Coast to Coast

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Chapter 19


“Are you sure this is the right way?” I peered out the windshield of the RV as Abe maneuvered it through winding, back country roads.

“Yep,” he mumbled, glancing at the GPS. “It’s a nudist park. They can’t exactly set up shop on the main highway.”

“I thought it was clothing optional?”

“It is. All that means is you don’t have to go naked, but it’s strongly encouraged.” He glanced over at me. “You will not be participating.”

“Is somebody getting a little possessive?” I whispered, reaching over to massage his thigh, my fingers grazing the edge of his balls.

“Massive RV, narrow country road, babe,” he said, lifting my hand and placing it back in my lap. “And I’m not possessive. I just don’t want any other guy looking at my woman. I think that’s a pretty normal thing.”

My heart swelled. Abe called me his woman. I tried to contain my goofy grin. And failed miserably. I couldn’t help it. What a great feeling. To have a guy love you. And not just any guy. The guy. The one. There was no doubt in my mind that Abraham McLean was my soul mate.

“Are you blushing?” he teased, reaching over and squeezing my knee.

I lifted his hand from my leg, placing it back in his lap. “Massive RV, narrow country road, babe,” I mimicked in a deep, masculine voice.

A hearty laugh erupted from deep in his chest. “I’m frightened by how low your voice just went.”

“Why? You afraid I might have had a sex change? That I used to be a man?”

“Nah,” he scoffed. “You’re all woman. And I knew you when you were a little girl, silly. Even during your tomboy phase, you couldn’t pass for a boy. Not with that face and those eyes.”

“You were fifteen when you came to work for us. I was twelve. Hardly a little girl.”

“You were still a little girl. Flat chested, no hips or anything womanly yet.”

“Yeah. And you were three years older than me. I should probably be concerned that you were checking out little girls.”

“I was a kid!” he exclaimed. “You think I was some kind of juvenile pedophile or something?”

“No,” I laughed. “Let’s put this disturbing conversation to rest.”


“So, are you planning to go nude?”

“Fuck no. The last thing I want is my junk all over the internet.”

“I’m pretty sure they have strict rules about taking pictures. They would have to, or nobody would go.”

The GPS announced our arrival just as we reached a small break in the dense tree line. A nondescript, wooden sign welcomed us to Jaybird Camping & RV Resort.

“Jesus Christ,” Abe muttered as he turned onto the bumpy, gravel laneway. “Where the fuck is this place?”

We drove for about half a mile before we finally came upon an A Frame cottage with a sign indicating it was the park office.

“Thank fuck,” he grumbled as he pulled over and put the RV in park.

“Is that a picture of us?” I asked when my eyes landed on a bulletin board posted outside the entrance to the building.

“Yeah,” Abe sighed, running his hands through his hair.

We walked hand in hand down the sidewalk, stopping to stare at the poster.

Jaybird Welcomes Abe and Cheyenne, representatives from our new owners, Twenty-First Century Parks. July 15-17. Stop on by site #77 and say hello.

They’d blown up our selfie from Lake Louise.

“Christ,” Abe mumbled. “Just what we want. Constant company in a nudist park.”

The door swung open. “Oh, Earl, they’re here!” The woman before us beamed, prominent dimples peeking out from her chubby cheeks. Blonde, curly locks sat piled high on her head, her kind hazel eyes dancing with excitement. She offered a chubby hand to me. “I’m Wanda. So nice to meet you.”

“Cheyenne,” I said quietly, trying not to stare at her fat rolls and double chin. I’m gonna go to hell for thinking this, but I really didn’t want to see Wanda naked. Some things just need to stay covered up.

“C’mon,” Wanda offered, before turning and waddling back inside.

The main floor of the cottage had been converted into a general store. A small reception desk sat near the base of the stairs. Lavender incense burned, fighting a losing battle with the smell of bacon hanging in the air. A heavy set man bounded down the stairs, two at a time, the wood creaking under him.

“Hello,” he bellowed, giving Abe a hearty handshake before nodding at me. I might have been offended by that slight if Earl hadn’t smiled kindly at me. He reminded me of a giant teddy bear. “Welcome to The Jaybird. We’ve been counting down the days until your arrival.”

“Um, thanks,” Abe mumbled.

“So, listen, kids. I decided not to put you on site seventy-seven. Last minute change. That site isn’t the best we have. And you guys should have a beachside site.”

“It’s really fine,” Abe said. “We don’t need a fancy site. We’re only here for two days.”

“Nonsense. I already shuffled things around. You and your girl can have seventy-six.”

“As you know, clothing is optional,” Wanda said, smiling sweetly as she handed me a printout with the park rules. “Except at the pools. No bathing suits allowed.”

Earl reached behind the counter, producing a small red basket. “Just a little token of our appreciation. We reserve these for our VIP guests.”

Abe accepted the basket. Shiny, black foil covered the contents. Somehow, I didn’t think we would find wine and cheese inside.

“Well, no swimming at this park,” Abe declared when we were back in the RV.

“Definitely not,” I laughed.

“And Wanda and Earl seem like very nice people, but I do not want to see them naked.” He shook his head as he shifted the gear stick into drive.

“I guess beachside site was an accurate description,” I said when we located our campsite. It was literally beside the beach, affording us an unimpeded view of nude sunbathers. And there were several sprawled out on towels, soaking up the late afternoon sun. I covered my eyes, blocking out the sight of two elderly men walking by with balls sagging to their knees.

“Well, this is going to be fun,” Abe chuckled.

“We aren’t allowed to take pictures,” I said, skimming the rule sheet again. “What’s the point of stopping here?”

“I don’t know,” he shrugged. “We can post without pictures. We don’t have any out of park excursions planned here. There’s nothing around here for miles.”

“Maybe we could just hang out in the RV for two days,” I suggested.

“Sounds like a plan.”

“What’s in the basket?” Abe asked, flopping down in the recliner with a heavy sigh.

It took almost an hour to hook up because of constant interruptions. Everyone wanted to stop by and meet the celebrity campers. Unfortunately, most were nude. I fully expected to have nightmares about saggy balls and drooping boobs for the foreseeable future. Most of the campers we met were older folks. I would have never guessed the demographic of a nudist park would be middle-aged people and seniors.

“I don’t know. I’m afraid to open it.” I grabbed it from the kitchen island and handed it to Abe. “You do the honours.”

I watched as he peeled back the foil. He threw his head back and laughed as he surveyed the contents.

“What is it?”

“Sex toys,” he chuckled.

“Seriously? I read up on clothing optional and nudist resorts on the way here. I thought there was nothing sexual about it. It’s more about freedom and shit.”

“It is. But apparently some parks also cater to certain groups such as swingers, or the LGBTQ folks. This one is frequented by swingers. I learned that after being propositioned three times outside.”

“Oh my God. I’m locking myself in here, and never stepping foot outside.”

“Relax, sweetheart,” he said. “They all seem very nice.”

“Uh-huh,” I muttered. “So, what’s in the basket?”

“Well, let’s see,” he said, pulling items out one by one. “We’ve got a dildo, handcuffs, condoms, his and her lubricants, a butt plug, and some chocolate syrup.”

“You can throw the butt plug away. Not happening. Not ever.”

“Okay,” he chuckled. “And we don’t need the condoms. I’m not really into handcuffs.”

“I might like to try the lubricants,” I said as I climbed onto his lap and straddled him.

“Oh yeah?” He set the basket on the floor and encircled my hips, tugging me closer. “What about the chocolate sauce?”

“Okay,” I said. “I could get down with that. Who’s wearing it and who’s licking it?”

“Both of us,” he said, his eyes hooded with desire. “At the same time.”

“You mean like a sixty-nine?” I gasped.

“Yeppers. Ever done that before?”

I shook my head.

“C’mon, babe.” He set me on my feet, grabbed the bottle of chocolate, and pulled me toward the bedroom. “It’ll be fun. I promise you’ll love it.”

“We’ll make a big mess in the bed.”

He stopped at the linen cupboard and grabbed some towels. “Problem solved.”

I swallowed nervously. What was the big deal? This was Abe. My boyfriend. The man who loved me. And he’d went down on me several times. I’d sucked his cock. But I’d never sat on his face. Something about that act had me feeling shy.

He stripped down and sprawled out on the bed on his back, cocking his eyebrow as he crooked his finger at me. “C’mon, sweetheart. Get naked and sit on my face.”

“Very charming,” I said with a dry chuckle. “Do you use that line on all the girls?”

“Nope. Just the ones I’m in love with.” He stuck his lower lip out and gave me his best puppy dog stare.

“You’re really laying it on thick,” I said as I pulled my shirt over my head. I pushed down my shorts and panties and wiggled out of my bra.

“Yep. And you’re naked, so I guess it worked.” He grinned as he popped open the cap and squeezed chocolate syrup over his cock and balls.

I climbed on the bed and grabbed the syrup bottle, spreading chocolate all over my lady parts before I straddled his face. Leaning forward, I licked some chocolate from the head of his cock. “Mm. That’s tasty.”

“It’s fucking delicious,” he said, his voice muffled as he buried his face between my legs, his tongue lapping at my chocolate covered lips.

I took his entire length in my mouth, sucking hard and fast as he flicked my clit with his tongue.

“Oh God,” I cried when his cock popped out of my mouth.

“Don’t stop, baby. I want us to come together.”

“Okay,” I panted. I licked some chocolate off his balls, my tongue making a loud slurping down. He groaned, plunging his tongue inside me as I worked his head before taking him again with long, deep gulps. His cock swelled, pulsating inside my mouth. My orgasm tore through my pelvis as he exploded in my mouth.

The bed shook beneath us, our bodies shuddering in unison. A muffled boom sounded outside. I collapsed, rolling off him as I tried to catch my breath.

“What the hell was that?” Abe asked between breaths.

“I don’t know. Sounded like an explosion.”

A shrill scream echoed through the trailer walls, followed by shouting.

Abe jumped up and pulled on his shorts. I dressed quickly and followed him outside. Thick, black smoke filled the air, billowing from an old motorhome across the road. A raging inferno of orange flames shot through the roof, spreading to the branches of a nearby tree.

“Holy shit!” Abe yelled.

He ran to our outdoor kitchen and grabbed the fire extinguisher. Other campers had gathered by then, some with fire extinguishers and hoses.

“Somebody help him! Please!”

I stared at the thin, middle-aged lady wearing a ratty blue robe and running in circles, her long black braids blowing in the wind.

“My husband! Help him! He’s burning!”

I watched in horror as Abe and Earl attempted to pull the other man to safety. They wrapped wet towels around their arms before grabbing the man’s ankles and dragging him away from the burning trailer.

“Abe!” I screamed. “Look out!”

He jumped out of the way a split-second before a burning branch came crashing down right where he’d been standing. I ran to fetch the first aid kit, my body moving on autopilot as my heart hammered rapidly against my ribcage.

I paused briefly once I was inside, taking a moment to breathe in some fresh air and get control of my ragged breathing. Abe needed me. I wouldn’t be able to help him if I hyperventilated.

I took one last gulp of fresh air before heading back outside. The acrid smell of burning aluminum filled my nostrils as I made my way across the road to the other campsite. Some other people had arrived by that point, and were tending to the injured man. The fire was still burning, but losing steam as other campers continued to douse it with buckets of water and spray from nearby hoses.

Abe stood off to the side, bent over with his hands resting on his knees.

“Abe!” I cried, running toward him. “Are you okay?”

He looked up and smiled. “I’m okay, sweetheart. Just got a couple little burns on my arm. Nothing serious.”

“Let me see.” I dropped the first aid kit in the grass and knelt down to rifle through it.

After I finished applying polysporin and bandaging Abe’s burns, he pulled me into his arms, squeezing me tightly. “I love you, Cheyenne,” he whispered, burying his face in my hair.

“I love you too. I was so scared when you were reaching into the fire. And when I saw that branch crack. Oh my God. I thought I was going to lose you, Abe.” I sniffled, wiping away a few stray tears that escaped despite my determination to hold them back.

“You didn’t. I’m here. I’m not going anywhere.” He pulled back and tilted my chin up with his thumb. “Don’t cry, sweetheart. I’m okay.”

“I’m not,” I said as I tried to look away.

“Hey,” he whispered, “Look at me.”

I lifted my chin and gazed into his eyes. Eyes so full of love, it took my breath away. My whole body trembled.

Abe told me he loved me. But I don’t think I realized the depth of his love until that moment. They say the eyes are the windows to our soul. That night, he opened the blinds all the way, granting me an unobstructed view. I never believed in soul mates, or the notion there was only one person for each of us. Until Abe. How else could you explain two people falling madly in love in such a short period of time?

The sound of distant sirens pierced the air. A few minutes later, the paramedics and volunteer firefighters arrived. A police cruiser pulled up shortly after.

Abe slid his arm around my waist while we watched them tend to the injured man. I was so overcome with emotion from witnessing such an event, that I almost didn’t notice the blue ball of fury barreling toward us.

“This is all your fault!” she screamed, pointing her finger at us. The hysterical lady with the blue robe, the injured man’s wife, stood before us. Anger radiated from her, her eyes bloodshot from the smoke as she rambled on about Corporate America, Donald Trump, and a bunch of other gibberish.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, ma’am,” Abe said as he took my hand and tried to sidestep her.

She moved so she was blocking our path. “You corporate people are all the same. You got a lot of nerve coming in here and taking over our park.

Hal and I been camping here for twenty years. Every July. And we always have site number seventy-six. We never been turned down, til this year.

Cause you people were on it, with your high falutin’ fancy pants mausoleum of a camper. We had it booked. And imagine our surprise when we got here and found out they’d given it to you two at the last minute.

You were supposed to be on this site. If we were on our own site, this never would’ve happened. There was something wrong with the electrical hookup. Sparks flying out of it. Then it just exploded right in his face! All because of you!”

“We didn’t ask for your site,” Abe said.

“It’s still your fault!” she screamed as she lunged at him. He put his arms up to stop her.

One of the police officers approached. “Is there a problem over here?”

“Yes!” she shrieked. “Arrest them. This is all their fault! It should’ve been them on this site. It should’ve been them that blew up!”

I shivered as the officer led the woman away. “We were supposed to be on this site,” I whispered, my voice trembling.

“But we weren’t,” Abe said, squeezing my shoulder. “I don’t think there’s anything else we can do out here to help. Let’s go inside and get cleaned up.”

The hot water coursed over our bodies, washing away the last remnants of our chocolate adventure and the soot from the fire. I wrapped a plastic bag around Abe’s arm to keep his dressings dry. We washed in silence, still processing the events of the evening.

“I love you, Cheyenne,” he said, staring deep into my eyes.

“I love you too,” I whispered, reaching up to cup his jaw.

He grabbed my hips, pushing me up against the tile wall. “I need you, baby. Now. I need to be inside you.”

“Take me then,” I panted.

He hoisted me up, cupping my ass as I wrapped my legs around his waist. His lips devoured me, sucking and biting down my neck to my breasts.

I cried out when he plunged inside me, filling me to the hilt with one hard thrust. He pumped in and out of me, grunting as he dug his fingers into my ass. His climax came quick, filling me with his seed as he buried his face in the crook of my neck.

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