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Sweet, steamy, best friend’s little sister, road trip romance. Cheyenne: This is not how my life was supposed to go. But here I am. Back on my family’s farm, milking cows and shoveling manure. I should be in a fancy kitchen somewhere, baking five tier cakes and perfect soufflés while daydreaming about all the orgasms my husband gives me every night. But I’m not married. And I’m sexually frustrated. There’s only one man who gets my juices flowing. My brother’s best friend. I haven’t seen Abe in seven years, but I still fantasize about him. I never expected to see him again. And now I’m alone with him, on a road trip across Canada. Abe: Life was good. I had everything I thought I needed to be happy. A college degree, a job offer in New York, a trust fund, and a different woman in my bed every night. I only answered to myself. Now, I’m in over my head. I was really looking forward to this trip. Six weeks in a luxury RV with my best friend, driving across Canada. One week in, and my buddy and his girlfriend had to bail. I promised I’d take care of his little sister. And I did. Last night. We agreed to a no strings, casual arrangement. I don’t do relationships. There’s only one problem. I’m falling for her.

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© 2019 by Sara Leanne Adams

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This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.


This book contains graphic sexual content which is not suitable for persons under the age of 18.

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Seven Years Earlier


Moonlight flooded my bedroom, the deep earthy smell of summer rain tickling my nostrils as I drifted awake. Glancing at my clock, I realized I’d only slept for an hour.

The sky must have opened up briefly while I dozed. Just enough to wet the grass and bring out the worms.

I sat up and swung my legs to the side of the bed, excitement buzzing through my veins. Nothing beat a fishing trip with live bait I plucked from the grass with my own two hands.

As soon as I finished morning chores, I’d sneak off to the lake with my best friend, Willow. She lived at the next farm over.

I cracked open my bedroom door, peering down the hall before tiptoeing to the top of the staircase. It was just after midnight, and everyone was in bed. The workday started early on a dairy farm. My brothers would be up in five hours, milking cows while my mom prepared breakfast.

I cut across the lawn toward the barn to get a pail, the cool breeze blowing against my long bare legs, sending my white nightgown flying above my knees. My bare feet sunk into the moist earth as I skipped happily across the grass.

I was fifteen that summer, hovering on the precipice between girlhood and womanhood. A late bloomer, I’d only recently started developing breasts and having periods.

The outside light from the bunkhouse illuminated the yard, threatening to expose my midnight adventure if anyone happened to look out the window. I ducked into the shadows. My brother’s best friend, Abe, was the only live-in farm hand staying with us that summer.

I was a tomboy, living a sheltered existence, with my childhood innocence intact. My knowledge about sex was limited, due to lack of interest. I had better things to do than fantasize about a man sticking his penis inside me. Like fishing and hiking, and honing my baking skills.

A strange moaning sound drifted out the open window at the front of the bunkhouse. Maybe one of the pregnant barn cats wandered in there to give birth. I backed up against the wall when I realized Abe’s light was on.


What if he saw me?

I waited to see if he would come out and drag my ass back up to the main house. Curiosity overcame fear as the weird noise grew louder. Cats didn’t talk. It was definitely a woman. And judging by the moans and oh Gods coming from her mouth, she was in some type of distress.

I crawled along the wall and pulled myself up to the window. A blonde girl was on her back on Abe’s bed, naked, and he was on top of her.

I knew I should’ve left. But I didn’t. I stood there, my feet rooted to the ground, staring in that window as Abe held her legs up on his shoulders and pounded into her. He was going at her so hard, her breasts bobbed up and down like buoys in the lake.

She cried out, begging him to fuck her harder and faster, and screaming about how good it felt. He was grunting like a pig, ordering her to come, over and over. I wasn’t sure what he wanted her to do, but she must have done it, because he stopped saying come and yelled out fuck before letting go of her legs and flopping onto his back.

And that was the moment I saw my very first penis. I watched him peel off the condom and toss it aside. His cock pointed upwards, still very erect as I gazed in awe, the moonlight bouncing off the shiny head. That thing was huge.

No. Abe’s dick was massive.

Were they all that big? There was no way I could ever fit one of those inside me. I could barely get a tampon in my vagina.

I scrambled away on my hands and knees until I was out of sight of the bunkhouse. Then I hightailed it across the lawn, back to the safety of my house and my bedroom.

The worms were long forgotten as I visualized the scene I’d just witnessed. The images replayed in my head on a continuous reel.

My life was forever changed after that night. I became obsessed with sex, wanting to learn everything I could, so I would be prepared one day when a man wanted to do those things to me. I spent all my free time on the internet, reading articles and watching porn.

I never told anyone what I saw that night. Not even my best friend, Willow. My new interest was my dirty little secret. Abraham went away to UCLA that fall. His parents moved to Arizona, and he never came back to Vermont.

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