The Executive Falls Apart

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Chapter 17


Drew has been driving around for at least twenty minutes. During the drive, all I could think about was what happened between me and Blaire. It was too much to take in at once. Within an hour my entire life came crashing down. I should have listened to Drew. He told me I needed to sleep first and then calm down before I talked to Blaire. In fact, we argued about it all the way upstairs to my bedroom. I'll admit I wasn't in my right mind when I walked in and woke up Blaire from her sweet slumber. Now that I think about it was the first time she looked at peace in her sleep since the kidnapping.

I was too eager to know everything and I didn't take into consideration the consequences of my actions. I was so angry that Blaire and Aubrey had a relationship and didn't tell me. I understood that Blaire felt ashamed and hurt during that period of her life, but I thought she trusted me enough to tell me everything. She was the person I told everything to and I thought I was that person for her.

After she shut me out, I didn't expect her to be so open with me. I thought she was going to continue to lie and omit things. Then I remembered my father's suspicions. I just wanted Blaire to finally tell me the truth about what happened that day she went unaccounted for. I didn't realize I was going to add more tension and pressure on us. I didn't think about her stress levels and what it could do to her and our baby.

If we lost another baby I don't know if she could handle it. I for damn sure knew I couldn't. Losing a child that you had hopes and dreams for was hard. I was thrilled to be having twins. I thought about all the things they would do together. I wondered if they would look exactly alike or act the same. I was looking forward to holding my twins in my arms.

All that was taken away from me because of Henry Davidson. He verbally harassed her for years. Then it escalated to physical assault. What he did a decade ago was bad enough. Then for him to come and take her child, well our daughter, and use that against her was demented. Knowing that Henry took my child, took millions of dollars from me, raped my wife, and threatened to kill my family was just too much.

Little did I realize, how unprepared I was to handle the truth. I lost it. I went crazy. I just wanted to destroy everything in sight, hoping it would give some release to the pain and torture I was feeling inside. I failed my wife by not protecting her. I knew something was wrong and my gut was telling me to find her but I didn't and it caused her so much pain.

Everything started making sense after those words left her mouth. I understood why she didn't want to be touched by anyone; she screamed in her sleep; she went numb and didn't want to be alive anymore. It was more than grief and anxiety from the kidnapping and losing one of the twins. She's been suffering in silence. He destroyed her. He couldn't get away with what he did. I'm determined to find him and I swear I'm going kill him.

Drew bumped my arm. I didn't realize we stopped driving. I was so consumed with my wife and how I was going to avenge her that I didn't notice that we were in front of Drew's townhouse. He got out of the car. I followed him to his front door.

Once inside he took off his shoes and went straight to the kitchen. I did the same. He was taking out ingredients to make a deli-style sandwich. He made both of us of one in silence. Then he grabbed some chips from his pantry. Then two beers from the fridge. He sat at the peninsula and gestured for me to sit down with him. He took a big bite of his sandwich. I began eating too. After we downed our meals, he took a swig of his beer. Then he put it down and frowned.

"So, are you going to tell me what made you think it was okay to go crazy on your pregnant wife that's been through hell and back twice over the last three weeks?" he asked.

What Blaire experienced was worst than hell. I already felt terrible and the guilt beat down a few more notches.

"I wasn't thinking," I admitted.

"That's for sure. Whatever happened with you and Drake last night wasn't worth losing your marriage over."

"I know... I was angry that they slept together and they weren't going to tell me."

"Did it happen when you and Blaire were together? Even though I doubt that."

"No. It was before I knew both of them."

"Then why do you care? She had a whole life before you. Everyone has a past. Have you told her about every single woman you ever slept with?"

He gave me something to think about. Honestly, I haven't told her every detail about my past. She knew how I was but she never cared to know. She ensured me that my past was my past and she wasn't going to judge me for it and she didn't. Even after I messed up, she never bought it up.

"No." I sighed.

"That's what I thought. I know you and I know that's not the real problem," he said.

"Yeah... It's a complicated situation," I said vaguely.

He finished his beer and then stood up and placed his plate in the sink. Then he leaned on the counter across from me.

"I know something happened to Blaire. I noticed all the signs. A close family member was raped and Blaire is acting just like her. I'm not a hundred percent sure if that's what happened. I pray to God that I'm wrong. If so, Blaire needs support and help. She doesn't need you going off on her every chance you get," he said.

Just the fact that he noticed something to that extent and I didn't. It made me feel inadequate as a man and a husband. I just broke down and cried. I never cried this much in my life. Drew put his hand on my shoulder as his way to comfort me.

"Go get some sleep. When you are ready, go home to your family," he said.

I went to his spare bedroom and crashed. I was so exhausted I didn't even take off my clothes or get under the covers. When I woke up, it was dark outside. I went straight to the attached bathroom. When I came back into the room, I noticed my phone charging on the nightstand and a bag on the chair. I assume Drew or Myles went to get me something to wear. I grabbed my phone and checked my messages. It was a quarter to eight and I missed an entire day. I must have been more tired than I thought since I slept for over 20 hours. Now, it was Sunday.

AD (10:57 am): No hard feelings. You are my boy and I'm really sorry, man. Please hit me back to let me know that you're alright.

Dad (11:45 am): We need to talk asap.

Steph (12:57 pm): Mom and dad are worried about you. Please call us back as soon as you see this.

Dad (1:08 pm): Call your mother right now!

Unknown (1:31 pm): I hope this means you are done with her for good. I'll make you happy.

Nick (3:02 pm) Blaire seems to be okay but she's worried about you. The little ones are good. Your mom wants to hear from you.

Drew (5:19 pm): I went to run some errands. Myles bought you some clothes. I'll check on Blaire if you need me to.

Mom (5:23 pm): Avery baby please call me to let me know that you are okay. Please contact your wife.

Kai (6:02 pm): Chubbs told me you attacked Drake. What the hell is going on? What has gotten into you?

Bee Love (7:09 pm): I'm very sorry about keeping all that from you. I know you need time alone to process everything. Just promise me you won't do anything stupid. Andrew told me you are staying with him. Just don't stay away too long. I love you.

All these messages were from yesterday. I had so many missed calls and even more messages. I didn't even feel like responding to anyone except Blaire, but I didn't know what to say to her. With all that she has been through, I didn't want to add any more pain. Then I looked at the message from the random person that kept texting me. I needed to get one of my tech people on it to figure out who it was and put a stop to it. Before I did that, I called my dad before he chewed me out.

"Why are you not answering your phone? Got your mother all worried about you. It's been a day and nobody heard from you. She told me you went crazy on Blaire. What the fu*k is wrong with you, son?" he seethed.

"I shouldn't have acted like that, but you don't understand. Things are so messed up... He raped her."

My blood was boiling just at the thought of that sick bastard touching my beautiful wife. I had to kill him. He was going to suffer for what he's done.

"What?! Who raped who?" he spat.

"Blaire. Henry Davidson raped her! You have to find him and bring him to me so I can kill him," I commanded.

"Sh!t... I'll take care of him. I swear. I don't want you to get your hands dirty. Sin owes me a favor. I'm on my way to you. I'll be there in the morning. You better not do anything but be there for your wife and kids."

"I can't face her. I failed her," I confessed.

"You didn't, son. As much as we want to always protect our family the truth is we can't. You didn't know that would happen. All you can do now is be there for her."

My dad talked me down. I was really about to lose it again. He was right, I had to be there for my wife even when I didn't exactly know how. I didn't know if I could face her. I hated the way I've been treating her. I was so wrong to ignore her and talk to her in such a harsh and disrespectful manner while she was suffering. My approach was all wrong. I feel like she'll be better without me constantly causing her stress. Of course, I couldn't express this to my dad. I don't think he or anyone else would understand me.

"I know. Thanks, dad."

"No problem. It's going be okay, son."

After we hung up, I went to the bathroom to shower and get dressed. I called Alex, my tech specialist, and told him my problem with getting random messages from a possible stalker. He told me he'll get on it as soon as possible. Since it was Sunday, I didn't feel right about taking him away from his wife and kids. So, I told him I'll see him Monday morning.

I went downstairs to the kitchen. I saw Drew watching a game with his brother, Angel. Angel said hello and asked me how I was doing. I gave him the usual answer we all give, I'm fine. Drew side-eyed me as sat in the chair.

"Thanks for checking on Bee for me," I said.

"No problem. I'm glad you got some sleep. I had to make sure yo ass wasn't dead a few times," he joked.

"Whatever, man. You know I haven't been sleeping."

"I know. So, are you ready to go home?"

"Not really, but I am though."

I noticed the spread of food and snacks on the coffee table. My stomach was grumbling like crazy. I was starving. I grabbed some wings, veggies, and chips. I decided to finish watching the game then go home. I was having a good time watching my brother-in-law, Bryce whip the Saints butt. Blaire and I were supposed to be at the game. Before all this happened she promised to see Bryce for his last season. I knew he had few more seasons left in him, but he confessed that he was retiring for Keisha and the boys. He wanted stability for his family. He finally had it while my family was a mess.

After the game and watching the highlights, I went upstairs to gather all of my things. It was close to midnight when I got in my car. During the ride home, I hoped everyone was asleep so I wouldn't have to face anyone. I just wanted to go to my studio and work on some music to try to get my head right.

When I pulled to the driveway, I noticed that the lights in the formal living room were on. That was odd because we rarely went in there except for on certain holidays or entertaining guests. Instead of parking in the garage, I decided to stay in the driveway and go to the front door. I used the keypad to open the door.

I walked in and I really couldn't comprehend what I was seeing. I saw Aubrey and Blaire sitting next to each other talking. She was crying and he had his arm around her as he wiped her tears.

So, she wouldn't let me touch her but she felt comfortable enough to let him hold her?

My first instinct was to kill Aubrey for being in my house this late and touching my wife, but I controlled myself. Blaire looked up with fear in her eyes when she realized I was here. Aubrey quickly took his hands off of her and stood up ready to defend her.

Did he really think I would hurt my wife?

"Avery?" Blaire said as she got up and stood in front of Aubrey. "I- I didn't think you were coming back tonight," she said just above a whisper.

"Look Av, I just came to check on her. We were just talking and I was on my way out. I'm not here to start anything, okay?" he said cautiously.

I was so angry that I had to keep my hands firmly in my pocket to avoid a repeat of earlier. I wasn't going to put her through that again. It was best for me to leave before I said or did anything I'd regret.

"I can't do this sh!t today," I seethed.

I headed toward the door. Just as I was about to step out the doorway, I felt her small warm hands on my back. I turned to look at her tired frame.

"Don't leave," she begged.

I saw the hurt and desperation in her eyes, but I couldn't stay here. I was too unstable. I didn't want to put my family in any more danger or chaos, so I left.
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