“Duh! I have known more than one celebrity. Leon is one of them,” I rolled my eyes at her statement. Jake laughed at my reaction.

The day went by, as usual, I grab my belongings and left the building, surviving Newyork traffic, I finally reached home.

“Dee( sister in Nepali) Would you help me with my assignment?” Meera my sister asked with pleading eyes.

“Only after you make me Coffee,” she rushed to the kitchen to made me coffee. Mom and Papa will be home soon, they both are Chattered Accountant and owns a firm.

I changed my clothes into something comfortable and came downstairs for my coffee.

“Here is your coffee,” I grabbed the cup from Meera’s hand and helped her out with the project.

I started making dinner with the help of Meera off course. Papa and mom came from work and went to change.

The dinner went by with the usual discussion, I came inside my room and opened my laptop to do some work. My job description includes assisting the Marketing team, carry out a promotional campaign. Going through some references and competitive products advertisement, I picked out some points which could be used for our campaign.

The next day at work, I headed to Crystal’s office to pitch my idea. “Come in,” I enter inside.

“Hello, Crystal. I came up with some ideas for the campaign, and before digging deep into it, I wanted you to have a look at it.” I placed the file in front of her.

Crystal is a 30 years old, very supportive boss, down to earth personality, and friendly. Most of the employees are the first name basis with her. And I am one of them, yay!

She placed the file back on the table, “it does look good but need some more detailing, two more ideas have already been pitch to me and they are good too.”

“Give me one more day, and I promise, you will love my work,” I said with confidence.

“I know your potential Misha, you are very dedicated to your work so, I will be waiting for your presentation on Friday along with others. I hope you will not disappoint me,” she said handing back my file.

“I will not,” I said with a smile and left the cabin.

I can’t afford to lose this opportunity, it will be a great push to my career.

“How did it go?” Jake asked.

“Well, she liked my idea, but she already has two more, but I have a day to prepare a presentation, and that will be the final verdict.”

“All the best Misha, I know you can do it,” Jake hugged me and went back to resume his work.

I spent my remaining time working on the presentation. It was time to leave, collecting the files I left the office.

“I have a very important presentation to make so, kindly don’t disturb me” I almost yelled while entering the house,

“Okay!” All three of them yelled back at the same time. I have a crazy family.

Changing into more comfortable clothes, I begin to work.

A knock on the door broke my flow.

“Misha, it’s mom. I have left your food in the fridge, eat whenever you please,” Mom said opening the door a little.

“Thanks, mom. I will. Good night,”

“Good night,” and she left.

I am sitting on this chair for like 5 hours, my stomach growl making me realize to eat my dinner. I headed to the kitchen, and reheat my food. After eating and washing the plate, I came to my room. I’m almost done with my work, just some touch-up to do.

“Finally!” I said and glance at my table clock, which shows 1 am, I close my laptop and jumped on my bed, and fall asleep quickly.

Tomorrow will be a big day for me.

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