The Executive Falls Apart

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Chapter 2

Blaire (TW: Assault)

A sequence of rings and vibrations cut through the silence. I peered at my phone and sighed as I let it go to voicemail again. Avery kept calling nonstop as I sped off to my office. I couldn't answer him. If he knew what I was about to do, he would have never let me go. I hated keeping this from him, but I feared if he got involved and this person probably would have done something terrible to my daughter. I didn't want to put Maddie in any more danger. So, I went against everything in me to go get her.

I drove like I was racing in the Indy 500 so I could get to my office before three. I just prayed I didn't get into an accident or run into a cop. I guess God had my back because there wasn't one in sight. I finally pulled up at 2:55 pm. I grabbed my phone and keys with my pepper spray and a pocket knife, ready to fight for my daughter.

Before walking in, I silenced my phone. I unlocked the front door and slowly walked into our eight-story building. We bought it about six months ago. The price was a steal and with the bad plumbing, I understood why now.

It was weird to see it so quiet and empty on a Tuesday afternoon. It was usually buzzing with my employees, artists, designers, musicians, producers, and engineers. I took the elevator up to the top floor to my office.

As I neared my office, I heard my daughter crying and saying she wanted her mommy and daddy. The anger and anxiety were overwhelming and the tears just fell. I took a deep breath to calm myself for what I was about to see. I hoped that she was unharmed.

Be strong. Be brave. You can do this. You have to this. Save Maddie.

I repeated it over and over again in my head. Then I slowly opened the door to see Madison tied to a chair with a black cloth bag over her head. She was squirming and I could tell she was crying and scared. Then I saw a guy standing near her but his back was facing me. He slowly turned around.

Oh no! No, no, no. This can't be happening to me.

It was my former boss, Henry Davidson. Everything that he did to me that day in his office flooded my mind. I had the pocket knife in my hand ready to kill him. If he hurt my baby, it wasn't going to be good for him. I busted his mouth open before and I'd gladly do it again and more.

As I was about to approach my baby he started to walk toward me then he just stopped. He just stared at me like he used to do when I worked for him. It was a creepy stare that made you internally cringe and shudder.

"You are just as beautiful as I remembered. That little girl of yours is just as feisty as you," he said, walking closer to me.

I took a few steps back, keeping my eyes on him. Looking for any signs of weakness.

"What do you want?" I asked bitterly.

"Mommy!" Maddie screamed.

"It's okay, baby. Just stay calm. I'm going to get you out of here," I said, holding back my tears.

"I want my life back. You took everything away from me when you lied on me. I lost my money, my career, my house, my family, my wife, and my girlfriend because of you," he spat.

At that moment, I knew he was still delusional and crazy. Prison did nothing for him. This monster almost raped me and beat me black and blue. He could have killed me, but I fought him off. I would rather die than be touched by him, so I did what I had to do to survive. I was grateful that he didn't succeed. I was one of the few that got justice. I got to see my attacker get punished and face the proper consequences for his actions. He took a plea deal and got ten years no probation because several other women also came forward after I filed battery, sexual assault, and sexual harassment charges against him.

Avery was the one that made me do it. I wasn't going to at first, but I am glad I did. I know I am in another state now, but I was mad no one notified me that he was out of prison. If I would have known maybe this all could have been prevented. I could have had been on guard, prepared if I knew he was free. It was too late and things were out of my control. All I could do was try to talk some sense into him or come to some type of agreement. I figured he would want his life back. I had the financial means to give it to him.

"I'll get you a job, money, a house anything you want, just give me my baby back," I pleaded.

"Okay, but I want something else too," he said with a disgusting smirk.

I knew what he wanted, sex. What he always want from me.

"My child is right there and I'm two months pregnant," I explained.

"Don't worry about that right now, but soon. And I only want a little taste when we are alone. I won't hurt you or your baby. You were all I could think about when I was rotting in jail. The one that got away. Anyway, I just want my money right now. Once I get that and get what I want from you. I'll return her safely to you," he said.

I shuddered at the thought of him touching me. I felt dehumanized. He was using my child as a way to control me and fulfill his disgusting demented desires.

"If I do this will you leave us alone forever?" I asked.

"Yes. I get everything I want. Trust me if you back out of this deal. I'll kill you and your entire family. I know everything about you and him. I know your every move. We've been watching you for some time now," he seethed.

If it was true, it was scary to know that he knew so much about me. He obviously knew no one would be here. I decided to play nice and say what he wanted to hear, but I needed more answers too.

"I won't. I'll do what you want. Are you behind my company being hacked?" I asked.

"Yes and I still want the $100 million. I have to keep my promises... This is how is going to work. My team is going to call your husband for the ransom. He is going to wire it to my account. Once I get my money, I'll tell them that they can pick her up at a certain location. While all that's happening you are going to stay here with me to finish your part of the deal. You will never tell anyone that it was me behind this and I'll let you live your life. As long as everything goes to plan no one will get hurt. Do you understand?" he whispered in my ear.

I shook my head. I could not believe I was about to do this. Could you blame me? A mother would do anything for her child. I couldn't live with myself if she was harmed and I could have done something to prevent it, but what I had to do for my daughter was sickening. I felt so nauseous and lightheaded.

"I didn't hear you," he said louder.

"Yes, I understand," I mumbled.


He stepped back from me. Then he got on his phone and made a call.

"It's a go. Come get her," he commanded.

Not even a minute later three guys with ski masks came in. Two walked toward Maddie. I started to run toward my child. One guy grabbed me before I could reach her and held me in place. They cut her loose and grabbed my daughter out of the chair. She was kicking and screaming.

"Mommy, don't let them take me! Mommy, help me! Mommy, please!" she screamed.

It broke my heart to hear her like that and there wasn't much I could do to help her. I knew what type of sick person Henry is and he would kill her. He was crazy. If I wasn't pregnant I would have fought the guy holding me. I realized that I could risk her getting hurt or my babies getting hurt too, so I stopped struggling.

"It's going to be okay, baby. I promise you'll be okay," I sobbed.

"Damn it. Don't hurt her! She's a damn child and you loosen up on mother. She's pregnant you idiot!" he screamed at the men.

Suddenly, his grip loosened up. I broke down as I watched my child leave me. The guy holding me finally let go of me and walked out the door. I sat down on the floor exhausted and overwhelmed. I just cried not sure what else to do.

Henry stepped closer to me and put out his hand to help me up. I didn't want him to touch me so I got up on my own. He handed me a handkerchief. I snatched it out of his hand and wiped my face.

"I'm not doing anything until I know my daughter is safe," I spat.

"Of course.”

His demeanor was so arrogant and confident. He knew he had me right where he wanted me and I hated it. I had to mentally put him far away from me. I thought about anything to keep my mind off of what was about to happen. I checked out. I sat in silence for what seemed like hours. It could have been I don't even know. My phone was flashing again and it was Avery calling. I knew I couldn't answer it. Henry looked at me viciously.

"You better not be calling for help," he threatened.

"I'm not. It's my husband. If I don't communicate with him soon, he's going to worry and then get suspicious," I explained.

He sighed and walked over to me.

"Text him that you just needed a break and you are taking a drive. That's why you didn't answer. And tell him you'll be back soon. I want to see what you're typing," he said.


Me: Ave, I just couldn't be there anymore. I just needed to get away it was too stressful. I was driving around to get my stress levels down. I don't want to harm our babies. Don't worry I'm fine. I'll be home soon. I love you.

Henry looked over at the message before I sent it and nodded.

"Good job.” He smiled.

After I sent the message, I hoped that Avery would notice something was wrong and come help me. My phone buzzed and I looked down at my phone and saw his reply.

Ave: Thank God that you are okay. I was so worried. Thought I lost you. They called. They said if we give them the money they'll give her back to us unharmed. We are working on giving them the money in the next hour. I'll keep you updated. Please be safe. I love you.

Henry was in my personal space and looking all in my phone. I wanted to slap him in his face. He sat next to me and placed his hand on my shoulder. I slapped his hand off of me and he laughed.

"Still feisty... He really loves you. Who would have known you'd end up with the guy that took you away from me? I almost hate to do this to him, not really.” He chuckled.

I flinched and wrapped my arms around myself, thinking about what he was going to do to me broke me. I sat there crying and praying that someone could save me. Henry's phone rang, bringing me out of my thoughts. He stood up and turned away from me.

"That was fast... Okay, tell them where they can get her... None of you better hurt a hair on that little girl. You understand!" he threatened.

Then he hung up and sat back next to me, placing his hand on my thigh. My stomach lurched at his touch and I wanted to throw up.

"She's safe. I got my money. It will take them a little over an hour to get to her so let's get started... like I said I won't hurt you or the babies if you cooperate. I just want to make love to you," he said calmly.

“Make love? Nothing about this is love. You are forcing me to do something I don’t want to do... You don’t have to do this. You got the money. Just let me go.”


My heart rate accelerated and I attempted to control my breathing but failed. I felt like I couldn’t breathe.

"Why? Why are doing this to me? Haven't you hurt me enough?" I sobbed.

"You ruined my life. You have to pay for what you did. You don't understand how much you hurt me. I cared about you," he explained.

"You tried to rape me! You hurt other women too. You took my child and now you are forcing yourself on me right now. You don't care about me. You are sick. You ruined your own life," I sniffled.

He looked like he wanted to hit me but he restrained himself.

"You agreed to do this, Blaire. You better do what I say or else," he threatened.

I closed my eyes shut and wrapped my arms tighter around my shoulders. I was so disturbed I didn't know what else to do but check out. He's truly a sick and demented person. I knew there was no reasoning with him. I tried to focus on my daughter being home and safe soon. Maddie being safe was all that mattered.

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