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Illicitus Love

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He was more than a decade older than me. He was a teacher at my school. He was engaged. He was off limits. A story about how a high school girl met her soul mate in the most unlawful way. Heart break, tears and regrets.

Romance / Adventure
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When Our Eyes Met

When all the odds are against you at finding love, what do you do? You go out with a bunch of your closest friends and party all night long! We were busy with our final exams and we felt we needed a night out. “We are entitled to one care free night! Where we are not high school students, where studying is not part of our lives!” Micke exclaimed. I knew she was right. I also knew that I had to do well to get into a good college. I want to study law. “I vote for a break. One night won’t hurt anyone, right?” I said. “Let’s get dolled up, and go dance until the sun comes up!” I knew I would regret this in the morning. We were writing Economics in the morning and writing Economics on any given day was hell. Writing Economics with a hangover, that’s just suicide.

We got to Calego’s at 6PM and went straight for the bar. “Tray of tequila please.” I order our drinks whilst the girls got us a table. We always chose the table right next to the dance floor. I was a bit of a dance freak. Not the rave type. I loved the dirty dancing, the salsa, the jazz. Pretty much any Latin dancing. Pity I did not have someone that felt the same way. It would be great to find someone that I can go dancing with. I sighed. My life is a mess. I left my long term boyfriend, I wanted to experience being single. I do miss him but I also realized that we had different paths ahead and we were better off as friends.

I sat down at the table. “Oh my word Lee, I cannot believe you came!” I smiled when I said that. Lee was one of my first friends in high school. She had a boyfriend and spent all of her time with him. “Yeah, Tim thought we should go out. I want you to meet one of his friends.” She said. “Oh no, no. I am not falling for your blind date crap again. Last time I had to endure 6 hours of Star Wars and I honestly cannot put myself through something like that again.” I said. She just smiled and turned around to call Tim and his friend. At first I could not see him as it’s dark inside. When he got closer, our eyes met and I was speechless. He was average looking. But something in his eyes awakened something in me. “Hi, I’m Ross.” He said. “You can call me J. Everyone does.” I told him. “Would you like to dance?” he asked, holding out his hand. I quickly downed two shots of tequila, took his hand and followed him to the dance floor. Grease Lightning Melody came on. “I love this song!’ I screamed. “Let’s show them how this is done, shall we?” he said. He was an incredible dancer. We danced the whole night and only took a time out when we drank shots. I never wanted this night to end.

The bar called last round. Just like that, the night was ending. “J, I know you just met the guy. But I see the look in your eyes. Don’t go there.” Amanda said. “Trust me when I say this. Let him stay a memory.” She said. I looked at her confused. “I am unsure of the meaning of what you just said. Hell I am unsure if I even heard you right.” I said. “Just trust me Jess. Just. Trust. Me”. With that statement hanging in the air, we went home.
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