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Illicitus Love

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The Morning After

My alarm woke me at 5AM. Seriously. I tried to get out of bed but my head was pounding. I am never drinking again. I had to go through my economics book, just to make sure I don’t fail miserably. Ugh. Why did I do this to myself? Maybe scrolling through Facebook will get me awake. As I unlocked my phone, I saw I had an unread text. I opened the text and almost had a small heart attack.

“Last night was amazing. You are amazing and I would like to take you out for dinner sometime. Lee gave me your number. Don’t be mad at her. xx R xx”

What? He texted me? Amanda’s words came back to me. I wonder what the hell she meant. Amanda and I have been best friends for so long. I know she would never make a statement like that without a very good reason. Oh well. I already went there. What is the worst that can happen? Getting my heart broken in my last high school year? Yeah, that already happened. I just want to have fun before college starts.

“Hi R, I had fun as well. I have never met anyone that loves dancing as much as I do. Oh and you are a really good dancer. Did you take classes? Dinner will be great. As long as we go somewhere that involves some salsa dancing ;)”

I look at the text one more time and press send. I don’t know what it is about him. But he makes me feel something I have never felt before. Is this how love at first sight feels? Probably not as it does not exist. I will have fun with Ross. No strings attached. No relationship. No meeting the parents. Just two people enjoying each other’s company.

I took a shower, and got dressed. There is no way I will be able to concentrate on Economics now. I should just hope for the best. I decided to leave earlier than normal. I had to get fatty foods in my system and very strong coffee. Maybe some pain killers as well. I put my sunglasses on and started driving to my favorite coffee shop. I probably look very silly in these shades. Shades and school uniform. Very fashionable. I smiled at myself.

There was no one at the coffee shop yet. “Thank fuck”, I said out loud. Now I don’t have to wait in line. “Hi Jeff, can I please have an extra strong Mocha and the fattiest food you have.” I asked Jeff. He is the barista here. I have known him for about two years. “Morning sunshine. Looks like you need more than strong coffee and fatty foods. You look like shit.” He said. “Wild night?” he asked. “Something like that. I should know better than to go out on a school night” I said. I watched him leave to go to the kitchen. “J, you are up early.” I heard a familiar voice say. “Hi Bianca.” I said rolling my eyes. She was a real bitch and no one actually liked her. We were nice to her but sometimes I wonder why. She is rude to everyone. A real queen b. “I am so excited today! We are meeting our new teacher!” She exclaimed. She is two years younger than me. And I know they have been without a science teacher for a few months. “That’s amazing Bianca.” I said, not really caring.

“Apparently he is crazy hot! Science is going to be so great this year.” She said. “Even if the teacher is a Greek god, I don’t think science will ever be great” I said and walked to the counter. My coffee and food was ready. I tapped my card and walked to my car. Time to get to school.

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