The Executive Falls Apart

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Chapter 13


The dressing room was eerily quiet. Andrew and Myles were staring at their phones while I sat in the chair, mentally preparing myself to go on stage. A huge contrast from about an hour ago. My boys Aubrey, Jermaine, and Sean stopped by to check up on me. It meant a lot that they were making sure that I was good. Especially Jay with his crazy and hectic schedule. They knew the last few weeks have been hell for me. Everyone knew about my daughter being kidnapped, but only a few knew that Blaire miscarried one of the twins.

After sitting around for a while, I got dressed for my set. Then I sat on the couch with my head in my hands, getting myself mentally prepared for this show. My song with Drake, Bring It Back, is an upbeat party hit. We released it last summer and everyone loved it. My song, Me & You is about Blaire and was more serious. I wrote it when we broke up. I poured my heart out in that song. It was my only way to tell her how I felt and how sorry I was for hurting her at that time. It became a big hit with my female fans.

This song means so much to me. I was a bit nervous about performing it now. Especially since Blaire and I are going through a lot. Our relationship isn't where it should be. I love her and I know she loves me, but I don't really trust her anymore. I never would have thought I would ever feel this way. Her inability to tell me what happened to her doesn't sit right with me, and it makes me wonder if she kept anything else from me.

Kai came in and pulled me out of my thoughts. She sat next to me and nudged my arms, smiling wide. She was obviously in a really good mood. Kai is usually a very happy and positive person anyway, but it seemed to be over the top tonight.

"You ready? You're up in 30." She smiled.

"Yes, I'm ready."

"You going to kill it! The crowd is going to go crazy when they see you."

"Yeah," I said dismissively.

I wasn't as confident and ready as usual.

"Oh, before I forget. Stephanie is here. She's in the front row enjoying the show. She'll see you after the show and at Tao."

"That's cool."

I smiled a little. I missed my little sister. I haven't seen her in person in at least three months. She desperately wanted to come to Atlanta to see Maddie but I told her I didn't want her to mess up her internship. After getting her Master's last year she was finally doing what she wanted to do. She worked too hard to throw it away for me. Besides, she's almost done anyway. I promised to fly her in so she could spend time with us, so her being here was perfect. I looked forward to hanging out with her after the show.

It was time to perform. I did a final check in the mirror and then I headed toward the stage. I could hear the music blasting and the crowd singing along to one of his songs. I was fitted with my earpiece and given a mic. The energy of the crowd changed my mood, and I was amped and ready to kill this. Then the beat dropped to my song with Drake. I went on stage and the crowd went crazy. I enjoyed all the love I was getting.

I did my verse and Drake started pulling girls on the stage to dance. This wasn't planned but it was cool. I usually didn't have anyone on my stage unless it was planned. I'm a married man and I didn't want to disrespect my wife. Blaire didn't play that mess. She wasn't the jealous type either. I know at the beginning of our relationship she didn't trust me. I couldn't blame her because I was a hoe. I was sleeping with a whole bunch of chicks trying to see if I could get that feeling I had when I was inside of Blaire. I could never get it no matter what I did and who I did it with. I changed for her. I still can't understand how I messed up with Anastasia.

As I was performing, a few ladies started to dance with me. I was a bit uncomfortable. I didn't like strangers feeling up and touching on me. Some of my female fans were relentless and crazy. They'd grab my butt, chest, and even my dick. I didn't understand why they even thought that was okay to do in the first place. I bet if I grabbed their private parts like that I'd be in a courtroom facing a lawsuit. So far, they were keeping their hands to themselves.

We just danced and the vibe was cool. Then I saw a chick that looks like Anastasia come close to me. I was praying to God that it wasn't her. She came closer and grabbed my hand. Just my luck it was her. She started twerking on me and being real nasty with it. I stepped back a few times, but she kept pushing up on me. Then her hands started wondering on my chest and then to my belt and I pushed her away. I knew she couldn't hear, so I mouthed for her to back off. She shook her head with this crazy look in her eyes. Then she grabbed my crotch and kneeled like she was going to do something with it. I don't know what she wanted but she wasn't going to get it from me. I pushed her away and looked at Drake. He made a signal to his team. Then security started getting all of the ladies off the stage.

Then the music transitioned to my song, Me & You. I performed, giving my all. It felt good to hear the crowd rap and sing along. After I was done, I thanked the crowd for the love and support, especially during my difficult time. I left the stage and headed back to my dressing room. Kai grabbed me before I could fully come into the room.

"What the hell was that?" she spat.

"I don't know. I didn't ask for any of them to come up there," I said defensively.

"That's not the problem! Why would you let Ana-stank-a be all over you like that?! You know what happened in the blogs a few weeks ago and now people are going to think it's true. And I just got everyone to love you again. Blaire is going to kill you and I'm going to help her get rid of your body.”

"I pushed her off of me!"

"Not soon enough. You messed up. If I was your wife I would believe y'all had something going on too. I just hope that doesn't go viral," she said, rolling her eyes.

"That wasn't my fault," I countered.

She shrugged her shoulders like she didn't care what I had to say. She walked toward the door frowning.

"I'll see you after you change," she said.

I was so pissed I wanted to break something or punch a hole in the wall. I was tired of that girl playing games. She was messing up my image and my relationship. I went straight to the shower to hopefully relax and blow off some steam. I was in there for a long time trying to think of how to get Anastasia to leave me alone. If Blaire saw what happened on stage, I knew she was going to be pissed. We didn't need anything else going on between us.

I stepped out of the shower and got dressed in a hoodie and a pair of sweats. I planned on chilling backstage until the show was over. Then meet with Drake for some photos, and then change and head to Tao for my paid appearance. I came out of the bathroom and relaxed on the couch. Myles came in with some food. He left it on the table and then he checked his pocket and mumbled under his breath.

“You good?” I asked.

“Yeah. I left my other phone in the car. I’ll be right back,” he said.

“Take your time. I won’t need you until we get to Tao.”

He nodded and left. I knew he probably wanted to catch the last bit of the show first. It would be a while before he came back. Drew grabbed his plate and then sat across from me. He quietly ate while he was on his phone. He appeared to be distracted but nothing got past him. I was busy eating my food and then Drew came over to me.

"Blaire is going to kill you," he said, handing me his phone.

I looked at the video of Anastasia all over me. It looked worst than it was. I hate when I get uncomfortable, I smile like an idiot. It looked like I was enjoying it when in reality I hated every second. I couldn't even bear to look at it anymore. It was already in the blogs. It's barely been an hour since I was on the stage.

Blaire is definitely going to kill me.

"Damn! Drew, how am I going to fix this?" I said, rubbing my chin.

"Get a restraining order. Something is wrong with that girl. She always trying to be where you are at. You sure you didn't fu*k her?" he said with a raised eyebrow.

I hated that I always had to defend myself. It was like no one could believe that I'm faithful to my wife. Since Blaire and I got back together I've never done anything to betray her and I would never think to do it again. I wasn't going to mess up my marriage.

"No, and I never will. I told you it was just some head. I barely remember it and it wasn't even good. I regret it.”

Before Drew could respond, the door flung open. Kai stormed into the room. She gritted teeth and the expression on her face was all rage. This situation was worse than I imagined.

"I knew it! Now I got to clean this mess up again. You stay the hell away from that girl," she spat.

"Chill, Kai. You are my homegirl, but remember who the fu*k you work for!" I seethed.

"Sorry, but Blaire is my girl and she's already going through a lot. She doesn't need to see the chick her husband cheated on her with all over him in public like this... I'll fix it. Just get ready. The concert is over. Drake wants to do photos at 11:30p and you have to be at the club by 12:30," she said in a much calmer tone.

I looked at my watch and it was ten minutes to eleven.

"Okay. I'll be ready," I said.

She left again. A few moments later I heard a knock on the door. Andrew got up to check it and it was my sister. She ran to me and hugged me.

"I missed you so much!" Steph smiled.

"I missed you too.”

"Now that's out the way. Why you let that hoe touch on you like that? That wasn't cool at all. Tell me the truth Ave. Are you messing with her?"

"No. She was just there. It wasn't like I could just bodyslam her off the stage, Steph.”

"Okay, okay! I believe you. But what about your wife? If she sees what happened she's going to be pissed. Mom told me y'all not in a good space anyway. Maddie told mom you were cussing and fussing at Bee. I heard you two aren't even sleeping in the same room.”

Thanks, Steph. Just put all my business out there like that.

"Every marriage has problems. You know what we've been through. Everything is going to be okay eventually," I said.

"I hope so.” She sighed. “Well, I'll see you at the club.”

I nodded and watched as she left. I'm so screwed. This was the wrong time for anything to go left. I checked my phone to see if I received any phone calls or messages from my wife. So far, I got nothing. I hoped she didn’t know about it yet. As I was about to put my phone down, I got a text from my dad.

Dad: Got a good lead. Some guy named Jason. He worked with Blaire at Colombia Records. He thinks Davidson is behind all of this.

Me: He's still in jail. How could he do it?

Dad: He's not in jail anymore. Early release for good behavior. His whereabouts are unknown. The parole officer said he went missing three weeks ago. Jason said the guy was obsessed with Blaire. Still looking into it. I'm meeting with another guy in the morning. He was his cellmate. Anyway, tell Nick to watch out for Davidson.

Me: Got it. Thanks, dad.

Dad: No problem. Don't do anything stupid. I'll take care of it. I promise.

I wasn't too happy about finding out that Henry Davidson was possibly behind all of this. I know what he's capable of doing. I saw his brutality firsthand. I remember Blaire's face when we met up at that restaurant. It took weeks for her face to heal. He roughed her up and tried to rape her. If it's really him, it's no telling what he did to Blaire. Now it made sense why she's been acting like that. He must have really scared her to make her stay quiet. I felt my body tense and get hot with anger. I wanted to find him and kill him. He couldn't hurt my wife and my daughter and get away with it.

I texted Nick and told him to watch out for Henry and that he might be the one who kidnapped Maddie. My phone dinged again. I looked at it expecting Nick or my father but it was from a number I didn't recognize.

Unknown: Seems like you and Drake share everything. From the big stage to women, in this case, Blaire.

Me: Who is this?

Unknown: Doesn't it hurt to know your perfect little wife is keeping so much from you?

Me: Stop playing on my phone.

Unknown: Trust me. No games being played here. All truth. Goodbye Avery. Enjoy your night at Tao.

What the hell was that?

It's time to change my phone number and beef up my security. I know for a fact that Blaire has only been with me, Malachi, and William. She had no reason to lie or omit anything. Aubrey and Blaire didn't hang around each other and they rarely even said much of anything. I figured they just didn't have anything in common. She really didn't care for my friends in the industry anyway so it wasn't a big deal. But a little part of me wanted to know if it was some truth to this. I wasn't going to fester on it. I'm just going to have a good time with my friends and my sister.
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