Coast to Coast

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Chapter 20


“Very sexy,” Cheyenne drawled.

“I look ridiculous,” I grumbled as I studied my reflection in the full length mirror.

My costume consisted of a cream-coloured button up shirt, dark brown pants, red suspenders, and tall black boots. And a western style hat.

We arrived in Kenora, Ontario the night before. The park was located next to a pioneer village. The owners asked us if we would participate in their pioneer festival and dress up in period costumes.

“Can’t we skip this shindig? I look like Charles Ingalls.”

“No. We made a commitment, Abe. And how do you know who Charles Ingalls is?”

I shrugged sheepishly. “I may have caught a few episodes of Little House on the Prairie. It was my mom’s favourite show.”

She laughed. Hard. Until tears ran down her face. “I can’t picture you watching that. Did you read the books, too?”

“No! Not like I’d admit it even if I did.”

“You did!” she squealed, pointing her finger at me. “You read the books!”

“Did not,” I protested, heading out to the kitchen.

She followed me, her floor length dress dragging behind her. “I promise I won’t make fun of you. I read them, too.”

“So? You’re a girl.”

“C’mon. I promise I won’t tell anyone.”

“Fine. I read the whole series. There. You happy?”

“I bet you were an adorable little boy,” she said, wrapping her arms around my neck.

I captured her tiny waist in my hands, caressing her with my thumbs. “Don’t you remember? You knew me back then.”

“You were fifteen when we met! Not exactly a little boy. I didn’t really know you that well. And I had no interest in boys those summers that you stayed with us.”

“I remember you, Cheyenne. The first time I saw you, I thought you were a boy. You had your hair tucked up in a ball cap, and you were wearing boy’s clothes. And, if I recall correctly, you were filthy. But then I caught a glimpse of your beautiful face, and I knew you were a girl.”

“That sounds like an accurate description of me. I actually remember that day. Craig brought you to the farm to see if my dad would hire you. I was twelve. I remember because it was the summer my dad died.”

“I know, sweetheart,” I said softly as I ran my hands up and down her back. “I came to the funeral, and I hardly recognized you. You had on a blue sundress, and your hair was down. It was the only time I ever saw you dressed like a girl.”

“How do you remember what I was wearing? That was ten years ago.”

“Cause I thought you were beautiful,” I whispered against her lips, kissing her softly.

“You did not! You’re full of shit.” She pressed her palms to my chest, pushing me away.

“I did so. That last summer I worked at your farm, I noticed you were starting to develop. But I kept my distance. You were way too young for what I was interested in. Then my parents got divorced, and I went off to college and never saw you again until this summer.” I peppered light kisses along her jaw and down her neck, rubbing her ass through all the layers of her long dress. “And you were all grown up and fair game.”

“We should probably get going now,” she said, pulling away when I cupped her breast.

I sighed, adjusting my tight pants, my hard cock pressing against the zipper. “Okay. Let’s get this over with.”

“It must really suck to be a celebrity,” I whispered to Cheyenne as we stood at the front of the schoolhouse while dozens of cameras flashed.

“Yeah. But when it’s over, they get to go home to their mansions and count their millions. So I don’t feel sorry for them.”


As we made our way down the aisle, a tall, red-headed woman approached. I had to look twice to make sure she wasn’t actually a he. She was the same height as me! I’d never met a woman over six feet tall before. And her shoulders were broad. In fact, everything about the woman was just big. Not fat. Big. Big piercing green eyes, big nose, big lips painted with a generous layer of bright red lipstick. And big tits and wide hips.

“Hello,” she said, her deep voice booming through the tiny schoolhouse as she extended her hand to Cheyenne and then me. “I’m wondering if I could steal a few moments of your time.”

“Sure,” I said. “Let’s go outside.”

We followed Bigfoot to a nearby picnic table.

“I’m a romance author,” she started as she took a seat across from us. “I’ve been following your journey. It would make a great novel.”

I narrowed my eyes at the woman. “You wanna write a book about us?”

“Not exactly,” she chuckled. “I’ve just gotten some good ideas that I might want to incorporate into my next book. I can do that as long as I don’t use your real names. Authors do it all the time.”

“So, what do you want from us?” Cheyenne asked. “Sounds like you don’t need our permission.”

“I just wanted to talk to you guys in person. Get a feel for your romance. Pictures and video aren’t the same as seeing it in person.”

“Our relationship is personal,” I said. I rose from the bench, holding out my hand to Cheyenne. “It’s not for people’s entertainment.”

“Sorry,” Cheyenne told the lady before I dragged her off.

Fucking unbelievable. The woman actually thought we’d share our story with her, so she could turn it into a novel and make money off it. “I can’t believe she had the balls to ask us that.”

“She was just trying to get ideas for her book.”

“I don’t care. I’m a private guy, Cheyenne.”

“I know, baby,” she said, squeezing my hand.

I gazed down at her. Fuck, she was beautiful. Inside and out. I had no doubt she would always have my back. There was no fucking way I was letting her get away.

After three hours of touring the pioneer village, I was more than ready to head back to the RV and get out of my costume.

“Hello! Abraham, Cheyenne!”

I turned as the park owner approached. The woman had to be closing in on seventy, but she could move like a forty-year-old. Same with her husband. They were the most fit seniors I’d ever met.

“Thank you so much for today,” she gushed. “You guys were a big hit.”

“We were glad to do it,” Cheyenne said.

“I have one more little request that I think you’ll enjoy.”

I took a deep breath, sucking my lips between my teeth to hold in the curse sitting on the tip of my tongue.

Cheyenne squeezed my hand. She knew I’d had enough. “What is it?” she asked sweetly.

“Well, during pioneer times, it was customary for a young man to take his lady out on a rowboat when he was courting her. I think it would be a great end to the afternoon to send you two off that way.”

“Okay,” I agreed eagerly. Anything to get us the fuck out of there.

“Great! You can row back to your campsite when you’re done and just return the boat tomorrow, if you like.”

“Sounds like a plan.”

The woman handed Cheyenne an old-fashioned umbrella. “This is a parasol. Pioneer girls often used them.”

A crowd had gathered at the shore. I got in the boat and held a hand out to Cheyenne. She lifted the hem of her long dress, climbing over the side and settling on the bench. We sat facing each other as she put up her umbrella.

“How are you going to row and hold that thing?”

“Oh honey,” she drawled. “A lady can’t row.”

“How convenient,” I snorted. “As soon as we’re out of sight of the shore, you’re dropping that thing and picking up an oar.”

“Wow,” she scoffed. “I guess chivalry really is dead.”

“It’s not dead, but it’s hard to balance that with women’s rights, and wanting to be treated equally.”

“I suppose you’re probably right,” she said as I rowed us toward the middle of the lake.

“Do you like a man to open doors and all that shit?” I asked, studying her face closely.

“Yes. It’s nice to go on a date where a man holds the door and pulls out my chair. Little things like that go a long way.”

“Duly noted,” I chuckled. “I think I did all those things on our first date. I mean, I got some that night, so I must have done something right.”

She laughed out loud. “Yes. You certainly did.”

“Have you ever made out in a rowboat?” I asked, steering us into a shady inlet.

“No. And I really don’t feel like going for a swim when we flip the boat.”

“We won’t.”

I set the oars down and reached for her, pulling her chest against mine as our lips moulded together. We were finally alone, the only sounds the birds chirping and the water lapping gently against the side of the boat. “I love you, Cheyenne.”

“I love you too, Abraham,” she whispered against my lips as she pulled my head closer, running her fingers through my hair.

I dipped my tongue into her mouth, angling my head to deepen the kiss while I cupped her breasts. “Wanna continue this back at the RV?” I asked, mindful of the boat rocking beneath us.

“Definitely.” She ran her hands up and down my thighs, grazing the edge of my balls. “I can’t wait to get you out of these tight pants.”

“You and me both,” I chuckled as I picked up the oars.

“I’ll help,” Cheyenne offered, taking one of the oars from me.

We rowed up the lake, completely in sync. “We make a pretty good team, Miss Carson,” I said as we moved in next to our dock.

“I agree. And not just at rowing boats.”

“You think so, do you? What else do we do well together?”

“Boinking,” she giggled.

“Boinking?” I wrinkled my brow, shaking my head as I tied the boat to the dock. “What are you, a sixteen-year-old boy? You sound like one.”

“Excuse me,” she huffed. “We copulate well together. Is that better?”

“Not really,” I laughed, reaching out to take her hand as she climbed out of the boat. “Now you sound like Sheldon Cooper.”

“Okay, then. You know what? Instead of putting a name on it, let’s just do it!”

“Wow,” I gasped, flopping onto my back. I ran my fingers through my damp hair. My whole body was drenched in perspiration.

As soon as we got inside the RV, we stripped out of our costumes and fucked against the wall, then on the sofa, before making our way to the bedroom. Five hours later, and we were both spent.

“Yeah,” Cheyenne whispered, her chest heaving up and down as she laid out next to me. “Holy, wow. That was incredible.”

“I sure hope you took your birth control this morning, cause I unloaded a lot of baby making juice in you.”

“No worries. I never forget.”

“You know what I feel like doing?”

“What?” she asked, rolling onto her side to face me.

“Jumping in the lake.”


“Yeah, babe. Let’s go skinny dipping and cool off.” I jumped off the bed and grabbed a pair of shorts from the dresser.

“Oh, I don’t know, Abe.”

“C’mon. It’ll be fun. Our campsite is pretty secluded. And it’s dark out. Who’s gonna see us?”

“All right. What the hell.”

I followed her movements with a predatory stare as she climbed off the bed, tits swaying before she bent over to pull some clothes out of the drawer.

“You better get that ass covered up before I tap it again.”

She wiggled her hips, giggling as she pulled a top over her head. “Promises, promises.”

“I can’t believe it’s still scorching hot at ten o’clock at night,” I said as we made our way down to dock.

“At least there are no mosquitos.”

I reached back and yanked my shirt over my head.

Cheyenne stood at the end of the dock, staring warily at the water. “I don’t know, Abe. It looks cold.”

“How can you tell the temperature by looking at it?” I asked, dropping my shorts.

“I don’t know. I just know it’s cold.”

“I’m going in,” I said before running and jumping into the darkness of the lake. The cool water rushed across my skin, sucking me down into its depths. When I surfaced, Cheyenne was still standing at the end of the dock, fully clothed. “C’mon, sweetheart. It’s not bad. Very refreshing.”

She pulled her shirt over her head, baring her amazing tits before dropping her shorts. A naked goddess bathed in moonlight, with blonde hair blowing softly in the breeze. Her cornflower blue eyes shone brightly as a flicker of shyness filtered across her face. She chewed nervously on her bottom lip, swollen from hours of contact with my stubble.

I was addicted. So far gone, there was no chance I was coming away from this trip a single man. My bachelor days were over. And I’d never felt happier or more content in my entire life.

“Yippee!” Her sweet voice carried across the lake as she flew off the dock and disappeared under the water.

I swam toward the spot where she went under, pulling her into my arms as soon as she surfaced. Her hard nipples brushed against my chest as she wrapped her legs tightly around my hips. Our lips collided, tongues wrestling while I rubbed my dick between her legs.

“Fuck, Cheyenne,” I whispered, pressing open mouth kisses to her neck. “I just can’t get enough of you. I need to be inside you again.”

“I think that might be a challenge right now,” she laughed.

“It’s only temporary, sweetheart. Don’t you worry.” I lowered my head, taking one of her nipples into my mouth and sucking hard while she grinded against me. “Dock. Now.”

We dried off with one of our towels and I laid the other one out on the dock.

“Lay on your back, babe,” I whispered.

She lowered herself down, spreading her legs wide as she gazed up at me with blazing heat pouring from her gorgeous blue eyes. Moisture glistened on her puffy, pink lips as her body quivered with arousal.

I wrapped my hand around the base of my cock, giving it a couple quick tugs. The sight of her juicy pussy was the cure for my shrinkage. I was rock hard and ready to go. I crawled between her legs, covering her body with mine, her breasts flattened against my chest. She let out a high-pitched cry when I teased her clit with the head of my cock.

“Please, Abe,” she begged. “Fuck me. Now.”

“You want my cock, baby?”

“Oh yeah. Give it to me. Fuck my brains out.”

I lined myself up with her entrance and plunged forward, burying myself deep with one hard thrust.

“Oh God!” she cried, wrapping her legs around my hips, clawing at my ass as she thrust back.

We went at it like animals on that dock. I hammered in and out of her, her tight channel clenching down on me as her orgasm pummeled through her body. My cock exploded, sending piles of cum shooting deep into her pussy as our bodies jerked together, riding the euphoric waves of ecstasy.

I collapsed on top of her, exhaustion rendering my body useless for a few moments. Resting my head between her breasts, I closed my eyes, the steady rise and fall of her chest lulling me to sleep.

“Abe! Abe!”

“What?” I mumbled.

“I heard a rustling sound coming from the trees.”

“Probably just the wind, babe.”

“It’s not windy,” she said, pushing on my shoulders. “Get off me, Abe. I’m scared.”

“There’s a bit of a breeze. I’m sure it was that, or a critter,” I sighed, pushing myself up.

She glanced nervously toward the woods. “I feel like someone is watching us. I wanna go inside.”

“Okay, okay.”

I scanned the tree line as we made our way up the path to the RV. Would a crazy fan really wander through the woods in the dark to spy on us? We were just regular people, doing a job. Not famous movie stars or rockers or fucking royalty. No. Cheyenne had let her wild imagination get the better of her.

“You can take a shower first,” I offered.

“Thanks.” She stood on her tiptoes, pressing a firm kiss to my lips. “Why don’t you join me?”

“Sure thing, sweetheart. You go on. I’ll be there in a minute.”

I watched her naked ass disappear into the bathroom. Fuck me. That girl was a tasty dish. And she was all mine. I double-checked the locks on all the doors and headed into the bathroom.

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