Coast to Coast

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Chapter 26


My mouth was dry. So dry that my lips were stuck together. I ran my tongue over them a couple of times.

Water. I want some. But first I need to open my eyes.

Slowly, I lifted my heavy lids, trying to focus on my surroundings through the dizzying haze that hung over my brain. When my vision cleared, I attempted to lift my head. My skull felt like it had a ton of bricks strapped to it.

I moaned and flopped back on the pillow. Where was I? I turned my head to the side, paralyzing fear gripping every muscle in my body when my eyes landed on an arm. A male arm, with tattoos peeking out through a thick layer of black hair.

“Hello, honey,” a deep, sinister voice rumbled. “Glad you’re finally awake.”

I bolted upright, my head spinning as I stared at my captor. A pair of soulless black eyes stared back. Familiar eyes that I’d never forget as long as I lived.

The creepy guy from the Calgary Stampede!

A lust filled smirk formed on his lips when his eyes travelled down to my chest. I glanced down, horrified to discover I was only wearing my bra and panties.

“What do you want?” I cried, grabbing the blue plaid comforter as I attempted to cover myself. “Where are my clothes?”

“You won’t be needing those, baby,” he drawled, licking his lips.

“Who are you?” I stuttered, wrapping the comforter tightly around me.

“I’m the guy who’s been following you for weeks. Planning and fantasizing about this moment. Waiting patiently for the opportunity to grab you.”

I stared at him as my brain scrambled to process his revelation. He wasn’t tall, but he was built. Thick biceps stretched the fabric of his black t-shirt. His chiseled features were partially shielded by a dense black goatee that extended into a full length beard.

“My boyfriend is probably looking for me,” I said, glancing toward the door. I was in some kind of old camper.

“He won’t find you,” he said with a smug smirk. “If you behave, I might let you go. After I’ve had my fill of you, of course. And, oh baby, am I gonna fill you. Every hole. All night.”

“You were at the park in Bracebridge,” I said, trying hard to steady my voice. Maybe if I stalled long enough, Abe would rescue me before this hairy beast got what he wanted. If not, this wasn’t going to end well for me, because I would fight to my death before I’d let this guy rape me. “You walked past us, outside the store. And you were standing behind us at The Stampede.”

“That is correct.”

“Why? Why did you follow us?”

“I already told you,” he growled, annoyance flashing in his eyes. “I’ve been watching and waiting for my chance to grab you.”

“Did you break into the RV and steal my pillowcase and my underwear?”

He reached down beside the bed and produced a rickety cardboard box. I shivered uncontrollably, my body flooded with fear and dread as I watched him produce my missing belongings. The pillowcase, my red thong, the clothes I wore to Cavendish Beach, and a lipstick.

I swallowed hard, the tightness in my throat making it difficult to breathe. “You followed us to that private island?”

“Yes. I watched you from the trees. Watched while you spread your legs and let your boyfriend fuck you. I saw your gorgeous naked body. Jerked off while I imagined it was my cock pounding in and out of that sweet pussy. And that wasn’t the first time. I was in the woods the night he did you on the dock in Kenora.”

My stomach rolled, threatening to expel its contents at any moment. I had to get out of there. Did Abe come back from his walk yet? Was he looking for me? He was upset when he left. What if he stayed away for hours?

“Did you slash my brother’s tires?”

“Yep,” he said, running my thong between his massive fingers. “I was angry. I planned to take you that night. Spent all day thinking about it, jerking off while I inhaled the smell of your cunt from your panties. Then they showed up, and there was no way I was getting near you. And you remember the explosion at the nudist park, right?”

“That was you?” I sucked in a gulp of air and tried to slow down my rapid breathing. If I hyperventilated, I’d have no chance at escaping. Somehow, I had to get away from this psychopath.

“Yep. You guys were supposed to be on that site. I planned on snatching you after your boyfriend blew up. But those fucking idiots that run the place? They screwed up my plans. Put you on a different site at the last minute. I’d already rigged the electrical hook up. I couldn’t exactly fix it in broad daylight, now could I?”

“But that poor man,” I said sadly. “He was severely injured.”

“Collateral damage,” he said with a shrug.

“What a horrible thing to say. How can you be so cavalier about almost costing some poor innocent man his life? His face was burned.”

“At least it wasn’t your boyfriend. He got lucky that night, and he dodged another bullet tonight. I was going to take you, no matter what. Even if I had to kill him to get to you. Lucky for him, he made it easy when he left you alone.”

“Abe has lots of money. Maybe you should call him and demand ransom.”

“I don’t want money, baby,” he said, licking his lips. “You know what I want, and you’re gonna give it to me.”

“No,” I whispered, backing up on the bed.

“I don’t remember asking,” he growled as he tossed the box on the floor. “Now get on your back and spread those sexy legs.”

“No!” I screamed, jumping off the bed and reaching for the door handle. It was locked! I shook it, praying it would fly open.

“I said get on your back!” He grabbed me from behind by my waist and threw me on the bed. I screamed, swinging my fist at him and catching him in the jaw.

“You like it rough, honey?” he grunted, pinning my wrists above my head with one hand as he climbed on top of me. He reached between my legs, running his finger along the outside of my panties. I couldn’t let this happen. I wouldn’t survive being raped. And he might kill me afterwards.

“Stop!” I yelled. “Somebody help!”

He lowered his lips to my neck, sucking hard on my delicate flesh. I brought my knee up, hitting him squarely in the balls.

“You little fucking bitch,” he cursed, jumping off the bed, wincing in pain.

I made a beeline for the door again, praying it would open this time. But it didn’t. I beat my fists against the wood, screaming at the top of my lungs. He grabbed me by the hair, dragging me backwards before he punched me in the face. I fell onto the bed, stars dancing before my eyes.

“Now, maybe you’ll be a little more cooperative.”

He undid his belt and pushed the zipper of his jeans down. I clutched my face where he hit me, tears streaming down my face. “Please,” I begged. “Please don’t do this.”

“Oh, we’re doing this, honey,” he growled. “I’m rock hard and ready to fuck your brains out.”

I mustered every ounce of strength in my body, letting out a bloodcurdling scream in a last-ditch effort to get someone’s attention. He crawled onto the bed, forcing my thighs apart with his big hands and holding me down so I couldn’t knee him in the balls again.

My hands were free, but I didn’t have a chance in hell of fighting him off. I closed my eyes, tears streaming down my face. A loud crash came from the direction of the door. I couldn’t see anything except my attacker on top of me.

The next few minutes were a blur. My would-be rapist yelling out in pain, the full weight of his body on mine as I struggled to get air into my lungs, the relief when someone pushed him off me. Then Abe was there, cradling me in his arms as I sobbed uncontrollably.

“It’s okay, baby,” he whispered, pressing his lips to the top of my head. “You’re safe now.”

“You called the police?” I asked when I heard sirens.

“Yeah,” he said, glancing nervously at my kidnapper’s unconscious body on the bed. “C’mon. Let’s get out of here before he wakes up.”

“I don’t know where my clothes are,” I mumbled.

He pulled off his jacket and helped me put my arms through the holes before zipping it up. “Are you okay, Cheyenne? You seem drowsy.”

“He drugged me with something.”

“I’m so sorry,” he whispered, scooping me into his arms. “I should have been there to protect you. God, look at your face. He hit you?”

I nodded and closed my eyes, leaning my head against his chest as he carried me outside. My body went limp. The adrenaline surge that propelled me to fight was no longer needed. I just wanted to go to sleep and forget that night ever happened.

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