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Having my Ex- Boyfriend dads baby

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For the past four years I had dedicated my life to my future career working two jobs and attenind med school full time as well as trying to be there for my boyfriend Cole. But things start to change once we graduate from the undergrad program and one thing lead to another and now here I am in bed naked with His father -Dr. Addams- arm around my waist. I'm already going to hell for what we had done mind as well enjoy myself in the process.

Romance / Erotica
Catarina A. Muniz
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Chapter 1

We were finally on summer vacation after spending the past four years in the undergraduate program and graduating. I'm looking forward to a well deserved vacation. Phoenix, Arizona during the summer is like cooking a hotdog in the middle of the road. That’s how hot it gets here. Not that i am complaining because by the time summer is over I’ll be sporting perfectly tan skin. Wish i could say the same for my boyfriend Cole, but he just gets redder than a tomato during summer. Has always been that way since we were 18. Oh 18 how I missed you, when life was such a simpler time. Now look at us 22 and it seems like Cole and I drift apart further and further the older we get. I don’t know what happened along the way it just seemed like anything we do just doesn’t do it for us anymore. I mean I love him. I will always love him. He was my first love, my first kiss, and my first fuck. Giving him my virginity I thought we would be solid til the end of time, thinking back on that thought makes me realize how childish I was for even thinking that. I don’t know why either of us hasn’t called it quits yet, but I figure it’s because we are familiar with each other and don’t want to start brand new. Like that’s a healthy relationship. Sigh and look at me now at his house sitting by the pool in my tiny black bikini hoping he would notice me but of course he had to invite our friends over and they are on the other side of the pool talking about god’s know what. We go to the same college but of course we are majoring in different careers. Where i want to be a doctor he wants to be a lawyer. I’m proud of him for even choosing that path. But since both are heading for different careers that means different expectations for the both of us. We hardly saw each other the last couple of months and I was looking forward to spending this summer with him since my schedule would be busy. Being a full time med student and having double shifts at the dinner to be able to pay for books and all that.

“I’m going to go get something to drink.” Not that anyone cares. And as I suspected no one turned to acknowledge me. Cole’s dad is very very well off. Well that's to be suspected. You see Cole's dad is a trauma Doctor here at the hospital. So you see where I am going with this. His parents had him when they were a young age, 16 i believe he was saying, two years younger than Cole and I when we started dating. Along the way Cole’s dad had made the choice of choosing his career over being there for him. I mean I see where Cole was coming from but at the same time look at the way they are living now. He could try seeing from his dad’s point of view on how hard it was for him but of course i just keep my mouth shut and don't really want to get into that sore subject with him. As for Cole’s mom she lives back in Chicago I guess only visits her for a week every other couple of months. His parents don’t really get along that well because how everything went down when he was born.

I made my way down to the basement oops I’m sorry Cole’s man cave and got out my favorite drink Dr. Pepper. I’m not really big on drinking. I would have a few here and there but other than that I don't really care for it. I took a sip of my soda when I heard someone clear their throat behind me. Scaring the shit out of me I spilled some all over me.

“Shit Chloe, I’m sorry.” I turned and gave a wry smile to Cole’s dad. Damn he was like gods gift to earth. All of highschool i would hear girls talking about how handsome Cole’s dad was and fuck they were right. They both have some similarities to them. Both have blonde hair and green eyes. Where Cole’s dad was fit, muscular and toned, Cole was just toned. They are both about the same height 6 feet 3 inches. He ran up to me and handed me a towel.

“It’s fine Dr. Addams. It’s my fault for being such a scaredy cat.” I chuckled at myself. Fuck I was so nervous around him. I was in the middle of patting myself down when I noticed from the corner of my eye his eyes roaming up and down my body. No that couldn’t be. It must be the low lighting down here. He cleared his throat again.

“So did he send you down here to get his drinks for him again.” He casually asked leaning against the washing machine crossing his arms over his chest. I had to bite the inside of my cheek to stop myself from letting my eyes wander down his biceps. It’s like he read my mind and smirked at me. Regaining my composure I looked at him. Fuck if i let myself i swear i could get lost in those green eyes.

“No he’s not doing a good job at paying attention to me, but his friends. So I decided I needed a break and came to get something to drink.”

“Well he’s dumb for not noticing you.” I clocked my head to the side and raised an eyebrow at him. Did he really just say what i think he just said. As if catching on what he said he stood up straighter and corrected himself.

“What I meant to say is. I mean what-.” I held up my hand.

“It’s ok Dr. Addams I knew what you meant.” I laughed at him. He always seems so cool and collected. Seeing him like this was just too funny.

“Right.” He cleared his throat, turned and walked back upstairs. But before he could get to the door I called after him. When he turned around I warned him.

“I am about to do something really stupid outside and I would appreciate it if you stayed clear from the area for at least 5 minutes.” I smiled sweetly up at him and he gave me a huge smile eventually nodding his head. When I made my way back upstairs and outside the boys were still in the same spot looking at whatever Cole was showing them on his phone. I had enough of this. I am a very confident woman. I go to the gym four times out of the week for 3 hours so I have a very toned and tight body, plus I have known these guys for four years so it didn’t bother me for what I was about to do. My tiny black bikini was just holding on by two sets of strings.

Pulling on the strings I said. “Man it sure is extra hot today. Wouldn’t want to see a bikini tan now would I.” I pulled them off completely letting my bikini pool at my feet. Liam was the first to see what I was doing, next was James who kept punching Cole to get his attention and eventually Cole looked up to see what was going on. His eyes were following me as i made my way to the pool. His eyes roaming up and down my body. Snapping out of it he shouted at our two friends and they got up and ran into the house but not before looking back one last time.

“What the fuck Chloe.” He said standing up. I played dumb.

“What Cole , I'm so hot and I don’t want to get a tan mark.” I batted my eyelashes at him. “What you don’t like the view.” I sat on the edge of the pool putting my feet in the water spreading my legs a little further apart. “I even got a wax knowing how you like it when she is smooth.” I told him running my hand around my smooth mound. He jumped into the pool to get to me once he swam up to me he settled right between my legs.

“I do like it when my pussy is smooth.” He grabbed me by my hips and pushed me further at the edge with my ass barely hanging on. He placed my legs on each shoulder keeping eye contact with me. He ran his tongue down my slit. Fuck I arched into him pushing my aching core further into his face. When he found that little bundle of nerves he gently bit onto it causing me to throw my head back. As soon as I did that I made eye contact with Dr. Addams with Cole still eating my pussy I was watching Dr. Addams the whole time. Biting my bottom lip I brought my hand up to pinch my already hard nipple. I saw Dr. Addams brow frown and he walked away but not before I caught him adjusting himself. I never mention to Cole about what I saw and Dr. Addams never brought it up. He played it cool like it never happened, like he didn’t watch his son eating my pussy like it was his last meal and I am thankful for that because what would I say “Sorry you had to see your son feast on me like that.” Yeah no that would just be a whole lot of awkward.
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